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Kagome shifted through some old clothes that she had forgotten about years back and memories of old friends would sweep across her mind and then a sense of sadness stained her heart.

She came to a blue sweater which she had loved to wear while it felt like silk against her skin, but now it just brought an overwhelming taste of anger. Her father had given it to her as an early birthday present, but when it came to the night of the celebration a lot of things changed.


Kagome laughed as her cousin choked on a carrot, and across the room she could see her mom being an excellent hostess by chatting with everybody around her. She just wondered where her dad was, he had gotten off work over an hour ago and still wasn't home yet.

"Miroku do you need some water?" asked Sango through a fit of laughs. His head was starting to reach the size of a basketball, and his face was turning to a strange blue color which was amusing to look at.

Koga elbowed Sango playfully, "You could just give him some mouth to mouth, I'm sure he'd like that," he said winking while Sango turned a very deep red and slapped him, a dark hand mark was left on his cheek.

Miroku's choking caused the carrot to come flying out of his mouth and landed a few feet from Kagome's foot. He breathed deeply and let his lungs fill with air before moving closer to Sango.

"I'll take that water now," he said while his hand moved to rub Sango's butt. This was pretty normal just as it was for Miroku to ask every girl to bear his children. A loud slap could be heard again as both Koga and Miroku shared identical hand prints on their faces.

Kagome laughed at her friends, "Serves your right Miroku," she said.

He pouted and dramatically touched his cheek, "Aw… but Kagome you know my hand can't help but touch beautiful Sango," he said swiftly. He grabbed Sango's hands, "Would you please do me the honor and bear my children," Miroku asked only landing him another slap to the other cheek.

Kagome raised her eyebrows and asked, "Is that the fifth time today you've asked her? But then we also have to count all those other girls we meet at the mall today…." He stiffened and cautiously looked at Sango who was fuming. Kagome looked away from the pair as they argued. She just wondered when they'd realize they were meant for each other. She had no boyfriend at the moment and was feeling a bit lonely.

The phone started ringing and she stopped to get when she saw her mom pick up the phone. All the sudden she was on her knees and the phone was across the room, the cord ripped away. Kagome didn't know what her mom was just told but she could feel her heart quench and sink to the pit of her stomach. She slowly kneeled next to her mom and spoke quietly.

"Mom what happened?" and wet eyes pierced hers.

"Oh Kagome…," she cried harder, "he's dead," her mom kept talking but the words were lost under the sound of her sobs. Kagome understood almost immediately who she was talking about. Her dad was dead.

End of Flashback.

It's been two years since that night and Kagome can still remember telling files of people about how her father died at his funeral. He was driving back from work and stopped at the same old intersection to home, but that night…her birthday, a car came from the right side. It was out of control but before he could back up it crashed into the driver's side, colliding into her dad. He died from severe brain damage, a broken rib, and several other injuries.

The driver was tested and was found to have a blood alcohol content of .089, he decided to get drunk and Kagome's dad had to pay the price. The man was only sentenced to a life in prison, he didn't lose his life. She could barely watch as her father was buried, she stood to the side with Koga, Miroku, and Sango. Kagome's mom was crying while their Uncle Myoga held her. The sky was even crying that day, everyone stood in the rain and mourned for her father as he lost his life to someone who couldn't control his.

Kagome folded the sweater; it was the last of the clothes. She stood up and walked to the cardboard box resting on her bed, and added her fathers old present to the rest of the clothes before tapping up the box. The last few bits of her past were being put up in the attic with everything else; she needed to enjoy life now because for the last years Kagome has been in a state of confusion and sadness. Time for her future.

After all it is soon to be her senior year and she wants to enjoy it with the rest of her friends, and they've supported her through all the turmoil. Kagome wants to be the one helping everyone else for a change.

Miroku was walking next to Sango when she found them the first day of school.

"Slow down love birds," screamed Kagome walking up behind them and each whipped their heads back in confusion and embarrassment.

"We are not Kagome!" Sango said hurriedly but Miroku still seemed to be thinking over the idea. "And Miroku knows that too," she said eyeing him.

"Oh yes of course my beautiful Sango," he responded cheerfully, but Kagome rolled her eyes at them.

"I really hope this year turns out to be good because I need some fun," Kagome says dreamily. "Just think how nice it would be to end this year with that extra dose of something." She didn't quiet know what but she wanted something to happen, something exciting.

Sadly as they entered the school Miroku began to swoon all over the girls and all Kagome could do is watch Sango's frustrated face. A young freshmen girl walked by unknowingly and Miroku stopped in front of her.

"My dear you look ravishing today. I was wondering if you would consider bearing my children," he said with a grin plastered on his face. The young girl gasped and had the most horrified expression. Kagome pulled Miroku by the ear and said sorry to the girl.

Up ahead they saw Koga joking around with a bunch of guys, and then looking up to wave. Right next to him stood Ayame who also waved, just last year they started going out. Ever since they've been attached at the hip, and she has been a great addition to their group.

"Did you guys hear about the new kids that joined this year?" asked Koga. Everyone shook their heads.

"Yea well I hear their brothers, and they'll be in the senior class. Someone else told me that their family is shit ass rich."

Kagome wondered who they might be, and just hoped they wouldn't ruin her year too much. Miroku just seemed upset that neither one of them was a girl; Sango just shook her head at him.

One of Koga's friends looked at the clock. "Crap we better get to class," everyone nodded and hurried to homeroom. Luckily Kagome, Sango and Miroku all made it into the same class and sat down at their desks before the teacher entered.

Mr. Ren called everyone's name and then stopped.

"Everyone I would like to introduce you to a new student that will be joining us. His name is Sesshomaru Takisha," he said and a tall boy walked into the classroom. Kagome stared at him; he had short silver hair which he spiked a little to the middle, golden eyes that seemed very impassive, they were no opening to how he was feeling. He was very well built, handsome, and his face almost looked too fragile to touch. His clothes just added to his good looks. He was wearing dark brown khaki shorts that fell just below his knees, a white under shirt with a blue collared shirt which was buttoned half way.

"Takisha do you have anything you would like to tell the class?" asked Mr. Ren.

"Not really," said Sesshomaru before walking to a seat. He choose way in the back, Kagome supposed he didn't want anyone to bother him.

The class passed quickly and everyone hurried out, yet Kagome still thought about Sesshomaru's eyes, she wondered if they ever should emotion. Such a beautiful color but so hard to understand.

"What'cha think of the new guy?" questioned Kagome.

"He's okay," said Miroku uninterested, but of course if it had been a girl he would be much more talkative.

"I thought he was hot," Sango said happily and winked. "Don't you Kagome?"

"I agree but he seems hard to talk," she said.

Sango laughed, "Exactly my point, dark and mischievous!"

The next class Kagome and Sango had English together. Sesshomaru was in this one too, but another boy entered the class as well.

"Class I would like to introduce you to the Takisha's," the teacher pointed to each one, "Sesshomaru Takisha, and Inuyasha Takisha." They both looked alike except Inuyasha had more of a boyish look, a bit shorter, longer silver hair which suited him, yet his eyes were the same color, they were much more open to his emotions. His orbs showed cockiness and a bit of excitement. He was wearing lose fitting jeans and a red t-shirt.

Inuyasha smiled at her as he walked past and sat the desk behind her. Kagome could just tell he liked to make problems.

"So what's your name?" he whispered behind her.

"I really don't feel like telling you," said Kagome already irritated, but she heard him laugh.

"Well that's just not nice. I'll find out eventually," he said. Kagome could feel him grinning. The class was dull as any on the first day of school, just going over rules and year curriculum.

Sango was up and out of her seat before Kagome when they were allowed to leave. She motioned for her to follow and Sango walked out the classroom.

"What's so urgent Sango?" asked Kagome as she bumped into Sango outside the door.

"I just remembered something. Well you know the Takisha's…" she started walking, her voice dropping a bit, "I've heard about their family. They have a long history of being wealthy and strong members. You know how my family's known for being demon-slayers, yours as priests, Miroku's as … monks and perverts, well from what my parents have told me… they're demons and my skills aren't too refined but I'm sure when both of them walked past me I felt something."

Kagome blinked and thought about it. She did feel a slight oddity about them, but didn't question it because she took it as that sense you get when you meet a stranger and you're a bit weary.

"We should talk to Miroku too," said Kagome and Sango nodded.

It was their lunch period and both girls sat at a table talking to themselves. A tall girl with long black hair, brown eyes, wearing a short blue skirt, black heels, and a green tank stopped at the end of their table. Her name was Kikyo, and had a strange resemblance to Kagome, but her personality was completely nasty.

"Hello," she said sickly sweet and Kagome and Sango glared.

"Is there something you want Kikyo?" sighed Sango.

"Oh no I just thought I'd stop and catch up, and I wanted to know if Kagome was going to be her normal emo self this year too," Kikyo said with a grin, "Just because her dad died she thinks people actually care," Sango was holding Kagome's arm incase Kikyo really pushed her over the edge.

"That's just so sweet Kikyo, but I really don't care what you have to say," Kagome announced and waved her goodbye. Kikyo's smile dropped and she walked away.

"I'm sorry Kagome, she's such a bitch," said Sango angrily.

"Whatever, I don't care what Kikyo has to say," she said firmly.

Most guys at Orein High School would do anything to impress Kikyo, not that they didn't want to admit but she was beautiful but she acted like a witch. Kagome had thicker dark brown hair that sometimes waved her eyes were a dark chestnut, and she had a well kept body from archery and running. Sango was a good looking girl as well with her dark long hair, and reddish brown eyes. She was also in top shape from all the training she did in her dogo; demon hunting skills have always been passed down through her family.

Koga came walking up with Ayame each smiling at the fact everyone could each with the other. Ayame is a petite girl with dark red hair, and vivid green eyes. No one except them knows she's partly a wolf demon. Koga is a strong built guy with black hair which is kind of shaggy but looks perfectly good on him, and brilliant blue eyes; he also is a wolf demon but one of the best people Kagome knows.

Next Miroku came with his goofy smile; he is known as a perv but even so many of the girls flaunt over him just adding to his ego. He has dark short hair and dark eyes which have a purple tint.

When everyone was situated Kagome and Sango lowered their voices.

"Miroku today in class when we were introduced to Sesshomaru did you feel anything in peculiar?" whispered Kagome, and to their surprise he smiled.

"Why yes I did, but I wanted to wait and see if you had caught on yet. I do believe that the Takisha's are demon's except Inuyasha is only a half demon, which makes me believe they are only half siblings." Sango pinched Miroku and he made a sound of surprise.

"Now Sango that wasn't very nice," he said pouting except Sango just pinched him again.

"No you should have told us instead of playing this little guessing game," she retorted. "Do you think we can trust them?"

Koga took this time to join in the conversation, "Personally I think we should watch out. I ran into Inuyasha and he seems like a real ass to me. He called me a flea bag… which I'm guessing means he knows that I'm a wolf demon," he said hastily.

Kagome kept thinking over Sesshomaru and how much his eyes reminded her of passionless she had been when her father died, and suddenly her face came in contact with something warm and firm.

"Wench how stupid can you be to not know where you're going?" said a sneering voice, and immediately Kagome recognized it to belong to a cocky silver haired demon.

"Hello Inuyasha," said Kagome stepping back and looking at him. "If you would please excuse me, but your in my way and my next class is just behind you," pointing to door.

"Isn't that a coincidence that's my next class too," he said with a smirk "But wench you did never tell me your name."

She fumed and narrowed her eyes, "If I tell you, will you please stop calling me wench" she demanded and he only laughed.

"Sure if that's what you want," he said impassively.

"Kagome. Do you get that?Ka-go-me! Now excuse me," she said brushing past him and into the classroom. He trailed with a cocky grin.

She choose a seat as far away as possible from him. She sat to the back of the classroom, while he was placed in the front. You can survive this year she encouraged herself mentally, but with her luck she really doubted it.

For most of class he simply lounged in his desk, sinking farther to the ground every thirty minutes. She couldn't blame him; biology had to be the most boring subject. Mrs. Mayu was writing a ton on the board, and kept going over how they all most behave in order for everything to go smoothly. Nice enough she gave everyone the last part of class to stretch and talk to other people.

Kagome's blood seeped to her toes as she saw Inuyasha get up and head towards her desk.

"Hey Wench," he greeted with his smug look which Kagome supposed was pretty normal for him.

"Didn't I tell you my name was Kagome," she stated and flicked a pencil between her index and middle finger, his eyes followed the movement. Just like a dog she thought.

She decided to question him a bit.

"So Inuyasha that's an interesting name, doesn't it have to do something with dogs perhaps?" she asked with a smile but he just looked at her confused.

"Yes but what does that have to do with anything?" he asked suspiciously.

"Well me and my friends couldn't help but notice that you and your bother seem a little different," she couldn't help but smile. Kagome felt in control for some reason, she had him on his toes.

"Your point?" he asked.

"Do you know anything about the term half demon?" she whispered and he seemed to freeze before grabbing for her neck and throwing her against the wall. He held her in place and lowered his head towards her.

"How do you know that?" he demanded and then realized that he had the whole class watching him. He dropped her, and Kagome reached to rub her neck which hurt from his tight hold. She now questioned whether she should have kept quiet. The door slammed and she realized Inuyasha lad left.

"What?" Koga, Sango, and Miroku all screamed in union as she told them what happened in biology.

"Kagome what on earth were you thinking?" Sango worriedly asked. "He could have hurt you bad, he may just be half demon but his strength is above and beyond human expectations."

"Not only that but in the classroom as well!" exclaimed Miroku and Koga agreed.

"I'm sorry but I couldn't help myself," she said apologetically, "there's just something about that guy that brings out my nerves which makes me want to piss him off." Kagome looked at her feet while she poked at an empty can.

Suddenly Inuyasha and his brother came around the corner, Sesshomaru looked serious, and his brother had a face of total and complete anger.

Miroku and Koga stepped forward to greet them, pushing Kagome and Sango to the back.

Kagome could see Inuyasha staring at her and all she wanted to do at the moment was to hide.

"Now why are we so lucky to be greeted by you two gentlemen today?" asked Miroku calmly. Both narrowed their golden eyes unimpressed.

Sesshomaru spoke, his voice to the point of a man's and so addicting, "Inuyasha tells me that girl said an interesting thing earlier today, and I'd really like to know how she came across such a conclusion." Her whole group had gone stiff and she knew that she made a mess of things.

Koga piped in, "Does it really matter? Kagome's harmless and it can't be blamed that we could tell what you are…" he trailed off.

Inuyasha snickered, "Kind of like you. A wolf demon," he laughed.

"At least I'm not a worthless half breed puppy," Koga sneered, his claws extended. Sesshomaru quickly grabbed his brother's arm as he almost flung himself at Koga.

"Don't you ever mock me!" yelled Inuyasha threw his rage. "I could kill you any day."

"Maybe if your brother helped, but alone you're no more a threat than a small common day dog," he snapped back and now Kagome could feel tension building in the air and glanced at Sango who seemed to notice it as well. She knew this could get out of hand quickly, Grandpa Higurashi had told her stories and taught her of demons sense the day she even began school. Their strength was undeniably great and once scattered the land with their own groups.

Sesshomaru still held Inuyasha's arm but had a face that gave no hint on whether he cared that they fought or not.

"God dammit you two need to stop," warned Kagome stepping forward though her hands were shaking, "We can't afford to have a fight, and besides were still on school grounds." her words stronger than how she felt inside. Sesshomaru glanced at her adding to the anxiety bubbling within. Miroku, Sango, and Koga all moved in closer, they wouldn't let either of them lay hand on her.

"You amuse me woman," said Sesshomaru, "your words are fierce but I can smell the fear coursing through your veins." At the moment Kagome just wanted to yell.

"HOW DARE you speak to me like that. My name is KA-GO-ME! Not woman, I and my friends have no intention of doing anything that would interrupt you and your brother's perfect little life, so just leave!" Kagome sputtered from the top of her lungs. Everyone was wide eyed and staring at her, even Sesshomaru looked a little taken back. She took this time to shove past them all and walk out into the parking lot, and outside the school gates.

She heard someone calling her name but Kagome continued walking with her head down. Home is all she kept thinking but all the sudden she was turned around with a hand on her shoulder. Expecting to see Sango she was surprised to see none other than Inuyasha looking down at her.

"What was with that? You ran faster than any girl I know," he said with a smirk but Kagome was confused.

"Why does it matter? And why did you follow me all this way?" she asked but he just shrugged.

"I don't really know why I did, just happened," he answered and then looked ahead. "Oh do you live in that shine just ahead?" she turned her head and nodded. "Got anything good to eat?" he smiled.

Kagome sighed, "I suppose you can have some ramen or something," and Inuyasha's eyes lit up. "Follow me." She turned around while he trailed behind.

Inuyasha sat at her kitchen counter watching as Kagome made the ramen. She didn't like how awkward it was to have him staring at her, and the silence was unbearable.

"Soo…," she began trying to make conversation. "When did you guys move here?"

"A month ago," he responded nonchalantly. "This place is way better than where we used to live," he smirked. "Sesshomaru got into a lot of trouble back there, so did I …but not as much," his voice was a little nervous, "hopefully everything will be okay here," he added.

"Oh," Kagome said and at that moment her mom walked in through the back door. "Hey Mom," she looked up and smiled and then Mrs. Higurashi noticed Inuyasha and gasped.

"Honey you didn't tell me you had a boyfriend!" she exclaimed and at that moment Inuyasha spit out the ramen he had just started eating while Kagome's cheek turned a dark red.

"He is not! He's more of a jerk than anything," Kagome said hurriedly and couldn't even look at Inuyasha out of embarrassment. Her mother blinked.

"Oh well I'm sorry dear, I guess I shouldn't jump to conclusions like that," she said with a smile and a small laugh.

"Well I'm Mrs. Higurashi," she said to him, "It's very nice to meet you."

"I'm Inuyasha," he said through a cough. He was still choking on his ramen, and with that Kagome's mom went upstairs.

Her cheeks still burning Kagome apologizes, "I'm sorry about my mom, she just likes to say whatever comes to mind."

Inuyasha cleared his throat, "It's okay…," a faint blush across his cheeks. Kagome then noticed a bobby pin loose in his hair and automatically raised her hand to take it out. Suddenly a white dog ear popped up causing her to scream, while he was clearly mystified that she had just done that.

Kagome still stared at the ear unsure what to do, "What the…," she began and Inuyasha clearly looking defeated removed another bobby pin from his hair letting another white dog ear pop up.

"These come with being a half demon," he explained, "I have enough problems hiding the fact I am one, so I'd rather have no one see these." He pointed to his ears and Kagome nodded and suddenly had an uncontrollable urge to rub his ears.

"I'm sorry I just can't help myself," and before Inuyasha understood what she was talking about she had leaned over the counter to squeeze and rub the white ears. Suddenly Kagome heard a small purring sound and then realized it was coming from him.

He went wide eyed and pushed her away. "Stop already," he snapped and she felt ashamed.

"I did warn you," she said looking at her feet guilt stricken. He sighed and scratched his head.

"Ya just don't do it again," he said, his voice almost sounding apologetic. He got up from his seat and looked at some pictures hanging on the wall. One was of her doing archery about 5 years ago, another was her mom, her dad, and her grandpa all standing in front of the scared tree out in the yard, and the last was her dad, her mom, and her all smiling together down at an old park 10 years ago. She looked so young and carefree then.

"You want to watch a movie?" Kagome offered not really sure what to do, but he nodded and followed her to the living room. She looked through all her movies and decided on a comedy, Ouran High School Host Club.

Kagome sat down on the couch wondering where he'd choose, but to her surprise again he sat right next to her. She tried to breathe normally, but some of her nerves kept getting the best of her. Inuyasha was very good looking and she couldn't help but be attracted to him. Sometimes a teenage girl can't stop her hormones.

The T.V. was the only way to keep her attention off of him, but at a slow part she couldn't help but steal a glance. He was asleep and Kagome couldn't help but feel lame. This whole time she was unknowingly trying not look at him while he was probably sleeping. Though, she had to admit he looked really good, just so calm and not making her feel like a complete fool. She could feel her face drawing closer to his and for some reason she didnt want to stop.

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