I'm sorry folks, but this is the end. The sequel will be called Murder, With a Side of Fries Please. If you have read the beginning on the boneyard, I'm tweaking it and reposting to include Angel. Review! I don't own Bones.


"Woo hoo, what have you two been up to lately?" asked Angela with a smirk when Brennan snuck back into the lab at 2:15.

"Nothing Ange!" she yelped over her shoulder as she ran to her office and shut her door behind her. Then her cell rang.


"It's Monday."


"It's Monday." he repeated.

"Oh shyt. Cullen."

"Yeah. He wants us in his office in 10 or... I don't even want to think about it."

"I'll be there. Bye."

"Love you."

"Umm. Love you too." she hung up to see Angela leaning against her door frame with Angel at her feet.

"Was that your stud muffin?"

"Yes and I have to go or Cullen's going to kill me. Come on Angel! Bye!" she bolted out the door with Angel's claws clicking on the tile as they ran.

BBBBBBBBBBB 9 minutes and 56 seconds later.

Brennan sat outside Cullen's office while he talked to Booth, Angel at her feet. Cullen was talking to them separately.

BBBBBBBBBBB (inside) Dun dun dun. Booth's turn!

"Booth, why did you not show up at 8?" asked Cullen.

"I forgot sir. I'm sorry, Bones got out of the hospital the night before and-"

"It's ok Booth. I just wanted to give you your next case. Pack sunscreen." Booth took the file from the desk and flipped through it. He stood up to leave, and to tell Brennan to come in.

"And Booth?-"

"Yes sir?"

"FBI Agents are allowed to have relationships with their partners, as long as said partner is not also FBI. Dr. Brennan, I believe, works for the Jeffersonian."

"T-thank you sir." Booth stuttered. "That's very interesting-" he turned to leave again.

"Booth?" Booth turned again. "And I would not split up said partnership if that were the case. Hypothetically speaking, of course."

"Of course, sir. Thank you."

Cullen gave him a knowing smile, and then ushered him out the door.

BBBBBBBBBBB (inside) Dun DUN DUN. Brennan's turn.

Bones was seated in the 'hot seat' in front of Cullen's desk. Angel was at her side, tongue lolling out as Brennan scratched her neck.

"Why did you miss the meeting this morning, Dr. Brennan?" he asked.

"With all due respect, sir, I just got out of the hospital last night, and it was my first day back at work..."

"It's perfectly ok. I just wanted to give you this..." he handed her an ID card. "for Angel. It will get her in with you anywhere. For if she ever finds something. And I also wanted to give you this, I think you've earned it." Cullen handed her a brand new, shiny, black...gun.


"Booth can't always be there for you, although he seems to have a good record with that. Just for safety, Dr. Brennan. If you shoot anyone without a warning, I will PERMINATLY take it away. Is that understood?"

"Yes sir." She got up to leave, still examining the gun. At the door she stopped and turned.

"Is it bigger than Booth's?"

Cullen just chuckled and watched her tuck the gun into her pocket and walk out the door.