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Chapter One The Prophecy

The main streets of New York City were cramped and crowded with a sea flowing with humans. They idly chatted on cell phones, drank Starbucks coffee, shopped, and went about their normal lives. Normal. That was a name for people who didn't have special abilities. The Fantastic Four felt abnormal as they walked down the busy streets. Of course Ben was wearing his hologram projector watch, which allowed to him to hide The Thing. Susan Storm, Johnny Storm, and Reed Richards, however did not need to do so, as their appearance was that of any other human.

Sue grasped Reed's hand as they walked. "So Sue," Reed started casually, "What do you want for your seventeenth birthday."

Sue blinked. "Wow Reed, I almost forgot. I…don't know." In only three weeks, Sue Storm would indeed be turning seventeen, and be able to get her license. However, who needed a car when you could fly around on a telekinetic disc?

"Well, you have some time. Just don't let it get too late." Reed advised. Johnny kept his dark shades on, glancing which ever way a gorgeous girl would walk by.

"So where are we going Stretch?" Ben asked curiously.

"Well, I wanted to show you guys some…" Reed was interrupted when there was a sudden scream.

Glass was pouring from a building near by. The windows were shattering from the whole front side. Sue ran forward, nimbly maneuvering through people. As she did so she ripped off her jeans and long sleeved t-shirt, abandoning them on the ground. People screamed and dropped to their knees, covering their heads, hoping not to be impaled by the shards. Sue's forced field stretched from the opposite side of the road all the way to the building.

Glass pummeled into the psionic field, ripples of energy surfaced as the shards of death beat against it harshly. The Invisible Girl held her field until all of the glass stopped falling. Now there was about a few thousand pounds of glass suspended in the air. Sue was holding the field so long she faded out. A nearby garbage truck was driving by. The Thing stood in the middle of the road, his rocky self snarling, making the truck stop. Sue funneled the glass into the truck, disposing of the litter. Citizens clapped for Sue, who was only slightly phased. Up in the sky a figure surged away, trying to flee the scene, but Johnny had noticed the movement.

"Flame on!" Johnny's body seared with bright orange and red flames as he took to the air. Johnny rocketed after the menace who launched an attack on the busy street below. The figure was dark and Johnny couldn't get a good view of the criminal. Burning brighter, Johnny surged faster after the runaway blob. Johnny pulled an arm forward an released a burst of intense heat in a stream of raging flame.

The opponent was quicker however, on the ball, and easily dodge the oncoming attack. Johnny, who had become sick of playing the game of chase and the flames burned white. He surged forward and zapped the blob from the top with another jet stream of molten liquid fire. The blobbed let out a cry before it swiveled in the air and rapidly descended downward. It streaked towards the Earth below.

"You guys!" Sue called from atop a force field pier while surveying the chase, "It looks like they hit Central Park. At least, the thing that blew up the windows did." Sue levitated Reed and Ben up and they all flew towards Central Park.

In a massive crater lay the blob, rather, a girl. Johnny flamed off and followed the trail that dug into the earth below. In the huge crater was a girl in a purple outfit. She wore a material clothing that looked the like Fantastic Suits, but hers consisted of purple capris, a purple midriff t-shirt and a silver belt around her slender waist. The girls hair was dark brown with long tendrils splayed around her finely chiseled visage.

Sue, Reed and Ben touched down to the ground a few feet away.

"What the hell hit here?" Ben looked at the large scar leading to the crash site, "A meteor?"

"No Ben," Reed said as he elongated his neck to peer, "Looks like a girl."

"She's the one that shattered the windows Reed." Johnny explained, still looking at her.

Unbeknownst to the boys, Sue was warping an invisible force field, in case the girl should be dangerous.

The girls eyes darted open. In a split second she was on her feet and slammed her hands together. Purple, shimmering waves boomed forward and surged towards the Fantastic Four. Luckily the waves rebounded off the force field.

The boys looked at Sue, "Well, you were gawking and I was preparing. Be thankful!"

"Who are you?" Ben demanded in a gruff tone.

The girl shook her head, "Siyarin", and clapped her hands together. More shockwaves seeped through the air and blasted at the force field.

"Take her down!" Reed yelled.

Siyarin took a fighting stance, "Your world will come to an end in three months time, and there is nothing you can do. The super powers of the world and galaxies will collide, leaving your planet in disrepair and grave danger. You will fail." She clapped her hands together again and shockwaves sprung out to blast the Fantastic Four.

The Thing charged at the girl as fast as his body could carry him, as his momentum built up he leaned forward, ready to plow through the girl. However, she spun as he charged by, then clapped her hands together. Ben was frozen to the spot. The team stopped, while Siyarin smirked. She did a backhand-spring towards Sue, who discharged a blue field. Siyarin leapt into the air and blasted the energy with her own. The field dissipated. As Siyarin landed, Sue let off another field. Siyarin took the hit and was blasted backwards.

Reed swiveled his body, attempting to dodge the purple waves as they flew through the air, and snaked around Siyarin. She yelled and snapped her fingers, which proved to be as much a problem as her hands, because Reed as well froze. Ben's frozen state had worn off. Siyarin leapt out of Reed's elongated arms and began to levitate. She gave Johnny one challenging look, before surging off. Johnny, burning bright again, took off as well.

Sue scooped up the other two boys in force fields and zoomed off after, but not as fast as the Human Torch and Siyarin. Sue, Reed, and Ben all winced as they heard a large metallic clang boom through the sky. Soon enough, the large suspension bridge came into view, it was going to collapse. Sue surged on faster, Reed and Ben preparing themselves. Johnny was no where to be seen as was Siyarin. There was however, a blinding light.

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