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How to be Dominant

Chapter 1

In order to be dominant, one must first have a pack to be dominant of.

It was an awkward battle. One that wouldn't so easily be forgotten, especially considering that the monster had been raging with hormones and some vicious form of acne. Ah, to be evil and in puberty.

Kagome sighed as she roughly applied medicinal cream to Inuyasha's deep lacerations. That baka excuse of a protector!

"Oi! Wench, cut that out!" Inuyasha yelped as he shot her a dark glare.

"You know, Kagome-sama probably wouldn't be so angry if you would just apologize." Miroku wisely advised while discretely watching Sango's backside. Kami, thank you for such a blessed view. How did such a humble monk as I come to be blessed with such perfection. Alas, I must have done something good in a pas-

Miroku's thought process abruptly halted as a large boomerang made contact with his constantly abused cranium. Kagome quietly giggled to herself, apparently Miroku's hand had gone wondering with his thoughts. "Damn lecherous monk can't keep his cursed hand to himself." The Taijiya grumbled as she coldly glared at the Houshi.

"YEOW!" Inuyasha bellowed as Kagome applied the antiseptic spray. "Oh, shove it you big baby." Kagome muttered as she placed a band aid over the nasty little cut. "Damn wench! You are more of a pain than that youkai was!"

It was then when the air seemed to suddenly drop 20 degrees as Kagome's eyes flared in anger. Inuyasha crab walked backwards away from the furious priestess. 'Crap.' Inuyasha mentally gulped as Kagome suddenly stood up, her tiny hands clenching and her cheeks flushing.

"Inuyasha, you want to know what 'a pain' is?" She quietly asked in a chilling tone. Shippo scrambled behind Sango in fear. Don't misunderstand Shippo, he loved Kagome dearly but she could be scarier than Sesshoumaru when she was angry.

Sango sat next to the unconscious Miroku as she began to pet the slightly injured Kirara. Inuyasha had it coming.

Kagome took a step toward the worried hanyou, "A pain isn't when one of your best friends decides to use your clean sleeping bag as towel to wipe off the gore after facing a particularly bloody demon. A pain isn't when your pal decides to eat all of your precious pocky within the first five minutes of seeing them. A pain isn't when your friend is so caught up in bullying a young kid that his claws happen to slice you a new hairdo," Inuyasha winced at that one, it had taken months for her hair to grow out of the awkward look, and his back could still remember the pain from the amount of sits he had to endure.

"A pain isn't even when your so-called friend goes running off with you underwear while your enjoying a nice bath."

Inuyasha's ears perked at this one, "Hey! I snatch them from that perverted monk! He was trying-"

"I don't care!" Kagome shouted angrily. She slowly backed Inuyasha's crouching form into a nearby tree. This time Inuyasha's gulp wasn't mental.

"A pain is when your best friend decides to use you as some twisted form of hot potato, where you are the potato and the catcher is some deadly, girl-eating youkai that happens to have breath that would even make Naraku's miasma smell like roses!"

Inuyasha's ears laid against his skull in shame and pain as Kagome's voice rose in volume. It wasn't as if he had intentionally put her in danger, it's just that he… "I needed a distraction."

Kagome's eyes suddenly disappeared behind her bangs as she bowed her head forward. "What?"

Surely, she had just misheard him.

"The demon was fast AND leaking poisonous puss everywhere! If I hadn't of tossed you, there wouldn't have been any place safe to step! Not to mention you are always griping about how you feel like you aren't helping any."

Kagome's fist began to turn white. Inuyasha didn't see this or, if he had, he stupidly decided to ignore it and continue.

"So I figured, hey the wench can help and give me a place to attack from!"

Sango shook her head in shame, how could someone be so oblivious to his own idiocy?

It was a large hanyou-shaped crater that Miroku found himself waking up to, and strangely it was making noises. Miroku glanced down to see the familiar red kimono. Ah, it seems that Kagome has delivered her punishment once again.

Getting up, Miroku noticed a lack of female presence in the camp site. "They've gone to get a bath and told me to let them know if you even looked in the direction of the springs." Shippo stated as he sucked on a lollipop.

Miroku looked at the candy in Shippo's paws as the wheels in his head began to turn. Come on, brain! Think of an excuse! There are lovely ladies begging to be watched!

As Shippo began to crunch on the hard sugar, inspiration hit Miroku harder than Sango's Hiraikotsu.

"I see, well, I probably should go gather some firewood so that we can begin dinner when they come back." Miroku happily stated as he got up. Humming a light happy tune, Miroku collected his staff and brushed the dirt off of his robes. It was after turning towards the direction of the woods that Miroku ran into a wall of red. "Don't even think about it monk, let the kit do it."

Miroku rubbed his nose has he backed away from Inuyasha. Had Inuyasha no concept of personal space? Quickly adapting his plans he began to work his innocent charm on the hanyou. "Ah Inuyasha, but shouldn't young Shippo be safely guarded? I don't believe he can properly protect himself in these dangerous woods."

"Hey! I can too!" Came an indignant yell.

"Don't worry about the runt he'll be fine, besides we should consider it luck if he gets eaten." Inuyasha stated back as he made his way to a nice comfy tree, leaving a disappointed Miroku in the dust.

"Yeah!" Shippo agreed as he pointed his lollipop at Miroku. "I'll be fine! Especially if I get ea…" As soon as Inuyasha's words set in, Shippo gave a mighty wail. "You jerk!"

Soon the young kitsune began launching attacks on the easily irritated hanyou. Once again the immature and shallow battle of wills began.

"You little runt! If it wasn't for me, you would be puff of hair on that youkai's molars!" Inuyasha stated as he began to charge at Shippo. Seeing his predictable move, Shippo easily leaped into the branches of a near by tree.

"Oh yeah, well at least I can hold an intelligent conversation with Kagome! You can't even ask for ramen properly!" yelled as he sent a massive top towards Inuyasha's head. Quickly dodging the attack, Inuyasha swiped his claws near the little kid. "Don't bring the wench into this! You pathetic excuse of a fur ball!"

"Kagome deserves better than a dog like you! You have the maturity of a two year old!" Shippo countered as he jumped over Inuyasha's head and fired his specialty move. "Foxfire!"

It was only after Inuyasha had stopped, dropped, then rolled the flames out of his hair that he noticed someone missing. "Hey runt, where's the monk?"

The two feminine screams off in the distance answered the question.


Kagome scrubbed particularly hard at one arm as she fought past her anger. Oh, Inuyasha made her so angry!

Sango watched Kagome rub her arm harshly and decided to speak up in order to preserve the younger girl's smooth skin.

"Kagome-chan, you know Inuyasha doesn't mean to be so insensitive." Sango gently said as she allowed the warm waters to soak her tired muscles.

Her and Miroku had missed out on the battle because they had been busy saving the townspeople from the supposed sister of the youkai. Of course Kirara had served as their distraction for the youkai, but demon cat had knowingly volunteered for the position. Kagome was fortunate to make it out unscathed.

"I know, Sango-chan. It's just what he said had some truth to it. How long have I been traveling here to the feudal era?" Kagome asked seriously as she stopped washing.

"I believe around four years." Sango answered quietly, where was she going with this?

"And in four years, I've never learned to fight or contribute! All I do is worry about all of you guys' safety and try to find a way to shoot my arrows from a safe distance. Even Shippo's power has grown enough to help out."

And it was true, Shippo's foxfire had become somewhat lethal a year or two back. This was proven in the final battle against Naraku, as he had managed to thwart some of the lower Naraku detachments' plan to assassinate Kagome while she tried to purify the surrounding miasma.

"You know that isn't true. You are very important to us, Kagome. You help us stay together and give use hope. Not to mention, you know that once we gather all the shards again that you'll get some of your powers back. And if it is really bothering you, I can teach you basic fighting techniques once we get back to Kaede's." Sango knew that her comments hadn't even really fazed Kagome, but it was true. As soon as they reunited the jewel, Kagome's powers would be back, if not tripled. And it definitely was Kagome that kept Inuyasha inline and helped the group stay sane. Or at least partially.

"Thanks, Sango. I think I will take you up on those lessons now that I'm finished with my schooling and maybe I can do more miko training with Kaede. At least, I can still sense shards. Inuyasha probably would have dumped me down the well and never let me back if I couldn't." Kagome said with a small smile.

Sango looked at Kagome. Maybe a change of topic was in order. "I don't think so, Kagome. I think Inuyasha might still have feelings for you."

Kagome giggled as Sango gave her a mischievous grin. They knew that any hope for a relationship between her and the hanyou had been lost after Kikyou left, but Sango still couldn't help teasing her and despite her lack of skills, Kagome was a fighter especially when it came to verbal battles.

"You know that me and Inuyasha love each other like siblings, but I definitely see a difference between you and Miroku. That's definitely not sisterly affection you are giving him."

A blush rose on Sango's cheeks. Apparently Kagome had witnessed one of her weaker moments with the monk, but she just couldn't help herself. The Houshi knew how to kiss.

Kagome giggled as Sango's mind began to wonder. They were just so cute! She knew that they had promised to marry each other after the battle, but after the jewel split so did the engagement. Sango had wanted Miroku to stop his hentai ways, but Miroku's hand had a different plan.

It was after Miroku had gotten them kicked out of a village for groping the village headman's daughter, that Sango called it off. Of course ever since then, Miroku's hand had suspiciously grown more tame. In fact, as Kagome recalled, the only behind it has groped the past year was Sango's. Well, hers had been touched on a few occasions, but those had been far and few.

It was a small crunching sound that woke the girls from their wandering thoughts. The sound echoed around them as the serenity of the hot springs disappeared. Sango's eyes narrowed in suspicion. That sound was all too familiar.

Kagome nodded at Sango as she reached for a hard object. It must be, Miroku.

Kagome's aim had improved since her travels to the past began, but her arm was still no match for the slayer's. So Kagome quietly tossed the rock to Sango and began talking again in a casual tone.

"You know, I wonder how the boys are doing? The last I saw of Inuyasha he was still trying to get up from that crater."

Sango's piercing gaze swept around the area and noticed some small movement in the bushes near her. "I don't know, Kagome. Perhaps he has finally gotten out of that hole."

Sango's arm reared back, she would teach that monk a lesson.

"I bet Miroku's woken up." Kagome said as she picked up the movement.

"Not for long!" Sango shouted as she threw the rock. It soared through the air with mighty speed. Her aim had been true and soon a loud thunk was heard. The girls looked on in morbid curiosity to see if the monk had been hit, but was sadly disappointed when the small unconscious body of an unfortunate squirrel fell out of the bushes. Sango grimaced, she could have sworn that the monk was here.

"That poor squirrel," Kagome commented as she moved closer to Sango.

Sango stared at the little furry body. "I could have sworn that was Miroku."

"Did somebody say my name?" asked as he popped out of the bushes behind them.

It was then that the girls screamed.

Sesshoumaru stoically stared off into the distance.

It had been year since the hanyou's defeat and he was just now finally seeing some stability return to his lands. Of course, the fact that miko had once again manage to disperse parts of the Shikon no Tama all over Japan hadn't helped. But this time there was an unusual difference to the jewel fragments. Not that it matters to this Sesshoumaru, but the change in the fragments are strange.

Sesshoumaru was curious and that was never a good thing. Despite his ability to control his baser instincts and dismiss his emotions, Sesshoumaru was a curious being. He liked to know what was going on, especially if it effected his land. To have knowledge was to have power.

Sesshoumaru reached into his kimono and looked at the shards that he had recently acquired from some renegade youkai. These stones of false power are useless to me, perhaps I should pay my precious sibling a visit.

Rin's light humming brought him from his musings as she entered the clearing with a tired, squawking kappa behind her. "Rin, why are you here?" Sesshoumaru questioned in a bored tone.

"I tried to stop her my Lord, but she pushed this poor Jaken in the ground and ran off in disobedience. Please forgive this lowly one." Jaken threw himself and bowed before his lord in apology. It would not do well, if he displeased Lord Sesshoumaru, especially since he was so close to his boot. Jaken winched as he remembered the amazing kicks that Sesshoumaru was able to perform.

"Jaken said you were nearby and I wanted to see you before you left again," Rin answered happily.

Rin had grown quite a bit since the last time Sesshoumaru had seen her. Jaken had commented on how she was growing into a young lady thanks to his Lord Sesshoumaru's care and Sesshoumaru had realized that in a few years, Rin would probably be looking for a mate. After all, she was approaching her eleventh birthday and most ningens mated near their fifteenth to seventeenth year of living.

After Naraku's death, Sesshoumaru felt that it was safe enough and had Rin sent to live with an old miko in a remote village. Jaken would check on her frequently, but Sesshoumaru had only visited a few times. It wasn't that he didn't care for his ward, but he had to stabilize and protect the prosperity of the Western lands. Often during his patrols, Sesshoumaru would feel a small ache in his chest and remember the little girl who would follow him diligently, but he was not weak and would not let his emotions control his actions. Once the Western land was more stable, perhaps he would take Rin to his fortress, but for now it would be best if she was raised with her own kind.

Rin watched her lord happily. "Lord Sesshoumaru, when can I come with you on your adventures again?"

"Never! Lord Sesshoumaru has no need for you, ningen." Jaken declared loudly as he hopped up from his position and insulted the unaffected girl.

"I love you too, Jaken, but I would like to go traveling again." Rin stated peacefully, she knew Jaken cared for her he just had trouble showing it.

"Not now, Rin. You shall stay safe in the village." Sesshoumaru replied as Jaken huffed in embarrassment. Apparently his retainer was jealous of the girl's affections. Sesshoumaru once again stared in the distance as he reached a decision.

"Jaken shall stay with you for now. Continue your studies with him."

"But my lord…" Jaken tried to put up a weak argument but secretly he was pleased. Jaken felt responsible for the little girl and felt honored that Sesshoumaru would trust her life with him once again.

Sesshoumaru gave a nod of farewell before he began to walk into the dense forest.

"Goodbye, Lord Sesshoumaru!" Rin shouted as Jaken admonished her less than lady like behavior.

Be ready for here I come, little brother.

Night had fallen by the time the tachi had finally settled their disputes. Now a light cool breeze ruffled the surrounding trees and the musical crackling of their campfire gave their atmosphere a peaceful, rustic feel. It was during these nights that Miroku would shamelessly flirt with Sango, Shippo and Kirara would dance around the fire, and Inuyasha and Kagome would share a light-hearted banter.

"You know, my mother is probably worried about me, Inuyasha." Kagome stated as she poked the fire with a long stick.

"Feh, this is no time to be taking breaks." Inuyasha crossed his arms as if the matter was final. The wench should learn her place and stay with her pack. Now that she no longer had to take those damn tests, she could concentrate on what was important and that was her position as the official shard detector.

A small feminine growl erupted from Kagome's lips, a trait she had acquired from Inuyasha. "Inuyasha, I realize that I need to find the shards, but I can't have my mother freaking out thinking that I had gotten eaten by some random youkai. Not to mention, we are running low on supplies."

Inuyasha eyed her trusty backpack suspiciously. It seemed full enough. He sniffed the air to double check his assumptions. Yep, there was plenty of ramen.


Kagome huffed as she jabbed the inu-hanyou's shoulder. "I'm not talking about ramen, Inuyasha. I'm talking about bandages and medicine. You know, things that help keep us alive."

"You mean things that help keep you frail humans alive."

A tick began to form behind Kagome's left eyebrow. That darn stubborn hanyou! "Yes, us frail, good-for-a-distraction humans!"

By this time there light-hearted argument had escalated and the rest of the group had been distracted from there activities as they watched with baited breath. Surely a 'sit' command was on its way, but they would be sadly disappointed this night, for it seemed that Inuyasha had finally learned from his years of pain that a mad Kagome was a violent Kagome.

Kagome's fiery glare increased in heat as the hanyou stubbornly looked away. The damned wench always had to put up a fight, and Inuyasha knew that this fight would probably damage is more than battered back. His ears drooped back and a small indignant pout formed as a gruff "fine" was thrown from his lips.

Kagome's eyes widened slightly and she cranked her head to the side in disbelief. "What was that, Inuyasha?"

"I said fine, wench!"

Suddenly the world seemed to light up as a glorious smile burst from Kagome's cherry pink lips. She launched her petite body against the hanyou's shoulder and hugged it in gratitude. "Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!"

A weak "feh" was muttered embarrassingly as Inuyasha fought down a blush. Sometimes it was so easy to please Kagome.

The happy Kodak moment was unfortunately disturbed as the light breeze that had blowing began to pick up in pace. The rustling of the trees grew as the light atmosphere began to turn dark. The once small shadows began to grow aggressive as the fire fought to stay alive. The moon's comforting glow began to seem more sinister as the nature around the group reacted to a powerful force. Kagome looked around the small campsite and nervously looked at her companions. "Something's coming."

The air became energized with tension and Inuyasha quickly drew out Tetsusaiga as he glared into the darkening forest. A distinct and familiar smell drifted across his nose.


At that one name, the gang quickly snatched up their weapons. Each person's face mirroring caution and uncertainty. Sure Sesshoumaru had helped during the final battle, but it was no secret that it was done for his own personal benefit and had no interest concerning their group's welfare.

What could Sesshoumaru want from us? His already given up on gaining the Tetsusaiga, Kagome thought in confusion, but suddenly his motives seemed to become a bit clearer as she sensed several Shikon shards nearby.

Sesshoumaru's glowing amber eyes silently emerged from the darkness as the wildlife around them silenced in fear. The wind whipped Kagome's hair about and she felt a chill crawl up her spine. Man could that youkai make an entrance or what?

Inuyasha let loose a snarl as Sesshoumaru began to approach them from the dense forest. "Hello, little brother. Still disgracing our bloodline, I see."

"Shut it, Sesshoumaru! What do you want! You can't have the Tetsusaiga!"

Sesshoumaru allowed a small eerie smirk grace his lips, "You are a fool. I have no need for the sword."

Kagome watched the argument half-heartedly as she tried to pinpoint the shards location while trying to ignore Sesshoumaru's powerful youki. But to her surprise the energy of the Shikon seemed to be emitting from Sesshoumaru. But what did he need the shards for?

"Sesshoumaru, why do you have shards of the Shikon jewel?" Kagome asked bravely as she mentally patted herself on the back for not letting her voice squeak.

Sesshoumaru regarded the miko with a cold eye, So the little miko can sense the shards? Quite impressive considering the barrier I had placed on them should have concealed their presence.

Kagome shivered slightly as she felt the youkai's attention turn to her. It wasn't fair that he could do that to her in one look. What was with powerful youkai and their intensive, beautiful eyes? Seriously, they already had amazing hair that defied the laws of feudal hair care. It was cruelly unfair that they should also have the ability to freeze a person with one glance.

"Oi! Sesshoumaru, give us the shards!" Inuyasha yelled. What was the bastard doing with his shards? He never had an interest in them before, so why now?

Inuyasha growled as he noticed the lack of attention that he was receiving from his brother. Apparently his question had not been heard and -a vein in Inuyasha forehead began to tick- why was he staring at his shard detector?

Sesshoumaru stared into the miko's stormy blue eyes. He knew she had the ability to sense shards, but it was unusual that she had been able to see past his barrier. Her power must have grown since he had last seen her. This was an unsettling thought as he recalled the demise of Naraku at the miko's hand. But as much this thought worried Sesshoumaru, he dismissed it quickly. He had more pressing matters to attend to.

"Miko, you are collecting these shards are you not?"

Nodding hesitantly, Kagome didn't know where this was going. He already knew the answer to the question, so why did he ask it?

Inuyasha gave another angry growl as he was ignored by his brother. Why was Sesshoumaru talking to her anyway?

"In order to gain the shards within my possession, I wish to make a bargain." Sesshoumaru proposed emotionlessly. The youkai mentally reviewed his reasons for wishing for such a transaction in order to ensure that he wished to follow through with his plans.

Recently the Taiyoukai, while he had been please with his increased stability in his lands, had found himself growing irrevocably bored. His beast was growing restless and it required some form of entertainment before it sought release in some other unwanted form. For a while, Sesshoumaru had contemplated on disturbing his half-brother's some-what peaceful existence for a good, bloody spar, but before he went indulge his bloodlust on his brother a new surprising form of combat was brought to his attention.

It was after a particularly long battle with a bear youkai that Sesshoumaru noticed the glowing fragment in the gory remains. As previously stated, Sesshoumaru was a curious creature and the unusual glow of the Shikon shard called to his senses.

As Sesshoumaru removed the fragment from the bloody gunk, it's corrupted glow began to dissipate despite the presence of his own youki. Strange, Sesshoumaru thought as he allowed the pure pink color of the stone resonate.

As the stone's energy began to flow over his claws, instead of burning his person with their purity, it released a wave of comfort into his system. This pleasant sensation could be compared to the brief moments that Sesshoumaru experienced as a pup in his mother's loving embrace or a tender caress from an adoring lover. It was strange, confusing, and sweetly addicting.

It wasn't long before more shards were obtained and with each shard came the satisfying sensation, it's aura more powerful and more comforting with each addition. It was disturbing.

Sesshoumaru's beast had found rest in these shards, but it was unnerving to think that his subconscious and actions could be controlled by a few pieces of stone. How did a few comforting pulses affect his mind more than Tokijin could? Why did these fragments react this way to his youki? Perhaps his brother's band would hold some clues to his questions. After all it was his brother's wench that had released this plague upon Japan again.

"Sesshoumaru! What are you talking to Kagome for? Leave her out of this!" Inuyasha yelled, breaking Sesshoumaru from his thoughts. Did his loud-mouth sibling ever know when to be quiet?

"Quiet, whelp." Sesshoumaru snipped back. Kagome glanced between Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha. Why was he talking to her for? There had only be a few brief words between them during fights or reluctant meetings concerning Naraku. Why did he choose to address her now?

Sesshoumaru glared at the unresponsive girl. "I shall not restate my proposition."

Kagome looked at the furious Inuyasha and then looked at the stoic Sesshoumaru in confusion. "Alright, I accept. But Sesshoumaru, I have one question. Why ask to bargain with me?"

Sesshoumaru arrogantly looked at each member of the wary pack and barely spared his brother a glance. After his quick examination, he lifted a pale aristocratic eyebrow and dully asked:

"Are you not the alpha?"

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