I've decided that this would be the last chapter of this little fic. I have no reason to continue as what goes on in my own life; and I'm sure you all can understand as all of you also have lives.


Chapter 6: Touya Kinomoto

I took my cap off, combing my hair back with my fingers. It had been a busy morning; almost didn't expect it to be this busy and people wanting to buy the latest albums and merchandise. I've thought for a moment of what to do during my first break of the day only thinking of nothing.

I walked over to my locker, unlocking the lock with the right code. I guess I'll check to see if I have any messages.

I checked my cell phone and what do you know? I have five new voice mail messages. I pressed the button before placing the phone to my ear to listen.

First Message
(Sat. 8:30am)


I quickly deleted the message, cringing. A scowl formed on my lips and a migraine forming. You don't know how much I hate these types of fangirls.

And also.. how the hell did this insane person got my number? And who talks like that? Seriously…

Second Message
(Sat. 10 am)

"Hello Touya Kinomoto, would you like to make a wish and form a contract with me and become a magical girl?"

the hell?

Third Message
(Sat. 9: 15am)

"Touya…..To-kun? We need to talk."

…. Yuki sounds serious…

Wait, why is he calling me at that time when we saw each other today?

"Yue's feeling better and back to his old self!"

"I… am….going….to… murder….that…. wench.. .Ruby…. and Spinel…." I heard him growl, murmuring a threat. It was a little faint, but I heard it.

Well… at least Yue's not a crazy, hyper guardian any more.

Fourth Message
(Sat. 9: 30 am)

"YO! Baby! I saw you pass by on your bike! I wasn't able to talk to ya! Just wanted ta get ta know ya sexy ass, ya know what I mean, babe? WINK WINK WONK!"


The last thing I wanted to know is of a guy hitting on me, a total creep almost twice as old as me! And I love someone else.

And how the hell this person get a hold of my number?

Fifth Message
(Sat. 10 am)

"O-nii-san! You know what I want for Christmas, right?"

….. it's July! It's too soon to think of Christmas!

"Well…. Anyway, I've found a new anime to watch and love called Cardfight! Vanguard and I got Syaoran and Mei-ling into it, possibly Eriol. Tomoyo just wants to watch and film me fight…. The usual Tomoyo…. "

"SO! I want the booster set 5! Since my friends were thinking of getting something else for me…."


"I don't really care who wins and hope they both lose!"

"I don't think that is possible, Kero-chan…"

"Why not, Tomoyo?"

"And why did the brat (Syaoran) gotta say "THE" before "Vanguard"?"

"THANKS! BYE! Time to watch Syaoran and Mei-ling's fight!"

I'm guessing she's not into that card game Yugioh anymore? I mused for a moment thinking about what Sakura requested of wanting for Christmas. I glanced up from the corner of my eye towards the clock on the wall. Well, time to go back to work. I've made a mental note to change my number.


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