"What I Like About You"

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This is just a fanfiction story for your enjoyment.

(After Vic and Val's Wedding)

On a bright and sunny morning after Vic and Val's wedding that FINNALLY happened, Holly just lay's in bed enjoying the new morning not wanting to get up. The phone rings….

Holly Picks Up: Hello?

Tina: Hii!! What a wonderful morning..don't you think its just WONDERFUL!

Holly: Yeah….Did you do your "laundry" with Gary

Tina: You know me to well

Holly: Well you did sleep with my boyfriend…

Tina: ….did you have to ruin my mood

Holly: YEAH

From downstairs..screaming

Val: HOLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holly: Yeah Val?screaming back

Val: I'm Leaving…screams an answer
Holly: OKAY hollers back

Tina: What happened?

Holly: Oh nothing Val said she's leaving

Tina: Ohhh! feels a hand on her thigh…Holly I'm going to have to call you back…

Holly: Gary's awake?

Tina: yeah..

Holly: enjoy

They Hang Up

In Tina's Bedroom…

Gary: What did Holly want?

Tina: Oh nothing…how did you sleep?

Gary: LIKE A BABY! This day is great

Vince Hollers: GARY!

Gary: I'm sorry this day WAS great…gets up muttering and walks out of room

Tina: laughs shaking her head, lies back down and stares out the window

In Vince's room…

Gary: Why you yelling for man?

Vince: LOOK! shows Gary his legs

Gary: Oh My Damn! What is that man?

Vince: I don't know… I think I have poison Ivy…

Gary: How did you get poison Ivy..?

Vince: Well I did go through an awfully grassy area from the airport…

Gary: nice job, what are we going to do now?

Vince: I don't know man, which is why I called you here…

Gary: Hmm.. I GOT IT! runs into room and comes back with a small bottle with no label, hands it to Vince

Vince: What the heck is this…?

Gary: trust me itll work….

Vince: uh… I'll pass… anyway, what took you so long to get here?

Gary: manly duties… you know how they are

Vince: niceeee!

Gary && Vince have there triple hand slap shake

Back With Holly….

Holly sits there watching tv flipping through the channels… until she finds a very intresting Soap Opera && gets absorbed in it. Not realizing she wasted 3 hours watching reruns, the only thing that got her out of her "trance" was the annoying knock on the door that would not go away…..

Grumbling she got up && went to the door && opened it. Once she saw who was behind it, she forgot about her soap opera frenzy…..


What are you doing here????

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