Summary: Kagome is a boy. Sesshoumaru sometimes prefers being with men to women. Shippou has a father and Sango likes someone other than the monk. Is there a chance of recovering from insanity and its effects? Or is Kagome doomed to be a man for the rest of his life with these strange, new adjustments?

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Feminine Masculinity
S.p.O.d and Bipolar Tangerine

Chapter One

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Kagome stretched out in the sunlight and let out a small sigh of content. It was a beautiful day and one that Inuyasha was finally letting tem enjoy. Sure, he was probably off to go see Kikyou, but that didn't seem to matter right now. All that mattered to Kagome was the absolutely wonderful feeling of the warm sun resting on her skin that her bathing suit had exposed.

"This feels nice, doesn't it?" Kagome questioned. She lazily opened her blue eyes to look at her two friends. Sango was also sun-bathing and seemed to be enjoying it as well. The demon huntress had been on guard for a few hours in order to make sure that nothing would see Kagome so scantily dressed. After those hot hours, Kagome had convinced her to wear Kagome's extra bathing suit and sunbathe with her.

Shippou splashed water only a few feet away from Kagome. The beautiful for him didn't mean that he was enabled to rest, but that he would be able to play in the water. He would have adults watching him- a requirement Kagome had put in place -and would alert the girls if he heard a certain pervert creeping up on their near-naked bodies.

"This is nice." Sango agreed eagerly. She took a deep sigh and turned over onto her stomach. "Perhaps the lack of excitement is a good thing. Sure, there aren't demons to slay, but relaxing like this is so much more… rewarding." Her voice trailed off to a murmur as she began to drift into a light sleep.

"Shippou, sweetie, I'm going to get dressed and walk back to camp. I want you to stay with Sango, just in case Miroku decides to sneak up on her. Alright?" Kagome spoke sweetly to her adopted son. The small boy turned his head around to face her, his bright green eyes sparkling with his smile, and nodded.

"Okay, momma!" He agreed eagerly. A smile touched Kagome's lips as she began to pull her school uniform over her swimming attire. She picked up the bathing supplies and towel she had brought with her and began to walk through the woods in order to go back to the village. Her half-open blue eyes would have slid closed for a second, had she not seen a white, snake-like body gliding past her. Instantly, she was on alert.

It was rare that Kikyou would come so close to the village. It alarmed many of the people to see her after she had died so many years ago and they had the power to send her back to hell if she ever made her presence known. Kagome took a step to follow the soul collector, but stopped herself. She was curious what was going on over there. Especially if it had anything to do with the hanyou that Kagome still had a childish crush on. However, following her better instinct, Kagome continued through the last wall of trees that separated her from the village.

What Kikyou and Inuyasha did was not her business. Kagome was fully aware of that. However, that had failed to stop her from spying on them in a few rare occasions. Each time, she feared the worst- that Kikyou would be taking Inuyasha to hell or they would be doing things that Kagome's innocent mind refused to think about. Things that made her innocence squirm and whine.

It was never like that, though. Never once had Kagome caught them doing more than tender kisses to one another. Sometimes, they would cuddle and talk the way any couple might, other times they got into heated arguments that seemed to be resolved with equally heated apologies. But not once had Kagome ever felt her heart shatter deep within her chest as she feared. After she had acknowledged she had no claim on Inuyasha- although she desperately wanted to- she found herself less prone to being harmed by their intimacy.

"Kaede! I'm back!" Kagome called out cheerfully as she stepped through the door of the small hut. Sitting on the ground to Kagome's right was the old miko and a large pot of a delicious-smelling stew. Kagome took in a deep breath and let it out in a happy sigh. Her actions brought the slightest of smiles to Kaede's face.

"Welcome back, child. Where might Sango and Shippou be?" The elderly woman questioned. Kagome placed her supplies in her yellow backpack with delicate care. She felt no need to hurry anything up. Not after calming down from the peaceful sun-bathing.

"Sango was still lying in the sun when I left. I told Shippou to wait with her in case Miroku tried to sneak up on her. She's always been very nervous about wearing bathing suits." Kagome explained. Kaede nodded her head twice in understanding as she stirred the broth slowly.

"I see. Kagome, might ye be willing to get some healing herbs for me? I need to make more potions tonight, but it is dangerous to leave a fire alone." Kaede's good eye watched the young miko closely, searching for any sign that she wouldn't be up to doing the task. It was rare that Kaede openly said that she wished for help and, if she suspected that someone was reluctant to aid her, she withdrew her offer quickly.

"Alright!" Kagome eagerly agreed. With no sign of hesitation or burden, she picked up a basket and left the hut once again. Kaede let out a sigh- whether it be in relief or distress, even she was unsure- as she watched Kagome walk away. The old woman looked out a small opening in the wall of the hut and watched the tress blow in a wind that was not there.

"I feel as though something bad will befall Kagome." Kaede murmured to herself. He hand continued in its circular path as she continued to stir the broth that would be the dinner everyone was going to eat.

- - - -

Kikyou placed a small container of ramen on the ground beside the God Tree. Her gaze lifted up to the carving she had etched into the old bark. It was a complex design of symbols and ancient letters that she had spent days putting together and weeks memorizing. Now all her effort was about to be rewarded.

Inuyasha would focus only on her once this spell was completed. He did not know what she was doing, he only knew of her request that he get something from Kagome's mysterious bag. When he had asked why, Kikyou had expertly shifted the conversation to paint him as a hanyou with two lovers. He had left to do her bidding, ashamed of himself for caring for Kagome and Kikyou.

He had returned with this strange container that he called Ramen- with affection, she had noticed. She did not dare ask why he was so smitten with the small bucket, but she had thanked him for presenting her with the item. After that, she had kept their visits as short and discreet as possible. He was not allowed to suspect her of doing what was about to be done. If he knew she planned on eliminating the temptation of Kagome, he would become defensive over her reincarnation.

It wasn't as though she were sentencing the young girl to death. She was merely… altering who the girl was. A smirk presented itself on her face as she looked over the carvings to make sure they had been placed correctly. The slightest error could ruin the entire spell and it could be cast incorrectly or on the wrong person.

Once the undead miko was satisfied that there were no errors, she took three steps back from the Ramen bucket and clasped her hands together. Her eyes shut and she angled her head towards the ground. Spells often worked better if one showed a type of humility. Looking to the ground seemed to work best.

A mysterious chant began to flow from Kikyou's lips. It seemed to blanket the entire area around her. The trees swayed in a wind that was not there as the strange dialect continued to be spoken. Kikyou had spent even longer making sure that she had known all the words and could recite them correctly in the foreign language they were.

When the last word had been spoken, an invisible force pushed Kikyou forward. She would have said the force was merely a strong blow of the wind, but the air was still around her. The trees swayed violently, almost as if they were trying to warn the reincarnation that strange magic had been used against her. The grass around Kikyou's hands and knees began to bend as if it was trying to escape her and the power she had just dabbled in.

When Kikyou's eyes went to the Ramen bucket's location, everything halted and the invisible force stopped pushing things as wind did. The undead woman took no notice of this. Her eyes were focused on the spot she had placed the strange object with curiosity and a trace of fear. The strange contraption was gone.

Kikyou's brown eyes immediately flew up to look towards the carvings she had etched onto the ancient God Tree. The symbol was no longer carved onto the ancient bark. Instead, it appeared as though it had been branded onto the tree. The pure white symbols now stood out against the dark bark of the tree. It looked as though it had been painted on, but that was not true. It became obvious that the symbol had changed the color of the bark.

A smile etched its way onto her normally emotionless face. It was done. She had known the symbol would change, as it was written in her books of study. She, however, was unaware of how it would change. Would it spark to life? Would it become a pendant or a rosary? Now she knew. The spell became a permanent fixture in whatever it was etched into. Kikyou slowly stood up from her position on the ground, taking no notice of the grass attempting to escape her treacherous self.

The symbol had adorned a while shade. That meant her spell had worked to perfection. According to the text she had read, different colors meant different things. A black symbol was inactive and had, most likely, several errors made in the spell process. A green symbol indicated that the spell had relapsed on itself. Since this was an altering spell- turning Kagome into what she was not- a spell that fell onto itself would merely put Kagome back as she was now. It was merely like a double negative.

"Kikyou!" The voice of her hanyou boyfriend brought Kikyou from her musings. She turned her head slowly, a small part of her mind surprised that the hanyou would choose to visit her in the middle of the day. It was more natural that he waited until evening or morning to visit with her. There were less people wandering around to see them during those times. A part of the miko was also aware that, during these times, her reincarnation was less likely to be wandering around.

Inuyasha jogged up to her, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips upon seeing her. When he had reached her, his golden gaze rested on the God Tree just behind her. One of his thick, black eyebrows raised in curiosity as he spotted the paint upon the sacred tree. His gaze turned to Kikyou, confusion mingling in those orbs. Kikyou instantly understood what bothered him. He believed her to have been the one to violate the tree that he considered so dear to him. The one he slept on for fifty years.

"I saw some kids trying to use a strange spell upon the tree. I startled them into fleeing, but I do not think the paint will come off... Nor do I think harm will come to the sacred tree." She explained. Inuyasha nodded and turned his attention on her. The worries he had previously held were gone from his eyes.

"Some people have no respect for ancient magic." The hanyou concluded.

"No respect." Kikyou agreed solemnly.

- - - -

Kagome smiled pleasantly as she knelt on her knees before a bush. The berries that grew on the bush were rare, but very potent medicines. The presence of this particular plant was uncommon, since it was a slow-growing plant and sensitive to the temperature. With great care not to bruise the berries, the priestess plucked them from their stems and placed them within the basket she carried.

While Kagome's blue eyes were focused on the basket, her hair blew from her face. She was in the middle of attempting to contain it when she noticed that there was no wind. The bushes around her did not move. The only things that were affected by the non-existent wind were her long, black tresses and the leaves of the towering trees. A cold chill ran down the length of her spine.

"Why do I get the feeling that something does not bode well?" She asked herself. She did not expect an answer so quickly. She reached forward to retrieve more berries, and the bush moved. Her blue eyes blinked once in confusion as she reached for the bush once more, only to have it lean away from her hand again. With a frustrated growl, she grabbed the shrub and began forcefully plucking the delicate fruit from it.

"Must be mad at me for plucking it... Woah." Her words lost their effect as her eyes traveled from the herb basket to the surrounding grass. It seemed as though all the blades were leaning away from her body, just as the bush had done. Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion as she placed her hand on a patch of grass. Instantly, the grass attempted to escape the presence of her hand. A wrinkle found itself onto her forehead as she pulled her hand back.

"What's going on..." She coughed once, her throat contracting painfully. When she felt it was safe to speak once more, she finished questioning herself. "Is everything suddenly allergic to me?" Kagome stopped speaking the instant she heard her voice. It was no longer the gentle, feminine voice she had grown accustomed to. It was the voice of a boy. More specifically, it was the voice of a man.

Kagome gulped cautiously, unsure of what to think. Her voice sounded like it was coming from one of the many teenage boys in her high school. It was somewhat deep and, the girlish part of Kagome suggested, attractive. Shaking her head, she reached out to pick more berries. Instantly, she screamed.

What came from her throat was a manly cry of surprise. That caused her to scream more, which still sounded as though she were surprised. Kagome's blue eyes, which had lost their feminine edge and gained a hint of masculinity, stared at her hand in shock. It wasn't her hand, it was a man's hand. It was connected to an arm that had more muscles on it- further showing her she wasn't a woman anymore- and that... trailed off to a shoulder that was a bit more sturdy than she remembered it looking.

"Oh god." Kagome murmured in her male voice. She shot up and ran back to the hut, the basket of herbs in her hand. When Kagome burst through the door, she ignored Kaede's shocked sound and ran over to her yellow backpack. Masculine hands sought out one of her many things. When she found her mirror, she pulled it out and instantly let out a cry of shock.

"What has happened to ye, child?" Kaede asked. The elderly miko stood up from her seat and walked to the hysterical Kagome. The elderly woman reached down and wrapped an arm around Kagome's shoulders. Kagome looked up to her mentor and wiped her eyes to stop the oncoming wave of tears.

"Kaede... I don't know what happened! I was in the middle of getting some berries from a Fiji plant, and... I just..." Kagome paused, seemingly on the brink of a mental breakdown. She took a breath and, as loud as she could, cried, "I just turned into a boy!" She cried.

The silence that filled the hut after that statement was deafening. Kagome gave up her lost attempts and let her tears loose. Kaede continued to stroke the hysterical girl and making soothing sounds. After a mere ten minutes, Kagome had calmed down considerably and looked to her mentor with hopeful eyes.

"Can you make me a girl again?" He questioned. Kaede shook her head sadly. Just as Kagome was about to ask questions, Kaede held her hand up. Once the young boy had silenced himself, Kaede took a breath in preparation to speak.

"What has happened to ye has been done by a powerful curse. I can feel the magic of it weaving into your aura. Only a very powerful demon or miko could undo such a curse that has bound itself to ye so wholly." Kaede paused, her eyes showing that she was deep in thought. When she spoke again, she seemed more understanding and, Kagome hoped, in control of the situation.

"I do not know of any being that could undo this curse. I fear, Kagome, that ye must live out the rest of your days as a man." Kaede nodded with certainty and took a deep breath. "I know ye are upset about this whole thing, but ye must learn to accept what cannot be undone." Kaede explained. Kagome's squared her shoulders and determination grew in his blew eyes.

"You're right, Kaede." He stopped speaking, shuddering upon hearing the sound of his own voice. It sounded so much more different than it had when he was still a woman. With a sigh, Kagome lowered his head in defeat. "I suppose I'll need a more masculine name... I'll also need clothes for this new body." Kagome picked up a muscled arm and noted the way the girl's school uniform barely refrained from tearing.

"Kago shall be ye new name. If you can become a girl once more, it will be best if ye did not forget your female name before then. Kago is the male form of Kagome." Kaede explained. Kago nodded his head solemnly and took a deep breath. Kaede reached behind the young man to tug on a lock of black hair.

"Ye may also need a hair cut, Kago." Upon seeing a frightened look within the man's eyes, Kaede hastily added, "Ye will not need to cut it much. If ye wish to put it in a topknot as other men wear it, then ye are able to keep most of your hair." Kaede explained. Kago's eyes hardened as he shook his head.

"I'm not cutting my hair. I worked good and hard to get it this long and take care of it. Let me keep my hair, please Kaede. I don't mind putting it in a ponytail. Besides, Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru both have really long hair!" Kago reasoned. Kaede grimaced as she noticed that Kago still argued like a girl. With a sign of defeat, the elderly woman nodded. The young man grinned and hugged her tightly.

"Ye must keep it in a ponytail, Kago. It is not traditional for human men to not wear a topknot. Leaving your hair unbound would reek disaster in many different ways." Kaede lectured. Kago nodded, searching for a piece of cloth in his bag that would do well to hold his hair. Upon seeing a small, feminine sock, his smile faded. He loved that sock. But, now that he was a man, it would never fit on his feet that were so... big.

"I understand, Kaede." He said, taking little note of how deep his voice had become. It was strange to have become so accustomed to something so foreign in such a quick amount of time. With strength that Kagome did not have, Kago ripped a strip from the sock and brought it to his hair. With nimble fingers, experienced from working in hair that had once belonged to a girl, he tied his hair back in a casual ponytail. It was much like the one that Kouga wore, but the ponytail begun at the nape of his neck.

"I will go barter for male clothes for ye." Kaede said. The elderly woman stood up and Kago's eyes followed her. It was so strange to be in a different body and have no one truly become alarmed. Kago mentally shook his head. That was because only one person had known of the situation. The news had yet to be told to Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, or even Shippou. Kago paled at the thought of telling his adopted son of what had befallen him. With a shudder, he turned his attention back to Kaede.

"Thank you again, Kaede... What should I tell everyone when they get back?" Kago automatically moved in position to keep a watchful eye over the pot of stew and the fire that kept it warm. He grasped the pot gently, just as he had done when he was Kagome. Everything he did now seemed so strange because it was done in someone else's body. Tears threatened to push at Kago's eyes at the reminder that he was no longer the girl he had grown up to be.

"Ye shall tell them what happened. A curse had befallen ye whilst ye were in the forest, gathering herbs." Kaede instructed. Kago nodded, his eyes drifting down to look at his dainty grasp on the spoon handle.

"Alright. Thank you, Kaede." Kago spoke quietly. There were so many changes that this different body brought him. He felt like he was in a different body. He was a girl trapped in a man's body. Everything he did, everything he thought, was all feminine and somewhat elegant. Now he was... not a girl. He had to be masculine and tough. Mentally, a masculine Kago warred with his femininity. It was as though, with the curse, Kagome was forced to split into two people. The new one was Kago.

"Kagome! You won't believe what Miroku tried to do!" An angry Sango seethed as she stepped into Kaede's small hut. Her presence, and anger, brought Kago to attention immediately. His eyes flew up to look at his best friend and he momentarily forgot about the fact that he was no longer a girl. He was a guy.

"What'd he do this time?" The sound of Kago's voice, which was unmistakably male, stopped Sango from her rant and reminded Kago that he was... a he. Kago's head dropped and he blushed, suddenly ashamed of the change that had come about him unexpectedly. Sango, whose face had also begun to become pink, knelt down on the other side of the stew that Kago was supervising.

"I'm sorry... Who are you?" Sango asked curiously. Kago looked up and could easily see the war waging in his best friend's eyes. She seemed to know that he was Kagome, but it was obvious that such a change was hard for her to accept. It was understandable, Kago reasoned. After all, women didn't turn into men every day of the week.

"You know who I am, Sango..." He had tried to say that he was Kagome. But, for some reason, he could not refer to his new state of being with the name he used as a girl. It seemed too... forbidden. "I used to be Kagome... Now I'm Kago..." He added, feeling his heart give a pinch of frustration at how things were going. He had really wanted to hear what Miroku's latest pervert attempts were. Now he understood that there would be a different male to be the topic of conversation.

"What happened to you?" A question that was inevitable spilled from Sango's lips. Kago pulled the spook from the stew and began to stare at the liquid that remained on the utensil. Looking at anything was better than looking into the eyes of his severely confused friend.

"How about I tell you once everyone is here? I don't want to have to explain it four times over..." Kago paused, looking up around the room for the perverted monk and his son. "Where are Shippou and Miroku? I thought that they'd be coming back with you..." Kago let the sentence hang in the air, waiting for Sango to supply an explanation.

"We were on our way back when Shippou noticed that Kaede was in the market, looking at some fabrics. He wanted to go with her because he says he likes watching her bargain for clothes..." Sango paused, looking at Kago once more. It seemed as though she were still attempting to understand that her girlfriend... was now a boy. "And Miroku followed Shippou. I was still angry and was going to clobber him if he got anywhere near me. I'm guessing he wanted away from the tension." Sango added.

"I see... So, what did Miroku do this time?" Kago questioned. He dipped the spoon into the pot and began to stir again. He would feel bad if the stew got burned because he had forgotten to swish the broth around.

"Well... I was getting out and getting dressed..." Sango paused, her eyes momentarily glazing over as she recalled the earlier events that had caused her rage in the first place. Kago watched as her eyes returned to the present time with the rage that he had seen when she first walked into the hut.

"I was bending over to help Shippou get his jacket on. Miroku walked up right behind me and grabbed my butt!" Sango threw up her hands dramatically as her face flushed red in anger. Kago raised an eyebrow at his friend. Sure, Miroku was a pervert and spied on them occasionally... But pinching Sango's backside was not something that either of them should be unaccustomed to.

"I understand you're upset, Sango... But he does that an awful lot. What's the big deal?" Kago questioned. After asking the question, Sango's face flushed a deeper shade of red that went down her neck and disappeared under the fabric of her kimono.

"I..." She stammered a moment, her blush spreading across to cover her ears. "I'm not sure if I should tell you. I mean... I know you're Kagome and you're my best friend, my sister even... But you're a guy. It feels weird to tell a guy... They might..." She stopped speaking as she watched Kago's face go from curious to clueless. She sighed. Kago still thought like Kagome. He wouldn't hear her statement as another guy might and he wouldn't get aroused... As Sango stared at her handsome once-a-girl, male friend, she wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not.

"I was naked!" Kago watched Sango pause after that statement, as if measuring his reaction. When Sango was satisfied by something Kago couldn't fathom, she continued. "I mean, completely naked. I had my butt in he air and I hadn't even bothered to cover my breasts yet. I was entirely out of the water when he came waltzing up behind me and grabbed my ass!" Sango ranted. Both Sango and Kago were oblivious to their new audience until he spoke.

"I assure you, Sango, I do not waltz." Miroku defended himself. He turned in the direction he knew Kagome to be, with a wide (and completely fake) grin that forced his eyes closed. "Kagome, I tried to reason with Sango. My hand is cursed. I could not control myself. It was as if a demon had possessed me!" Miroku claimed. He opened his eyes to see the reaction on the other woman's face.

Only to discover that she was not there. He blinked once and looked around the hut. Kaede and Shippou stood beside him. Sango stood next to a man Miroku had never seen... And then there was the strange man.

"I'm sorry. I thought Sango was talking to Kagome." He apologized absently. Kago could clearly see the confusion and slight embarrassment written on the monk's face. Kago shook his head, knowing that it was going to be a hard evening, even without Inuyasha there.

"It's fine, Miroku." Kago dismissed him and stirred the stew a few times.

"I'm sorry. Have we met?" Miroku leaned forward, as if the extra distance would grant him insight as to who this male was. It didn't, for the man still looked as unfamiliar as he had when Miroku had opened his eyes after his speech.

"Miroku, Shippou," Kaede took a deep breath and gestured to Kago. "This person was once Kagome. Now he is Kago." Kaede told the two boys. The silence that later filled the room was more deafening than any cries of confusion or denial. Kago stared warily at the boys, vaguely aware that Sango was tense beside him. She had yet to receive an explanation herself and could be doubting his true nature.

Kago shifted uncomfortably, looking around the room. His blue eyes flickered from the corner of the wall to the window. From the window, they traveled to the door and the flapping piece of cloth that covered it. It attempts to escape the suddenly tense room, Kago mentally wondered what material that cloth was made out of. Bamboo? Or perhaps some kind of animal skin?

His eyes then drifted down his right hand, which was still holding the spoon. Kago pulled his hand pack, pulling the spoon out of the stew that Kaede had been preparing while Kago had been a girl. Coughing in a vain attempt to ease the tension, Kago looked up at everyone with a smile that was heart-stoppingly charming and exactly like Kagome.

"Who's hungry?" Kago questioned eagerly.

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