Harry Potter Has Always Known

Chapter 35

"For once in their lives they have written it properly" said Harry, from the paper once his husband came into the room. Kissing him passionately on the lips he said "Good" before sitting himself down on the kitchen table and helped himself to his breakfast.

"How is Sasha?" asked Harry before cutting up his sausage and dipping it into his egg.

"She has finally settled," said Severus, "I think she just had some trapped wind"

"Oh, that's a relief" sighed Harry; she had been cranky for hours.

"Let me see the paper" said Severus grabbing it from Harry before he could either disagree or give it over.

Sasha, Alexis and Alexander Potter - Snape

Today's news stunned the Ministry just last night, when it was revealed Harry Potter was married to none other than Severus Snape. Here is a very personal interview with Harry Potter himself.

Reporter; When did you marry Severus Snape?

Harry; I married him at the end of last year.

Reporter; Can we know why?

Harry; It was originally Dumbledore's idea, he forced a life debt onto me and I couldn't refuse otherwise I would be in Azkaban right now.

Reporter; So you married then?

Harry; Indeed we did.

Reporter; were you happy with that?

Harry; At first I was furious but only because of the life debt and the fact it was against my will.

Reporter; Did he ever force you?"

Harry; Never he replied rather adamantly

Reporter; You are happy now?"

Harry; very happy now I'm glad this happened.

Reporter; You and Severus Snape have children? Three? Can you tell me about them?

Harry; My children Sasha, Alexis and Alexander are born from love, me and Severus are very happy and they are very wanted.

Reporter; They seem very healthy and happy

Harry; They are, life already is brighter with them in it.

Reporter; It's been said that Severus Snape is a Death Eater, care to clear the air?

Harry; Severus made a mistake when he was sixteen, at the age of seventeen he begged Dumbledore for help. Instead of help Dumbledore demanded Severus to spy for him. So this is what Severus has been doing all this time. Spying for Dumbledore, now he is free to live his life without Dumbledore telling him what to do and blackmailing him with Azkaban.

Reporter; How do we know he isn't still a Death Eater - I personally cannot see him still a Death Eater but I believe the readers may.

Harry; You forget we have the deepest bond, I've felt all of Severus' memories. I've seen him coming back from Death Eater meetings and being sick and refusing pain potions if he had been forced to hurt someone. Believing he deserved the pain he got.

Reporter; how does it feel to have killed Voldemort?

Harry; Fantastic! I am absolutely amazed me and my husbands lives have changed so much.

Reporter; How do you feel about the justice in regards of Dumbledore's case?

Harry; I am very glad he got what was coming to him, now my husband is truly free of both his masters.

Reporter ; well it seems we have covered everything all I can say is Thank you very much for defeating that mad man and restoring peace to the wizarding world. Without you once again we would be entering dark ages.

Harry; Thank you very much

Reporter Sally Walters

"Well I'm stunned!" said Severus wide eyed.

"You're also free," smiled Harry, "Voldemort, Dumbledore and the world knows you were a spy, you're a hero now"

"Come here" said Severus, feeling totally overwhelmed.

Kissing his husband passionately, he called for Dobby "Master"

"Look after the children, do not disturb us" said Severus.

"Yes master Severus" said Dobby, a pair of red spots fighting their way on his cheeks.

He popped away.

Severus quickly got them to their room, discarding their clothes at an alarming rate. He lay Harry on the bed, before he slowly but surely began worshiping the body under him. His life had changed so much because of this young man. This was a way he could show just how much he appreciated it.

Moaning and shuddering, Severus was getting hard at the sound of them. The moans coming from the one he loved more than anything. Eventually Harry got impatient and turned himself around, arching himself up, wantonly and arching up begging to be taken.

Severus couldn't say no to such a sight, his wanton young lover under him demanding to be taken. Lining his cock up, with one sharp thrust he filled the one he loved, the loudest moan yet tore out of Harry.

Pumping his aching hard member out of the one he loved, biting down on his shoulder or back, sucking and nibbling. Marking him, claiming him as his own. Eventually it was too much for Harry, he came spilling his seed onto the bed, and let his lover ride him until Severus came. Enjoying the feeling of being filled by the man, the warm tingling feeling, the sparks that shoot up his body.

He cleaned the mess away before Harry collapsed and Severus followed. Harry panting and breathless said "I love you" not expecting it back because Severus rarely said it. Usually when he was feeling extremely happy or in a lot of pain.

"I love you" was the reply he got before exhaustion or darkness claimed him.


The next day, they finally let the Fidelus Charm go; there was no longer a need for it. Severus had known all the Death Eaters and Harry had identified them with the pensive memories so all Death Eaters and new recruits had been arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment. So Severus' mother moved in to Snape Manor.

It wasn't permanent but Harry was adamant that she get a house right next to there's. He had even offered to pay for a small house or cottage to be built on their land. Stating that he wanted his children to know and love their grandmother. It was a sore spot for both Harry and Severus because they had grown up knowing their grandparents were dead. Never having even had the pleasure of meeting them.

Just as they were discussing it a letter came from Gringotts.

Ronald Weasley has succeeding in getting your money from Gringotts, using a cheque book. With Albus Dumbledore's signature on it as he had been your legal guardian. The books were never cancelled; he has taken at least five million galleons. I just thought I should let you know.


"That sneaky bastard" snarled Harry.

"Get to the ministry!" snapped Severus angrily.

"And what? It looks like it's perfectly legal to me!" cried Harry.

"It's not they will make sure you get every penny and have him arrested he's stealing your money no matter who's name is on the bloody cheque book" said Severus.

"Why hasn't Griphook doing anything then?!" frowned Harry.

"It's out of his hands, he cannot stop it without your permission" said Severus.

"I want an Auror brought here immediately" snarled Harry.

So Severus got one for him.

"I want you to shadow Ronald Weasley all day, he has illegally taken money from my account and I want him to spend it all before being arrested or at least a good bit of it. Let him think he's getting away with it" said Harry sneering smugly.

"I can do that" said the Auror "You want him arrested by the end of the day?"

"Yes, we also want kept up to date!" said Severus; his husband was the best Slytherin he had ever seen. His mother seemed to share his opinion because the awe in her face was obvious for everyone to see. Another thing she made a note to herself was to never get on the wrong side of this powerful Slytherin cunning young man.

They were kept up to date; Ron was spending the money quicker than a duck swam on water. Everything he bought, every shop he went into was recorded into the letters from the Auror. When he had spent nearly all of it in just one afternoon, Harry got back to the Auror.

Take him down H.S

Three simple words with his initials the Auror gladly did as he was told; Ron was being arrested before he could protest. He wasn't even given a trial, Ron had been walking on egg shells since Harry's trial with everyone in law enforcement and he didn't even realise it.

He was sentenced to seven years in Azkaban, for the theft of Harry Potter's money. The Weasley's were anything but pleased, and their hatred for Harry Potter just rose in leaps and bounds. Harry no longer cared what they thought of him so it didn't really matter to him.


"Harry?" asked Severus coming out into the balcony.

"Hey" smiled Harry.

"Are you alright?" wondered Severus, worried that he regretted getting that Weasel such a harsh sentence.

"No, just thinking of everything else, what am I supposed to do now? My purpose is over" said Harry his old fears coming back.

"Far from it" said Severus rapping his arms around his smaller lover. Harry buried himself into the warm strong arms of the man that loved him.

"Your purpose is to love me and the children, bring them up, your purpose is just starting" soothed Severus. Reassuring his lover, he understood those old fears. Those were the fears of a fourteen year old boy.

"Your right," smiled Harry "My life's just starting"

"Indeed" said Severus thanking the lucky stars for the life they had given him. Otherwise he wouldn't have understood a lover like Harry. If given a choice he would go back and not change a thing. As harsh as it may sound it had made them the men they were today.

"Your mum has agreed to have a small house built beside us" smiled Harry beaming happily.

"How did you manage that?" mused Severus.

"Just told her that I wanted the little ones brought up with their grandma around. The fact she was getting to build a house of her own added to the benefits" smirked Harry.

Severus smiled; Harry could get his way with everything. He knew his mother would have caved in, Harry didn't know it but he had his mother wrapped around his finger.

Together both men stared into the night, relishing the fact they had each other. Also relishing the fact they had three perfectly healthy babies. Things had worked out far better than either expected.

"Draco will be back tomorrow, he will want to know everything about Weasley no doubt" smirked Harry.

"Indeed" said Severus. His life was complete, his godson and lover got on his mother was nearby and he had a new sister and had three children of his own. He finally had the family he had always wished he had.

Harry was thinking exactly the same, a friend who liked him for who he was. Understood his fears and worries and losses. A mother in law who seemed to genuinely care about him and not the hero or boy who lived. He had a husband who loved him for him and had given him three gorgeous babies who would be the centre of his life always.

Life was good.

It might have not been the perfect beginning but it most certainly the most perfect ending one could wish for.

Finally both men could thank Dumbledore for one thing - bringing them together.

The End

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