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As the rain beat against the windows, lightning flashed and lighted the dark bedroom briefly before a boom of thunder followed. Even as the storm commenced, Sasuke and Hinata remained steadfastly asleep. They breathed deeply as Hinata curled against her husband with one arm resting on his bare chest, and Sasuke's arm wrapped around her torso to keep her close even in deep slumber.

Amidst their peaceful rest, the door to their bedroom quietly opened followed by a small figure inching into the room before closing the door just as silently. Small feet padded on the floor until they stopped at the edge of the couple's bed. A childish arm reached out and tapped timidly on Sasuke's shoulder.

Sasuke, being the light sleeper he is, immediately awoke, albeit groggily. He blinked many times before turning and focusing his sleepy gaze on the shadowed figure at his bedside. "Mikoto…?" He cleared his throat. "What is it? What's wrong?"

The little girl shifted her gaze to different parts of the room as she clenched her hands in front of her chest while once in awhile reaching her finger up to bite on her nails. Finally, her gray eyes settled on her father's wondering face before speaking. "I-I'm scared, daddy…"
"Scared? Why? What's going on?" His eyes suddenly widened and he sat up quickly while activating his sharingan and searching the room threateningly. "Is somebody in the house? Did you see something or someone? Where are they, I'll kill them."

Mikoto shook her head and grasped onto her father's large hand. "N-Nobody is in the house, daddy…It's just…I…um…"

Sasuke deactivated his bloodline limit and stared at his daughter confusedly. "What?"

She gulped and glanced out the bedroom window at all the rain pelting against the glass. "I…I'm s-scared b-because—" She shrieked when she saw the flash of lightning and whimpered when the thunder was heard.

Instantly, Sasuke knew what had made her scared. "You're scared of the storm?"

She nodded with a pout on her lips. "C-Can I stay with you, daddy?"

Sasuke was silent for a moment and glanced over at his still sleeping wife. When he turned back to his daughter, he sighed and scooted closer to Hinata allowing a good amount of space between him and the bedside. "Come on in."

Mikoto beamed and dove into the lifted up covers before cuddling against her father. When Sasuke saw that she was settled, he placed the blanket over her and lay back down. Once he was comfortable again, he could feel Mikoto scoot closer to him until her face was buried in his chest and her little arms wrapped snuggly around one of his arms. Her eyes closed and a content smile graced her features. "I love you, daddy."

"I love you too, Mikoto."

"Goodnight, daddy."

"Goodnight." He hesitantly kissed her forehead and watched while she slowly drifted off into her dream world. As soon as he knew that she was deep in sleep, his fingers reached out and brushed a few strands of hair away from her face. Receiving his hand back to his side, he closed his eyes and waited until sleep came back to him.

Just when he could feel his body relax into slumber, he felt his wife's arms wrap around him again before her soft lips planted a kiss on his neck. "Thank you…"

"For what?" He turned to her noticing the soft smile on her lips.

"For being a good father to them."

He snorted quietly. "Good father? You call leaving for six years being a good father?"

Hinata reached her hand up to caress his cheek lovingly. "Look at her face, Sasuke."

He obeyed her and glanced at the sleeping girl beside him. Her smile had faded, but she looked so comforted and content in her sleep.

Hinata continued. "Can't you see how much she loves and treasures you? As long as she has her father back, I really don't think she cares about the six years you were gone."

"How can she be so accepting?" he whispered.

Hinata sighed. "Because she's not stubborn like you. I swear, you and Riku are too much alike." Her eyes closed as she regained her position beside him. "Now, go to sleep."

Sasuke smiled lightly and pressed his lips against Hinata's before finally falling back to sleep.

The next morning, all three woke up to the loud thud of the bedroom door opening revealing a disappointed Riku Uchiha. Sasuke sat up quickly while the two females at his sides merely rolled over before sitting up and rubbing the sleep from their eyes. "Riku?" Hinata mumbled putting on a smile. "What is it, sweetie?"

Riku rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest. "I was just wondering where Miko-chan was, but now I see that she was being a scaredy-cat again."

"Nii-nii!" Mikoto whined jumping off the large bed and approaching her older brother. "I was scared and you never let me sleep in your bed."

"Because we're ninjas, Miko-chan! Ninjas don't get scared, especially from something as stupid as thunder and lightning."

Mikoto huffed and clenched her fists at her sides. "At least I'm not scared of the Easter bunny!"

Riku's face colored before he scowled at his twin. "I am not scared of that stupid rabbit!"

"Yes you are! I hear you talk about it in your sleep!"

"No, I don't!"

"Yes, you do!"

"Nuh uh!"

"Yes huh!"

"You're such a liar, Miko-chan!"

"You are, Nii-nii! Liar, liar, pants on fire!"

"Shut up, Miko-chan!"

Sasuke had his brow raised in irritation at the sudden quarrel.

Meanwhile, Hinata sighed and stepped out of bed calmly. She slipped on a robe and tied it as she walked towards her children. When she was right beside them, she knelt down to their level. "That's enough, you two."

The twins stopped their arguing immediately and looked ashamedly at their mother.

"It's too early in the morning to be fighting, and you two shouldn't be fighting anyways. You're supposed to love each other, and it's okay if you're scared. Even the greatest ninja have fears, you know."

"They do?" Riku raised a brow skeptically.

"Mhm." Hinata smiled and ushered them to the door. "Now, go get ready and eat some breakfast. I'm going to drop you two off at the academy before I head to work."

"Yes, mom."

"Okay, mama!"

Hinata grinned amusedly as she watched her children scurry out of the bedroom and head towards their own bedroom. Before she knew it, two arms had encircled her waist pulling her against a naked chest. She could feel hot breath against her ear before feeling lips on her neck. "Sasuke…"

"You know, I specifically remember being harshly punished whenever I got into a fight."

Hinata bit her lip to hide a growing smile. "Not all children learn through brutal discipline, Sasuke. You must've been a very naughty boy growing up."

"You say that like I'm not anymore." He nibbled on her earlobe teasingly.

Hinata giggled and pushed him away. "Well, naughty boy, I need to take a shower and get ready for work."

"Mmm…" Sasuke smirked as he watched his wife walk towards the bathroom while slipping off her clothes as she went. "A shower does sound nice right now." He commented as he followed her into the bathroom and locked the door behind them.

Hinata shook her head and bit her lip to stifle the rising giggle.

Hinata bent down near her kids as they all stopped in front of the academy. This was normal routine for the family. So she smiled and kissed the foreheads of her children. "Have a good day and be good for your sensei, alright?"

"We will, mama." Mikoto smiled and hugged her mother.

"I'll come pick you two up after class, okay? So, be watching for me."

The two nodded in understanding and waved their good-byes before running toward the building housing the many students training to be genin.

Hinata smiled again and turned to leave. As she walked toward the hospital, she remembered that she had wanted Sasuke to come with them to drop them off, but apparently he already had plans to train with Naruto in one of the few times the ramen-lover was actually allowed free time. Kakashi was supposed to show up too, but she could tell that Sasuke didn't have high expectations on that happening. Exhaling deeply, the Uchiha matriarch began to smile happily as she relished in the fact that her family was finally complete.

Sasuke was home, Mikoto was ecstatic that she now could spend time with her father, and even Riku was starting to warm up to him. She had a feeling that a few more training sessions between father and son would create a bond nearly unbreakable. At least, that's what she was hoping for, and Hinata never hoped for the impossible.

Naruto gave off a laugh that sounded a lot like a wheeze. Throwing his kunai aside, he collapsed to the ground and watched as Sasuke did the same thing minus the laughing part. Lounging on the ground across from each other, they breathed deeply and wiped the sweat from their brows. Their muscles were sore and it felt like nearly all their energy was gone. Well, it at least felt that way to Sasuke. Naruto seemed to always have endless amounts of energy, even after their many hours of training.

"That was fun…" Naruto sighed happily before laying back on the cool grass. "It feels like it's been so long since I've trained. Being hokage really keeps me busy…"

"What did you expect it to be like? Roaming around the village telling everyone that you're the best ninja there is? Yeah right…" Sasuke rolled his eyes.

Naruto pouted and sat back up to glare at his best friend. "Well, I sure as hell wasn't expecting there to be so much paperwork! Honestly…why is the best ninja in all of Konoha have to be the one to do the paperwork?"

"Cause you're the leader, dumb ass."

"Hey, watch it! I'm the hokage, and that means I can punish you any time and any day!"

"I'd like to see you try."

"Oh yeah?" Naruto stood up readying his fists.

Sasuke stood straight up as well and returned to his previous fighting stance. "Yeah, let's see what you got loser!"

"You're on!"

"Now, now, boys." A familiar voice entered the clearing making them halt any further movement. "I thought you two had finally matured over the years, so what's this about?"

The two men looked over to the direction of the voice and saw their old sensei crouching on a tree branch waving a friendly hello. "Late as always, Kakashi-sensei." Naruto noted with a grumble. It seemed that over the years, Naruto was never able to drop the honorific to Kakashi's name even though the blonde was at a higher rank than the copy ninja.

Sasuke merely stared blankly at the gray-haired man. "The idiot's right. We're pretty much done training anyway. I have to get going soon."

"Me too." Naruto nodded fervently while shoving a kunai into his pouch.

"Actually," Kakashi spoke up. "I never intended on coming to train with you guys, but I had to come anyways to tell Sasuke something."

Naruto grumbled again to himself while he finished putting away his gear.

Sasuke raised a brow at the other man. "What is it?"

Kakashi's friendly smile faded in an instant. "Just thought I'd let you know that Itachi's body is prepared for burial. He's already in the casket, and it should be at your house in a few hours."

Sasuke nodded solemnly not noticing how quiet everyone had gotten, even Naruto.

"Were you thinking about holding a funeral?"

"No," Sasuke sighed. "What would be the point? It's not like Itachi was liked by many people here in Konoha."


Naruto, sensing the rising tension, decided to try to lighten up the mood. "So, Sasuke, I heard you beat Neji in a spar yesterday."

Sasuke only nodded in acknowledgement of Naruto's question.

Attempt failed.

After awhile, Sasuke sighed again. "Er, thanks, Kakashi. I have to get going now…don't want to be late…"

Kakashi only nodded and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Snapping out of his momentary daze, Naruto soon sped up after Sasuke since they were headed in the same direction.

"I so beat you at shuriken practice today, Riku!"

"You wish." The gray-eyed boy scoffed. "You're obviously blind because I was way ahead of you."

"No way!"

"Yeah. Face it, loser, you're nothing but a dead last when compared to me."

"You take that back, Riku!"

"Heh, why should I?"

Mikoto shifted her bored gaze between her brother and friend as they argued relentlessly. It wasn't anything new, but it was getting quite irksome. Here the trio was sitting outside in the front of the academy waiting for at least one of their parents to come pick them up. The little Uchiha girl remembered her mother saying that she was going to pick them up, but her mother hadn't arrived yet.

Her mother wasn't late or anything, but Mikoto wished that they could be picked up now—anything to end the arguing between the two boys. A deep sigh escaped her lips before she drifted her gaze elsewhere. Not too far from them, she could see her classmate Hojo, the boy who was very mean to her not too long ago, with his father who had come to pick him up obviously. She couldn't help but smile at the sight of the older man with his left arm in a sling, which was due to her mother's wrath.

Turning away from the two, she nearly passed over another familiar duo approaching the academy's lawn. Her face brightened at seeing her father and uncle Naruto walking in their general direction. Racing past her brother and blonde friend, she ran to stand in front of the two adult best friends. She opened her mouth to greet her father, but stopped when she saw that they hadn't even noticed her. In fact, they were scowling at one another heatedly.

"Don't be such a sore loser, Sasuke." Naruto smirked teasingly. "Just admit it. It's not hard."

"What are you talking about?" Sasuke glared fiercely.

"Just admit that I beat you in that spar. In fact, you're welcome to go so far as to say that I kicked your ass senseless."

Sasuke snorted. "You're completely delusional. What makes you think you could ever even dream of 'kicking my ass senseless' when you probably can't even kick a rock."

"What? Take that back!"

"Give me a reason to."

"Oh, I'll give you a reason!"

Mikoto glanced back at Riku and Akio, who were still arguing, and then to her father and uncle. Releasing a deeper sigh, she tugged lightly on her father's shirt trying to draw his attention. "Daddy,"


Akio had his fists ready at his sides while Riku continued to look at him impassively. It seemed no matter what he said, the other boy always had a quick retort, which made his blood boil with anger. Just before he could actually reply, he was interrupted by someone approaching them.

"Well, well, look who it is, father." Hojo crossed his arms over his chest with a malicious smirk on the young boy's face.

Fujio Kurosaki, Hojo's father, stood behind his son with a matching smirk. "Come now, Hojo. Let's not bother ourselves with these two."

"You're right, dad. It would be a total waste of our time."

Riku scowled along with Akio, who stood at his side in another way of preparing for battle. "What do you want?" the young Uchiha drawled.

Akio smiled haughtily. "Isn't it obvious, Riku? I think they want your mom to beat up Hojo's old man again."

Fujio frowned and tightened his jaw irritably. "Be wary of who you're talking to, kid."

"Yeah!" Hojo added. "That's my dad, so watch it!"

Riku chuckled. "Who says I have to? Your dad's just a big push-over."

Hojo growled. "No he's not! Your mom just got lucky that one time. I bet your dad couldn't even take my dad!"

Fujio laughed mockingly. "Don't be ridiculous, son. Have you forgotten? This boy doesn't have a father. At least, the one he had isn't around anymore, now is he?"

Riku tightened his hands into fists and absently activated his bloodline limit. "Why you…"

"Is there a problem here, Riku?" A dark voice sounded just behind the little boy.

Riku turned around and fixed his gaze onto the dark-haired man behind him, who he could only identify as his father.

Sasuke did not look anywhere but the Kurosaki duo in front of him. His expression appeared disinterested, but his eyes were threatening. Yes, he had heard the last part of the conversation and wasn't too happy about what had been said.

Fujio fixed his glare onto the newcomer, whom he had never seen before but did look familiar. "And who the hell are you?" he asked venomously.

Sasuke smirked. "I'm shocked that you don't recognize me."

"Heh, and why would I recognize you?"

Just as Sasuke parted his lips to answer, his son beat him to it. "His name is Sasuke Uchiha, and…" Riku hardened his gaze on the two in front of him. "He's my father."

Hojo looked confused and Fujio raised a brow giving the older Uchiha a once-over. It took everything in him to hide the fearsome tremors filling his gut.

A low chuckle emitted from Sasuke as he hid his eyes behind his black bangs. "If that still doesn't ring any bells, I'm sure this will jog your memory." He looked up and glared heatedly at Fujio with his sharingan activated and spinning rapidly.

Fujio gasped as if he was just stabbed in the stomach. All at once, just by locking eyes with the sharingan, he felt immense fear well up inside his entire body. He gulped and felt sweat began to trickle down from his brow. "Y-Y-You were gone…You l-l-left…"

Sasuke just smirked sadistically and stepped closer until his hand was fisted into the Kurosaki's shirt, which enabled him to pull him closer so he could whisper his death threat. "If you or your pathetic excuse for a son ever come near my family again…I will make you scream and beg for death before I'm even close to being done with you…understand?"

"That's enough, Sasuke." Naruto interrupted after he watched Fujio nod his head with fervor. "Let's just go before our wives do worse to us."

Sasuke didn't say anything and only lowered the other man to the ground before deactivating his sharingan and stepping away. With a shrug, he slipped his hands into his pockets and motioned for his children to follow him. Riku and Mikoto glanced at each other before following obediently.

Naruto watched the family walk away before turning his attention onto the offending man and his son. For once, he looked on with a serious expression. "Go home, Kurosaki. And if I were you, I'd steer clear of the Uchiha family from now on."

Fujio looked at Naruto and was tempted to glare in indignation, but decided against it and bowed instead. "Yes, Hokage-sama. Come, Hojo."

"But, dad! I thought you said that Riku doesn't have a father! Dad!"

Naruto sighed and turned to face his son, who was standing at his side, but his attention was on the disappearing form of Mikoto. The older blonde laughed heartily and held his son to his side. "Of all the girls to choose from, son…You just had to choose the girl with the most over-protective dad you'll ever meet."

Akio furrowed his brows and gazed up at his father incredulously. "What do you mean, dad?"

Naruto ruffled his hair affectionately. "You'll find out soon enough."


Walking away from the academy, Sasuke took the lead with Riku and Mikoto following closely behind him. He was still angry about the conversation between him and the Kurosaki, but he was gradually calming down. He honestly had no idea what that guy's problem was. What kind of a guy picks a fight with an Uchiha, especially when the said guy obviously has a broken arm? Who did he think he was to just come and start harassing his kids? What right did he have? Absolutely no right at all, and if it wasn't for Naruto's interruption, Sasuke would've shown that man just how wrong he was.

"Daddy?" Mikoto smiled as she slipped her hand into her father's larger hand.

Sasuke was snapped out of his short reverie to gaze down at his innocent daughter's face. "What is it?"

"Um, I…I thought mommy was gonna pick us up?"

"She was, but…" Sasuke gave her a small smile. "Your mother is a little busy so I offered to pick you two up instead." He paused and looked back at his son, who was following on his other side, albeit a little slower. Sasuke reached back and pulled his son up next to him while keeping his hand on Riku's shoulder. "By the way, how was school?" He felt awkward asking it, but felt like he needed to.

Riku's eyes widened a little bit, and knew that this was what it felt like to have a father pick his child up from school. He had seen this happen between many fathers and sons, but never knew what it was really like. Now he knew and…it made him release a soft smile.

Mikoto beamed at the question. "It was good, daddy!"

"That's good."

"So, uh…where are we going?" Riku asked taking notice that they weren't walking the normal way back to their home.

Sasuke gave him a side-glance before facing forward again. "To the Hyuga compound. Mikoto is going to be staying with your grandfather while you and I go train until dinner tonight."


After Mikoto had been dropped off at the Hyuga compound, Sasuke led Riku to a training area that he had used often in the past. It was where he had always trained as a child before he became part of a genin team, which was granted a different training ground. The one he was headed for now was a secluded place that only he and Hinata knew about. Sasuke smirked inwardly while remembering why they chose the secluded spot compared to other areas. Training with his wife was a difficult matter considering they would train until they would sweat, and then sweat some more due to a different kind of training. Cursed hormones.

Pushing away his trail of thoughts, Sasuke finally stopped walking when they arrived at the small clearing. The grass was slightly overgrown and the tree leaves provided a thick foliage of shade from the overbearing sun. There were wooden dummies set up on one edge of the clearing and various targets nailed into the tree trunks. It was definitely worn down, but still effective.

"Is this it?" Riku asked curiously while scrutinizing the unfamiliar terrain.

"Mm." Sasuke replied with a short nod.

"I've never seen this place before."

"That's because nobody knows about it except for your mother and I." Sasuke turned halfway around to face his son. "Consider it a family secret. You're welcome to come here to train anytime you like."

"Really? Wow…"

Slowly, a smirk formed on Sasuke's lips before he turned to fully face Riku. "Well…Let's get started. First, I want to see what you're capable of doing so far. After that, I think we should start working on how to bring out the sharingan in that unique bloodline of yours."

Sharingan activated, Sasuke continued to block every hit his son made against him. One thing was for certain about Riku—he was fast. Not only that, though, Riku was also very alert and aware of his surroundings. He watched intently every move that Sasuke made, and formed plans within his mind on how to counter them. Overall, Sasuke was impressed by his son's skill. "Your mother did a good job making sure you were training right."

Riku was breathing heavily, and could only nod in reply as he stepped aside to avoid one of his father's aggressive punches. His bloodline was activated, and yet he was still having a very difficult time trying to keep up with his father.

After a few more attempting hits, Sasuke caught Riku's fists to halt any further movement from the boy. Looking down on Riku, Sasuke could easily see the sweat pouring down his face and neck. His little cheeks were flushed, which vaguely reminded him of how Hinata looked when she was tired. Showing off a smirk, Sasuke released his son's fists and backed away. "Let's take a break."

Riku stared blankly for a moment before nodding and running to catch up with his father. When he was close enough, he quickly caught a canteen that was thrown at him. He gazed at his father silently as the older Uchiha drank from his canteen. Deeming the action as okay, Riku started to do the same.

Sasuke exhaled deeply and sat down on the ground with his back against a large tree trunk. Resting the canteen in-between his legs, he watched as Riku eventually sat next to him, mimicking his posture. "Tell me, Riku," Sasuke started. "Who was that man back at the academy? The one with the broken arm."

Riku swallowed another gulp of water before finally answering his father's question. "That was Fujio Kurosaki and his son Hojo. Hojo is in our class and he's more trouble than he's worth."

"Why's that?"

"Hojo just likes to pick fights with everybody because he thinks he's the best or something."

"Has he ever picked a fight with you?"

"Yeah…on my birthday. He made Miko-chan cry, so Akio and I fought him and his friends." Riku let out a ghost of a smile. "Hojo and his friends had to be taken care of by a team of medics. Akio and I ended up perfectly fine."

Sasuke chuckled in amusement and patted his son's head in pride. "That's my boy."

"That's not all, though." Riku spoke up quickly surprising himself with how excited he was when it came to telling his father a story. "Did you know that the broken arm Hojo's father had is because of mom?"

Sasuke froze and stared at his son questioningly. "What?"

"Yeah, when mom came to pick us up after the fight, she and aunt Sakura had to meet Hojo's father. Well, Kurosaki-san said some weird things to mom. I didn't hear all of it, but it sounded like he wanted to marry mom or something and be our new father." Riku trailed off not noticing the growing anger rising in Sasuke. "So, then Kurosaki-san took mom's wedding ring and that's when mom got really mad. I saw her use some type of gentle fist move and it knocked that old guy through a couple of classrooms. He was so beat up, aunt Sakura had to have another medic team come and pick him up."

By the end of Riku's tale, Sasuke's anger had dissipated to be replaced by a light-hearted laughing. He almost felt bad for that guy. When Hinata was mad, she was not one to be messed with.

Riku absently shivered at the memory. "Mom was really scary that time, but…she was also really cool."

"I have a feeling that if your mother was a big-time fighter, she'd scare a lot of people." Sasuke muttered still wallowing in amusement.

Riku smiled. "Yeah…" There was a brief moment of silence before Riku noticed something intricately detailed on his father's upper arm. He looked at it closely and widened his eyes when he read the familiar kanji form of his name. "That's…my name."

"Hn?" Sasuke glanced at Riku before following his gaze to the tattoo on his upper arm. "Yes, it is."

"Miko-chan's and mom's names are there too."

"Yes," Sasuke pointed to the middle of the tattoo where another kanji word was. "Do you know what this says?"

Riku nodded and read it aloud. "It means 'family'."

Sasuke nodded in agreement and leaned back against the tree trunk again.

Riku studied the tattoo a little more before gazing up at Sasuke. "Do you have other tattoos?"

"No…Just this one."


"Because…" The corner of Sasuke's mouth quirked upward. "I wanted a part of my family with me at all times. There was not a second in the past six years that I forgot about your mother, your sister, and you."

Riku widened his eyes in surprise before lowering his gaze to his lap.

"Of course…" Sasuke muttered. "Even without it, I'd never forget those I love."

Riku wanted to smile, but somehow felt bad about how he had viewed his father up until now. But still…he couldn't fully change his view until he knew for sure what his father's reasons were for leaving. For that reason, Riku fiddled with the cap to his canteen while speaking up about his question. "Um…Would you tell me…why you really left us? I mean, mom said you had to fight a bad guy, but…"

Sasuke smirked lightly. "That reason doesn't do it for you, huh?"

Riku shook his head. "Mom wasn't lying though, right?"

"No, she didn't lie to you, but she didn't elaborate either." Sasuke sighed. "I wasn't planning on telling you the whole story until you were older, but I think you're mature enough to understand it now…at least, the major details anyway."

Riku nodded and scooted closer to his father so he could easily hear the entire story.

With another sigh, Sasuke began. "Over twenty years ago, the Uchiha clan was a very prestigious clan, much like the Hyuga. However, the Uchiha clan, my family, was massacred when I was only a few years older than you."

"Massacred?" Riku asked in shock.

"That's right. The entire clan was killed by a man named Itachi Uchiha, and I was the only one spared that night. Care to know why?" Sasuke saw Riku nod his head. "Because Itachi Uchiha…was my older brother."

Riku felt frozen in shock. If this murderer was his father's brother, then that meant that the murderer was also Riku's blood uncle.

Sasuke continued. "After the massacre, I was left behind in Konoha while my brother left the village and ended up joining a notorious group of criminals known as the Akatsuki. Anyway, a few months before you and your sister were born, Itachi came back to Konoha and threatened to do very bad things to your mother if I didn't find and kill him."

"He tried to hurt mom?" Riku asked incredulously with a hint of anger.

"Yes, and you and Mikoto as well. So, of course, I wanted nothing more than to go track him down and kill him so that my family would be safe." Sasuke smiled sadly. "But…Hinata wouldn't have it. She didn't want me risking my life, especially when it was so close to the birth of our children. So, staying by your mother's side, I remained here in Konoha to be there at yours and Mikoto's birth as well as live through my birthday party." He rolled his eyes at this. "Everything seemed fine for awhile, but Itachi came back again."

"Did he hurt mom? Was she okay?"

"Yes, she was fine. Itachi didn't put a hand on her by the time I got there. And once I did, I chased him into the forest and fought with his clone before he told me that if I wanted to keep my family safe, I would have to track him down and kill him once and for all."

Riku gazed blankly at his lap as he let all the information process.

Sasuke folded his arms behind his head. "And that's what I did. Not too long after Itachi came and left, I departed from Konoha and went to track down my brother in order to kill him. It ended up taking six years before I caught up with him finally and killed him. Only then did I figure out that he never actually intended to bring harm to my family."

Riku looked up at him in surprise. "What do you mean, father?"

"Well, Itachi had always wanted me to be the one to defeat him. He was very strong and seemingly unbeatable. Who better to defeat him than his own brother, his own blood? He told me that's why he destroyed my clan and threatened to hurt my family. He was an obstacle in my path, and he wanted me to overcome it. He was just being my older brother and watching out for me…being there for me…because that's what older brothers are for." Sasuke gazed solemnly ahead of him before giving his son a teasing smirk. "Of course, this stays between you and me, alright? Think of it as a father and son secret, okay?"

Riku nodded happily. "Okay. I promise I won't tell anyone."

"Good boy." Sasuke slowly stood up and dusted off his clothes. "So, are you satisfied now that you know the whole story?"

Riku pursed his lips in thought for a moment before eventually slowly nodding. "Yeah…it makes sense now. And…I think…I would've done the same thing, even if it meant I couldn't see my family for six years…"

"With loving comes sacrifice. You'll do well to remember that, Riku. It seems harsh, but it's clearly understandable."

Riku nodded in agreement before adding, "Hey dad?"


"That's the same for uncle Itachi too, huh?"

Sasuke stared at him blankly.

"Uncle Itachi must've really loved you if he did all that just so you could overcome an obstacle. I think…I think I understand that. If Miko-chan was in trouble or if she was hurting…I'd do anything to make her life better, even if it only hurt her in the beginning."

Sasuke was in utter shock at his son's wise words. He had thought that he understood it clearly from what Itachi said, but he supposed that only an older brother could truly understand what it was like to want to protect those close to you, preferably a younger sibling. Sasuke had no doubt that if things were different, perhaps Itachi and Riku could've been close. Perhaps if Itachi hadn't done what he did, maybe he would end up being Riku's favorite uncle instead of Neji. Perhaps…Sasuke could've been more at ease if his brother was there to still watch over him and give him subtle guidance throughout his life like he had always done in the past. Then again…who knew?

After dinner had ended, Sasuke accompanied a few anonymous shinobi out to where his clan's cemetery was in order to bury the casket in which Itachi lay. The clan cemetery was positioned at the far end of the Uchiha compound in an area that nobody but Sasuke had ever visited. It was a large expanse of grassy land, which was overgrown now, and contained many gravestones embedded into the soil. One each gravestone was inscribed a name of one of the Uchiha who was brutally murdered during the massacre. Towards the front of the many rows of gravestones, was the patriarch and matriarch of the Uchiha clan—Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha, Sasuke's parents. In the empty space next to Sasuke's deceased mother was a dug up place specifically for Itachi's body and casket. A few feet from his mother's gravestone was another gravestone that was freshly inscribed with Itachi's name, date of birth, and date of death.

As Sasuke stared expressionlessly at his brother's headstone, the other shinobi lowered the casket into the ground before covering it up with moist soil. After the shinobi left, Sasuke was left alone to stand in front of his dead family. His eyes switched between staring at each headstone while he absently shifted his weight on the damp ground, which was due to the storm from the previous night. Even now, the heavy dark clouds were threatening to release more rain; however, for some reason it's only purpose was to darken the day to match a certain Uchiha's mood.

It had been awhile since Sasuke visited the Uchiha cemetery, and he was now wishing he had done so sooner. The grass was too overgrown and he definitely needed to clean the gravestones if he wanted to show his true respect for his long gone relatives. He briefly wondered if his wife wouldn't mind helping him with it.


He turned around halfway to watch as Hinata approached him with a timid smile on her face. "What is it?"

She merely shook her head and stood beside him quietly. Without hesitation, she wrapped her arms around his torso and leaned her head on his shoulder. "You'll have to tell me what your mother's favorite flowers were, Sasuke."

"What for?" He asked slipping his arms around her.

"So I can pay my respects to the ones who loved you before I did…"


They held each other in a comfortable embrace as the minutes ticked by and the silence dragged on. They weren't bothered by the lack of talking and just enjoyed each other's presence as they gazed thoughtfully at the graves in front of them. In their heads, they were even saying little prayers to allow the Uchiha clan to rest in peace.

"Mama! Daddy!" Mikoto called to them from behind.

Both parents turned around to see not only their daughter running toward them, but Riku as well. Behind their children came Naruto and his family followed by every other person in the rookie nine and even Neji's team.

Sasuke furrowed his brows curiously.

Hinata inched away from her husband. "I wonder what they're doing here?"

"Not sure…" He mumbled in reply taking notice that all of them were carrying some type of white flower ranging from chrysanthemums to orchids to lilies.

Finally, Mikoto and Riku reached their parents. The boy was the first to speak. "All our aunts and uncles came by and wanted to know where you guys were."

"So, we brought them to you!" Mikoto added excitedly.

"I see that…" Hinata murmured and looked up when the large group stood in front of them with small smiles on their faces.

"What's going on?" Sasuke asked crossing his arms over his chest. "What are you all doing here?"

Naruto smiled wider and scratched the back of his head while laughing. "Well, you see…heh, heh…"

Sakura smiled as she entwined her hand with her husband's. "We thought we would come by and pay our respects, since they're long past due."

No one was as surprised as Sasuke at that moment. "Pay…your respects? To Itachi?"

"Not necessarily, Sasuke-kun." Ino answered from her position next to Choji. "It's more like we came to pay our respects to the entire clan."

Neji stepped forward with a kind smirk. "Which is undoubtedly something we should've done years ago."

Naruto laughed again. "Well, that pretty much sums it up, so…"

Gradually, a slow smile made its way onto Sasuke's face as he stepped aside. "Be my guest."

Everyone smiled then and walked towards the gravestones before they placed their flowers down and spoke short prayers for the dead. By the time everyone had visited the graves, most of them went back into the house, except for Sasuke, Hinata, Naruto, Sakura, and their kids.

While the adults talked, the three children were off to the side having their own conversation. Riku separated himself from Akio and Mikoto in order to kneel in front of Itachi's grave as if studying it skeptically. Akio and Mikoto, on the other hand, were chatting away innocently while the little Uzumaki boy made a bold move by holding onto her hand.

Of course, this went momentarily unnoticed by the adults who were still having a light conversation. Naruto was smiling brightly as he talked to the lightly smirking Uchiha male. "I wish I could've met your mom, Sasuke. I'll bet she was nothing like you…You know, kind, caring, loving…good qualities that you don't have."

"Shut it, idiot. Although, she was all those things. In fact, she and Hinata are a lot alike in some ways."

"Well, then if Hina-chan is like your mother, Sasuke-kun," Sakura spoke up. "Then I guess we already do kind of know her a little bit."

Hinata blushed in embarrassment. "Oh, no…I'm sure Mikoto-sama and I aren't that much alike…I'm sure she wasn't as shy as me…"

"Maybe not, but you two are a lot alike." Sasuke answered with nonchalance.

"Well, you know what they say," Naruto grinned. "Girls tend to marry someone like their father and boys tend to marry someone like their mother."

"Where did you hear that from, Naruto?" Sakura asked skeptically.

"From your dad. He said that that's why me and him get along so well."

"Right…" Sakura sighed and rubbed her temples in agitation.

Sasuke and Hinata glanced at each wondering if that saying really was true. Sure, Sasuke believed that Hinata was like his mother, and Hinata was picking out qualities that her husband shared with her father. In the end, it was kind of shocking to find out that maybe the saying might be true after all. Although, that train of thought didn't last long once Sasuke caught sight of his daughter blushing happily before planting a chaste kiss on Naruto's kid's cheek.

Immediately, he felt his stomach churn with a strange over-protective feeling. It was as if that small kiss alone said that Naruto's spawn was planning to take away his fragile and innocent daughter. And that…was never going to happen as long as Sasuke was alive. Because of this, Sasuke disappeared from his wife's side and reappeared in front of his daughter blocking Akio's sight from her.

The little blonde-haired boy looked up at Mikoto's father curiously, and flinched uncertainly at the scowl he was receiving. "Um…Hi, Uncle Sasuke."

"Your name is Akio, right?" Sasuke asked sternly.


Sasuke nodded and turned around to pick his daughter up so that she was straddling his waist. Bending down to the little boy's level, he whispered dangerously. "Don't touch my daughter, or you'll be missing a body part very dear to you."


"Sasuke!" Hinata stalked over with an apparent frown marring her features.

"What?" he asked innocently now that he was standing up.

Hinata abruptly took Mikoto from him. "They're only six years old."


"So?" Hinata repeated. "They're completely innocent, so leave them alone."

Sasuke pouted his lips and faced away from his wife. "That kid was getting ideas…"

Hinata sighed and let Mikoto down before facing the other couple. "Naruto-kun, Sakura-chan, please take the kids inside. We'll meet up with you in a minute."

Naruto and Sakura nodded and ushered the three children back into the house to join the others.

When they were gone, Hinata turned back to Sasuke and shook her head. "You're unbelievable, Sasuke."

"Hn, she's not old enough to be kissing other boys."

"I think it's adorable."

Sasuke snapped his attention back to her as if she had just grown another head. "It is not adorable. It's…weird."

Hinata sighed again and wrapped her arms around Sasuke before laying her head on his chest. "You shouldn't worry about any of that…until they're older."

"Yeah, yeah…" He mumbled placing his arms around her in return.

The Uchiha woman gazed over at the gravestones once again before settling her eyes on the newest stone. Seeing the S-class criminal's named etched into the stone allowed her to finally realize that Itachi was dead, and there was no more threat to their family. "It's finally over, Sasuke…"

The man in turn replied with his mouth lingering over his wife's dark hair. "No, not for us. I have a feeling that we still have a long way to go."

Hinata looked up at him, glanced at the house with all their friends inside, and faced Sasuke again with a smile. She placed a light kiss on his lips before pulling back. "At least we won't be alone."

"Hn, you're right. There are more than enough people in our life to bother us."

Hinata giggled. "I'm guessing that's your way of saying you agree with me."

Sasuke chuckled and released her before holding onto her hand. "Come on, let's go inside. Our friends will be wondering what's taking us so long."

Hinata furrowed her brows together. "Ino-chan will probably think we're doing…you know…"

A sly smirk made its way onto Sasuke's face. "Actually, that's not a bad idea."

Hinata's face colored rapidly. "What? Here? N-No, Sasuke, not in front of your family."

"They won't look."


He laughed and led her back towards the house. "Fine, but you're making it up to me once everyone's gone."

She sighed before finally releasing another playful giggle. "I hope you know there are consequences for you're asking."

"What do you mean by that?"

A few months later, Sasuke was sent to the store to stock up on chocolate after hearing that he had impregnated his wife once again.

Nine Years Later…

Hinata broke another piece off of her large chocolate bar before devouring it into her mouth. As she savored the taste, she absently rested her hands over her nine month rounded belly. A low breath escaped from her mouth as she closed her eyes and rested her head back against the couch. Nearly eleven children…How on earth did Sasuke get me to have so many? Oh, right, I forgot. He wanted to rebuild his clan. She sighed again. Still…I don't think this many children were necessary. I think we could've been just fine with only three or four. Oh well…

The front door burst open suddenly and in came a fifteen-year-old girl with long black hair and striking gray eyes. Around her neck was a Konoha headband and a smile was stretched on her lips. Once the girl caught sight of her mother, she sped over to her side and collapsed onto the couch next to her. "Hey, mom."

Hinata slowly opened her eyes and smiled softly at her eldest daughter. "You're back early, Mikoto."

"Yeah, well…I had some good news I wanted to tell you, so…" A blush came over her cheeks before it quickly disappeared when she looked around questionably. "Hey, where is everyone? Are you the only one here, mom?"

"Mhm. Your father and Riku are out training, and your younger siblings are still at the academy."

"Oh…I see…" Mikoto bit her lip and seemed to fidget in place.

"So…" Hinata sat up straighter and smiled encouragingly at her daughter. "What's the good news?"

"Oh, yeah!" Mikoto was beaming again. "You won't believe what happened today!"

"Hmm…" Hinata's smile turned sly. "Does it have something to do with Akio-kun?"

The dark blush on the younger girl's cheeks was a definite answer. "H-How did you know?"

"I'm your mother. I'm supposed to know these things. So, tell me what happened."

"Well…" She went back to biting her lip in a happy anxiety. "Akio-kun asked me out today! He wants me to be his girlfriend, and I said yes!"

Hinata jumped in her seat feeling excitement bubble within her. She grasped onto her daughter's hands. "That's great, Mikoto. You two will be so cute together. You know, I always knew you two were going to end up together…I knew ever since you were young."

Mikoto giggled and hugged her mother making sure not to put too much pressure on Hinata's pregnant stomach. "Thanks, mom."

When the two females pulled away, Hinata suddenly became serious. "Your father and brother will be returning home really soon. So…you'll have to tell them."

Mikoto paled rapidly. "What? But I can't, mom! You know how dad and Nii-nii are!"

"I know, but it's better if you tell them rather than them finding it out from someone else…"

"Yeah…I know." She sighed gloomily. "Um, can you stay with me when I tell them, though? You can always control daddy, and Nii-nii will listen to you too."

Hinata's laugh sounded like a wind chime. "If you want."

"I do, I really do. Dad and Nii-nii can be so…protective at times…It's smothering."

"I understand, sweetie. Don't worry, it shouldn't be too bad. Plus, they're not even here yet."

As if words could summon actions, Sasuke and his teenaged son walked through the door while wiping their foreheads of sweat. As soon as they entered the house, they caught sight of the two women sitting on the couch. Sasuke raised a brow before smiling as he approached his wife, who was now standing to greet them.

Riku stood still while staring at his parents embrace each other and kiss lovingly. Ignoring the urge to roll his eyes, he stepped closer knowing his mother would want to greet him as well.

Hinata pulled away from Sasuke and waddled her way over to her oldest son. He was a tall boy with long black hair pulled back with a tie. He was built just like his father and resembled him in many ways, but his gray eyes were always a great difference. Hinata smiled and hugged her son before pulling him down to her level so she could kiss his forehead. "Welcome home, Riku."

"Thanks, mom." He smiled awkwardly.

Sasuke, looking the same as he did years ago, came up behind his wife and wrapped his arms around her until her back was against his chest. When she was close enough, he nuzzled his face into her neck and stroked her stomach with care. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine."

"And the baby?"

Hinata giggled. "He's been kicking up a storm."

"That's my boy."

Mikoto stood up and positioned herself in front of the couch. She gazed at her father and brother shyly. "Um, daddy? Nii-nii?"

The two men looked over along with Hinata, who was smiling knowingly.

"Um, can you sit down for a minute? I want to tell you something."

Sasuke and Riku glanced at each other suspiciously before taking hesitant seats on the couch. Hinata patted her daughter on the shoulder before seating herself in-between the two overgrown boys. After Sasuke made sure his wife was comfortable, he turned his attention to his antsy daughter. "What is it, Mikoto?"

"Yeah, make this quick Miko-chan. I need to go take a shower."

"Be patient you two and listen." Hinata scolded lightly and nodded to her daughter.

Mikoto sighed and shifted her weight between her two feet. "Um…well, you see…Okay, don't get mad, alright?"

This only seemed to make the two Uchiha men narrow their eyes in skepticism.

"Um, well…" Mikoto licked her lips nervously and closed her eyes tightly. "Akio-kun asked me out and I said yes." She finished quickly only to hear nothing but a tension filled silence take over the room. Inching her eyelids open slowly, she gazed at her very rigid brother and father. "Um…daddy? Nii-nii? Are you alright?"

"He did what?!" They both yelled simultaneously as they stood up with fists shaking at their sides.

"Calm down you two." Hinata murmured grasping onto Sasuke's wrist to help pull herself up. "It was bound to happen, and you both knew it."

Sasuke and Riku faced her furiously. "She's only fifteen!"

"Yes, but she's mature for her age and Akio-kun is a very nice grown-up boy."

"He's Naruto's son!" Sasuke shouted as if that explained everything.

"And he's a loser!" Riku added.

Sasuke nodded. "Thus, Naruto's son."

Hinata sighed deeply and shook her head with her hands on her hips. "You two are being ridiculous. Is it so hard just to be happy for Mikoto? She's happy, so why can't you two be happy with her?"

They were speechless and could only look at the ground with scowls on their faces. It was a few minutes before they finally glanced at each other and nodded in silent agreement. When they met back with Hinata's eyes, they nodded again. Sasuke was the first to speak. "Fine. I won't get in their way…"

"Me neither…" Riku grumbled.

"But," Sasuke smirked.

Riku chuckled before forming his own smirk. "We need to make sure he'll treat Miko-chan right,"

"Before we give our approval."

"What?" Mikoto asked with wide eyes.

Hinata, too, widened her eyes at the insinuation. "Sasuke, Riku, no!"

It was too late. The two men had already disappeared in a puff of smoke leaving the women alone to gaze at each other in frustration.

"Do you know where Akio-kun is?" Hinata asked with urgency.

"Yeah," Mikoto nodded seriously. "Hokage tower with uncle Naruto."

"Let's get going then."

"What are you guys doing here?" Naruto asked from behind his desk in the hokage office. His chin rested on his palm as he surveyed the two Uchihas in front of him.

A few paces away from Naruto's desk, Akio stood up and smiled at the newcomers, preferably his best friend Riku. His bright blonde hair gleamed in the light peeking through the windows, and his emerald eyes glistened with his contained happiness. Although he was as cheery as his father, anyone who knew him knew that behind that smile was a brain, which not many could master, save for the famous Shikamaru Nara. "What's up?"

"Oh, I'll tell you what's up, you bastard!" Riku hissed as he glared at his so-called-best friend.

As much as Sasuke wanted to add onto his son's statement, he instead placed his hand on Riku's shoulder to hold him back. "Easy, Riku."

Akio tilted his head innocently. "What? What's going on?"

"No kidding," Naruto yawned. "What the hell happened that's got you two so riled up?"

Riku growled and pointed at Akio accusingly. "You asked my sister out! How dare you do that without even asking me or my father first!"

Scratching his head with a nervous laugh, he replied. "I didn't know I had to. I figured it was only Mikoto-chan's decision since it's her life."

Sasuke stepped forward with his patented glare. "Technically it is her life, but seeing as she is not old enough to make adult and wise decisions on her own, it is up to her father to do it for her."

Akio gulped knowing what that obviously meant.

"Furthermore," Sasuke continued never allowing his scowl to falter. "Because of Hinata, I am reluctantly going to approve of this…relationship." He saw that Akio was about to give out a cheer of excitement, so he quickly interrupted him. "However, we need to go over a few things before I can allow this relationship to build at all…am I clear?"

"Okay, uncle Sasuke, I understand."

"How many times have I told you to stop calling me that."


"Anyway…" Sasuke ran a hand through his dark hair before taking a seat opposite Naruto. Riku ended up leaning against a wall near his best friend, but kept his analytical eyes on the young blonde at all times. "Let's begin, shall we?"

Akio glanced at his father, who was rolling his eyes, then to Riku, who was watching him threateningly, and finally to Sasuke, who appeared laid back but was really in a calculating mood. With a heavy sigh, he nodded.

Sasuke held up a finger to make his point as he began. With every statement he made, Riku nodded his head in agreement. "There will be no touching, no kissing, no hugging, no hand-holding, no blushing, no teasing, no groping, no seductive staring, and there needs to be at least a foot of distance between you both at all times—"

"Wait a minute," Akio interrupted in shocked anger. "So, then, what can I do with her? Just stare at her, or what?"

"That depends." Riku chimed in with a shrug. "If there's hunger or lust in your eyes, then that's a no."

Akio groaned and ruffled his hair furiously. "That's not fair!"

Sasuke and Riku exchanged a casual glance before they shrugged in nonchalance. "It seems fair to me and dad."

"Of course it would!"

"Hey, Sasuke," Naruto spoke up drawing the attention of his old friend. "How many daughters do you have?"

Sasuke raised a brow. "Four, why?"

Naruto shook his head and raised his own brows. "Nothing. I just feel bad for them and any boy that catches their eye. If this is the treatment my son gets, who might I remind you has known Mikoto-chan since they were babies, then I sincerely pity any other boy who sets eyes on your other daughters." He rolled his shoulders lazily. "That's all I'm saying."

While Sasuke seemed to mull this thought over in his head, Riku seemed to ignore the comment and continue with the rule making for Akio.

"Oh, and one more thing," Riku added with a smirk. "No love confessions. That's just…weird."

"But—" Akio was suddenly interrupted by the loud thud of the office door opening, and Mikoto and the pregnant Hinata walking through.

By the time the door slammed closed, all four men in the room flinched and cringed under the threatening gaze of the two women. Mikoto was positioned with her arms crossed over her chest with a scowl on her face that could rival her father's. Hinata, on the other hand, wore a frown that resembled a pout and had her hands placed on her hips. Her protruding belly obviously wouldn't allow for her arms to be placed anywhere else.



Unnoticeably, Sasuke gulped. His daughter being upset was not nearly as rare as it was when Hinata was mad. In fact, it seemed the only time his wife was ever mad was when she was pregnant, and those times were more than he could handle. Her mood swings are going to be the end of me. Although, I guess it is partly my fault she is in the position she is…again. Widening his eyes, he finally grasped the fact that his very pregnant wife had traveled all the way to the hokage tower. She was not allowed to do that in her condition!

With that thought in mind, he stood up and ran up to her with his quick eyes scanning her body for any signs of injury. "What were you thinking, Hinata? I thought we both agreed that you wouldn't leave the house unless I was with you." He hissed in a whisper that was barely heard by the others in the room.

"I'm not fragile, Sasuke." Her lips pouted cutely.

"I know you aren't fragile, but you are carrying something that is fragile. I also would prefer if you didn't try to overexert yourself. I already agreed that it was okay for you to still cook and clean, but I refuse to let you do anything else that—"

"Sasuke," Hinata pressed her finger against his moving lips to stop his little rant. Plus, it wasn't like she's never heard it before; she received the same speech every single time she was pregnant. "This isn't the time or place to talk about this. I'm fine. Now, as for the reason why we are here," She paused again and turned to face her daughter and son before smiling apologetically at Naruto and Akio. "Sasuke, Riku, go home and stop harassing Akio-kun."

"Yeah!" Mikoto agreed with her frustrated emotion clear on her face.

"We weren't 'harassing' him." Sasuke defended innocently. "We were just offering a few guidelines."

Naruto snorted. "Guidelines he says…ha!"

At this, Sasuke and Riku received very upset glares from the only women in the room, which again made them cringe.

Now, Mikoto and Hinata were in the mood to yell at the two Uchiha men in anger, but one meaningful glance to each other signaled a more effective way to get what they wanted. Hinata nodded for her daughter to proceed with the infamous Uchiha women manipulation. Without further ado, Mikoto trudged up to her father and let her eyes fill with unshed tears.

Sasuke inwardly winced when he saw his daughter gaze up at him with shiny teary eyes and trembling pouting lips. She sniffed and wiped at her eyes in distress. "Why, daddy?" Her voice was shaky and drenched with emotion. "Don't you love me anymore? Don't…Don't you want me to…to be happy?"

Sasuke was panicking, and he felt like a complete loser that he was practically melting at the sight of his daughter looking unhappy. With a dejected sigh, he patted her head soothingly. "Of course I want you to be happy, Mikoto."

"Then why can't I be with Akio-kun? Akio-kun makes me happy, daddy. I just want to be with Akio-kun!"

Awkwardly, Sasuke pulled his daughter into his arms and held her. "I…suppose…that…if it makes you happy to be with him, then…I'll…allow it."

Mikoto sniffled and gazed at her father with those same tortured eyes. "And you won't try to break us up in any way?"

Slumping his shoulders in defeat, Sasuke scowled at Akio from over Mikoto's head. "I promise I won't do anything of the sort."

Mikoto squealed in happiness and hugged her father tightly. "Thank you, daddy! I love you!" As soon as she released her father, she ran up to stand in front of her brother and began the same routine, only she was interrupted before she even began.

Riku leaned down toward her and whispered to her harshly. "Don't even think about it. That act doesn't work on me, you faker."

"Hm! You don't want me to be happy, huh Nii-nii?"

"I'm only doing what's best for you."

"Best for me? You don't know what's best for me!"

"Alright, you two." Hinata came in-between them and waddled her way to standing in front of her tall son. "You better stop before that turns into another brawl." She turned behind her to face Mikoto and winked, to which the girl beamed and skipped over to stand near her new boyfriend. Sasuke was sulking in the corner.

"But, mom—" Riku started.

"Hush, now." Hinata faced him sternly like the mother she was. "I know you're just trying to look out for your sister, but you can stop now. Everything's all right. And if you push it anymore, you're going to upset me very much. I love you, Riku, but…" She reached her hand up to cup his cheek. "You don't have to worry about your sister anymore. If anything, you should be worrying about me getting back home." She smiled teasingly. "You don't want me to collapse on the street, now do you?"

Riku fervently shook his head. "Of course not, mom. I promise I won't get in their way, just…just let me use the transportation jutsu to take you back home. Dad's right—you shouldn't be putting too much strain on yourself."

"Thank you, sweetie." She smiled more genuinely and turned back to her husband. "Sasuke, let's go home, please?"

He nodded and walked up to her putting his arm around her waist. "Riku, grab her other side."

"Got it."

Hinata giggled and glanced at her daughter, who had her arm looped with Akio's. The smile on her face was priceless and undeniably thrilled. "Don't stay out too late."

"I won't." she replied and Akio nodded his assurance.

With another smile from the Uchiha matriarch, the Uchiha couple and son disappeared in a cloud of smoke leaving the occupants in the room to let out a long relieved sigh.

Not too long after night had settled in, Hinata was smiling in excitement from her standing at the window in her bedroom. Clad in her nightgown, she watched as her daughter stood on the porch with Akio as the boy was bidding her goodnight. With a low exhale, she leaned her head against the wall near the window, and agreed with herself that they truly did make a cute couple.

All at once, two arms encircled her from behind and a chin rested on her shoulder. Without having to look over, she already knew it was her husband looking on at the same scene. Although, instead of the ferocity she was expecting, he merely breathed in exasperation against her neck. "I still don't think she's old enough to date."

"Age has no limits when you're in love, Sasuke." Hinata murmured softly.

"Hn," His eyes flickered away from the scene when the two teenagers parted ways with Mikoto coming back into the house and Akio heading away from the Uchiha compound. "You know…Naruto, that idiot, actually made a valid point today."

"Did he? Who would've thought the hokage could make a valid point." She teased sarcastically earning herself a comedic glare from the dark-eyed man.

"I really think I've had too much of an influence on you. Then again, the influencing was definitely mutual. I have no idea in hell how I turned out to be such a softie when it comes to those girls of ours…Probably because they look so much like you."

Hinata smiled and leaned her head back so it rested against his shoulder. Now, the couple was just staring up at the dark sky blanketed with stars. "So, what was the valid point that Naruto-kun made today?"

"Hn. He said that he basically felt bad for our daughters because I'm too protective." He paused and stroked her stomach with his fingers. "Now, I'm agonizing over it. Not too far from now I'll have to be keeping an eye on Haruka and Aya and even Kotoko in ten or more years. Why couldn't we just have all boys…?"

Hinata giggled and turned her head to plant a kiss on her husband's cheek. "I think having daughters is good for you. You love them just as much as they adore you."


"Plus, it's really your fault, you know."

"What's my fault?"

She turned in his arms and faced him with a gentle smile, which was also slightly mischievous. "If you didn't want daughters, you should've heeded my warning."

Sasuke smirked and pulled her as close to him as possible while he left feather-light kisses along her neck. "And what warning was that, Hinata?"

Pulling back slightly, Hinata hesitated before she allowed their lips to touch. "There were consequences for always insisting we make love."

Sasuke chuckled and brushed his lips against hers. "Yes…and those are consequences that I will never find myself regretting…" At that, the gap between their lips was closed.

The End
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