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Assuming this time that Team 7 and Team 10 never met.. So they didn't know each other. And assuming that Sasuke never betrayed Konoha and he's not a dumb ass, presuming that he's a good boy.


Chapter One- A Promise

Ino's POV..

Well People I am Yamanaka Ino, 26 years old. A woman that was heart broken. Well I had a relationship to this guy named Shikamaru but he just fooled me and make me hope that he will be my man forever. Well he told me that he will marry me. But it was just a lie.

End of Ino's POV

Flash Back..

"Ino I need to go to Suna for some business,," Shikamaru said.

"Okay take care.. But how long will you gone?" Ino inquired him.

"I really don't know.. But I promise when I came back,, we will start our wedding plan.." Shikamaru said.

"Really? I am looking forward to it.." Ino said with a genuine smile and a hug.

"Yeah.. So wait for me.. Promise?" Shikamaru inquired.

"Promise.." Ino said.

He went to Suna for his mission.

3 months later..

Ino received a letter that written in a scroll.

Ino was crying when she read this..

"Ino is there anything happened to Shikamaru?" Chouji confronted her.

She didn't answer. She just cried.

"Did he die or something?" Chouji asked very worried.

"No.." she said still crying..

"So why are you crying?" Chouji inquired.

"He's married.. He just fooled me." she said.

She gave the letter to Chouji to see it for himself.


We can't be together anymore. Temari is a week pregnant to my child. I am very sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you.


"Are you okay?" Chouji asked.

"No.. Please I want to be alone. Please, leave me alone." She said crying.

End of Flashback.

Ino's POV

Well Chouji is my bestfriend and Shikamaru's bestfriend too. Don't be malicious people, Chouji is just my childhood friend and besides Chouji is with Ayame, the daughter of the owner of Ichiraku's Ramen Shop. Well in love, age doesn't matter.

Okay. I don't know how to move on, I gave Shikamaru everything even my heart and soul. Am I that bad to get hurt, did I deserve this? I am now afraid to fell in love again. I won't trust a guy again, I promise. Our relationship lasted for two years but what happened, he just married another woman,. I hate myself, I hate guys. Guys are stupid. All of them are the same.

Days, weeks and months passed but I still can't move on.

Life is very unfair. What things I need to change in order for me to be loved?

I know, questioning God is definitely wrong but if you're suffering, sometimes you can't help it but ask God.

I asked God why did he give me all this problem.

I questioned God if He really do love me.

And I asked Him why He is so unfair.

I am not a bad person. I never wished to God that give me a perfect life.

All I wished to him is give me someone who'll love me no matter what.

Well I focused to my work a lot.

I made myself very busy in order to forget him.

Well, I am a medic-nin, a jounin rank ninja, I tell dad that I will take care of our flower shop sometimes and I accepted the offer to be the head of Interrogation.

Since he just toyed me, and I actually do have a trauma. I will never trust a guy anymore.

End of Ino's POV

Sasuke's POV..

I am Uchiha Sasuke, broken hearted, you won't believe me but a girl just toyed me. I really do love her, I refuse to tell you her name cause I really hate her. For me, saying her name just disgust me. Okay. I really do love her. Actually are relationship lasted for more than three years. I actually did everything for her. I am about to propose her to be my wife but..

End of Sasuke's POV..


He need to surprise her.

He will go to her house and he will propose to her.

He is excited.

He walked towards her home.

They door is lock but I do have the key, so he used the key.

He browse all part of her house except her room.

So, he went to her room, he has a key to her room still.

So he unlocked the door.

He saw her with another guy in her bed. Both of them are complete undressed.

My eyes become wide.

"What is this?!" Sasuke questioned her.

He didn't bother to wait for her answer, he just walked off to her home.

She go after him.

"Sasuke let me explain.." she insisted.

"I don't need your explanation, dirty whore. I never knew that you're that low class. You really disgust me. Since when you're toying me? Since when you become a dirty whore? I gave you everything, didn't I?" he said.

She didn't answer.

Sasuke is not looking at her.

That night his bestfriend confront him.

"Sasuke-teme what really happened?" Naruto asked.

"We broke up, I told you for like hundred times." Sasuke said.

"Baka, I knew that, I am asking you why you two broke up? I asked you that for hundred times but you're not answering me." Naruto said.

"I saw her in the playing fire with another man." Sasuke said.

"Oohh.. You must look for another girl. You deserve more than her. I need to go now, Sakura and I does have a date. " Naruto said cheerfully.

Naruto walk away.

Sasuke's POV..

Months had passed but I still can't move on. That dumb whore.

I did everything for her but she just fiddled me.

I did everything to be a perfect boyfriend for her.

I really thought that I will spend my lifetime with her.

God, why did you do this to me?

I am not a bad person. I am not even a bad boyfriend.

I actually try my best to be a good one.

I even spend my whole time with her.

What's wrong with me?

What did I do wrong?

I need to focus to work more to completely forget someone like her.

Curse that woman.

I am a Jounin and an ANBU Captain.

Well if I don't have mission I am just in training ground, training some of my techniques.

I will never be serious to a woman again. I won't trust a woman again.

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