Annoy Danny Day

By Purple Purple Mysty, who knows you are reading this!



Believed to be human, right? WRONG. No matter how many time you think your mom, sister, girlfriend (or "friend who's just a girl") or even daughter. SHE'S NOT SPEAKING THE SAME LANGUAGE YOU'RE SPEAKING. I should know, I AM a girl.

I am Sam Manson, resident Goth and vegan. We girls have agendas, boys should NEVER know about. We girls are NOT easy to understand, nor stay in one mood more than 20 minutes or 2, if agitated. We girls all act in clicks and groups. If you aren't in their group or have a message, YOU DIE.

But there is one special reason all us girls get together… Know when we go to the bathroom? That's when we have our meetings, to see the most important two things that keep us together:

The journal and calendar.

IT RULES ALL!!!! That and gossip (which i swear I don't take part of...)

Cough… Back to now. My click is "resident Goth tomboy" which means I do sports and I'm friends with boys. My friends, Tucker and Danny. Tucker's like a brother and Danny is well… I like him. A LOT. But he has a crush on Paulina and always running off… I think he just sees me a sister… a KID sister. Ugh…

The Goth thing is just an extra. Actually, I DO have friend outside of Danny and Tucker in my click. But, of course, they should not know. OKAY… in the bathroom…

"Girls?" a girl came out of the middle stall of the bathroom with her black glossy hair in a ponytail, which was usually down. Her tight bubblegum pink tee had a sticker on it saying "calendar keeper" and her blue tight jeans had removable stripes on it.

"Yes, Paulina?" all the girls said in the bathroom with a bored look their faces.


Squeals and "ooos" were heard throughout the unusual bathroom. Not many girls were in here, just some representatives of each click and back ups.

"Yes, go on…?" I rolled my eyes. What could possible be so exciting?

Paulina glared before continuing, "IT'S AN ANNOY DAY!!!"

I suddenly perked up! THOSE WERE FUUUUN… I mean, we picked on, teased, accidentally spilled/kicked/hit/dropped/fell, and mean pranks on any boy was picked for that day. Let's hope Dash get's picked… I grinned evilly at the thought. I have science today with him…

"Star?" Paulina looked at the stall next to her and Star came out in her regular outfit only with a "journal keeper" sticker on her person.

"Yes, today being the 9th of May, we pick on…"

Please say Dash, please say Dash, please say-

"Danny Fenton."

Ooooo… NOT GOOD. My poor boyfriend- I MEAN, "Friend" would have endured the most horrible pranks! I know. I've seen it happened. Could this be worse?

"But wait! There's more! Sam shall leading the pranks." Star said, happily.

Yeah… it could be worse. Then all the girls turned to me. "Well?"

I looked around nervously, "Well What?"

"What are we going to do?"

I thought it over. Well… I'm never going to get a chance like this again… also, I'll release my bottled up anger, and it's only for a day… I smirked, lots of annoying pranks coming to mind. "Okay, I'll do it."

Again, lots of squeals and giggles. What's up with that???

"Okay," I thought it over one more time. Come on, it's only a day; what harm can it do. "Here's what we do…"

Sadly to say, I didn't know much damage this would cause…


How was that for a prologue?

Ha! This is "AU" because Sam doesn't know about Danny's powers.

They're still friends, but Danny comes and goes. Next chapter is in Danny's POV! Won't it be fun since Danny doesn't know what the heck is going on?

Course it will be!

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