Inuaysha's human in this story!!!!!!

Story Behind The Stories Chp.1"History Of My New Home"

Around Dawn

Kagome sat the dishes box on the counter"This house is kinda creepy" Hana smiled"It has a story" Kagome asked shivering"What story?You've got to be kidding me!" Hana smiled"I'm not kidding,Kagome.About 16 years ago.There was a girl your age.Her name was Naiya Higurashi.She lived here alone.Well,not really...she lived with the wolves in the shadows.She had driven her parents completely crazy about these stories of the wolves.Since they did not believe her.She killed them" Kagome whispered"You're kidding,right?" Hana shook her head"No...I'm telling the truth" Kagome asked as she opened a box"What happened to her?" Hana smiled"She would be about 32 right now.They say she died by using a spell.The wolves mourned in this house for years now." Kagome yelled"Hey!My middle names Naiya!Mom!You named me after some creepy dead girl!" Hana nodded"She was your ancestor,Kagome...it was a very appealing name to take too" Kagome sat the plates in a cupboard"I'm sure you don't believe that right?" There was a knock on the door. Kagome screamed"AH!" Hana laughed"Calm down Kagome" Hana laughed all the way to the door. She opened it to see a woman with long raven hair,and indigo eyes,and a boy with raven hair,and indigo eyes as well. Hana asked"Hello"

The woman smiled"We're next door neighbors" Hana smiled"Come in" She nodded,and walked in as did the other boy. She smiled"I'm Izayoi,and this is my son Inuyasha" Inuyasha nodded"Hey" Hana called"Kagome!Come in here will you!" There was a crash. Hana sighed"Excuse me" Hana ran into the kitchen to see Kagome looking at a broken plate pale. Hana giggled"Did I scare you again?" Kagome shook her head"I'm okay" Hana smiled"Come on...we have guest" Kagome followed her mother out the kitchen. Inuyasha,and her caught eyes. Inuyasha looked Kagome up and down in intrest. Kagome smiled,and bowed lightly"Hello,I'm Kagome" Izayoi smiled"Why hello,Kagome.I'm Izayoi,and this is my son Inuyasha.His cousin,Miroku was suppose tobe here with us,but...he went missing...again" Kagome giggled lightly"Again?" Izayoi nodded"Yes.He lives with us.Since his parents died" Kagome stopped smiling"I'm sorry" Izayoi smiled"It's okay,dear" Kagome nodded. Hana asked"So what brings you over here?" Izayoi smiled"Just came to greet you both.Do you have a father,Kagome?" Kagome went pale. Hana felt her own blood go cold. Izayoi felt disturbed"I'm sorry.That was a silly queation for me to say.I'm very sorry" Kagome smiled"No...it's alright.Excuse me" Kagome walked back into the kitchen. Izayoi smiled softly"Please go make a good acquaintance with Kagome while I talk to,Hana,Inuyasha" Inuyasha shrugged,and went into the kitchen.

Izayoi sighed"I'm really sorry about that outburst of mine" Hana smiled,and waved it off"It is alright" Izayoi asked"Are you sure?" Hana nodded pushing a strand of her burnette hair behind her ear"Yeah" Izayoi smiled"Why don't we get better acquainted" Hana nodded as she sat on one of the stairs. Izayoi sat beside her.


Kagome picked up the bits of the plate off the floor. Only ending up cutting her finger badly. Kagome winced but only looked at it.

"Your finger is bleeding" Kagome stood up,and dropped the bits into the garbage"Uh...I'm fine" Kagome grabbed a cloth,and put it on her finger. Inuyasha asked"So...how old are you?" Kagome sat in the stool in front of Inuyasha"16,you?" Inuyasha shifted in his stool"17" Kagome asked"So...where's the rest of your family?" Inuyasha looked into her sad cold forest green eyes,and answered"Well.My parents split up.My older brother lives in Kyoto with my father" Kagome smiled"You're lucky.My younger brother,and father are dead" Inuyasha whispered"I'm sorry" Kagome smiled"It's okay" Inuyasha asked"So what school you going too?" Kagome shrugged"School just got out.Why should I worry about it?Well...I shouldn't til August" Inuyasha smirked"I wonder if you're going to my school,Sorac Grey High School" Kagome smiled"I don't know.So.Who else do you know around here?" Inuyasha tapped his palm"Sango,Miroku,Kikyo,Kouga,a lot of other people.Some I don't associate with" Kagome nodded understqanding"I was a total outcast.I might be again,but I'm use to being by myself" Inuyasha frowned"I doubt that's going to happen to you here" Kagome asked"Why is that?" Inuyasha smirked"Well...there are guys here that fall for pretty girls such as yourself" Kagome blushed"Oh" Inuyasha asked"Where you from?" Kagome took a breath to calm her nerves"I'm from Kyoto" Inuyasha nodded"Now Sesshomaru?Inu Taisho?" Kagome gasped"Yeah!Inu Taisho merged with my fathers company that my mom has now" Inuyasha asked"What about Sesshomaru?" Kagome nodded"Yeah...someone to hang around.He was the only friend I had" Inuyasha seemed muttered"My parents divorced when I was eight.So...you knew him since you were what 7?" Kagome nodded"Yeah.He was like 9,right?" Inuyasha nodded"Yeah" Kagome smiled"I remeber cool" Inuyasha nodded"Yeah,whatever...so how did my dad,and your mom meet?" Kagome shook her head"Well...Inu Taisho merged with my dads company so they've known each other since I was about 2.I seen Inu Taisho a lot as a toddler,but I didn't see Sesshomaru til I was 7" Inuyasha nodded"I see.When did your younger brother,and Father pass?" Kagome tensed"W...when I was 10" Inuyasha knew he had made a mistake"I dsidn't mean-

Kagome cut him off"No!It's okay...I'm alright" Inuyasha nodded"Oh...well.You sure live in a creepy place" Kagome shivered"I know.I'm going to tell you this story my mom told me.Well...

With Izayoi,and Hana

Hana smiled"I'm sorry you,and Inu Taisho divorced" Izayoi shook her head"It was for the best" Hana asked"What are you doing up around AM anyway?" Izayoi sighed"Inuyasha almost set the house on fire,again" Hana laughed"What as he doing!?" Izayoi laughed"He's in love with ramen,and he was so eager to have them he ended up catching the cup on fire.I tell you.Miroku and Inuyasha were arguing so loud I had to wake up from the smell of smoke,and the sound of argueing." Hana laughed so hard tears fell"Kagome is really easy to scare.When you knocked on the door she dropped that plate." Izayoi laughed"You must've scared her first?' Hana sighed"Yeah.By a true story about this house." Izayoi nodded"I heard about that story.It was really frightening.When Inuyasha was a boy.He ran to me pale.He had said he saw a girl looking at him from the upstair window" Hana smiled"Well...children can see things we can't" Izayoi nodded"I better be on my way"


Inuyasha shivered"I remeber my mom told me that story.I always saw some girl upstairs in a room.Looking down at me.Her hand was glowing red.With...some type of magic" Kagome began to shake in fear. Hana,and Izayoi walked in. Kagome asked"Mom...c...can't I just live in Kyoto by myself.It'd be better than dieing of some dead girl appearing before me" Hana grabbed Kagome's hand"Calm down or you'll have a panic attack,Kagome.Calm down" Kagome put her hand on her heart"I'm okay" Inuyasha asked"She has panic attacks!I shouldn't of told you that" Hana laughed"It's alright.She just scares herself a lot,and it up having her heart go really fast then it suppose to do.She'll be fine as long as she thinks of a good place" Kagome asked"What?Heaven?" Everyone laughed except Inuyasha,and Kagome. Izayoi smiled"Well I should be on my way" Hana nodded"Hope to see you again,Izayoi!" Kagome walked them to the door. Izayoi already went to the house. Inuyasha turned to Kagome"Well...we're neighbors get me if you need me." Kagome smiled,and nodded"Yeah.You'll hear me scream.Trust me" Inuyasha laughed"Well later" Kagome waved him off. Before he went Miroku popped out a bush,and yelled"Boo yaa!!" Inuyasha fell back with a yell of fright. Miroku began to laugh. Inuyasha got up"You're dead!" Miroku ran over to Kagome,and hid behind her. Miroku smirked"Hello...I'm Miroku.You are?" Kagome stammered"Uh...Kagome Higurashi" Miroku smiled"Nice to meet you" Hana opened the door. Miroku shook Hana's hand"Hello...I'm Miroku." She smiled"Oh you're Miroku" He nodded. Inuyasha grabbed Miroku by the ear"You're still in trouble,Miroku!Let's go!Bye!Kagome!Bye Ms.Higurashi!" Kagome walked in,and closed the door"Well...I just made three friends in one day.good so far." Hana nodded"Yes it is...let's finish unpacking"


Kagome wrapped a towel around her bare body then walked into her room,and sat on the bed. Kagome grabbed her brush,and began to brush it. The garnet stone around her neck as she did so Kagome sighed in pleasure"That bath was really good"

Kagome soon finished brushing her soaked her,and got up,and dried off. Kagome put on her under clothing then a loose black t-shirt,and black night pants. Kagome walked over to the switch not seeing the flash of red behind her. Kagome turned her lights out then walked back to her queen sized bed. Kagome pulled back the covers and go in it. Kagome laid her head down,and let sleep take over her form.

Figures stood in the shadow. Looking down at her with soft eyes. The human form walked up to Kagome,and smiled then vansihed.

Later In The Night;5:23 AM

Kagome tossed,and turned in her sleep. Darkness,and voices. Surrounding her. Sweat rolling down her face. Terror on her face. Kagome muttered"No...don't!Father!Souta!NO!"

Hana ran into Kagome' room,and turned th light on then ran to her daughter. Hana shook Kagome"Wake up,Kagome!Wake up!" Kagome shot up panting. Hana asked"Are you alright,Kagome!" Kagome hugged her mother,and began to sob in her arms. Hana hugge her back,and whispered"Kagome.Calm down.It was just a dream" Kagome sobbed"I'm so sorry" Hana hugged her tighter to herself. Kagome's crying cease,and she fell back into a peaceful slimber. The doorbell rung. Hana got up,and walked out the room,downstairs,and to the door. Hana opened it to see Izayoi,Miroku,and Inuyasha. Hana sighed of relief. Izayoi asked"Wht is going on?" Hana smiled"It's nothing.Kagome just had a bad dream.She's been haveing...what do you call them...flashbacks" Inuyasha asked"Of what?" Hana froze"Of her father,and brother.She'll be alright.Thanks for your concern" Miroku asked"Are you sure there's nothing we can do" Hana shook her head"No.This has been going on for the past 5 years.I can manage" They nodded,and began to leave. Hana closed her door,and ran back up the stairs,and into Kagome's room. She was hugging herself and shaking. Hana sat on Kagome's bed,and huged her"It's okay,Kagome" Kagome whispered"I'm gonna be okay.I'm gonna be okay.Are you gonna be okay?" Kagome squeezed her necklace to her heart. Hana nodded"I'm gonna be fine,Kagome" Kagome stopped shaking"I'm okay" Hana stood"Go take a cold shower.You're burning up.I'll hve breakfast ready for you" Kagome nodded with a soft smile.

An Hour Later

Kagome had on black skirt,and a red tank top. She jogged downstairs,and into the kitchen to see her mother drinking her coffee. Kagome sat down,and smiled"Good morning,Mom!" Hana smiled"Goodmorning,Kagome" Hana thought to herself"Like always.She forgets everything that happened an hour ago" Hana sighed. Kagome contiued to eat. Hana stood"I'm off to work,Kagome.If you go anywhere.Please lock up" Kagome nodded"Alright.Have a nice day,Mom" Hana kissed Kagome's forehead,an walked out the back door. Kagome listened to the car start,and drive off. Kagome sighed,and closed her eyes then opened them again. Kagome stood up with her plate in hand. Kagome sat it into the sick,and went upstairs into her room. Kagome grabbed the pocket knife from under her bed,and opened her hand. Kagome slashed her hand,and blood dripped onto the floor. Kagome made a small cut on all her fingers then made a circle in the middle of ehr palm. Her doorbell rung. Kagome jumped,and dropped the pocket knife. Kagome put the knife under her bed,and stood up. Kagome ran out the room,and downstairs into the kitchen. Kagome turned the fucet on and began to wash the blood off her hand. Kagome then ran back upstairs,and grabbed her arm warmers and put the black,and red ones on. There was a knocking noise on her door. Kagome ran out,downstairs,and to the door. Kagome opened it to see Inuyasha,Miroku,and a girl. She had long raven hair in a ponitail,and hazel eyes. Inuyasha asked"You okay?" Kagome stammered"Y...yeah...I was getting dressed" None of them believed that. Inuyasha skipped the suspense"This is Sango Tsuyu" Kagome smiled"Hey...I'm Kagome Higurashi" Sango smiled"Hey...what happened to the tip of your fingers.They're bleeding" Kagome went pale"I was uh knitting something for my mom,and I kept poking myself by accident" Sango looked at Inuyasha then Miroku. Miroku raised an eye brow. Sango asked"Wanna come with us to the mall?" Kagome locked the door"Sure!" Kagome closed the door,and followed them down the road. Kagome looked at the tips of her finger,and sighed. Sango whispered to Inuyasha"It's obvious she's cutting herself" Inuyasha whispered"Do you think we should tell my mom,or her mom?" Miroku whispered"No,then she wouldn't talk to us" They all sighed. Sango smiled"So Kagome...where you come from?" Kagome smile softly"Kyoto" Sango nodded"Cool...I use to live up there" Miroku asked"What happened earlier.We heard you scream" Inuyasha jabbed Miroku in the side. Kagome shook her head"I don't remeber" Saqngo wrapped her arm around Sango's"Let's change the subject.Now I'm not the only girl.Inuyasha,the temper king,and Miroku the pervert are my only friends for my whole life." Kagome laughed at Inuyasha,and Miroku's face. Inuyasha mummbled"Yeah,and you're the bad chick" Sango's eyes went split"Say something,Inuyasha?" Inuyasha shivered"Nothing at all" Kagome laughed"There's more then meets the eye with people these days" Sango smiled"Darn right!?" Inuyasha smirked back at her"Yeah.More than meets the eye" Kagome blushed. Sango stepped behind Kagome,and pointed at her. Inuyasha nodded. Sango hissed"Yes!" Kagome turned around. Sango smiled,and scratched the back of her head. Kagome smiled,and looked forward"So...what we gonna do in the mall?" Sango put her arm around Kagome's shoulder"Hang with a few more people" Kagome shivered"Um...more people?" Sango asked"You okay?You seem disturbed?" Kagome shook Sango's arm off"I don't do good in crowds.If there was someone to say something to get me upset.There's gonna be trouble.You obviously don't look at the news" Sango looked shocked"Whoea!What you do?" Kagome closed her eyes,and they twitched"I don't think I should say.I was almost put in jail." Miroku snapped"That's where I reconize you from!You burned that girls house down!Amazing!" Kagome sighed,and relaxed. Sango smiled"You're just like Inuyasha.Don't do good in big crowds" Kagome opened her eyes,and caught Inuyasha's"M...maybe I should go back home" Inuyasha sighed"Nothings gonna happen,Kagome" Miroku smirked"Yeah.Except the fact Kikyo's gonna say something,and you know it" Inuyasha grabbed Kagome's hand"No she won't.If she does.She'll just get knocked out by Kagome" Kagome laughed nervously"She's gonna end up in the hospital if she says something that pisses me off.I'm warning you" They all yelled"GOOD!SHE DESERVES IT!" Kagome felt like a ant under they're eyes. She nodded"Oka...okay"

Behind the Mall:Hang Out

Sango knocked on the metal door. Some called"Password" Sango whispered"BL-2559" There was a loud tump,and the door opened. Sango smiled"What's up,Rin" rin smiled"Hey guys" Sango smiled"This is Kagome Higurashi" Rin smiled"I heard about you last night.You moved into that creepy house" Kagome muttered"Rumors spread fast around here huh?" Rin laughed"Right about in" They walked in. Kagome squeezed Inuyasha's hand. Sh was close behind him. Wishing she had gotten sick on her way from Kyoto. They walked into a huge room full of people. Talking,and laughing. They didn't bother stop what they were doing to look at her. Though some girls glared at her. Kagome took a deep breath to calm her nerves. Kagome felt relaxed then opened her eyes. Kagome whispered"You can let go now Inuyasha.I'll be alright" He nodded,and let go of her hand. They walked to a back corner. About 4 people back there. Sango sat down"Hey everyone.This is Kagome Higurashi" The boy with ebony hair,and dark brown eyes stood up,and took Kagome's hand"It is very nice to meet you" Kagome smiled"Uh...you too" Inuyasha stepped in between them"Back off Kouga" Kouga groaned"Not again" Kouga sat down with a tump. One of the girls stood up,and asked"So you're new?" Kagome bit back the sarcasm that wanted to be said"Yeah" She crossed her arms"Where you from?" Sango sighed"Kikyo don't start" Kikyo held her hand to Sango"Shh" Sango rolled her eyes. Kagome put her hand behind her back and clenched her fist"Kyoto" By the tight clothing she wore. Kagome could tell she was a slut,and those kind of people Kagome always faught. Kagome bit her bottom lip. Kikyo asked"You seem to be bitting something back?" Kagome smiled"Nothing.Nothing at all" Kikyo frowned"Do I hear sarcasm?" Kagome's nails dug into her arm"I don't know why you hear that" Kikyo sat down"I don't like you" Sango looked at Kagome's bleeding arm and looked at Miroku. Miroku hissed"No one cares who you do and don't like you slut" Kikyo spat"shut up,pervert!" Sango yelled"Only I can call him that" Kikyo acted"Do I sense that you're defending the newby?" Inuyasha grunted"Kikyo!Stop!" Kikyo fell quiet and grunted in displeasure. Kagomehad her eyes closed. She soon opened them. Kouga asked"So...Naraku...how much you make today?" Naraku shrugged"Bought a thousand" Kouga looked at Kagura. Who rolled her eyes"So,Kagome,you staying here or moving sometime in the future?" Kagome said in a low tone"Staying" Kagura nodded"Cool" Inuyasha asked"Where's Ayame?" Kagura answered since no one else would"She had another fight with her father now she's stuck home" Inuyasha sighed"Why won't she just move with her grandmother?" Kagura and everyone else shrugged. Kagome sat down beside Inuyasha. Only getting glared at by Kikyo. Rin walked over and sat"What up?" Everyone mummbled"Nothing" Sango asked"What you all doing this summer?" Kikyo glared at Kagome. Kagome wiped blood off her shoulder,and showed it to Kikyo. Kikyo spat"You're so gross!What are you!Goth?" Kagome put her hand down,and looked behind her. The room had fell queit. Kagome asked"Who?Me?What I do?" Kikyo shook in anger"Don't play dumb!" Rin stood"Kikyo.What are you talking about?She didn't do anything so chill" Someone yelled"She finally cracked!" Kikyo spat"Shut up,basturd!" Kikyo sat back down with a thud. Things went back to nrmal. Talking,and laughing. Sango had to cover her mouth to stop herself from laughing. Miroku,and Inuyasha wanted to know why,but only shrugged. Kagome winked at Kikyo. Kikyo stood up"I'm gone!Later!" Naraku stood"I'm afraid I'll be leaving as well" He looked at Kagome then left. Kagura followed. A girl,and 2 boys sat down. Sango smiled"What's up Ayame,Renkotsu,Bankotsu" Ayame only grunted. Inuyasha asked"What happen now?" Ayame shook her head"Nothing.Whose this?" Sango smiled"This is Kagome.She just totally made an unexpected move to piss Kikyo off" Miroku asked"What was it that made her outburst like that?Kagome?" Kagome sighed"I showed her my blood sluts like her hate seeing blood.I already know.They're the main people I faught" Sango smiled"Kikyo's gonna get you back for that one" Kagome shrugged"So" Everyone looked at her impressed.