A Taste Of Koneko IxK Fun

By Take-Me-Away-To-Paradise

Beautiful girl, on top of the world. Don't fall down, because an angel should never touch ground.

-Broken Iris

Chapter 6

Air caught in her throat as Ichigo's eyes widened looking at Kish. The very thought that Kish had agreed to such a thing. What was the world coming to? Then again, what was she coming to? She really had changed a lot since last night, and she hated that. She felt like she had become wicked in this lustful frenzy with Kish.

Her palms felt sweaty as she tried to regain composure.


She spoke his name softly, as he disappeared into a burst of air

Ichigo blushed, and felt the knot in her stomach tighten considerably. His residue in the air being the only notion of him having been beside her.

As the wind made her hair go into her eyes, Ichigo shielded her eyes with her hand, before continuing to walk away from school.

Kish had said they would be going on a normal date. But as far as Kish coming back, he hadn't done so for a week.

Ichigo exhaled deeply, as she clenched the umbrella in her hand, trying not to let the little spark of disappointment stir up.

The weather had gotten worse, and for some reason, since the day Kish had left it had rained and rained nonstop.

She detested the rain.

Ok, maybe "detested" was to strong a word, but she really disliked it. Ichigo groaned, bunching her red raincoat together more, and abandoning her messed up hair for the time being.

Ever since her human and cat genes had morphed, it had always been incredibly hard for her to be in water. It made her dizzy, and she had to resist the urge to lick herself every time, and go find a cozy place to snuggle up to.

She often thought about the time she and Kish were on the way to her home, the night Ichigo thought she would lose her virginity, but instead had to give an unusual bath to a perverted alien while becoming a pervert herself.

She shook her head, trying to get the images away, and took a few more steps outside the main entrance of her was going to be late getting out of school due to his club activities, so Ichigo was told to go on ahead. Ichigo had wanted to stay but he had encouraged her so much that she finally said Ok.

At the outside entrance of her home, Ichigo folded the umbrella, and was just about to go straight up to her bedroom, when she spotted something very unusual on the couch.

There, sitting on her couch was a neatly folded towel. It was her favorite towel!

"What the heck-"Ichigo began, but got cut off by the smell that entered her nostrils. She followed the scent up to her bedroom.

There in her bedroom were piles of flowers scattered all over the floor. Some she had never seen before, some she had.

And there in the middle was Kish. Well, a non-perverted sleeping Kish. His lashes were long, and his mouth was positioned in a slight frown, as his hands were resting on-top his stomach. And, perhaps the most noticeable feature, he looked as human as Aoyama-kun or Ryou. A genuine human. His hair had turned into a darker green, an almost black, and he was dressed in tight ripped blue jeans. His top consisted of a very revealing white blouse with at least three of the buttons unbuttoned, exposing his pale chest. And he was wearing black boots buckled up to his knees.

His hair was down, and it covered most his forehead, as the rest of his hair sprawled out from under his head on Ichigo's pillow.

Gasping, Ichigo felt her stomach jump forward with a yearning feeling that could have knocked any other school girl out if not make them into some lust deranged animal. She crept slowly to the bed in the middle of the room, trying to be quiet, but failed when she tripped on one of the bouquets.

Slowly Kish's eyes opened at the sound, and the spell that had made her frozen on the ground after the fall broke. His sparking golden hazel eyes looked down at her, and a lazy smile greeted her.

"Sup?" he said simply.

Ichigo's nostrils flared. He had no right to show up to her now! And like this? No right at all!

She had been so worried about him, not that she liked to register that. Se tried to convince herself she was just worried because he was a pervert, and who wants a pervert to suddenly go on a date with you? But to be all romantic and yummy now? that was just wrong!

Kish sighed, picking himself off the bed. He either noticed she was angry or was ignoring it. His eyes were glittery as diamonds.

"I promised you, didn't I? That we'd go on a date."

He handed her a flower, it was a mixture of red and purple vortexes. Her eyes ran over it in interest. "Where did you get this?"Ichigo asked, momentarily forgetting she was talking to Kish.

Kish let out a light laugh. "I got them from different parts of the universe, no biggie."

Ichigo's eyes widened at the thing in her hand. It was changing colors as if it knew they were talking about it, she threw it down with doubt.

Casting her glance once again over Kish, his looks didn't startle her as much now, and she stood defensively.

Kish rolled his eyes.

"Oh, quite it" He waved his hand in the air.

"I gave you back the towel, didn't I?"

"So now I don't have to go on a date with you!" Ichigo blurted out before she thought to stop. What an idiot she was! Now he was going to teleport and go and take it back. Ichigo stared longingly towards her now closed bedroom door.

"You're right," Kish spoke knowingly, before she could hide the look of surprise.


Kish smiled with princely charm.

"I promised you a normal human date, right?"

Ichigo pointed at the alien in her bed.

"Why would I go a date with you! And what part of different flowers from the universe,-"

"Actually, I admit it was many universes," Kish interrupted.

"Ok, universes. In which way is that a normal human date?"

Kish shrugged, sitting up for the first time in his human form. His green black bangs covered his eyes for a moment, before he pushed them away, looking like a Calvin Klein ad in his tight blue jeans and white shirt that barely covered his nipples. Flowers of many different colors were around him as he looked up into her eyes, his deep golden orbs capturing her.

Ichigo had to stop herself from breathing erratically and clutching her chest if she had a heart attack.

Why did he have to look so damn sexy as a human? She wondered angrily as her body was betraying, she really WANTED to do something to him now.

"Kitten, are you ok?" he scanned her with those eyes that could suck any girl in and kill them with one single glance.

"No," her lips spoke before her brain. Her cheeks must have been as red as firetrucks now.

"Why, what is it?" Kish spoke slowly, making her chest squeeze.

"I'll go on a date with you..." Ichigo spoke very softly, as she wondered if she was going to faint from embarrassment.

"You'll what?" Kish asked in amusement. Ichigo could recognize that smirk anywhere.

"I said I'll go on a date with you. So get out of my room already! I need to change out of my school clothes!" she screamed, pushing the human Kish off her bed and out of her room.

You're crazy, Ichigo. You know that? She thought to herself, as she pulled out the sexy light blue dress that she had saved for her next date with Aoyama-Kun. She was now going to use it to cheat on him with.

As Ichigo put it on, she struggled to zip the back up with no help, before finishing her hair up in two pigtail. She looked outside her window to see that it had stopped raining, before sighing. She knew she'd be ready now as any time, to go on a date with Kish. She really wanted to, even though she wouldn't admit it. She tried to tell herself it was only curiosity, and to keep a promise, but her mind was starting to have doubts, and she want to know how to handle that.

As Ichigo finally walked down the stairs, she felt Kish's eyes staring at her up and down many times before meeting her eyes.

"What? Do I look bad?" Ichigo asked irritably. All this emotional thinking was making her drain.

"No," Kish spoke, seriously. "I was just seeing how good you looked,"

There was sparks going off in his eyes as Kish's orbs held hers.

Ichigo felt her cheeks grow red again, before she laughed, looking away from him, and waving her hand erratically in attempt to stop acting like a fool.

"Oh come on, what are you talking about! I don't look that good in this, I actually bought this at a cheap store, can you believe that? I mean-"

Kish had grabbed her hand, stopping Ichigo from her mindless gibberish. She looked back at him taken aback in surprise, as he had walked several paces over to her silently.

"Koneko-chan, are you ready for our date?" he spoke deeply, a dangerously handsome look of a wolf crossed his face for a moment, making Ichigo shiver involuntarily, before she nodded.

Oh my gosh, how are you?

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