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A/N: Hello everyone, and welcome to the sequel to Wild Pagan Heart. If you haven't read that, you probably should before reading this. The song for this chapter is 'Hyperballad' by Bjork. The song actually inspired the plot for the sequel one day when I was in Newport sitting by the ocean and listening to it on my Ipod.

I Must Be Dreaming by Cara Mascara

Chapter 1: Imagine What My Body Would Sound Like Slamming Against Those Rocks

The ocean breeze sent chills through my body. My sapphire eyes scanned the landscape below me. I looked to where the water met the skyline, seeing the rising sun peeking over the horizon. I looked to the tide pool below me, way below me. Harsh waves lapped against the rocks and covered the tide pool, only to descend back and uncover it again.

The cliff is so high above the ocean. I stood at the edge, just like every other morning. The waves crashed deafeningly against the base of the cliff where my house was secluded from the rest of Newport, Rhode Island. And he was still asleep. Just like every other morning.

The wing-like sleeves of my blouse flapped in the wind as I waited for the rocks to be uncovered once again by the waves. I dropped the champagne glass I had been clutching over the edge and followed it with my eyes until it shattered, the shards of glass swiftly being swept away by another massive wave.

Silently I wondered what it would feel like if it were my body smashing against those rocks instead of the many breakable objects I have gotten into the habit of tossing down there on a daily basis. Always before he wakes up.

Him, that's right. That's why I don't jump. He says this is how it's supposed to be. This is how it's always been. I sucked in a breath and stepped back from the edge a few feet.

"Again Lux?" he asked me as he came from inside. Arms encircled my waist tightly from behind. I turned in his arms and stared into his hazel eyes. I was safe here, right? That's what he tells me. Nowhere else is safe. Not for someone like me. I should be happy.

"I just like the view," I explained to him. I could tell by his expression he didn't believe me. He knew.

He shook his head and released me, but then snatched my hand from my side. "Let's go in," he said to me. I nodded and followed him into the house. I took once last glance back at 'my spot' before we walked through the door.

"Claudia's coming today," he told me as I sat at the kitchen table. He brought me a cup of green tea and settled across from me with a coffee for himself. I gave a slight smile.

"That's good." Claudia was the only girl I was ever around. His friends were all men, apart from Claudia. She was nearly ten years older than me though. I really had no friends of my own. I don't get out much… or ever really. I stay in the house, or around the house. He says it isn't safe for someone like me to wander around in public. So I listen.

A wail was heard from upstairs and I rose to my feet. I rushed up the stairs quickly and opened the tall oak door to the left, entering a room painted like the night sky. I looked into the crib of the nursery and smiled down at the baby boy sitting up and crying.

"Shh," I cooed and lifted him up, rocking him on my hip. "What's wrong baby?" I asked, knowing he wouldn't answer me. I cupped his diaper and decided he must want a new one. I quickly changed the little boy and put his pajamas back on. I carried him over to the rocking chair in the corner and breastfed him for a while, until he began rejecting the milk. "All full?" I said sweetly to him and smiled at the dribble running down his chin. It's funny how disgusting things can be cute if it's coming from a baby. Leaning him over my shoulder, I patted his back until he'd burped, then carried him downstairs and into the kitchen so I could finish my tea.

"Can't you put him back in his crib?" he asked, seeing me with the baby.

"Why?" As I said that the baby caught sight of him and began crying.

"That's why," he growled and walked out of the kitchen. I just wish Austin would love his son.

-Reid's POV-

"Hey Rita, how much further?" Sarah asked as we walked through yet another path in the trees. I came to Newport with Caleb, Pogue, Tyler, Mel, Dee and Sarah. Sarah asked her cousin Rita who lives in the area to take us around. We were only here for a week in the timeshare, but the lovely reservations got fucked up, so we have nowhere to stay tonight. That means we get to camp out. This mini vacation was a sort of celebration of our first year at college. That's right, a fucking year at college. Pogue, and myself, we went to BU while Caleb, Tyler, Mel and Sarah managed to get their asses into Harvard. Dee doesn't do school. She makes good money working the shop and her tour guide jobs in Salem.

College was all right, really not much different from boarding school besides the fact that there were some older people in certain classes. Oh and co-ed showers. Those were interesting.

Anyway, back to Rita, Sarah was trying to set me up with her. I can't believe she actually thought I'd like this annoying girl. 'Reid and Rita. It's sounds perfect!' she'd said. First of all, she had the most irritating New England accent I've ever heard. Second, her hair had been put through so much torture via peroxide that it looked like straw. Third, she clacked her gum way too loudly. And finally, she never shuts the fuck up! A real gossip girl, that's for sure; no doubt in beauty school. She wouldn't even be worth sleeping with. Then again, no one was really worth sleeping with anymore, and the one's that I thought might be just turned out to be a disappointment.

"This sucks, can we go back?" I asked, not having a good time at all.

"C'mon Reid, I thought you'd have more of an appreciation for nature since you dated Lu-" Red shut her mouth when I glared her way. No one ever talks about her in front of me, ever. I don't want to hear about her. I don't want to be reminded of the girl I actually fucking loved and how she just disappeared off the face of the goddamned earth. "Sorry," she mumbled and we continued walking.

"Almost thea," Rita's irritating voice called from up front. I decided upon meeting her that I'd stay as far away from her as I could. She was in front, so I stayed in back. This cliff walk is fucking lame. I have yet to see a fucking cliff and we've been walking for about an hour now. "Hea we ah goiyz." That voice was killing me.

I looked over the cliff and, I'll admit it, I was impressed. Great view of the ocean and a nice breeze. Lux would've loved to see this. The cliff we stood on went in a horseshoe shape and we stood at one end of the horseshoe while a white house was built on the other end. "Lucky bastards who live there," Dee said, pointing to the house.

"Woud haz it a witch lives thea. I mean, it's a buncha kids who I heards that from, but I guess a guy and a giol live thea with a bayby and the giol neva leaves the house. She just comes outside sometimes and then goes back in. Lot'sa people says she's a witch. Crazy, haw?" Rita said. I shook my head at her stupid story.

"What would make them think that?" Tyler asked, a little interested obviously. I know what he's thinking. I feel like kicking him in the balls for thinking it. It isn't her. She's gone, dead more than likely. If not, she ran away from me. I can't have her either way so fuck it.

""Dunno, guess some people've seen some weid things happen."

I looked back at the water, then shot my eyes back to the house. I someone in the window. Holding a baby. But when I looked back, there was no one there. I sighed. Shit, I'm going crazy.

"You alright man?" Pogue asked, noticing my face. I shook my head, moving my gaze to him and away from the house. Tearing my eyes away was almost painful. Don't be stupid Reid.

"Fine," I answered shortly.

"Alright, let's eat, then set up camp," Caleb said as Sarah set out a picnic blanket on the ground. God, this is so gay. I lay on my back in the grass, my elbows propping me up. I stared at the house some more. I had a weird vibe about this place.

"You feel it too, huh?" Dee asked, sitting next to me. I looked at her like she was crazy.

"Feel what?"

"That house… there's something weird about it…" she trailed off, looking at the beautiful house. I frowned.

"You're crazy," I said and sat up, walking over to get some food.