Well Season 2 is over, Sam is alive, the YED is dead and Dean is in deep shit, again. What a ride.

This story is set a month or so after AHBL - Part 1 & 2.

Hunted Again

Sam and Dean trudged down the rocky, muddy road shivering in their wet clothes as the rain fell heavily on them. Dean carrying the heavy duffel bag of weapons had already slipped and fallen three times, Sam with his lighter backpack had fallen only twice. "Who's idea was it to exorcise a vengeful spirit from a cabin in the middle of freakin' nowhere?" complained Dean wiping the water off his face. He shined his flashlight up and watched the rain fall through the trees with a disgusted look on his face before shining the light back onto the ground.

"Yours," Sam replied, "you promised Michaela and Michael that we would take care of it before they went on their honeymoon next week." He pushed his long bangs off his face only to have the heavy rain push them back down. "I told you heavy rains and possibly snow were predicted this week but you insisted." He had turned to talk to his brother and missed the sudden dip in the road, "whoa!" he fell heavily on his hands and knees, dropping his flashlight.

Dean slid to a stop and helped Sam to stand up. "You alright Sammy?"

Sam clenched his eyes shut and held onto Dean's shoulder when his knee flared in pain. "Shit, my left knee." Dean shined his flashlight on Sam's knee looking for blood and gently probed it to see if the kneecap was broken. "Ow! Dean!"

"Well I don't think it's broken Sammy." He flashed the light along the ground where Sam had fallen and picked up Sam's flashlight. "You probably hit that rock," he said shining the light on a chunk of quartz. "How are your hands?"

"Cuts and scrapes," replied Sam wiping the mud off his hands and onto his jeans.

"Can you walk?" He handed Sam the flashlight.

He gingerly put weight on his leg and took a small step. "It hurts like hell but yeah I can walk." Sam slowly limped down the road followed closely by his brother. "Dude if you slip you're going to take me down with you. Would you please back off a bit?"

Glaring at his brother, Dean stepped to the side. He surreptitiously kept an eye on Sam. He still hadn't recovered from watching his little brother die in his arms and he knew that the knife wound still gave Sam painful twinges in his back from time to time. Even though the yellow-eyed demon was dead he was worried that it was possible another demon might take its place, drawn to Sammy's shining.

Sam sensed Dean watching him again. It drove him nuts but he knew his brother wasn't going to stop anytime soon. He had died and Dean had went and made that stupid deal with that damn crossroads demon to bring him back, Sam really couldn't blame him for doing it although he tried. He wanted to blame it on Dean's impulsive and all consuming desire to 'keep Sammy safe' but he'd come to the realization that he probably would have done the same thing if their roles had been reversed. But one freakin' year? What in the hell had Dean done to the demon in Mississippi to get him such a shitty deal?

Even though they were both lost in thought the brothers somehow managed to make it down to the bottom of the road where the Impala was parked without falling down again. "Baby you are a sight for sore eyes," Dean said to his beloved car while running his hand over the side before unlocking and opening the trunk.

"Dean it's been a whole 12 hours," Sam pointed out limping to the back of the car.

Dean took Sam's backpack and flashlight he then handed him an old blanket. "And your point is?" he asked while grabbing a blanket for himself. "Don't get mud on her seats Sammy."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Or else I'm cleaning it out tomorrow morning with a toothbrush," he replied standing at the passenger side door.

"You've got that right Francis," grinned Dean opening his door, spreading his blanket over the seat and getting in.

Sam knocked on the window, "Dean anytime now. I'm not getting any drier out here." Dean leant over and unlocked the door. Sam heard Dean grunt while he spread the blanket on the seat. "I'm not getting mud on the upholst…" Sam started to say before looking over at his brother. "Dean?" Dean's head was leaning against the driver's side window and he wasn't moving. He grabbed Dean's shoulder and shook him. "Dean!" Sam saw a drop of blood run down his brother's neck and was leaning over for a better look when he felt cold metal pressed against the back of his neck. He slowly turned around when he heard a gun cock and looked straight down the muzzle of a 9mm.

"Hey Sammy."


"Long time, no see Sammy. Heard you and Dean got pinched by the Arkansas police," grinned Gordon keeping his gun in Sam's face.

Sam stared at the man in the backseat. "What did you do to Dean?" he demanded.

"Oh just put him asleep for awhile. Didn't want him to butt into our conversation." Gordon slid over to the passenger side door, "get out of the car Sammy, slowly. Try anything and I will shoot Dean." Sam opened the door and stood out in the rain. Gordon rolled down his window and got out. "Put your left hand through the window." After Sam had complied Gordon held out a set of handcuffs. "Put these on."

"And if I refuse?"

"I'll shoot Dean, gut you and take the car." Sam glared at Gordon before clasping the cuff around his left wrist. "Okay now your right but keep the car frame between them. I want you cuffed to the car." Sam snorted but complied and held out his hands when Gordon checked the tightness of the cuffs. Gordon patted Sam on the cheek, "good boy." Gordon walked around the back of the car to the front, opened the driver's door and grabbed the keys out of the ignition. He went back to the trunk, opened it and grabbed the duffel bags out and tossed them onto the backseat.

"What are you doing Gordon?" Sam twisted his wrists futilely feeling along the inside edge of the roof for anything to use to pick the locks on the cuffs.

"Just making some room Sammy."

"It's Sam, asshole," he growled watching Gordon walk back over to Dean, haul him out of the car and dump him into the trunk. "What are you doing to my brother?" Sam ducked down trying to see through the space between the open trunk and the back window. Frustrated, he yelled, "Gordon answer me damnit!" Gordon slammed the trunk closed and walked over to Sam. Gordon looked Sam over before suddenly smacking him in the head with the gun. Sam grunted and sagged to the wet ground. Gordon unlocked the cuffs, pulled Sam's arms behind his back and relocked them. He pulled him up and shoved him into the car, slamming the door shut before Sam could recover enough to try to kick him. Gordon got into the car and pushed Sam up into a sitting position. Between the pain in his head and knee and the twingeing in his back Sam really wanted to pass out but was afraid of what Gordon might do to him or Dean while they were unconscious, so he settled for leaning his head back against the seat and glaring at the man driving his brother's car. "What in the hell do you want Gordon?"

"Oh, just some quality time with my two favorite Winchesters," he replied grinning again. Gordon patted him on the knee, "sit back and enjoy the ride Sammy."