Annoy Danny Day

4: In which, all goes wrong

Me: Did I say two months? I meant like dunno two years- (dodges bullets) HEY!! Not Nice... Well, Because I have nothing better to do right now, I'll write a... Tucker chapter! (crickets) What? He has to be somewhere in the story...


(4th period, Tucker in Algebra)

Ugh... WHY do I have to have Ms. Hoppers by myself? SHE'S THE WORST TEACHER EVER!! Bleh, well I have gym with Danny and Sam after this. But, facing HER without moral support? And to think I used to like this class...

Wait, did she just call me?

Why, I think she did! Wait, uhhh...

"MR.FOLEY!" Careful, Tucker, don't make eye contact...

"Yes, Miss Hoppers?"

"If 5r equals 300, what does r stand for?"

Okay, Tucker, you know this! Um, you're suppose divide and-

"Mr. Foley? The class is waiting." I look up from my notebook and saw everyone staring at me! WOAH, where did THEY come from?

"Sorry, Miss Hoppers, I'm just trying to solve it." Miss Hoppers raised her eyebrow. Why would she do that?

"Foley, WE'RE GOING OVER THE HOMEWORK." My gosh, she's like a man in a dress! Wait, we had homework?

Miss Hoppers sighed, "Well, Mr. Foley, seems like you didn't you homework AND you were daydreaming! I'll let it slide today... Only because today is such a wonderful day."

I was so relieved! She COULD be nice occasionally! I must avoid to start doing a happy dance.

Soon after recovering variables, for "fun" we did imaginary numbers. What kind of sicko does THAT for fun?? I sighed, aimlessly doodling in my notebook. I'm not much of a artist, like Danny or Sam, but I sometimes do get bored enough to start drawing. After five minutes of ignoring Miss Hoppers' lesson and covering half my page in ugly useless drawings, the class intercom called for her.

She quickly wrote some problems on the board for us to do (like anybody was going to actually do them!) she rushed out the classroom, leaving a girl in charge. But not just any girl.

She left Star in charge.

Once the evil teacher slammed the door, Star checked to make sure she wasn't near. A few seconds...

"Okay, she's gone!" And everyone, excluding a few nobodies(me) and loners, got into groups and started talking. Mainly, all the girls on one side of the room, the boys on the other. I already KNEW what the girls were talking about. The Annoy Day. I sighed, but as Danny's best friend, I had to do something. So as close I could get without getting kicked or slapped I tried to listen in on their conversation. Darnit, I can't hear them well. Maybe I could try out the Fenton's new gadget...

The Fenton Ghost Whisperer! My gosh, these stupid names...

Well, it's suppose to have a hearing range of 700 yards to pick up ghost aura. But, this was just a prototype, so I converted it into a secret listening device.

Yeah, I'm awesome.

Since no one pays attention to me, I causally took it out, and put one of the wireless earphones in my ear. Carefully, I took out the Ghost Whisperer, turned it on, and secretly pointed it at the girls' area. I grinned. It works! I can hear the girls! Wait.. Oh gawd, it's only picking up bits of the converse! Well, It's better than nothing...

"Okay, so we..."

"After the useless pranks..."

"Put into action..."

..."With the..."

"Paulina just texted..."

"Brilliant! So the Dessert..."

"And worms..."

"With chocolate syrup..."

"O.M.G. Can't believe we can..."

..."Bribed the jocks..."

"Tricked the AV nerds to..."

"Then at..."

"So mad when the chili and spaghetti sauce..."

"Don't forget the..."

..."And the..."

"Right after..."

..."Danny will..."

"Sam might..."

..."Then comes Paulina..."

"Then we..."

"Finally, we..."

"Big Finale!"

"Of course, the principal will hear..."

..."Blame it on Sam..."

"Maybe even..."


"Gone for good!"

And laughter and giggles all about.

My eyes widened. CRACK! WHY DO GIRLS HAVE TO BE SO HOT BUT SO DELICIOUSLY EVIL?? It's not fair! Gawd, I wish I knew what they said between those small little tidbits. I groaned, putting away my earphones and the Fenton Ghost Whisperer. Maybe I can figure this out before-

Suddenly, the door slammed open. Ms. Hoppers was back. Guess the lookout wasn't doing her job...

"WHAT THE FLIPSIDE IS GOING ON??" Ms. Hoppers slammed her teacher's edition on her desk, making everyone jump. "I bet no one did a single problem I wrote on the board!" My eyes went half-lidded. Got that right, man-lady... I thought. Wow, I never noticed but Ms. Hoppers has a moustache...

The moustache man-lady- I mean, Ms. Hoppers growled (like a bear I added) and flipped through that horrible Teacher's Edition. Her eyes showed delight.

"Ha, ha! Just for the little groups you all made, the noise I heard FROM THE FLOOR BELOW, you all better copy those problems AND... Do all the problems from page 198 to 260! ALL BETTER BE COMPLETED BY TOMORROW."

... Is it me or did I just hear a devilish laugh? God, where art thou?

Okay, wait... NOW I CAN'T figure out how to solve this problem before it's too late! Groaning, I opened my stupid fecking textbook to the assigned pages. My eyes nearly popped out of my head! Each page had over 60 problems! Gawd, I better get started before the period ends. But I had one last thought before my brain goes numb from the over-stimulation of math and algebra equations.

What are the girls planning?


(Guess who's talking! Surprise POV)

Ha, Ha! Perfect! I can't believe she tricked that Sam AKA the Gothic Freak into doing the pranks. Truthfully, I don't know why Star even picked her! I know something she doesn't know I know.

I KNOW she ridged the names for Sam could be the leader...

I KNOW that today was suppose to be my day...

I KNOW that she's double-crossing Paulina, especially at the big Finale so Paulina can be expelled too...

Also, I KNOW what she's actually planning. So simple for her to think of!... Wait, why didn't I think of that?? Feh, simple things for simple minds.

But... I THINK I already know the outcome. Reeeaaaal easy like. Seriously, it's predictable!

But, I'm not mad she switched my name though. I could NEVER hurt Danny! I really, really like him! But, I noticed, he's started to look at Sam more... Which is not good. We'll be perfect together! With Sam out of the picture, maybe our relationship can work! I mean, my feelings for Danny have increased recently...

I think I'm ready to ask him out.

But I have to time it perfectly so Danny is out of harm's way. He will not be expelled! He can't be! Ugh, I think I can get.. what was that guy's name again? He's stalkerish, creepy too... But whatever, I think I can get him to do this stupid Algebra punishment...

I have a bigger problem on hand.

But if I do this properly, I can get this to all work out for me! If I don't...

Well, in which, all goes wrong.

But THAT is a risk I'm willing to take...


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