After another appearance from the wraith, Will had set the course for Port Royal and arrived at the small town not two days after James had discovered Jack's deceased body lying under the tree. He sprinted from the docks to James' abode and let himself in. The former Commodore clutched a bottle of rum in his hand, and there were a few more scattered on the floor in front of him. The immeasurable sorrow in James' eyes told Will everything.

James gave a sharp nod toward the hallway, and Will's heart pounded achingly in his chest as he strolled toward the bedroom. The door was shut, causing him to open it with great reluctance. He stepped in and instantly, his lungs felt as if they were frozen; he could see his breath as he gasped for air. He closed the door behind him and stared sullenly at the bed. A white sheet covered the motionless form lying on the mattress. As Will walked nearer, he could see the man was naked beneath the cloth. His eyes swelled with tears as he thought about the pirate's nude frame pressed against his after having made love on the floor, the fire heating their already hot skin. The sight of Jack's alluring smile showed in Will's mind, and the sound of the older man's laughter rang in his ears. He had to turn around from the being for a moment to collect himself as he began to silently weep.

After several minutes he looked upon the male's frame once more and grasped the top of the sheet. With trembling hands, he pulled the linen down to Jack's shoulders. A choked sob came from him as he gazed at the pirate's pallid face. The expression Jack bore was of the utmost tranquility; his lips were quirked upward in a minute smile. The black kohl had been cleaned from his now closed eyelids, and his red bandana had been taken from his hair. Will touched his fingers to the strand of beads he had woven into the thick mane long ago, the action making him weak. He sat next to Jack and stroked the man's forehead delicately. His hand traveled to the pirate's left pale cheek and caressed it lovingly.

Unable to contain it any longer, Will buried his face against Jack's chest, put his arms under the male's shoulders, and sobbed uncontrollably.

"I'm sorry, Jack," he said between rapid breaths. "I'm so sorry. I didn't make it, I wasn't here for you, and I'm sorry. I love you, Jack. God, I love you."

"And God, I hate to see ya cry."

Will snapped up, and his heart ceased to beat. Jack was leaning against the closed door with a charming grin on his livened face. He sauntered toward the shocked young man, stopping only inches away from him. Will stood, wiped his eyes, and stared at the pirate in bewilderment.

"No need to cry over me, darlin'," Jack purred silkily.

"Jack, I-"

"Shhh….Don't talk, love. Just please let me…."

Jack leaned forward and pressed his lips to the younger man's. Will kissed him greedily, taking advantage of the fact that he was able to have physical contact with the apparition. They devoured one another's mouths eagerly; a tongue flicked across Will's lips before it moved into his oral cavity. He moaned wantonly as Jack explored his mouth. He desired to hold Jack wholly against him, but the pirate suddenly pulled away before he could.

"I love you," Jack whispered tenderly. "You'll never lose me."

He backed away slowly before turning around to tread to the door. Will watched with dejected eyes as Jack dissipated completely.

"I love you, Jack Sparrow," he said quietly and sat beside the man's body.

He soon stretched out next to the unclothed being, cuddled him to his own warm frame, and fell asleep.

The sunlight broke through the gray clouds and shined on the lone ship anchored in the ocean. There was no land in sight.

The entire crew of the Black Pearl gathered about on the main deck for the ceremony; Will and James stood at the front of the crowd. A finely painted ceramic urn was in the captain's hands, and every one present mourned the contents of it.

"The reason why we are here," Will began loud enough to be heard by all the men, "is to pay our tributes to Captain Jack Sparrow."

"Aye," was the collective response from the assembly.

"A gentleman of fortune. A good man. The wily captain of the most well-known ship in the Caribbean. And an unexpected friend." The next sentence was spoken for only James to hear. "And a generous lover. We celebrate this man's life today. His wish was to be scattered over the ocean, and we will honor that wish. Each of us will honor that wish."

Will removed the lid and shuffled to Gibbs. Gibbs reached into the vase, gathered a small amount of the ashes, and treaded toward the bow. Will visited the men individually for them to do the same. The large group dwindled as the crewmen spread out among the sides of the ship. After saying their own personal respects, they let the gray dust sprinkle onto the crystal waters below.

"And you," Will voiced quietly as he offered the urn to James.

The former Commodore took half of the leftover ashes and strode up to the helm. Will ascended the other staircase and exhaled a deep breath as he stood to the side.

"I knew you'd come back to her, Jack," he murmured softly. "You belong here, to be with what you loved. Goodbye, Jack."

He slowly dispelled the remains from the container onto the ocean surface and observed as the undulating water swept them away.

A number of minutes passed before he descended the stairs, and James strolled to him unhurriedly. In his hands, the former Navy man clutched Jack's red bandana. He presented it to Will, who appeared reluctant to take it.

"He wanted you to have this," James uttered gently. "And I promised him that I would make sure you got it."

Will swallowed to relieve his constricting throat. He grasped the fabric and held it to his chest as he handed the magnificent urn to James. They gave a kind nod to each other before James retreated to the starboard side railing. His fingers went to his throat to rest upon the vibrant beads of the necklace Jack had given him. He stayed where he was in silence as the crew prepared to make sail.

Once the Pearl began her trip back to Port Royal, a warm sensation spread throughout Will's anatomy.

"Yo ho, yo ho. A pirate's life for me."

Will looked to the helm and found the source of the singing. Jack was petting the smooth wood of the large wheel and he hummed the tune whenever he forgot the words. He smiled at the young man before he transformed into thousands of tiny gold particles. They were blown forward by the intensifying wind and collided with the closest sail, bringing a grin to Will's lips.

A golden sparrow flew out from the canvas and soared above the ship; in a matter of seconds, Will could no longer see it.

The captain sighed with joy from knowing that Jack Sparrow would never be far from him. Even in death, the famous rogue could not bear to abandon his love or his mate, and Will experienced a feeling of devotion like never before because of it.