Summary: Kagome is a boy. Sesshoumaru sometimes prefers being with men to women. Shippou has a father and Sango likes someone other than the monk. Is there a chance of recovering from insanity and its effects? Or is Kagome doomed to be a man for the rest of his life with these strange, new adjustments?

Rated M. What did you think it'd be rated with a couple bisexual demons, yaoi, and non-yaoi lemons? If you shouldn't be reading it or don't want to read it, then don't read it. This story is a challenge given to me by S.p.O.d. The credit for the plot is given to her. I am just a meek writer putting her ideas on the screen for everyone.

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Feminine Masculinity
S.p.O.d and Bipolar Tangerine

Chapter Nine

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Groaning as they attempted to keep up with their leader, Ginta and Hakkaku pushed themselves. Kouga was feeling good today, as was proven by the fact that he seemed to just be pouring on the speed. Didn't his muscles ever get tired of running so fast? Their muscles were protesting violently, but he didn't even seem to be affected in the slightest at the amount of running they'd been doing today.

They'd been running ever since they left the wolf den. And that was morning. Now it was well into the afternoon. Ginta and Hakkaku couldn't think, couldn't see strait, and were ready to collapse the moment they found Kagome and Kouga got to see his woman. They were both fairly positive that Kagome's smile- hell, just her presence, even- would make Kouga's marathon come to a grinding halt.

Speaking of grinding halts, Kouga was stopping. Neither Ginta nor Hakkaku could figure out why. They certainly couldn't pick up Kagome's scent. Then again, their senses were duller than Kouga's and they were choking down all the smoke that he stirred up on his sudden stop.

Kouga had been determined to find Kagome. It'd been weeks- at least, it felt like weeks- since he'd seen Kagome. So, that morning, he'd gathered up his two best friends and they'd headed off to find Kagome. They'd been running all day, minus the break they'd had for a nice slice of raw boar. After their midday meal, they'd began running some more.

Kouga had nearly started losing hope. He couldn't pick up on Kagome's scent no matter where he searched. Usually, she was really easy to pick up. No other person in the feudal era smelled as beautifully pungent as she did. No one else projected such a strong, almost edible scent out for miles the way she managed to. But her scent was gone. Not as if she had just vacated the area, but as if it had never existed.

Rather than her delectable scent permeating the air, there was something else. Kouga had initially brushed it off, figuring that it was some demon in heat. However, after not finding Kagome for a few hours, he began to follow the male scent. And that's what led him to stopping suddenly upon finding Kagome's group.

Only, Kagome wasn't in it.

In her place was some guy. He had broad shoulders and blue eyes. His hair was about as long as Kouga's- perhaps just as long as Kagome's- and was tied back in a simple tie at the nape of his neck.

Kouga couldn't help himself. He stared.

It was only when Inu-trasha started growling that he dared to look away from the now-blushing boy. Kouga glared at the hanyou with all the hate he could muster and growled back, making it obvious that he was not a happy wolf.

"Where is Kagome, dog breath?" He barked out. Inuyasha, rather than growl a defensive answer, stiffened up and glanced at the group around him. His gaze lingered on the new guy- that blue-eyed boy- before he looked back at Kouga. He was defiant, but now his hatred had simple deflated.

"She's not here." He supplied. Kouga growled once more.

"No shit she's not here, mutt! I didn't ask if she was here. I asked where she was! So, where is my woman?" Kouga snapped. He had been hoping to pull some anger from Inuyasha by referring to Kagome as his. It'd always worked before. Inuyasha hated being told that he couldn't have something. But, rather than get even angrier, Inuyasha just heaved a sigh, as if he was tired of dealing with Kouga already.

"She's not here, Kouga. Your guess on where she is right now is as good as ours." Inuyasha sounded exasperated, tired of speaking and tired of just thinking about Kagome's new body. Kouga wouldn't guess where Kaogme's female body was. He didn't know. No one at the camp could figure out where it'd gone. Or if Kago's current body was actually her female body taking a new shape. Inuyasha rubbed his temples as he'd often seen Kagome do. Thinking about all this was giving him one hell of a head pain.

Kouga's eyebrows shot up and hid beneath his bangs. He looked around the group, making sure that they were all as clueless as Inuyasha was indicating. Kouga was so panicked over the disappearance of his woman that he didn't notice Kago's stiff form.

"She's not here?" Kouga whimpered and looked at everyone helplessly. His woman was missing? Was that what Inuyasha and everyone else was doing? Looking for her? Kouga's frantic search to find hope in their faces ended when he finally took note of how stiff the new boy was and how he tried to avoid Kouga's gaze. Kouga pointed at him while he asked the rest of Kagome's group, "Who is that, anyway?"

Everyone visibly stiffened, except for dog breath. Inuyasha took a deep breath, glanced at the new boy, and looked at Kouga with a resigned look.

"That's Kago. He's joined our group to help us purify jewel shards until Kagome returns." Inuyasha explained. He wasn't entirely lying. Everything was true, except for the fact that Kago was Kagome and why he was going to be there until Kagome returned.

"Where's Kagome?" Kouga's eyebrow raised as he looked the hanyou over once more. He wasn't grieving, so she couldn't be dead. He wasn't looking particularly agitated, so she wasn't off in her own time. Kouga smirked inwardly as he came to his own conclusion. The hanyou had hidden her to keep her from knowing about his dead lover! Or to keep Kouga from getting to her.

"She's not here." Miroku bluntly replied. Kouga glared at him for interrupting then looked at Kago. If Kagome wasn't here to see him hitting on another being, then...

"So, you're Kago, huh?" Kouga took a few steps forward as he took in everything that Kago was. Black hair, eyes just as blue as Kagome's, broad shoulders, long hair... Kouga whistled quietly.

"Yeah, I am." Kago replied, seemingly bored. Kouga grinned at the sound of Kago's voice. It had a husky and sexy tone to it... Almost like he was constantly aroused. Kouga's eyes traveled downward out of their own choice and he looked back at Kago once he got a glimpse of powerful thighs. This man was turning out to be just as delectable as Kagome!

"You're mine now." Kouga claimed.

"Excuse me?" Kago had nearly chocked on his own tongue when the wolf said that to him. Was Kouga interested in Kago? Did that make him bisexual?

"You're my man now. I'm going to make you mine. You can come stay in my cave with me and you'll have tons of fun with all the wolves there." Kouga hinted suggestively. Kago suppressed the urge to gag and looked at Inuyasha pointedly.

"I sense a jewel shard coming from the north." Kago then turned his attention to Kouga, who was wagging his tail in... what could be taken as a suggestive manner. Could tails be wagged to look sexy like that? Kago decided to answer that question later. "It was nice meeting you, Kouga. Perhaps we'll meet again when Kagome's around." Then Kago began to march away, trying to tell himself that he wasn't blushing and that his blood was not rushing to his face, neck and... lower extremities.

Inuyasha stared after Kago for a moment before turning to face the wolf. He approached Kouga and stood to his left, facing the direction that Kago was pointedly marching in. He cleared his throat to gain the wolf's attention.

"Kagome wouldn't be too happy if she knew that you were attracted to a man. She'd also be none to pleased about you liking guys. I know how demons work. Whatever you can fuck is what you'll make a relationship with. Kagome comes from a period when they only go for the opposite gender. So, should you want to win Kagome over, you should probably resist the urge you're having to fuck Kago." Inuyasha said in a deadpan voice. Kouga looked at him in surprise.

"You're giving me advice on how to get Kagome? Why?" Kouga was so surprised that he couldn't think of anything sarcastic or snippy to say to Inuyasha. Speaking of Inuyasha, he was currently shifting around like his pants were too small in crucial areas.

"Let's just say that I'm no longer interested in Kagome. She's nice to look at, but I'm... interested in someone else." Inuyasha silently swore that it was Kikyou he was hounding after, not the boy that was trying so desperately to move the group to the north. Stupid Kago didn't even know that he was walking west.

Kouga raised an eyebrow at the half demon before him before shrugging. "Kagome won't find out." He said confidently. "Besides, she's very accepting of almost everything. I'm sure she'll understand if a wolf demon has the hots for both sexes." With that, the wolf took one large breath of Kago's amazing scent then left in a whirlwind of dust. The hanyou coughed and went to head the group off in the right direction.

- - -

Kago let out a deep sigh as he soaked into the hot spring that Inuyasha had found. Unfortunately, no one was bathing with him. Shippou had been tuckered out and fell asleep on Miroku's shoulder. Miroku and Sango were in an argument about who-knows-what when Kago had left to go to the hot springs. And Inuyasha? Disappeared. Kago mentally shrugged off the lack of company. Everyone needed silence at one point. He was just getting his dose of it right now.

Until he sensed a demon coming. Kago didn't even bother checking to see how powerful the demon was. He spun around, grabbed his bow and an arrow, and aimed in the direction of the demon. He stayed that way for a while, his chest rising and falling while his lungs attempted to keep up with the rest of him. For once, Kago could find a benefit to being a man. He didn't have to duck under the water, defenseless, because of his desire to hide his breasts. He didn't have them anymore. What did it matter?

Kago's train of thought was derailed as the demon calmly stepped into the clearing. Kago lowered his bow and gave Sesshoumaru a level look. If the demon were intent on killing him, then surely he wouldn't have nearly humped his bones out earlier. Once Kago had lowered his bow and arrow enough to be of no threat, the demon before him showed his intentions.

The dog general was letting his guard down. A lot. Slowly, he took off his armor. With a dull, metallic thud, it was placed by Kago's clothes. Golden eyes watched as the human man placed his bow and arrow down aside his clothes. They were on mutual ground. Sesshoumaru slowly began to pull off his outer haori.

Kago looked away as the silver-haired demon before him undressed. He felt like a virgin schoolgirl all over again. In attempt to distract himself, he began to shampoo his hair. Still looking away from the disrobing demon, he went underwater and washed away the suds in his hair. When he rose again, he reached for the conditioner and gently massaged it into his hair.

His movements froze when he felt a small wave of water caress his back. Kago turned around just in time to see Sesshoumaru lowering himself into the hot spring. Sesshoumaru's hips disappeared from view and only his torso remained above water. Kago found his eyes drifting to the stump of an arm the dog demon had once had. For the first time in his life, Kago felt sympathy for the demon. How hard it must be to be the leader of an entire country and to be so perfect... But with such a large flaw. How would Sesshoumaru find a woman to claim? No demoness in their right mind was likely to tolerate the missing appendage.

"What is it you find so interesting, Kago?" Sesshoumaru's icy voice cut through Kago's musings. With a jump, he looked into the gold eyes of the demon and cleared his throat. Should he attempt a lie or tell the truth? The latter sounded safer to him, so he went with that.

"I can't imagine how hard it must be to find a demoness with an arm missing. It must be hard to run the Western Lands with only one arm to threaten your enemies with." Kago admitted. He watched as one of Sesshoumaru's silvery eyebrows rose up. The silence stretched on. Kago went underwater and scrubbed the conditioner out of his hair. When he rose up, the dog demon with a breath away. Kago's breath hitched and his heart stuttered.

"You are an interesting human. I have never experienced a human who could feel true sympathy for a demon. Not that your sympathy is appreciated." Sesshoumaru seemed to catch his control before it slipped away entirely. He looked at Kago, attempting to distance himself from the attractive male. "What are those items you rub into your hair? They smell... strange." Sesshoumaru lifted the shampoo bottle and looked at it curiously.

Kago fumbled for an answer. "They're very rare berries from a distant island. In one combination, they clean hair. With different kinds of berries, they make hair smooth." Kago admitted. Sesshoumaru raised an eyebrow once more and shifted his gaze from the shampoo bottle to Kago.

"You will demonstrate how this works to me." He demanded. Kago's face reddened as he grasped the shampoo bottle in Sesshoumaru's hands. Heat and electricity jumped between them at the gentle, distant touch. Shocked, both of them jerked their hands back. Kago looked at the shampoo bottle in his hand, silently blaming it for the strange attraction he was having to Sesshoumaru. He was in a man's body, for crying out loud! He shouldn't be attracted to another man!

"Okay." Kago slowly swam over to be behind the great dog demon. Slowly, he poured shampoo onto his hand and began massaging it into the demon's scalp. When all of the dog's silvery hair was lathered up, Kago closed the bottle and backed up. "Now go underwater. I'll rinse it all out." He commanded. Sesshoumaru growled, disliking the idea of being told what to do. Nevertheless, he went underwater. Kago reached down and massaged Sesshoumaru's scalp, getting all the soap out of the demon's hair. When he was done, he pulled his hands away. Sesshoumaru understood and surfaced.

"Use the smoothing berries on me." Sesshoumaru demanded. Kago grabbed the bottle, shaking his head behind Sesshoumaru's back.

"Like your hair can get any smoother." He mumbled. Kago missed the dog demon's smirk at the comment. He had no idea how much it seemed to please the demon to hear that there was something about him that the human liked. Kago poured enough conditioner into his hand and began to massage it into the demon's hair.

"You have to leave this one in for a bit..." Kago's voice trailed off as he felt Sesshoumaru turning around. The demon moved towards Kago, his movements predatory as if he were stalking the human. Kago's breath hitched once more and his heart skipped several beats. Sesshoumaru leaned in towards Kago's mouth. Without any words or explanations, he pressed his lips against those of the human's.

Just as it had happened during the last kiss, fire seemed to explode from where their lips touched. Blood boiled as it pulsed through both bodies. Both demon and human moaned as heat pooled in their abdomens, hardening them. Being the aggressor, Sesshoumaru pushed his tongue into Kago's mouth. He had to taste the boy. Any male who could smell so delicious had to taste that good as well. And he did. The human boy tasted even better than he smelled. A growl rose from deep within the dog's throat as he pressed the human against the bank of the hot spring.

By the time they broke, Kago was panting and so hard, it hurt. Sesshoumaru's gold eyes glinted as he looked at the male before him. His lips were red from being kissed, his eyes were hazy... He was a man, but he had all the attractive qualities of a woman. Sesshoumaru groaned and resisted the urge to simply take this boy here. If Kago knew his half brother, then there was no doubt that Inuyasha would know when Kago's innocence had been taken. And by whom.

"I will be seeing you later." Sesshoumaru was too frazzled and numb to think of anything haughty to say. He got up with pride, dressing himself as though he had nothing to be ashamed of. Kago noticed all this. And why would the demon lord have something to be ashamed of? With an erection like that, demonesses had to be jumping his bones every chance they got!

Then Sesshoumaru was gone. Kago closed his eyes as his mind replayed the sensations of kissing the demon lord. Who knew Sesshoumaru, Lord of the Western Lands, was such an intense kisser?

- - -

"What's wrong with you?" Miroku's voice was, undoubtedly, filled with jealousy. Sango gave him a side glance before returning to setting up camp.

"I don't know what you're talking about." She boldly stated. Miroku clenched his teeth and sat down on a rock. Sango was so stubborn. How was he going to tell her he liked her if she insisted on liking Kago?

"You have feelings for Kago." Sango opened her mouth to speak, but Miroku quickly cut her words off. "Don't even try to deny it. It's so obvious that you like him. You blush around him, you're constantly trying to find reasons to touch him. You try to act like you were with Kagome, but I can tell that you're starting to fall for Kago." Miroku practically growled. Sango took a deep breath.

"Does it really matter? You're being hypocritical with your jealousy. You drool and chase after any girl we see that has even mildly big boobs. I find a boy who I know I can connect with and who happens to be attractive... And you're out of your ever-loving mind! Don't lecture me on jealousy, Miroku. If you chase after anything with a vagina, I have every right to chase after something with a dick." Sango retorted.

Miroku stared. He had never known Sango had the ability to talk dirty like that. He'd heard her curse a few times, usually in the midst of a battle, but he'd never heard her refer to something in such a crude manner. He couldn't decide if it displeased him or if it turned him on.

"Are you admitting that you get jealous when I hound after other women?" He finally asked. Sango paused, her back facing him as she pondered her words. Had she really let that slip? Grinding her teeth together, she attempted to gather her wits enough to say at least one thing that would give her dignity back.

"Yeah. Now go to bed before I hit you." She couldn't believe the words coming from her mouth. Lying down on the sleeping bag Kago had lent her, she drifted off into a peaceful sleep almost instantly. Her dreams, needless to say, featured both Miroku and Kago loving her as if there was nothing that could ever stop them.


"Are you sure?" Kikyou's voice sounded neutral, as it always did. However, if one were to listen closely, they would discover the slightest sound of hesitation or fear. Looking at her lover after such a strange request was almost like meeting him for the first time. What had happened to her beloved Inuyasha to make him ask for such a thing?

"Yeah. I am." Despite the awkward situation, Inuyasha was confident. After all, if Kikyou truly loved him, wouldn't she fulfill this simple request? It wasn't like he was asking her to go through a gender chance, as Kago had. Rather, it was just a request to take their relationship to the next level.

Kikyou hesitated before she made up her mind. She wanted Inuyasha to love her more than his precious Kagome. In order to ensure that he loved her more, she would do nearly anything. With that in mind, she slowly began peeling off the outer layer of her shirt.

"Alright, Inuyasha. Just be gentle. I may not be a virgin, but my ass is." She warned. Inuyasha nodded his head quickly, silently thanking whatever gods existed that his girlfriend had no reservations about him touching her. She would do oral if he asked it of her. What a wonderful, perfect tramp he had picked to spend his life with. Someone without reservations.

Within minutes, both of them were stripped down. Inuyasha already sported a hard-on that was standing proudly, just as a mighty sequoia might do. Kikyou mentally grimaced. If he was always hard, then that meant there would be little or no foreplay. No chance to get her ready for anal sex. She bent on her knees before him and took him into her mouth.

Inuyasha groaned loud enough to scare birds away as his girlfriend sucked on him. However, after a few passes, he was already ready to blow his load. He pulled on Kikyou's hair, silently telling her that she had done enough. Had Inuyasha been paying attention to his girlfriend and not his needs, he would have seen the disappointment in her eyes. If he couldn't take a lot of foreplay, then he certainly wasn't likely to give any out.

Kikyou's suspicions were right. Inuyasha pushed her onto her hands and knees, groaning as he saw her ass stick up in the air. As he brought his dick closer to Kikyou's butt, his mind began to wander away from the present situation. What would it feel like to have Kago here, rather than Kikyou? How erotic would it be to fuck Kago while he jerked the young boy off?

Inuyasha brought his hand down to Kikyou's clit, playing with it until moisture began to seep from her body. Kikyou moaned, quite please that he was at least thinking of lubrication. When Inuyasha's hand collected enough of Kikyou's essence, he placed it on the rim of her ass, working it in and pushing a finger into her butt. Kikyou moaned. He added another finger. She moaned louder. When Inuyasha added the third finger, she moaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Inuyasha took his erection and placed it against her backdoor.

"I love you, Kikyou." Without giving her a chance to reply, he slowly began pushing his dick into her back end. Kikyou moaned, first with pleasure, then with pain. How it hurt to have something so big rooted up her butt. It was almost as if she were losing her virginity once more. Her body felt as though it would split down the middle from the size of Inuyasha.

Then her lover began to move. It was slow at first - bless his heart, he was trying to make the pain minimal - then it gradually began picking up speed. Kikyou continued to moan each time the hanyou thrust into her. It may have hurt, but the pain felt so wonderful. This was better than being in the standard missionary position. And, with only a few more thrusts, she began pushing herself back onto him in an attempt to draw him into her even more.

Each thrust gradually became harder, more violent. Inuyasha gripped Kikyou's hips and pulled her against him with each thrust. The tightness of her ass felt heavenly on his dick. And each time her butt tried to squeeze the intruder out, he groaned louder than normal and thrust deeper. Each time she moaned, he moaned louder. Each time she thrust against him, he thrusted harder.

Inuyasha's eyes dropped closed and his mind wandered. He was no longer fucking Kikyou, but Kago. He reached his hand down, determined to live through his fantasy of jacking Kago off as he fucked the teenage boy. He didn't even notice when his fingers found a clit, rather than a dick. Mindlessly, he began to swirl his fingers around the sensitive bundle of nerves. Kikyou's moans quickly turned to screams and she orgasmed quite suddenly.

The feelings of her butt muscles contracting around his erection made Inuyasha howl in pleasure. Giving into the moment, he orgasmed as well. However, when his sperm were released into Kikyou, he did not pull out. Rather, he laid down and pulled Kikyou up to his chest. Within minutes, he was on the verge of sleep.

Kikyou was smugly thinking that she had managed to conquer Kagome. After all, that girl would never give into anal sex. By being the only one Inuyasha could release his sexual frustrations on, she was defeating Kagome without any sort of contest. A smug smile crossed her face. That is, she smiled smugly until Inuyasha sleepily murmurd, "Kago."

Kikyou was instantly far from sleep. Lying in Inuyasha's arms with his limp cock rooted up her ass, she felt a fire blaze within her. Kagome would pay for having such a tight hold on Inuyasha. Kagome would die, and Kikyou would not hesitate to be the one to take Kagome out.

- - - LEMON ENDS HERE - - -

With ruffled hair, Kikyou slowly walked into the village she had once called her home. Now that she was, technically, dead, she could no longer call it her home. But that did not stop her from visiting. She checked onto the children she had once raised, smiling as they raised their own children with love and care. She looked upon the leader of the village, noticing that his nose and mouth resembled that of his father, who had been the former leader.

But, this time, she was not here to see the people she had left behind over fifty years ago. No. Today she was here to ensure that she still had an alliance with her sister. She had to make sure that her little sister would never turn against her. If Inuyasha was easily swayed to Kagome's side, then Kikyou would have to have Kaede on her own side. She would not lose favor to the gender-confused bitch.

Kikyou calmly walked to the hut, which sat on the outskirts of the village. She slipped in silently, an eerie trick she had somehow learned upon her resurrection. She looked silently upon her younger sister, aged and withering with the years and burdens that she carried. Kikyou knelt down by her sister, making her presence known.

"Kikyou. How are ye?" Even Kaede's voice sounded weak, Kikyou thought with displeasure. Surely her young, energetic little sister was not enjoying her old age and all the limitations that came with it. Perhaps she could use that as a bargaining tool. Promise Kaede her youth once more in exchange for turning her back on Kagome. To keep the stupid miko untrained and defenseless. Then Kikyou could kill her herself... Or have Naraku do it for her.

Upon thought of the dark hanyou, Kikyou smiled coldly. Yes, Naraku was always very likely to help her cause if it included the removal of the priestess who had constantly thwarted him. Perhaps Kaede's alliance was no longer needed. All Kikyou needed was the promise of the dark mutt and she would easily be able to remove Kagome from the picture.

But she was already sitting beside her sister. Perhaps she should try to gather allies, just in case Naraku proved incompetent once more and the miko lived. Mentally agreeing that this was a good strategy, Kikyou finally gave her sister all her attention.

"Not too good. Kagome... I fear that whoever turned her into a boy may be out after all priestesses. What if this person is trying to taint our line so that our powers will gradually fade?" Kikyou lied. Truth be told, she knew what was going on. She knew that Kagome wasn't going to lose his powers. Ever. Unfortunately. She also knew that the being who casted the spell wasn't out to get anyone... Other than Kagome.

"Worry not, sister. We are convinced that the one who attacked Kagome was out to get her. It is highly unlikely that they will attack ye... Unless you know of something that we do not." Kaede looked at Kikyou suspiciously. For a split second, Kikyou felt as though all her secrets were known to her younger sister. That the whole thing was out in the open.

But that wasn't true. Kaede merely took a sigh of long-suffering and let it out gradually. Kikyou did the same thing, reminding herself that she was supposed to be worried. And that she should feel relieved at Kaede's information. Not scared senseless.

"No, I know nothing. I simply fear Naraku is trying to eliminate the threats that are against him. Turning Kagome into a boy would distract everyone from finding the shards... What if I'm next? He could be trying to get rid of anyone who can see the shards."

If that was true, Kikyou silently mused, then she would be in no danger. She could not see the shards. The jewel was burned with her body, giving her reincarnations the ability to see the shards. But her? Nope. She couldn't see a jewel shard if it was lying on the ground in front of her. She was as worthless as the miko beside her.

"Naraku does not have such a deep knowledge of the ancient magics. Nor does he hold the ability to use them. Ancient magics are available only to mikos," Kaede looked at Kikyou as if she suspected the truth. "and very powerful full demons. Anyone else is unable to get the magics to work for them."

. x . x . x . x . x . x . x .

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