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"It's alright Kagome. What we did in class today, you'll be able to make up tonight. Just please don't skip again, you're a good student," said Mr. Ren shuffling some papers on his desk.

She bowed slightly, "Thank you so much. I don't know what came over me, and I promise not to do it again," Kagome said relieved and walked out of the classroom. The rest of school went quickly. Though, her thoughts wandered to a certain unemotional, silver haired demon, and sitting next to him during a scary movie. It was all just stupid. He was an ass, but really attractive. Still, he was an ass who was very selfish, and someone she didn't want to deal with. She couldn't seriously think of him in that way.

At her locker she took out a few texts and then from behind someone squeezed her shoulder. Kagome looked back and Riku stood smiling, a boy that she dated last year, someone who was very annoying, and thought a little too much about himself.

Sighing Kagome rolled her eyes, "Hello Riku."

He winked, "Hey Babe. So who are those silver haired guys you've been hanging around lately? They're a new addition to your little group," Riku said, and Kagome recoiled. Babe. Why couldn't he use her name?

"Kagome," she said flatly.

"Whaa..," he looked blank and she cut him off.

"That's my name. Not babe, or hun, or anything stupid like that. K. a. g. o. m. e. , Kagome," she explained while a vein throbbed on her forehead. Idiots just weren't her company. "And those guys are new; I'm staying at their house as a matter of fact."

"Well aren't you fast, already living with them. So you give to them, but you couldn't to me?" he asked and Kagome narrowed her eyes.

Sneering she spat, "I'm not giving them anything! They're not pigs like you Riku. So if you please excuse me I have things to do, and to tell the truth. I only went out with you, because I pitied you. Every girl hates you, or strings you along. I mean really, all you do is lie to yourself. When I kissed you, I felt like throwing up every time, and just the fact I had to see your face when I opened my eyes was torture enough." His eyes were wide, and she only smiled before leaving. Kagome was defiantly going to start living her life, and if people couldn't deal, then too bad. She wasn't stopping for anyone.

Kagome walked outside, and realized what she just did, how she'd talked to Riku, like she was a bitch, a complete bitch. Always polite, and refrained, never making anyone feel bad. That was Kagome, not some crazy, mean girl who said miserable things. Yeah, he is an idiot, but she didn't need to say those things. At times he was a really good boyfriend, and she went out with him because she thought he was cute and funny. Just over time, they weren't meant to be. Could it be that Kagome's changes were a lot more than she thought?

A black limo waited at the sidewalk, and Kagome could only guess whose that was. She opened the car door and slid in. The driver from the morning looked back and smiled.

"Hello Miss, the others have already returned home, but I can bring you where ever you want," he said while starting the car.

"Home sounds good umm..?" she paused looking for his name.

"George," he answered and Kagome nodded.

"Thank you George," she smiled, "And I'm sorry for making you wait."

He raised his eyebrows, "Oh it's no problem Miss, a friend of the Takisha's is someone I don't mind waiting around for." Mr. Takisha seemed like a brilliant man, someone you listened to no matter the occasion, a person you'd be afraid to touch because of the sense of honor he gave off. It swept across a person, almost taking every ounce of breath left in you.

"Soo…"she said curiously, "How long have you worked for the Takisha's?"

George didn't answer right away, "For about ten years now, I've seen their family at the top, and I've seen them at the bottom. Every time, which ever it may be, they still look strong. Never showing fear, I mean if one of them were to cry I think I would die at the spot." Kagome nodded silently.

"Yeah, I don't think I could ever see Sesshomaru crying," she said.

He laughed gently, "That boy has always been very strong, and short of emotion. But he has pride like no other man I've seen. Him and his father, always keeping secrets… Inuyasha on the other hand has no problem blurting out. Sometimes I worry though about those boys… the world is growing smaller."

Kagome was confused, her eyebrows lowered, "What do you mean the world is getting smaller. I'm sure either them go do pretty much anything they wanted… well Inuyasha is a bit dimwitted but still I've seen his grades and…," he stopped her.

"Yes, but in some ways they're handicapped. In the future there going to have move, and move again. They just don't age; they're always going to have to start over again. I worry if that's going to have an affect on them," he mumbled. So he know, he know they were demons. "Unlike their father, they've grown up in this kind of society. This is what they know, what they want to be apart of." No one spook the rest of the ride home.

Loud noises banged from upstairs and an angry voice yelled, "What the hell is this? Fucking hanyou, this Sesshomaru could kill you."

This was followed by a lot of laughter, "Relax Fluffy, it only lasts for 24 hours, and it's a good color on you," this was followed by another shrill crash. Inuyasha ran from the room, but what followed left Kagome covering her mouth to stop her own laughing. Sesshomaru walked out with neon blue hair that was still wet from showering, but then something else caught her attention. He was shirtless and her mouth felt dead as it hung open. A god's body is what Sesshomaru had, each muscle seemed to be sculpted perfectly, each one moving in sync as he walked.

Quickly turning around Kagome tried to escape before either saw her, a blush burning on her cheeks, and she knew speaking was a bit impossible at the moment. Except they knew she was there, and Inuyasha called out.

"Kagome you're back! Don't you like Sesshomaru's new hair?" he asked while his brother made a noise familiar to a growl. Kagome kept standing the opposite direction and made no movement. She heard shuffling from behind, and froze instantly while her mind buzzed with panic. Inuyasha came from above and landed in front of her. He waved a hand in her face. "Wake up," he said slowly, "Wait… why is your face so red?" All of Kagome's hairs stood on end and she ran from the room leaving both boys to watch as she stumbled away.

Inuyasha looked up at his brother, "What was her problem?" Sesshomaru looked down, and glared, but glanced at the door from where Kagome exited. His eyes sat their briefly and then returned to his room.

Wonderful girl

My little daisy

So small, I dare touch you

My hands so large

They could probably hold all of you

No way, no how

I'll never let you down

Please my baby


Please my baby

You are made of me

I made you

Something so beautiful

Don't forget if I do

My little darling

My sweetie pie, don't die

Kagome loved this poem; her dad had written it while he waited for her to be born. He loved to write supposedly, and this was one thing her mom had kept. She hadn't even been born yet, but he loved her, he wanted to her. Her past was so miserable, that Kagome wondered how she was able to change things. Though now there's something inside her that's ticking away, waiting to blow up and ruin everything again. Someone had killed her family, someone who was probably looking for her, but instead she left them there to die. To fall to their own death because of her, a death that was meant to kill her, was handed off to the people she loved most.

Could it be that there is no normal life for her? Is she meant to waist away watching everyone disappear? So far, that's all Kagome could understand. She sat up on her bed and went to the desk sitting below the lavished window. Every thing was just so beautiful in this house. There was only one way to save this people. She took out a piece of paper and pen.

Dear Uncle,

I've come to terms with… what I am. I'm just something made for disaster, and the people I love most seem to be the ones who get hurt. Tell the Takisha's that I've enjoyed living here, and I'm so grateful for their hospitality, but it's my turn now to save them and you from me. Today I leave, and I'll try to develop whatever is inside me on my own. Don't look for me because you won't find me.

My sincerest hopes to you, and the Takisha's,


This is what needed to happen. She thought about Sango and Miroku who probably getting ready to come over here tonight. They'll be worried when they find out, but Kagome knew this was probably the only way to protect them.

She packed a bag with a few clothes and cash. Luckily this house was big enough so that there wouldn't be much of a chance of running into someone. Quietly she stepped out of her room praying that Sesshomaru wouldn't hear. Walking down the stairs was almost eerie. Kagome's heart raced, and all she wanted to do was run. Once she reached the bottom she sped for the back exit, not looking back in any of the rooms. She'd arrived at the garden's door. This was it, a final goodbye, and she was gone.

A hotel far from town would work nicely, and since she'd inherited her mom's money there wouldn't be too much trouble. Of course she couldn't use any of the limo's, so she took off into the surrounding woods and walk to the nearest part of the city.

Hours later at the Takisha's

Sango and Miroku gawked at the immensity of the house. They could only imagine how well Kagome was living here. Miroku pushed Sango towards the door.

"You knock," he said and she narrowed her eyes but did as told. Not even a second went by and Kagura opened the door smiling.

"Ah, you must be friends of Kagome. She had mentioned when she got home that some of her friends would be stopping by. Come right in," and she opened the doors for the pair. Inuyasha was at the top of the banister and waved.

"Hey guys, I'll go get Kagome," and he went down the hall. He came back holding a piece of paper. "Fuck," was all he said, and then jumped from he was standing and ran somewhere new. Sango followed him, and Miroku trailed.

They entered a room where an older man with the same hair as the brothers sat, Mr. Takisha and Myoga right next to him.

"Dad you have to see this," said Inuyasha and handed him the note. He read it quickly, and slid it to Myoga silently.

Inutaisho stood up and said formally, "Hello kids, but I'm afraid Kagome isn't here right now. I'd appreciate it though, if you'd help us find her as she seems to of taken absence at the moment." Which all of them knew meant she had run away.

Sango was pissed, "What do you mean Kagome's not here? Why would see leave? For god's sake, you're all demons, and yet a human can get past you."

Inutaisho looked at her, "So you can tell…," he stopped, "You're a demon slayer aren't you and your friend is a monk is he not?"

Miroku answered, "Yes I am, and I have to agree with Sango. Three demons, and yet none of you were able to stop Kagome. Do you realize what's probably going on in her mind? When she was little, I had never seen someone so fragile. Even if someone was trying to help her, she couldn't see it. Everything was invisible to her, because she had in her mind that no one could see her. Now that most of her family is gone. I can only imagine that she's slipping back to that stage."

"Due to Kagome's strong spiritual powers, sometimes, even though she may not realize, she can hide herself from our demon senses, especially when she doesn't want anyone to find her," said Sesshomaru walking in from behind everyone. "Clearly, on instinct her powers did as wanted."

"It's not time to fight, and however Kagome got out of this house doesn't matter. The fact is she's gone, and we need find her. I can't let my brother down," said Myoga still sitting down. "This note shows some of the hurt she's probably feeling. She thinks that if she leaves, then we'll be safe. Awhile ago she came to me at the worst point in her life. I don't think I've ever seen someone so broken down. She thought she was a monster, that there was something inside her that didn't make her human. I realized she meant her priestess powers, the spiritual energy passed down from her father. The only thing I knew what do was show her how to suppress them, but it seems that now since she's coming of age, its come back bringing everything from the past. I never knew such a gift to me, could be such a nightmare for her."

Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow, "Sounds like she was being immature to me, I told her that some people would kill for what she has. That Kikyo girl has spiritual powers; I noticed when she let her defenses down the other day when she was yelling at Kagome. If she knew Kikyo wanted those powers, I don't think she'd believe it."

"Kikyo," Myoga muttered, "That name sounds so familiar."

"She seems to like to harass Kagome quite a bit," said Sesshomaru.

Myoga nodded, "Must be the same person Kagome would talk about when she was a child."

Miroku sighed, "I think there's something you guys need to know. I've never been able to tell Kagome this, and if I had when it happened, or anyone else. Kikyo would have used it to corrupt Kagome even more, by just knowing it happened. One night I think somehow Kagome got drugged, but when I found her on the floor at this house… I didn't know what to think. She was covered in something disgusting, and the smell made me gag. Her pants were gone, and her shirt was torn. Blood was everywhere, and Kikyo had left a note. It said something around the lines of, "Glad you came to pick her up. She won't remember what happened except the pain. You tell her, and it'll probably mess her up even more, tell anyone else, then she dies." That was it. Kikyo is just messed up, and insanely selfish." Everyone was looking at him mortified. Kagome was most likely raped, and had no idea. What the hell was this?

Inuyasha's eyes were blood red, his fangs extended, "That bitch is going to die." His father held his shoulder.

"Calm down Inuyasha, we have to find her first. There's no telling what could happen. If this Kikyo would go this far, she can probably do a lot more," said Inutaisho.

"Wait?" Inuyasha growled, "Fuck no. That whore had someone rape Kagome. She doesn't even know! She's stripping her of everything, don't you see. If we wait, who the hell knows what could happen next."

Sango breathed in, her eyes shinning from tears, "No Inuyasha, we can't just rush into this. I care about Kagome a lot, but if really want to find her we need a plan. She could be anywhere, and I'm sure we're not the only ones looking for her." He stared at her, his claws slowly shrinking.

"Fine, do whatever you want," he spat and sat down while his anger steamed.

Kagome sat under a tree and was probably a good distance away from the house by now. She knew that it wouldn't take too much longer before she reached the city as cars and the noises of society filtered the woods. They couldn't possibly know where she was headed, because she barely knew herself. Poor Myoga, Miroku, and Sango, they were probably the most worried, but it was for their own good. Kikyo will be ecstatic not to see her at school. That's just fine, because this way she was at least doing something to help. Leaves crumpled behind her, and something moved closer.

"Why hello Kagome, I believe we haven't been introduced," said a dark voice and she turned around. A tall man with jet black hair, and ebony eyes smirked, all of his teeth perfectly white. "I'm Naraku, and I've heard so much about you." She didn't know what to do. She had no idea who he was, or how he suddenly appeared.

"Whaa…t?" she said shaking, "How did you find me?"

"You're priestess powers aren't too hard to spot for someone like me," Naraku grinned. "There just so amazing." He walked in front of her and pulled her up.

She slapped his hands away, "Don't you dare touch me," she shouted.

Suddenly he grabbed her neck and threw her against the tree, the bark ripping through her clothes. He leaned in and squeezed roughly, his other hand tracing up her right arm, "Don't you dare speak to me like that," he said, "You should know when someone's better than you." He let go and she dropped violently. Pain leeched up her body, leaving everything burning. "That, what you feel right now, is just the beginning."

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