Because of the insanity known as the Sturgis Rally started Sunday, kill me now…please, I've decided to add this silly little epilogue. After the boys' run in with Gordon, Bobby would've insisted on them recuperating at his place and after watching 'Tall Tales' on SN, I'm certain Sam and Dean would have driven Bobby up the wall within a week.

Hunted Again - Epilogue

Sam had just started to doze off on the overstuffed couch when Dean came into the room and threw a pillow at him. "Wake up lazy head. Bobby wants to see us."

"About what?" Sam asked yawning and rubbing his eyes.

"Don't know," replied Dean, sticking a chopstick down his cast and scratching another itch.

Sitting up on the couch Sam winced as he gently massaged his stiff knee. "You're going to lose another chopstick inside your cast Dean. Remember what I said last time?"

"I'm not going to lose 'another' chopstick Sam so stop counting the $40 you're going to charge me to pull it out." Dean pushed the chopstick down further into his cast to scratch a particularly bothersome itch and lost his grip on the stick. "Damnit." Sam giggled at his predicament. Dean glared at him, "I'll get it out," but each time he tried to grab it he just managed to push it further down. "I'm not paying you another red cent Sammy."

Grinning, Sam said, "$20's are green Dean. I just wanna see if I can make an even $200 before Thursday."

"Thursday? Why Thursday?"

"Uh, no reason." Sam did his best to look innocent.

"Yeah right. I believe you," Dean replied narrowing his eyes as he glanced up at his brother, trying to figure out what was going on in that geeky head of his.

They both jumped when Bobby hollered from the porch, "boys where are you?"

"Living room!" Dean yelled back.

"I've been waiting for you outside."

"Sorry Bobby," replied Sam, "what did you want?"

"I'm taking you guys on a field trip."

"Field trip? Are you sure? Sam just started to walk without crutches."

Standing up Sam yelled, "Dean I'm not incapacitated!" he started listing over to his right, not putting much weight on his knee. Dean put out his hand and braced Sam when he started listing to far over. "Stop it!" he said swatting Dean's hand away.

"BOYS!" Dean and Sam looked at Bobby. "Sam where's your knee brace?" Sam pointed at a spot between the couch and a recliner. "Dean give Sam his brace. I expect to see you two next to the Impala in 10 minutes," Bobby ordered before leaving the living room and going outside onto the porch. Bobby shook his head, the boys were going insane after being cooped up in his house for the last 2-½ weeks recuperating and they were determined to take him with them. Sam had been given crutches when he left the Clinic in Missoula but using them pulled at his bullet wounds. So he hadn't gone farther outside than the porch and Dean didn't want to loose sight of his little brother so he hadn't gone very far from the house either. But now Sam was using the knee brace and he was getting those boys out of his house for a few hours before he tied them down, dumped several buckets of holy water on their heads and performed an exorcism on them. He looked up when the screen door screeched open and watched as the boys walked out of the house.

Dean hovered close to Sam, keeping an eye on his brother's limping form. "You should have taken two pain pills Sam."

"Dean, one's enough to take the edge off. And stop hovering," he replied, "or I'll tell Bobby about that science experiment you have going on under your bed."

"That isn't a science experiment…oh, hey Bobby. Thought you said to meet you by the Impala." Dean grinned as he tried to veer the conversation away from what was under his bed.

"No, I said I wanted to see you two next to the Impala." Bobby held his hand out, "keys." Dean and Sam stared at him in confusion. "Do you two know where we are going?"

"No," they replied together.

"Than I'm driving."


"I'm driving Dean, so either get in or stay here," replied Bobby taking the keys from Dean's hand. He walked over to the Impala and opened the driver's door. Sam looked at Dean, shrugged his shoulders and followed Bobby to the car. He climbed into the back seat, closed the door, stretched out his leg and leaned back against the door frame. Bobby stood with one leg in the car, "you coming?" Dean shook his head and mumbled to himself as he walked to his car and got into the passenger seat. Bobby sat down, closed his door and started the engine. "Dean I've driven the Impala with your Daddy unconscious and bleeding in the backseat, down Lombard Street in San Fran while being chased by the cops and managed not to scratch the paint. So stop glaring at me."

"Where are we going Bobby," asked Sam as they drove down the driveway.

"Do you hear that droning noise?"

Dean cocked his head, "yeah. What is that?"

"Motorcycles. Fifty thousand motorcycles."

"Going where?" asked Dean.

"To the 67th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Bikers from all over the US, Canada, Mexico and the World in general descend on Sturgis this week."

Sam watched as a group of bikers flying Australian and Danish flags passed them before they merged on to eastbound I-90. "Why?"

"For the races, the concerts out at the Chip, touring the Hills and checking out the other bikes. Personally, I go to check out the biker chicks."

Dean perked up, "biker chicks?" Sam giggled. Dean turned around, "the peanut gallery can just keep his mouth shut."

Grinning, Sam mouthed, "who me?"

"Okay boys," laughed Bobby, "Main Street is closed to four wheeled traffic so I'm parking the Impala at my friend's house, then we'll walk."

"Bobby," Dean gestured behind him, "Sam…knee."

"Dean, stop it."

"We're a block off Main, Dean. Sam will be fine," replied Bobby, pulling into a driveway and stopping the car. Getting out Bobby continued, "I'm going inside to talk to Jorge for a minute. You boys get walking that way and I'll catch up to you."

Sam rubbed his knee after getting out of the Impala. "Ready to go Dean?"

"Yeah, sure," he replied, waving at Bobby before they started walking down the street. "Sounds like a bunch of angry bees," Dean commented as they got closer to Main Street.

"Yep," answered Sam. They both stopped short as they rounded the corner and were confronted with a sea of people and motorcycles. "Holy crap," Sam said in awe. Dean whistled as a tall, red headed woman walked past them wearing black leather pants and a chain maille halter top.

She turned, smiled and whistled back, "catch you later guys." Winking, she turned and continued on her way.

Dean walked backwards so he could watch the woman walk down the sidewalk. "Watch it Dean! You almost stepped on that guy's dog," Sam warned as jerked his brother away from a large man leading a tiny Chihuahua wearing a leather vest. "Sorry," he said to the man.

"It's alright dude, Jack can take care of himself. Just keep your buddy away from the Coydog down the street, he bites." Sam nodded and dragged Dean away from the man and dog.

Dean soon stopped walking and grew quiet. "Dean are you alright?" asked Sam.

"Huh, what?"

"Your eyes are about to fall out of your head."

Dean simply pointed out into the street. Looking where Dean was pointing, Sam's eyes and practically every man's and a few women's eyes on the street almost popped out as a woman wearing only a black strap went by on the back of a Harley-Davidson. "Holy shi…" Dean murmured.

"Hope she's wearing sunscreen."

"Sam! You see a gorgeous woman wearing only a small strip of clothe covering her…her…," he gestured up and down, "and the only thing you say is 'I hope she's wearing sunscreen'?"

Sam smirked, "would you prefer 'the road rash is going to be painful'?"

"I don't know you. There's no way we can be related," Dean said as he walked away from Sam.

Sam laughed as he caught up with his brother. They continued down the street trying not to bump into people on the overloaded sidewalks and pointing out the different women they saw, most of them not wearing much more than a bandana halter top and Daisy Duke's or leather pants.

Dean noticed that Sam's limp had become more pronounced as they got to the end of the street. "Hungry Sam? I could do with a bite and a beer," he asked stopping in front of a sign advertising Indian tacos, pulled pork or beef sandwiches and buffalo burgers.

"Sure. But no beer, iced tea," he replied sitting down at an open table. He put his leg up on a chair and rubbed his knee. He thought, "maybe I should have taken two pills," Sam shook his head, "no, two make me loopier than…" His thoughts were interrupted when Dean came back to the table with their food and drinks. He handed Sam a small bag of ice.

"For your knee." When Sam looked at him quizzically after placing the ice on his knee, Dean explained further, "Cheyenne was kind enough to give it to me when I told her about your injury."

"Which one's Cheyenne?" Sam asked looking over at the food booth.

"The dark haired girl wearing the red bandana." Sam spotted her, smiled and nodded his head. She grinned back.

"Do I even want to ask what you told her?" he asked taking a big bite of burger.

Dean answered with a muffled, "no," as he hungrily stuffed his burger into his mouth. Bobby found them as they were finishing their food. "Are you hungry Bobby? We can wait," offered Dean.

"I'm fine Dean. You boys ready to continue?"

"Yep," replied Sam standing up. Dean dumped their garbage then they crossed the street to walk up the other side of Main Street.

"Hey sugar. Wanna buy a t-shirt?" a young woman called out to Dean. Sam and Bobby looked through some of the shirts while Dean chatted with the woman. Sam selected a couple of shirts and brought them over to where Dean was standing. "Find something you like sweetie?" she asked Sam. Smiling broadly at the woman Sam nodded and handed over the shirts.

"What did you find Sam?" Dean asked looking curiously through the shirts as the saleswoman rang up the sale. He stared at the picture of an old rancher proclaiming 'Ma, I'm riding the Hog. Now what?' while sitting on the back of a large hog wallowing in a mud hole. Dean practically grabbed the shirt out of the woman's hands and exclaimed, "no way in hell are you buying this one Sammy."

"Yes, I am Dean," he replied handing his money over and waiting for his change. "My money, my choice," Sam said smirking at his brother.

"No way am I wearing that shirt."

"Good, cause it isn't for you. I'm buying it for Joshua…he'll get a kick out of it."

Bobby laughed, "kind of looks like Joshua…on a good day."

Sam held up a black t-shirt that had a picture of a woman with a shotgun slung over her shoulder and a wide-eyed man holding a broken bottle with 'Girls Gone Wild - South Dakota style' printed on the back, "this one's for Ellen," he said grinning.

Shaking his head, Bobby slapped Dean on the back, "come on boys. Let's keep moving."

Dean stalked off while Sam received his change. Smiling seductively she said, "here's my number sugar. You and your friend should give me a call. I'll show you two how to ride a Harley."

Startled, Sam stammered, "sure…thanks," before hurrying off to catch up with Dean and Bobby.

Seeing Sam's face Dean joked, "what's wrong Sammy? She give you her phone number?"

"Actually she did." Dean stopped and stared open mouthed at his brother. Sam continued, "but she also included you in her invitation to 'ride a Harley'."

"A Harley, huh?" Dean caught the woman's eye and gave her a dazzling smile before slapping Sam on the back and continuing on their way. They were half way down Main Street when Sam stopped suddenly. Dean wasn't paying attention and walked right into Sam, almost knocking him onto the ground. "Sam!"

Barely paying attention to his brother he mumbled, "sorry Dean," and walked over to an old motorcycle. "Wow."

Dean stepped over to were Sam was standing, "okay it's an old motorcycle," he said confused.

"Dean it's an Indian," he replied in awe.

"An Indian?"

"Yeah, they revolutionized the motorcycle industry. This machine is older than your Impala."

An old man walked over to Sam, Dean and Bobby. "Excuse me, did you say he owned an Impala?"

"Yes Sir," replied Sam, "a 1967."

The man whistled, "good year." He turned to the motorcycle, "this is a 1936 Indian Sport Scout," he lovingly stroked the seat, "she and I have seen more of North America in our time than you boys probably ever will."

Bobby stepped forward and slapped the man on the back, "Jorge, we were supposed to meet at your house."

"Something came up Bob," he watched as Sam walked around admiring the bike. "Gordon Walker is missing. Jackson found his truck abandoned up in northwestern Montana. Did he contact you? Do you know what he was hunting?"

Dean watched Sam stiffen when Jorge mentioned Gordon. He went and stood next to his brother, "hey Sammy, how about you explain to me how you know what an Indian motorcycle is but you can't tell a spark plug from a carburetor," he said slapping Sam on the shoulder. Dean nodded to Bobby and lead his brother away.

Dean heard Bobby say, "something he shouldn't have been…" before his voice was swallowed up by the chaos of the Rally.

"It's okay Sam…"

Sam interrupted in a quiet voice, "Dean if the other hunters find out what happened to Gordon. They'll come after us."

"Sammy, remember what I told you back in Mandan?"

"Never eat yellow snow."

"No…I didn't…yellow…what?" sputtered Dean. "No Sam, I told you that no one would hurt you while I was around."

"Well yeah, I sort of recall you saying that but I swear you also said to never eat yellow snow and…" he glanced dejectedly at the ground then back up at his brother, "never shove a chopstick down my cast," he added grinning.

Dean couldn't stop himself from smiling, "Sammy."

"Hey Dean, is that a chopstick or are you just glad to see me?"


The Chip - the Buffalo Chip Campground.

The Hills - the Black Hills National Forest.

The one black strap lady - saw her a couple of years ago and that is all she was wearing - one long strap that went around the back of her neck down her front, between her legs and back up like thong underwear and tied around her waist somehow. The only thing I could think of besides the sunscreen and road rash stuff was 'how long before the cops pull them over for indecent exposure &/or making a public nuisance?'.

Daisy Duke's - extremely short shorts made by and worn by Catherine Bach in the 'Dukes of Hazard' TV show.