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Let's start!

Kamio was so bored. Some weirdo from Hyoutei shoved him into the closet. What the hey?! It must've have been from Shinji's bet. He had to 'I FEEL THE RHYTHM!' for 7 hours. And 7 hours passed. So he got 7 dollars. Whoo hoo! Just then the door opened. He looked up.

It was Niou with his bling-bling and Mr. Snuffles.

"Oh. The others are looking for you."

"Wanna play Goldfish?" Niou said holding up a deck of cards. LINED IN GOLD.

"Sure." Kamio said moving over so Niou could sit across from him.

And they played.


"Where IS he?" Kirihara asked after he asked the 50th person today. "I wish Renji-sempai was here. He would make life easier with his data."

"Now, now Kirihara." Yukimura said. "I'm sure we'll find Niou soon."

Just then someone knocked Oshitari over. This time no one really gasped. Because well...Oshitari isn't as important as Yukimura. But Ohtori being nice, helped Oshitari up and then proceeded to help the fallen figure.

"Ah! Renji-san we were just talking about you!"

Renji gave Ohtori a weird look. "I would prefer I didn't know why you were talking about me. But there's a 39.6754329877 percent chance that you were talking about how much you need me."

"How can you even say such a number?" Shishido said looking awed.

"GAHH! NUMBERS!" Gakuto yelled covering his ears.

"Because HE'S IN RIKKAIDAI!" Kirihara, Jackal, and Marui said proudly.

"Moving on!" Mizuki said impatiently while Yanagisawa was nodding and said "DANE!"

Everybody ignored him.

Just then everybody saw a very tired looking Sanada come back from running his laps. Oh boy. He looked pooped.

"How are we looking for Niou anyways?" Hiyoshi asked.

"Well..." Renji said looking through his notebook. And then he looked up. "There's a high chance that he's at Atobe's house."

"How high is that chance?" Jackal asked.

Renji did the math instantly. "20.983646858967489-"

"ENOUGH OF THE NUMBERS!" everybody shouted.

"Couldn't you just round?" Shishido said annoyed.

"Then the probabilities would come out wrong."

"That's a low chance though." Oshitari said looking up. "21 percent?"

"Unless if you want all the stats. 1.987 percent chance he's at the mall, 1.4 percent chance he's in France, 4.538 chance that he's eloped with Yagyuu to Africa, .009761 percent chance that he's in a closet, 5.897653 per-"

"Okay. Okay." Jackal said quickly. "Let's go to Atobe's house."

"Yes. Let's." everybody said quickly before Renji could say more numbers.

Renji sighed. It seemed that the only person who actually loved calculating as much as he did was Sadaharu...Oh where was he now?

38593037.204747584934038457PERCENT84757489340.5758494945757PERCENT(It's actually fun punching in random numbers xD)

Inui looked up from his volleyball practice. It felt as if Renji was calling to him...Inui quickly took out his notebook and started to scribble while a volleyball bounced off his head.


"Woahh..." Kirihara said walking into the mansion. "This is nice..."

The Hyoutei regulars of course really weren't fazed. I mean they were rich too! Not as rich as Atobe...but they were richer than most...maybe...

"So this is Atobe's house?" Marui said poking the fountain. "I've heard rumors that his bathtub blows out bubbles..." He looked at them hopefully.

Oshitari nodded. "It's true."

"They blow out in 7 different colors and 5 different scents!" Gakuto added.

"Scents?" Sanada asked.

"When you pop them, you smell either flowers, citrus, cotton candy, strawberries, or apples."


"What the hell?" Kirihara said looking at the Hyoutei regulars as if they had sharks for butts.

"OMIGOD I'M GOING TO HIS BATHROOM BYE!" Marui said running up the stairs. Which was lined with red VELVET.

Just then Jiroh popped out of nowhere. "MARUI-SAN!!!IWANTTOTAKEABUBBLEBATHWITHYOU!!!"

"HELL NO!" Marui shouted. But evidently, the smaller boy was too strong for him. Jiroh dragged him off.

"BUCHOU!" Marui said struggling. "He's going to molest me!"

Everyone was either like Kirihara and Sengoku who were laughing their butts off, or like Shishido and Oshitari giving them a 'WTF?' look, or they looked like Ohtori who looked like he pitied Marui.

"Ahem..." Hiyoshi said coughing."Let's look for Niou shall we?"

"Ah. Yes." Yukimura said.

Just then Renji popped out of nowhere. "He's not here."

"How do you know?" Sengoku asked.

"While everyone was looking at Marui and Jiroh, I asked the servants. He's not here. And I have-" Renji held up a camera. "-pictures of Jiroh forcing Marui into the tub."


"We really don't wa-" Shishido was cut off.

"Renji-sempai! Lemme see!" Kirihara said. But Renji held it above his head.

"This isn't for your age Kirihara."

Kirihara jumped even more. But he was still too short by 5 inches.

"You're one year older than me!"

"But we're fifteen Kirihara." Yukimura said taking the camera and looking through it.

"But...but..." Kirihara whimpered. He couldn't tackle Yukimura because that was just WRONG.

"Jackal. Genichirou. Look at this." Yukimura said chuckling.

"Can we see?" Oshitari asked.


All the Hyoutei regulars rushed over. Even Hiyoshi and Ohtori. And Mizuki and Yanagisawa.

"But buchou! Hiyoshi and Ohtori are the same age as me and they get to see!"

"50 laps around Atobe's mansion."


"Around his estate."

Kirihara pouted then took off running. He couldn't see his own sempai get tortured by his fanboy. This sucked.

"Oh yea..." Gakuto said looking up from the pictures. "What about Atobe's money?"

"Who needs his money when we have this?" Shishido said giggling. "We can sell this on Ebay and make A LOT of money. MORE THAT WHAT NIOU HAS NOW!"

"That's true." Jackal said nodding. Taking the camera, he said, "I'll go print these out and hang then around school if you don't mind buchou."

"Go ahead."

"...Jackal..." Sanada said slowly.


"When did you get into blackmail?"

"Ever since Fuji Shuusuke taught me to."

"Nfu, nfu...you mean my rival?" Mizuki said twirling his hair.

"..." Jackal walked out.

Renji muttered, "...Marui should be screaming in three...two...one..."



Everyone laughed. Even Hiyoshi and Sanada. Talk about amusing.

And so...everybody made a lot of money off of the photos. Marui had a restraining order on Jiroh. Jackal grew to love blackmail. Kirihara still wanted to see the photos. Mizuki was officailly called the 'Purple Prince'. Sengoku never did get out of that shark costume. Nobody knew what happened to Dan whereever he was. Renji was still talking in data and longed for Inui. Yagyuu still talked in chat. Atobe and Kabaji had a REALLY nice funeral, but got bankrupt because of Niou.

BUT...Niou and Kamio were still playing goldfish in the closet.

well here's the end...I think I rushed it a bit...maybe a lot.

I thank the people who were loyal to this fic and read it. It was fun writing it.



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