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A Taste of Koneko

By: LG (me)

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"Ichigo… I must have her!" Kish thought while growling. He was in the other dimension at the moment. He knew she would be getting off of her job soon.

Finally he couldn't take it anymore; even if they were enemies, he had to get a taste of Koneko.

"Ichigo." He licked his lips that felt really dry, and he would do it. Make her his. He laughed evilly to himself, then teleported to Earth.


He was on top of a building, starring down at the boldly pink, Café Mew Mew across from it. Ichigo would have to crane her neck to see him, so he felt safe.

Suddenly at around 5:30 the doors of Café Mew Mew sprung open, and a happy Ichigo came out, skipping as she walked.

Kish loved the face she made as well, always so happy; he wanted to join her, and he could have, for she was alone. But he decided he would wait, before sampling his sweet little Koneko.

She walked a few steps before looking around, she even looked up. To dodge her from seeing him so soon, Kish hid at the top of a tree, still looking at her through the branches. Seeing no one around, she sighed into a relaxing slump, exhaling slowly. Her cat ears and tail came out, her furry tail unwrapping from down her leg on its way down.

Kish starred at the furry appendages with lust filled eyes. He would have loved to stroke her ears, and feel that fluffy tail wrap around his body. The human part of her was enthralling too, her small waist, the curves of her hips. He wanted to touch her all over. Her eyes shone pure innocence and he wanted to teach her. He looked down at her, an evil grin returning on his face. Someday, he promised himself. She walked on, unaware that her admirer was watching her.

Ichigo sighed, walking into her home closing the front door. Hearing silence, she knew nobody was home. Dad was at work, and her mom was probably out shopping at the grocery store, for dinner. Ichigo felt hot, summer was in full bloom and she had been made tired from it, the heat could kill her. So she slowly took off her cloths; a nice shower would cool her down. And make her feel better. Throwing her clothes on the couch, she walked nude to her bathroom, not paying attention, and unaware that a figure was hidden from her as she passed by...

'Well, well, well Ichigo', Kish thought as he saw her walking by him naked.

When he heard the sound of the shower come on, he slowly came out of his hiding place, looking around to see no one around, he scanned the living room, his eyes finally landing on the clothes she had been wearing tossed on the couch, his eyes fell on the undergarments tossed on top. Staring at them, he was surprised when he started to blush.

"Get a grip, Kish." He said to himself in a low voice. Walking over he felt her panties, in which where still warm.

A wicked smile crossed his face, he was hot too, and maybe he should go see Ichigo personally…

Pulling off his shirt he revealed a toned sexy chest, he pulled off the rest of his clothes, and took the hair bands out of his hair, making him look like a human boy instead of an alien. He set them all next to hers. Walking down the hallway naked he silently opened the bathroom door…

Walking into the bathroom, the steam floated about his head. Looking ahead, he saw Ichigo's outline of her body through the shower stall. Each outlined curve beckoned him to come closer, as much as it made his heart beat he did. Opening the stall door, he quickly stepped in closing it behind him.

The droplets of water came down her face as her closed eyes opened in surprise and grew wide seeing Kish the alien in her shower.

"Kish!?" She exclaimed, but he interrupted her by shoving his body onto hers making her go up against the shower wall. She was trapped from any escape, and he gave a smile.

"Hi Koneko." He said in his custom courtesy. But not long after saying that he began to lean in to kiss her. She struggled as he grasped her shoulder to keep her still. Leaning down he kissed her passionately making Ichigo gasp.

"What was that for?!" She spat out after his mouth had pulled away. But he leaned his whole body to her in a hug.

"You feel great." Kish complimented, her making her blush darkly. Her skin felt just great in his hold. And the warmth of his body spilled into hers. She had to admit this also felt great and that made her tremble.

"No!" She said, shoving him away he fell harshly against the bathroom door, falling out onto the main bathrooms ground.

"Ow that hurt," he complained. Ichigo tried to run from him on her mad dash out, trying to step over him (he was blocking her entrance) but he grabbed her ankle. tugging it hard and making her fall.


She fell right on her face, and started to cry from frustration and anger. "You jerk that hurt!" She said, going to her knees kneeling over him, aiming to strangle him but almost too easily he grabbed her wrists tugging her so she was scooted to him on top.

He growled, "Well don't think you didn't hurt me."

Ichigo hissed back, "Well why are you such a pervert, it's not fun to be surprised like that it makes me feel, weird, yes weird! I mean not even Masaya's done something like that." She noted a slight disappointment in her voice but shook her head trying to clear it; no girl would like this kind of surprise.

Kish looked at her for a minute thinking then a smile slowly crept up his face. "So I take it that Masaya hasn't gotten very far, hmm?" Ichigo blushed getting angry.

"It's none of you're business!" She snapped, but it sounded like a clear N-O. Kish smiled; he was glad the filthy Masaya had not played with his favorite toy and that she was still innocent.

Noticing a puddle of water the two looked up. "Oh shit!" exclaimed Ichigo. The water from the shower was all over the bathroom floor.

"Let me up!" Ichigo demanded, her naked body against his skin as he tightly gripped both wrists to his sides. Kisshu shrugged still holding her wrists; He casually looked up at her taking his time,

"Kish!" Ichigo said in a demanding voice. "Kish god damn it, if you don't let me up I'll kick you where it counts!" Ichigo cried angrily.

Kish's eyes became wide the last experience played all to well in his mind. "Geez, Ichigo fine" Kish released her wrists; taking them away she held them to her chest. "Jerk..." she mumbled standing up; she turned twisting the shower knobs to stop the water flow on the bathroom floor. She looked back, as if it was her parents were going to yell at her. Kish got up grabbing a nearby towel. Ichigo looked on in horror as he put it around his waist,

"What are you doing with my towel!" She snapped.

Kish eyed her. "Well, you don't want me to stay naked do you?" He asked smirking; He began to undo it.

"No!" Ichigo cried, jumping to him before the towel fell to the ground, she was blushing furiously.

"..Well that's good because I don't want you to go," Kish said, his arms came around her. "You know your still naked right?" He snickered. Ichigo looked down at her body eyes widening, she WAS naked.

"Ahhh you pervert!!"


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