A/N: Yet another fic written for a LiveJournal 10 whores community challenge. And before you ask – yes, there will be more. Six (6) more fics, to be exact.

Warnings: Rather nonsensical, if not slightly random, but mostly worksafe.

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She was one of Kougaiji's little followers; that much he knew. What he was not sure of, was her name. The priest was not really surprised, being attacked out of the blue. He was already used to that. He was not impressed with her, either. Not after that pathetic assassination attempt she had tried to perform on him just now, catching him wandering alone in the woods. He had just strayed from the group to have a smoke or two in peace and quiet. Instead, he had landed in... Well, he was not really sure where he had landed this time. She was not yelling death threats, she was not salivating all over the place and proclaiming to have him for breakfast. (Actually, it would be more like an early lunch, given the time of day, but that was not the point.) No, none of that. She had just strolled out of the bushes, frozen still upon noticing him, and the next thing the priest knew he was defending himself against rather mal-coordinated attacks. The spear she was using had gone quite blunt from the countless times she had struck wood instead of the monk she was trying to kill.

Yaone kept missing and missing again while Sanzo dodged and ducked, not really defending himself. He did not need to, apparently, because she kept striking empty air and trees. If she would take a look back, she could see the path this one-sided fight had left behind. But she did not look back, continuing to attack with no results. And quite frankly, her heart was not in the fight and her mind kept straying to the real reason why she had come this way.

Sanzo snorted to himself and contemplated lighting up a cigarette, but she would not let him stop for long enough, and the constant moving around would just put it out. The female demon was exhausted, he could tell, yet she was not giving up quite yet. Exasperated and annoyed, Sanzo reached out and took hold of the spear that swished dangerously near his head. He pulled and felt the weapon sliding out of her grip.

Yaone stumbled, suddenly without a weapon to defend herself, but managed to stay on her feet. Unsure what to make of this situation now that she had lost offensive, the female demon blinked and straightened herself, waiting for what was to come.

Sanzo took notice of the scrapes and dents all over the metal end of the spear, its tip broken off and resting in one of the thick trees several meters behind them. The blunt weapon could lave nothing more than scrapes and bruises now, useless to her as it was.

The monk scoffed and threw the weapon aside. He had noticed how distracted she was during the fight. Then again, maybe Kougaiji's servants just were that way. "Go home."

Yaone blinked again. Well, she had not come here to kill the Sanzo priest, but find Kougaiji's little sister who had run off again. Seeing the monk just had triggered something inside her, prompting the female demon to attack.

And thus, they parted with no hard feelings towards one another, and returned to their everyday lives. One – beating monkeys and lecherous water demons with a fan, the other – running around and looking for wayward demon princess and worrying herself sick about the older brother of the said princess.

The life continued.