Introduction: Season 8: Episode 8.03 starts several days after 8.02.
This is a part of a full series, so please read the previous episodes prior to reading 8.03.
Note: These are episodic – and each episode will be in segments much like the TV show.

A few notes regarding this series (in response to a couple of reviews):
I have stated in the first episode that this series will mainly focus on Luke and Lorelai's storylines. I will try to add more Rory… but if I don't, please keep in mind my initial intentions were for this story to be Luke and Lorelai's (and the elder Gilmores'). Rory's character will only be used to give us insight into how she's getting along, and mainly to move the main story along.

8.03 A Flat Screen House


EMILY (to Lorelai): … you seem happier than usual.

RICHARD: (Chimes in) Yes, you do Lorelai. And it agrees with you.


EMILY: (Deliberately) Is there anything else that's getting such a happy and positive attitude from you? (Richard looks up at Emily knowing exactly what his wife was fishing for).

LORELAI: (Caught off guard – she tries to hide even the subtle smile. She blinks a few times) N-no. Nothing else that I can think of… (she quickly diverts her eyes to her Chicken Florentine).


RORY: … tell me how your dinner was last night…

LORELAI: (Sighs) As you know, I haven't told her about Luke yet.


EMILY: She didn't mention they were back together.

RICHARD: (Logically) Give her time, Emily. She will…

EMILY: (Cuts him off) I've given her enough time! It's been two weeks!

RICHARD: Might I suggest that instead of sulking around, that you call and find out? That way, we can be sure that they are in fact together…


EMILY (on the phone): Hello Luke. It's Emily Gilmore.

LUKE: (Startled) Oh… Uh… Emily. Hi.

EMILY: (Sighs) Are you and my daughter back together?

LUKE: (Uncomfortable, he takes a moment) Uh…


Lorelai walks in to the kitchen with a couple of big brown paper shopping bags. She lays them on the island since she cannot handle the weight.

SOOKIE: You're really going gung-ho on the summer trip, aren't you? ...You know he'll go anywhere you want to go.


LORELAI (to Luke): …"Alaska by Cruise Ship: Complete Guide to Crusing Alaska" – fly fishing, glaciers – or what's left of them… a different port every night – which also includes the beautiful Butchart gardens – which you need your passport for. (She grins hoping he agrees that it is by far the best out of the three).

LUKE: (Smiles and nods) Alaska sounds nice.


LUKE: (Contemplates telling her the recent events before dinner) Lorelai?

LORELAI: (Looks back) Yeah?

LUKE: Your mother called.

Camera on Lorelai's face.


LORELAI (To Emily): (Cuts in) Can we talk?


LORELAI: (Cuts in) Why did you call him? …(Shakes her head in disbelief) If you knew about us, why didn't you just ask me? I mean… did you have to ask Luke? Why didn't you call me?

EMILY: The two of you have been back together for how long now?!

LORELAI: (Voices start gradually rising) I don't need to tell you every.single.thing that happens in my life!

EMILY: I wasn't asking for you to share "every single thing" that happens in your life!


EMILY: (Saddened and teary eyed – she pulls out a tissue from the side pocket of her trousers) I don't know why I never know what's going on with you.

LORELAI: (Stunned, she hesitantly moves a step towards her mother) Mom.


EMILY: I'm not making any promises, but I will learn to live with this decision you've made regarding Luke. I will try to be nicer to him.

LORELAI: Trying is all I'm asking. (Closes her eyes for a moment and sighs) I will try to clue you in on what's going on with me.

EMILY: Fine.


EMILY: (Suddenly) What about his daughter?


EMILY: … How does she fit into your life?

Camera on Lorelai as she contemplates.


RORY (on the phone): … I called to let you know that I will be there August 3rd…

LORELAI: That's great, kid! April will be in town that same week.


LORELAI (to Luke): I think we need to put off Alaska… for now.

LUKE: Why? What's up?

Lorelai holds up a familiar book.

LUKE: (Reads the title and looks at Lorelai) A road trip?

LORELAI: Yeah. To New Mexico.

LUKE: (Raises a brow) New Mexico.

Lorelai looks at Luke cautiously.

LUKE: (Smiles at her) It sounds great.

LORELAI: (Relieved) Yeah?!


LORELAI: Oh, by the way – I forgot to tell you last night. You're going to Friday night dinner with me this week.

Scene fades on Luke's expression. An expression that can only be described as his "what the f….???!?!" face.



Scene fades into the front yard of the crap shack. Luke and Lorelai have just arrived after their nth dinner date. We see them at the bottom of the stairs… kissing. They pull apart slightly as the camera moves closer.

LORELAI: (With eyes still closed) Mmm… (sighs) that was nice.

LUKE: (Eyes very much open – examining her face, he softly responds) It was.

LORELAI: (Slowly opens her eyes) So… (moves her eyes from side to side) are you going to come in the house, or were you thinking we'd take care of it all out here? (With a subtle smile) I'm sure the neighbors – especially Babette – would approve.

LUKE: (Rolls his eyes, and chuckles) I'm sure she would. But… (Lorelai cuts in by kissing him again).

LORELAI: (As she pulls away again, she sighs) "But"… what?

LUKE: (Forgets his thoughts for a moment and mumbles) Caesar.

LORELAI: (Raises her eyes) Caesar?

LUKE: (Opens his mouth to respond before she turns it into something dirty… but fails) Uh…

LORELAI: (Jokes) Is there something I should know about you and Caesar?

LUKE: (Moves his head to the side) Geez!

LORELAI: Does Caesar know about you and me? Does he even know about you and him?

LUKE: (With his eyes raised) Lorelai?

LORELAI: (Continues to tease) I mean, it's completely fine if you have suddenly found Caesar more attractive than me. I mean, he does have those cute dimples when he smiles.

LUKE: (Tries to cut in) Lorelai?

LORELAI: Aw, and that smile. (Makes gestures and expressions) Those cute chubby cheeks!

LUKE: (Finally cuts in) Do I need to worry about you and Caesar?

LORELAI: (Chuckles, but ends it with a sigh) Are you sure you're not going to come in?

LUKE: (Still holding her close) Caesar left the keys behind last night. He needed to do the early shift tomorrow – but I need to be there to open the door for him.

LORELAI: (Makes a face and sighs again) Hmm. Well then, I guess this is goodnight?

LUKE: (Leans in and kisses her again) Goodnight. (He lets her go, and walks to his truck).

Camera on Lorelai's slightly disappointed face as she waits at the bottom of the stairs – watching as he drives away. As the truck disappears, Lorelai turns around and starts up the stairs to her house.


Camera on the front door as Lorelai enters her abode. She closes the door behind her and walks into the living room. Trying to find all the things that may be at fault, she takes a look around. Her eyes fall upon an object on the wall. She sighs.


Since you have been very patient and extremely kind (and also because I've made the teaser shorter than usual - saw no point in dragging it out), I'm going to try and update with the second segment as soon as possible. Maybe even with a day.

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