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A ship sailed through a dense fog. A young girl stood on deck looking at the water.

Looking closer she shrieked, "Look, there's a boy in the water, and another child too!" The crew on board ran in a frenzy to fetch the two children out of the water. The people stopped and stared at what floated just beyond the two kids.

"Mary mother of God," Gibbs stated in pure shock.

"Everyone's thinking it, I'm just saying it," he began, "Pirates." The few people who stood together turned to see the two children heaved on deck.

"You two, I want you to accompany them, take good care of them," Weatherby ordered the two young girls who stood by his side.

"What is it Lizzie," Rebecca Swann asked her older sister Elizabeth.

"I don't know," Elizabeth replied; The two girls, thirteen and six, made their way to the new passengers.

"Who might you be," Captain Norrington asked kneeling to the height of the young girl next to an unconscious boy. The girl's dark eyes were wide with fear and her dark hair was a mess. She didn't answer and continued to gaze in fear at those around her. Norrington was fed up with her non-responsiveness and went to talk to the governor, Elizabeth and Rebecca's father. Rebecca looked at the young girl and took her hand.

"Friend," she said to the dark eyed girl. Rebecca received a look of fear, but then a small warm smile and walked off with the girl. Elizabeth remained looking at the boy. She put her hand up to his face and almost toppled over from the result. He sat up and grabbed her hand.

"It's okay, my name's Elizabeth Swann," she stated.

"Will Turner, have you seen my sister—," he replied before collapsing again.

"I'm watching over you Will, and your little sister."


With Rebecca

"What's your name," Rebecca asked the girl who was a bit shorter than her.

"It's alright, I want to be your friend," she continued. The dark haired girl didn't answer.

"Do you speak English, parlez vous Françias, habla español," Rebecca went through every phrase she knew.

"Je m'appelle Michaela, but I speak English," the girl replied.

"I'm Rebecca, what's that in your hand," Rebecca asked. Michaela immediately tightened her grasp on something she was holding.

"Nothing," she replied. Seeing that she truly wanted to hide this possession Rebecca pushed this aside and continued to chat with the girl.