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::author's note::

scene change

Just so you lovely readers know...It kind of follows with OVA 7 but not much (There's no beeping when people say 'tennis' D)

It was a lovely day in the alternate universe of PoT, where our favorite tennis players were actually beach volleyball players. Our lovely Rikkai boys were bored out of their minds because they were the beach volleyball champs for 2 years running. Basically they PAWNED anyone who challenged them to beach volleyball.

"I'm so bored" Kirihara complained, poking the sand with a random stick he found.

"Well, find yourself something to do" Niou snapped at him.

"How am I supposed to? Since there's NOTHING to do on this damn beach"

"You could run laps around the beach if you're bored" Sanada said, looking up from his shougi game with Renji.

"On second thought, I'm not bored anymore" Kirihara said quickly.

"Does anybody want to go get some gum with me?" Marui asked.

"I'll go with you. Since I have nothing to do on this damn beach anyways" Niou said getting up.

Meanwhile our favorite Hyoutei boys were traveling to the beach in their buchou's shiny black limo ::lucky..::.

"Shishido-san I hope we have a good practice today..."Ohtori said politely.

"Today we are not going to the beach for practice Ohtori" Atobe announced.

"We're not?" Gakuto asked.

"Then why are we going then?" Oshitari questioned.

"To be amazed by Ore-sama's good looks. Ne, Kabaji?" the narcissist said flipping his hair while sparkles were hanging around his head.


All the regulars with the exception of Jiroh and Kabaji gave Atobe a look that clearly said "Dude-what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-you-we're-straight" looks.

"Hey isn't that...uhh...those the regulars from Rikkai?" Shishido said pointing at Marui and Niou from the window.

"I believe they're Marui and Niou.." Oshitari said straightning his glasses.

As if a pin poked him really hard, Jiroh jumped up narrowly missing Hiyoshi's face and screamed "OMIGODITSMARUIWHERE?!" and started jumping up and down in his seat starting to get a certain mushroom annoyed.

"Jiroh-sempai..can you please stop jumping up and down..." Hiyoshi said patiently(not really).

Suddenly, Atobe snapped his fingers, and their driver suddenly pulled over. Rolling down the window while putting on a pair of expensive looking sunglasses, Atobe said "Marui and Niou of Rikkai I suppose?"

All Marui and Niou could do was really "?!" and "Who the hell are these people" and "Who the hell rides a limo to a fucking beach?!" while their jaws were on the floor.

They basically stayed like this for 5 minutes just staring at Atobe and his fancy limo with people inside.

Meanwhile Atobe was starting to lost his patience with the two dudes so he asked again "Are you two Marui and Niou of Rikkai?"

"Huh? Wha? Oh..He's Niou and I'm Marui" Marui and Niou said in unison (vice versa for Marui)

To be continued..i think..

so yea..I kinda ran out of ideas after this..I'll try to update as best I can..I'm sorry if it wasn't that funny it's supposed to funnier in the later chapters..reviews please..::bows::