Prologue for a prequel!

This is back five years from 'Vaccine Melidean' when they were still in high school. This will revolve more around the miner characters and Claire, Melidean's best friend at the time. I have not yet decided weither this will be more comidic or dramatic. We'll know soon enough though.

Let's play at my house next time

As many young girls do in this city, Claire walked along the side walk, biting her bottom lip and darting her eyes from point to point. Recently a news report went out that a murderer was at large in their humble town. Said murderer was found at the scene of one of his own crimes but escaped with out even one of the police officers seeing his face. Wanted posters were every where but all they said was, "Have you seen a crazy man with an eating disorder and pointy objects?"

Thus far they have provided no help or peace of mind to the community.

Claire decided to quicken her pace off to her best friend's new house. They'd just moved in the day before and Claire was prepared to use her house warming gift as a weapon if need be.

A large tin of potato chips, around the size of a sitting dog only cylinder shape.

At home, she used them to get up in higher places and chairs if need be. Right now she was thinking more about its uses as a knee cap smasher.

She checked the piece of paper her friend had given her again and looked at the houses around her. The paper said '791'… She had more walking to do. Claire was only in the 830's right now.

This is a lot farther than her old house! I'll have to ride my bike next time.

After roughly another ten minutes of walking, Claire finally found the address she wanted. She sighed and hurried to the door. Placing the potato chips at her side, she rang the door bell repeatedly until another young girl opened the door and, in a rush, grabbed her hand and pulled her in.

"Wait!" Claire slipped back out and grabbed the giant tin. "I brought you a present!" She said as she hurried back in the safety of the indoors.

"Ooo… Chips!" Yelped the other girl happily. "Thank you so much Claire!" She said, taking the chips and starting into the kitchen.

"You're welcome Melly!" Claire gave her a toothy smile, following her into the kitchen.

"You know I hate it when you call me that." Melidean moaned.

"Yes but it's fun!" Claire giggled.

Melidean got a large metallic bowl out of a cardboard box on the table and filled it to the over flow point with chips. "Come on, let's go watch TV."

"Alright, but what was the point of that?" Claire asked, following her again into the living room.

"Point of what?"

"Putting the chips in a bowl. They're already in a tin." Claire pointed out, plopping down on the sofa.

"Reflex I guess." Melidean shrugged, taking a seat next to her.

"Reflex? That doesn't make sense!"

"Well, ever since I was little I've put chips in bowls, I don't know what that's called though." Melidean admitted, placing the potato chip bowl between them.

"Force of habit?" Claire asked, grabbing a hand full of chips and eating them one by one.

"Yeah, that." Melidean agreed as she fished for the remote.

"Looking for this?" Claire asked, tossing her the remote.

"Thanks." She said simply, turning on the TV.

"Good afternoon and welcome to the news at three. A new development in the missing murderer case. An anonymous call to the police revealed that someone suspected of committing the crimes was living somewhere in the Jackson area."

Both girls gasped. They lived in the heart of Jackson! The murderer could be hiding in the ditch behind Claire's house or that old shed in that creepy kid's back yard.

"All residents are encouraged to stay calm as this has not yet been confirmed. In related news, from the victims of the murders it can be said that the main targets are between the ages of sixteen and thirty five."

"That's comforting…" Grumbled someone standing in the door way between the kitchen and living room.

"Hey mom." Melidean said, grabbing another chip.

"They still talking about that murderer?"

"Yup." Claire said, her attention still on the TV.

"More on this story as it develops." The announcer finished before the show cut to commercial.

"You kids shouldn't be watching stuff like that." Melidean's mom said, grabbing the remote and turning off the TV. "It's bad for your brains."

"Our brains are already rotted to the core." Claire said, tapping her forehead.

"Go on, go outside. Take in the fresh air. If you get murdered I'll pay for your funerals." The sickly looking woman said, assuring them outside.

Your mom is weird.

AN: Sorry that took so long. I've been occupied with other projects. I'll be writing more soon.

Next will be the first chapter set two years later.