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the word was still ringing in my ear as I ran back to the market "you stupid slave!" I barely kept myself from flinching when he'd spat those words into my face. What he didn't realize was that I was actually smarter then him.

He was the one who'd told me to get fish not chicken. I spotted a vendor selling chicken and cautiously walked up to the elderly man who was tending to the vendor at the moment. He crocked his head slightly studying me more closely then anyone had for years.

I turned and examined a few of the headless and featherless chickens before turning to the man.

"Give me seven of your best and plumpest chickens" I said in a voice that could hardly be considered strong.

The man never took his cold blue eyes of me as he cut seven very fat chickens down; he dropped them into a leather bag and handed it to me.

I handed him the purse with enough money to buy the chickens, but right as he was taking it from me are fingers brushed a peircing pain flew threw my head along with the image of an huge cobra. His eyes seemed to look sorrowful. He let the purse fall onto his table and held my hand tightly.

I took several steps backward staring at the man in confusion.

The ghost of a smile touched his chapped lips but he turned his attention towards another, better dressed, customer.

My hair had recently been cut to shoulder length by the slave master, because I had angered him. My baggy tan pants and much too loose white shirt helped conceal my most precious belonging. A small, stem less, glass rose held by a pure silver necklace. I don't even remember who gave me my necklace. But I would never give it up. Almost everyone in the market today could boast that they where better dressed then me...yet again I was a slave so who would boast?

The bag holding the chickens was very heavy so it took me twenty minuets to get back to Duchess Annajades estate.

The huge gardens nearly hid the slave's quarter's right by the stables. I cut threw the court yard with potted trees and flowers.

A few nobles were returning form exercising there horses, stable hands were running to and fro slowing me even more as I tried to make my way to the kitchen.

My eyes remained glued to the floor as I ran to the kitchen.

The slaves master was standing in the kitchen his round, face turned into the picture of fury.

"Chaos!" he boomed making me freeze.

"Yes sir?" I stuttered.

"Give me the chickens" he hissed, I obeyed handing him the leather bag with the chickens inside he took a painstakingly long time to examine the chickens then hand them to the impatient cook.

"We need more garlic" he finally exclaimed giving me a harsh look, as if he wished I would have given him horrible chicken so he could have sent me back to the market with a good beating.

"Yes sir" was my reply as I fled the kitchen threw the slaves exit. The slaves exit let me right out into the busy street.

I hated taking that route not only was it longer but it was also more dangerous.

I ducked my head and quickly started shifting past the people back towards the market. As I past a dark ally I veered into it. This ally cut straight into the market. I'd take it before.

But this time it was different. As I walked calmly down the dark and deserted ally I heard muffled cries.

"Please don't..." someone pleaded, I stopped looking straight a head then to the right where the cries where coming from.

I slowly walked towards the corner and looked around its edge. Four men each holding a dagger knelt around one man whose eyes were wide with fear his arms were roped down and he was vainly trying to defend himself. They raised there blades then dropped them into the man. He was dead instantly.

I barely kept myself from screaming, I stumbled back falling over a broken chair that instantly broke with a blood curtling snap. For a few deathly seconds I was terrified.

All four men's heads snapped around. They looked shocked as they studied me.

I scrambled to my feet and took off at my fastest run towards the market. But even at my fastest I couldn't out run these murders.

My heart was hammering in my chest as I approached the market. Right as I burst out of the ally someone grabbed my shoulder and yanked me back into the darkness.

I nearly screamed but never got the chance. A handsome blood splattered man pinned me to the ground and clamped a hand over my mouth.

"Shh, shhh, shh stop struggling" he said his knees pressing down harder on my arms.

I let out a moan of pain.

A second man suddenly appeared hovering above my head. Then the man pinning me to the ground started suffocating me. He was going to kill me. It was a logical thing to do if they wanted to get away without being discovered. But I was not going to die willingly.

I struggled vainly. The last thing I saw were his beautiful blue eyes staring down into mine and him saying "don't worry...you'll be fine..." perhaps he was right. Perhaps dying was better then returning to the slave master empty handed and having to endure more beatings. It was never going to change I was never going to become a princess or a duchess. I was always going to be Chaos the slave who doesn't even know her real name.

My eyes finally closed and I lost consciousness. I found it impossible that I was going to be fine in the care of four murders...impossible...

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