Chronicles of the Night

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The Triskelion…

"How is everyone?" Fury asked, sitting behind his desk with a patch on his head and cheek held down by medical tape.

"Well, Hawkeye will be in bed for at least another day." Janet said, she herself having an arm in a sling. "Wanda lost a fair bit of blood but she'll definitely pull through. Everyone else in the Ultimates only suffered minor injuries."

"And the Night-hunters?" Fury asked.

"Felix lost a fair bit of blood himself, and a number of his internal organs were nearly stressed past their limit, but he'll pull through with no permanent damage in a few days." Janet said.

"Good." Fury said.

"You want a miracle? We put Lisa's head back on her neck and her healing factor began working. We have to give her a whole lot of blood, and she shouldn't move her neck for a while, but she'll pull through as well."

"Ahem…" Joseph walked in, his arm in a cast, and bandages could be partially seen going in to his shirt from the neck.

"Janet, could you leave us alone now?" Fury asked.

"Sure." She said before walking out.

"Have a seat." Fury said.

"Thank you." Joseph answered, gladly taking a seat. "Well, I guess that's that."

"Yes it is." Fury told him.

"Well, I know we didn't see eye-to-eye near the end there, but how'd we do?" Joseph asked.

"You guys did a good job." Fury sighed. "I admit I think it could have gone better, but we wouldn't be standing here if it wasn't for you either way you look at it." Fury continued. "If there's anything I can do for you, let me know."

"Well, here's the first thing." Joseph said. "Never call on us to help you again." Joseph said with almost a chuckle.

"I know Felix would be glad with that." Fury said with a smile. "Well, expect your bank account to rise a fair bit next time you check on it."

"What about Lisa and Felix? I know Lisa wasn't supposed to, but she helped as well." Joseph said.

"We can send you plenty of packets of medical blood, if anything you'll be set on making more formula for her."

"And Felix?"

"…" Fury pulled out an envelope and handed it to Joseph.

"Is this for him?" Joseph asked as he took the envelope.


"A check or something?"


"Then what is it?" Joseph asked.

"Trust me, Felix will know how valuable it is." Fury said. "We'll be keeping you guys here to recover for another three days before we send you home."

"Yeah, okay." Joseph said.


It was mid-day, guards and other personnel were out and about. Blade stood a distance away from the Triskelion, looking at it through his sunglasses. Everything got misty around Blade as he kept looking at the Triskelion. "You going to stand there? Or are you going to tell me about it?"

"As impatient as ever Blade." A young kid in white clothes told him.

"Just tell me already."

"Fine…" A man with a goatee in white clothing told Blade. "But before I do, why did you want me to wait until it was over before I told you, I could have just as easily told you everything as it happened."

"Just tell me and stop changing like that, you know it gets on my nerves." Blade said.

"Okay, I'll stay like this then." A teenager in white clothing said. "It went rather well, Joseph and Lisa grew closer, Lisa's actions were not malicious in the slightest and even at her fiercest she was acting to protect Felix and Joseph. And Felix proved how much he cares for Lisa by nearly killing himself to avenge her. All of them act for one another." The teenager said.

"I see." Blade said. "…"

"What is it?" The teen asked, walking around to Blade's front. "Do you need me to do something else? I'll do it as long as it doesn't completely break my policy; I owe you my life after all."

"What is your personal opinion of them?" Blade asked.

"Mine? They are the most interesting people I've ever had the pleasure of watching. I've seen many things unfold, but they intrigue me the most out of all that I've seen." The teen said, walking around with his arms spread out and spinning around rather whimsically. "When you wanted me to keep tabs on them for you I thought it would be rather dull but I am glad that I was wrong."

"Fine then…" Blade sighed. "First of all, get me out of here, even I can't get away from this place undetected by myself."

"Okay…" The teen said.

"And after that… you're done."


"You've done enough for me kid. Don't report to me about anything, don't tell me what they're doing anymore, don't even come to pull my fat out of the fryer if you feel so inclined." Blade told the kid.

"You want to call my debt repaid already? You know if you change your mind I won't help you again. You know how I work." The teen asked surprised.

"Yeah, I'm sure, do whatever the hell you want." Blade said.

"Good." The teen said. "Now I can watch them at my leisure." The teen said. "It was fun Blade."

"Yeah, I guess so… you really think they're that interesting?" Blade asked.

"Oh yes, I might even let them know I exist one of these days." The teen answered.

"Hmph… well, I won't tell anyone you exist." Blade said.

"I might say hello to you when you're not busy." The teen said. "Goodbye Blade."

"So long." Blade responded.


It was like a hospital room without windows, thus no sunlight entered it. Felix and Lisa were resting in two hospital beds. Felix had a few wires measuring his pulse and a breathing device over his mouth. Lisa's head and back were strapped to the bed while a very visible scar on her neck slowly healed. She had a needle connected to a packet of blood injected in to her arm, and she also had a tube going to her mouth that was connected to an empty packet of blood. Both of them were asleep at the moment.

"Mmmmmmm…" Felix stirred somewhat while he slowly opened his eyes.

"You can visit for half-an-hour." A nurse said to Joseph as he walked in.

"Thank you." Joseph told the nurse.

"Hey Joseph…" Felix said, his voice somewhat muffled by the breathing mask.

"D…dad…" Lisa said quietly as she quietly woke up. She used the arm the needle wasn't in remove the tube leading to her mouth. "You okay?"

"I should be asking you guys that question." Joseph told them, getting to where Lisa could see him since she couldn't turn her head. "We did it."

"Yeah we did…" Felix said. "No thanks to that jerk Hawkeye."

"Ha ha…" Lisa laughed slightly at this. "But he did help a little."

"Yeah you're right…" Felix said. "He got knocked out the most beautifully out of all of us." He quickly added.

"Felix…" Joseph started.

"I'm kidding I'm kidding." Felix said. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready to go home."

"So am I." Lisa said.

"Well, we can go home in three days." Joseph said.

"That's good." Felix sighed. "You know guys, I don't think everything went exactly as we planned out, but I'm happy with the way it turned out."

"So am I… we're all together again, we're going home together, and we're still one family." Joseph said.

"Dad… Felix… I'm sorry for worrying you guys all the time." Lisa told them.

"Don't be, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't be here." Felix said. "You've saved our lives more than once Lisa, which more than makes up for whatever you think you've done."

"Yeah. And remember," Joseph began, getting closer to Lisa. "No matter what happens, you're my girl now, and I won't let anything come between us forever. That's my promise to you."

"Thank you dad." Lisa said.

"Oh Felix… Fury wanted me to give this to you." Joseph said, handing Felix the envelope.

"Hm?" Felix used his claws to open the envelope, he looked at the slip of paper inside of it, and his eyes popped open. "Fury, I take back every insult I ever gave you and every insult I might give you." Felix said to himself.

"What is it?" Joseph asked, noticing that the pulse machine was measuring an increase in Felix's pulse.

"Ha ha ha ha ha… this is how to make adamantium… oh my god this is incredible!!!" Felix said excitedly.

"It is?" Lisa asked.

"Are you kidding? I tried making this stuff in the Baxter Building and I didn't get anywhere near doing it right, but this is something else. Oh I feel like it's Christmas and I'm opening a present from Santa Claus here!" Felix said excitedly.

"I guess it's a chemist thing." Joseph sighed.

"Hey, you won't be complaining when I start making use of this, oh dang… it'll be expensive though…" Felix noted.

"Oh Lisa…" Joseph said.


"You're still grounded."

"Oh…" Lisa sighed. "Come on dad… I had to have my head reattached."

"Ah Lisa…" Joseph began.

Several days later, it is night time in Los Angeles, the city streets are as busy as ever and the lights are flickering all over the skyscrapers. In one alleyway, a large gang of crooks are preparing to break in to a building.

"With those Night-hunters out of the picture we've been getting off scot-free lately."

"I know… and things can only go up from here."

"Nothing's going to stop us now."

"Let's bust this door down."

Little did they realize that there were three figures on a rooftop right above them.

"Just an average gang, do all three of us really need to be here for this?" Night-claw asked, back in his old costume, hunched over and looking down.

"Hey, it's time to let them know who's back." Night-roller responded.

"So… how many each?" Night-princess asked curiously as she twirled a finger through one of her stylized curls.

"We can worry about that when we're down there." Night-roller said.

"Well guys, let the hunt begin."



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