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"You should't leave" Mouse said his eyes resting on Chaos's sleeping form, after three days of sleeping she was almost healed. Mouse had been the one to make sure of her survival; Shadow had been set on letting her die.

"Mouse it's been way to long since we had a good run...I need this!" History gave Mouse an extremely pleading look.

"No, you want it" Mouse said a steal edge in his voice "but fine...I'll stay here with her incase things go wrong"

"What could go wrong?" Shadow scoffed.

"You know what" Mouse growled his brown eyes flashing"and it's happened plenty of times so get as far away from here as you can"

"Fine" Viper said he stepped towards Mouse and put his hand on his friends shoulder "you sure you don't want to come with" Mouse's sharp brown eyes flashed up and met Vipers as if to say 'you better not over do it' Vipers gave his friend a gentle smile and nodded his head "alright then"

Shadow and History did not even pause as they walked by Chaos and into the forest. Viper knelt beside the girl his eyebrows knitting together when he gently lifted the glass rose off Chaos's neck he examined it for a few seconds before looking over at Mouse who simply shrugged.

"Were leaving" a voice called from the forest, Viper sighed then stood up.

"I'll try to...but there's no guarantee that-"

"I know" Mouse cut in, Viper gave him one last look before turning and striding confidently into the forest almost instantly disappearing "that's why this is a bad idea" Mouse mumbled under his breath shaking his head in disappointment.

Mouse turned his attention back to Chaos, she would be fully healed by tomorrow until then she would most likely continue sleeping. But if the situation became what Mouse feared it would the two of them would have to run and there was the chance that her wounds would reopen and all Mouse's hard work would have been for nothing.

Dejected Mouse sat beside the girl. She had a way of looking hard and innocent at the same time, even in her sleep she unconsciously guarded her emotions.

Mouse glanced back at the woods. Even Viper got stupid when they went for runs.

Mouse touched Chaos's forehead slightly "don't worry" he told her "I'll protect you"


Someone was shaking my shoulders, I opened my eyes slowly to see Mouse leaning over me, and he slid an arm under my knees and one behind my head before heaving me up bridal style. Mouse glanced down at me forcing a feeble smile.

I heard a howl in the distance and instantly recalled the wolf I'd seen in the forest what felt like forever ago.

He pushed me up onto Ronnie then swung up after me, he whistled and almost instantly three other horses galloped over. Mouse jammed his heals into the horses side making it take off at a wild canter. One arm was rapped tightly across my waist as the other firmly held the reins.

My mind felt shaky but I didn't feel any pain. Mouse glanced down at me leaning forward until his mouth was so close to my ear I could feel his breath "if you start feeling light headed tell me" the alarm that raced threw my body nearly made me screech.

"What did you do to me?" I asked looking over my shoulder at him, his mouth quirked slightly, I new that my eyes were wide with alarm and my entire face probably conveyed the worry I felt.

"I gave you some herbs that lessons pain" he said quite calmly, he glanced over his shoulder; the other three horses were following us closely. I turned my head back to the trail in front of us. Something was blocking. It looked like a huge white leopard.

"Mouse!" I yelled bringing his attention back to the trail, his eyes widened, he cursed pulling the reins back sharply, the horse reared promptly throwing me from the saddle, Mouse attempted to hold onto me but in the process fell off with me.

His head smashed against a rock, I could see the startled expression fly across his face before it smoothed to an unconscious bliss. I grabbed a handful of his shirt shaking him "Mouse" I screeched my eyes widening.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the leopard circling. I grabbed the dagger off the belt thanking Viper silently. I stood up holding the dagger pointing towards the ground. The leopard crouched down and launched itself at me. I gritted my teeth putting my arms up in a feeble attempt to protect myself.

Amazingly the dagger pierced the leopard across its left leg, it hissed at me in pure anger.

I took a step backward and suddenly a wave of nausea flew over me then I felt very light headed, almost like my mind was torn from my body for a second before my vision blurred and I fell to my knees. A tang of pain registered across my shoulder, I glanced at it to discover claw marks across my shoulder.

I gave a gasp of anguish as white hot pain raced threw my body. For a second I was too stunned to act. The leopard growled leaning low to the ground again. I feebly lifted my arms, the leopard quivered, its eyes closing tightly.

There was a howl that broke threw the air and sent shivers down my spine. I spared a quick look in the general direction of the howl. At that moment there was a gasp of pain. I first looked at Mouse his sleeping form looked amazingly serine. Then I looked towards the leopard.

I blinked quickly Shadow was standing, completely nude, were the leopard had been, he looked at me his eyes showing so much sorrow then they closed and he fell to the ground. I ran over to him my mouth opening then closing several times.

"How..." I started but then shook my head placing my hand on his muscular back. He gave a sigh.

"Chaos?" my head jerked up to see Mouse sitting up; his arms on his knees "Are you alright?"

I nodded feebly, then looked back down at Shadow. I felt only gratefulness to Shadow, he had basically saved my life. But how? I wondered, then a deep blush covered my face as Mouse knelt down next to me throwing his cloak over Shadow's naked form.

I looked at Mouse my eyes questioning, he shook his head his lips were tightly compressed "You were lucky" he said a forced smile attempted to cheer me up.

I attempted to smile back at him but I new it had failed terribly "were did the leopard go?" I felt foolish for asking but the look on Mouse's face told me otherwise.

"I can't tell you" he said stiffly.

"Why?" chancing a glance at him.

"Because..." he bit his lip looking straight ahead "You could die if I told you"

I didn't say anything simply watched Shadow sleep for what felt like forever before my world gave a lurch and I finally passed out.

When I came to again it was to the smell of something cooking. All four of them were crowded around a small fire eating some kind of rodent. I hardly cared what it was I only cared that it was food. I hadn't eaten in two days perhaps longer and now the smell of food suddenly woke up my hunger.

Shadow's head was down but his eyes were trained on me, he disliked me that much was obvious. Then the image of him nude flew threw my mind and for the first time I could have sworn my face heated up. I bit down on my meat trying my best to hid the embarrassment on my face.

When I finally worked up the courage to look back at him his face had also tinted red. We stared at each other both attempting to make the other look away first. But neither of us did.

Mouse walked in front of me and offered me his hand. I grabbed it and pulled myself eating the last pieces of meat gratefully History looked up at me his eyes were lost again, his face had absolutely no emotion on it and offered me a piece of bread, I snatched it and ate it so fast that it nearly got stuck in my throat.

"Mouse" I whispered, looking up at him, he was shorter then all the others but he was still taller then me, "Why does History look so lost"

Mouse glanced at History a protective emotion showing on his face for a few seconds "He gets that way sometimes...more so now because of the village" I nodded then my eyebrows knit together in confusion.

"What village?"

"The one that got whipped out by the-"

"Man you murdered" I finished for him then nodded in understanding "someone he loved died?" I questioned.

"His fiance" Mouse said nodding slowly, his eyes suddenly went misty as if he was trying to hold back tears "he loved her so much...and he thinks it was his fault that she died...you see we went for a run, it was his idea and when we came back the village was...it was...gone"


"Burned to the ground, all we had to go off of was footprints" Mouse shook his head then looked over his shoulder at History who still looked confused, he then sped up his pace leading me down a very narrow trail that we could hardly walk side by side on, "We didn't even have bodies to burry, all he has left of her is the ring... and memories"

I contemplated his words as we walked my eyes on the ground "Mouse" I began cautiously "I understand that you cant tell me everything but...why would someone do something so horrible?"

Mouse took a deep breath then let it out a forced smile on his face for a few moments "it's a long story, but were we come from we are important people, and having all four of us together in one place was risky enough. But we had to come for the wedding"

I let out a gasp "You mean he was going to-" I was cut off by a nod.

"That very week...two months ago" Mouse gave me a look that I couldn't understand "So you see we couldn't let those men get away with killing an entire village"

"And I was just-"

"In the wrong place at the wrong time" Mouse saw the grave look on my face and put and arm on my shoulder cautiously.

"Were are we going"

"Somewhere safe" Mouse glanced up at the trees and for a second they cleared enough to see the clear blue sky.

"Your home?"

"No" Mouse had a solemn look on his face. For a few seconds I thought he was angry with me then he smiled and looked at me one tear slid down his face, he instantly whipped at it then shook his head "no sense dwelling on the past" he said his voice breaking for a few seconds.

Why I suddenly felt compassion for him was a mystery to me I twisted to stand in front of him, his arm swung back to his side then I slung my arms around my waist and huge him pressing my head against his shoulder "its okay to be sad" I said, I had no idea if I was telling myself or if I was telling him. Mouse didn't do anything for what felt like forever before his slid his arms around my shoulders and hugged back.

"I know" he replied "but it doesn't make sense to be sad over something that we can never change"

"That's what makes it sad" I replied gently pushing away and looking up into his face "you want to change it but you never can...you want to make everyone happy but you never can, you just want everything to be perfect for once but it never will, that's why its alright to be sad sometimes" I found myself crying because it wasn't me talking to him anymore it was me telling him how I felt.

"Your so much like him" he said his eyes gleaming.

"Who?" I asked blinking several times.

Mouse simply smiled and shook his head as he slipped by me, leaving me to trail behind him. I would not get another word about his history from Mouse that much was obvious.

Who do I remind him of? I wondered as I watched Mouse walk, his posture was extremely good, he walked with a subtle confidence. He almost gave off an essence. His good humor and wide smile was enough to make anyone happy.

But at that moment I released I'd upset him bringing back memories I'm sure he never wanted to relive.

"I"m sorry" I mummbled Mouse looked over his shoulder and smiled at me. I quickly looked at the ground quickening my pace to keep up with him.

"Someday" Mouse said so quietly I nearly missed him "you'll understand" he wasn't talking to me but that didn't change anything. I'd still heard.

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