Chronicles of the Night

Greetings! I am Nintendogeek01. Okay that was a duh because you probably noticed the author's name when you clicked the link to get here. While my main love is with video games, I am also a fan of Marvel Comics, particularly the Ultimate Marvel Universe.

This fanfiction you are about to read ties in heroes of my creation in to the Ultimate Universe. While for the first little bit you will see some obvious signs of the Ultimate Universe, the main focus of this story are the heroes I am creating here.

Prepare yourself for a drama-filled, action-packed, quirky humor filled story of… "Chronicles of the Night."

Disclaimer: I do not own the Marvel Comics elements present in this story. I do own my original characters and the plot.



In a hospital in New York City…

"Oh! Ooooooooohhh…"

"Breathe… breathe…"



"It's a boy! Congratulations ma'am, you have a healthy baby boy."

"Pardon me doctor."

"Yes officer?"

"I need to talk to this mother."

"What is it? Where is my husband?"

"Ma'am your… husband… he was on his way here when a drunk driver ran a red light. He… didn't make it."


"I'm sorry to have to tell you this… especially on this day."

"Oh god… why?"

"I'm… very sorry ma'am. Your husband's insurance ought to be able to provide for you and the boy and…"


"Yes ma'am?"

"I have a name for my son."


"I want to name him after his father. Felix."

"Very well, his name is Felix Thomas."

In Kansas City…

"Oh Trace Braveheart, you're such a tease. What is this surprise?"

"Well Diana… I've been thinking for a long time…"



"Oh god, Trace…"

"Diana, will you marry me?"

"Oh… oh Trace… what can I say… except yes?"

"You will?"

"Yes Trace, I will."

In Los Angeles…

"Darin! Darin honey!"

"What is it baby?"

"Where is our little man?"

"Joseph! Joseph where are you?! Your mother wants to talk to you!"

"I'm right here mama."

"Joseph… it was tight, but I managed to buy you everything you needed for 5th grade this year."

"Thank you mama."

"By the way Darin…"


"Thank you for fixing the washing machine, I thought we were going to have to spend a fortune."

"But baby… I didn't fix it."

"I did mama!"

"Oh you're such a little cutie Joseph baby. But seriously Darin, stop playin' around."

"But I didn't fix it."

"Then… why is it working?"

"But mama I… never mind."

6 years later in New York city…

"Felix! I'm home! Oh goodness Felix!"

"Hi mommy."

"Where is that baby-sitter? She shouldn't be letting you use the stove!"

"She's asleep."

"Oh baby… what is that?"

"Melted sugar…"

"Melted… sugar?"

"I wanted to see if sugar melts. Can I do that with the salt?"

"Felix you're not allowed to use the stove. You know that."

"I'm sorry mommy."

"Now go to your room while I have a word with that baby-sitter."

At a Kansas home…

"Heeeeeeeyyyy… welcome to your home baby."

"Oh Diana, look at our little girl."

"I know, the doctor said she's a very healthy baby."

"I know honey, I was there when he said it."

"Right. Oh she's just so beautiful."


"Do you want to see your new crib Lisa?"

"Come on, mommy will take you there."

A high-school in LA

"Ah… Joseph! I'm glad you're here."

"You wanted to see me sir?"

"Joseph, your academic and sports record is really quite amazing. I mean, you're only sixteen and you're already a senior and ready to graduate."

"Yeah… too bad my parents don't think it's too special."

"Well maybe this will cheer you up. That college you've always talked about going to, you have a full scholarship to go there!"

"What? Seriously sir? No joke?"

"No joke son. They were very impressed at your achievements, and they want you in there."

"Oh… wow I'm… I'm speechless sir."

"Well son, be sure to tell your parents when you get home. Oh and by the way…"


"I loved your rap performance at the talent show last week."

"Oh… thank you sir."

4 years later in New York City…

"What is this now?"

"I'm asking if you'd like your son to be enlisted in to a special program."

"What kind of program sir?"

"You see, all over the United States, we have people who scout schools and look for students well achieved in any field of science, and your son is about the most brilliant chemist I've ever seen."


"Yes, he did a most excellent demonstration of creating a very powerful base. Something that isn't taught until college."


"Yes, and I'm hoping that you'll let us take him in to the Baxter Building program."

"Baxter… building?"

"It's a government sponsored program where we have young geniuses like your son research and work with some of the top scientists on the projects of tomorrow."

"But… how much will it cost?"

"Oh, don't worry about that. We'll be paying you."

"But… will I get to visit?"


"And… what about you sweetie? Do you want to go there?"


"What about your friends?"

"… I don't have any friends."

"Well son?"

"Yes please."

In a Kansas home

"It seems like only yesterday we brought her home and set her in her cradle…"

"And now Lisa is four years old."

"Oh, and she's such a happy little girl."

"Diana… there's something I need to tell you."

"What is it?"

"I… got a promotion at work."

"You did? Oh that's wonderful!"



"We're going to have to move."

"Move? Where?"

"We have to move out of state."


"I'm sorry honey but… maybe it's better now while Lisa is still young and hasn't started school."


"I'm sorry I guess I shouldn't have…"

"No. You're right. Let's move. For Lisa's sake."


In a hotel in LA

"Man… tough life…"

"Hey Joseph! Or should I call you High Roller or what?"

"Oh… Mr. Roberts. I wanted to ask you something."

"What is it?"

"Ever since you found me at college and thought I had 'it' to make it as a rapper, things just… haven't been going smoothly for me."

"Look Joseph, if this is about your parents dying in that car crash two years ago…"

"No… well maybe that's part of it… but I mean… I haven't had the most spectacular success over the course of two years, and I've just been kind of…"

"Actually that's why I came here, your latest album is a hit!"


"Yes! It is flying off of the shelves! This album is what is going to make you a star!"

"You're not joking with me?"

"Why would I lie about this? It's making the both of us money son."

"Wow… that's amazing."

"I know it is! But I do have one question High Roller."


"I heard from your last manager that you've fired him recently."


"Joseph… that's like what… the third manager you've fired since you've started?"

"Fourth actually."

"Why are you going through so many managers? I mean this one didn't last half as long as the last one did."

"They just…"

"Oh! That's my pager! I've got to scoot! Let's chat later."

"… I've just felt… a little lonely lately."


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