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I Must Be Dreaming by Cara Mascara

Chapter 12: The Cure

-Reid's POV-

I entered the candle-lit basement in a hurry, scrambling down the stairs and over to where Pogue, Dee and Tyler were crowded around a book. "Let me see! What does it say!?"

Tyler called me. He said they found something. Sure, it's about three in the morning, but it can't wait. I left Lux and my parents and Connor asleep at the house. I managed to get out of bed without Lux waking up and sneak out undetected. I know my parents wouldn't approve. They already think I'm at risk of becoming addicted. Using to get Lux's memory back is probably going to take a decent amount out of me.

My eyes scanned the weathered page of the ancient book.

'Powers and emotions tied,
a witch's heart is where it hides,
help her through her agony
bless her with her memory'

I swallowed and looked to Tyler, Pogue and Dee. "That's it? That doesn't seem right. Shouldn't there be more to it?" All the stupid spell needs is a few herbs, crystals and a lock of the person's hair.

"The simple ones always take the most out of you. But if we talk to Caleb…" Dee trailed off in thought.

"Reid, we don't think you should do it. Just let us do it." I looked at Tyler like he was insane.


"You have a baby you need to raise. We don't know how much power this is going to take…" Pogue started to say.

"Hell no! You really think I'd sit by and let you all take the hit for me?"

"Face it Reid. You use more than all of us combined. It'll take a huge toll on you. It'll be like nothing between us and Caleb." Dee's words were right. I knew they were. But still, it's my problem, not theirs.

"We want to do it Reid. She's our friend. We want her to remember just as bad as you do." After a long period of silence after Tyler said those words I nodded, caving.

"Okay, then. Dee, you have your stuff?"

"It's in the car," she said with a nod.

"Okay, you and Tyler set everything up. Pogue, go get Caleb. Don't tell him why we need him; just tell him it's an emergency. I'll go get Lux."

We all rushed up the stairs and outside to the cars. Pogue hopped on his bike and disappeared down the road while I climbed into my truck. Tyler and Dee went back inside, Dee's hands clutching a large, deep red sack.

I took a deep breath and pulled out into the road. This is it. This is our only chance. If this doesn't work, I'm going to give up. I don't know what else to do.

-Pogue's POV-

"Hurry up man," I bugged Caleb as he put his shoes on.

"What is the emergency Pogue?" I paused, not really sure what to do. Does Reid want to tell him? I have no idea.

"Just... come on!" I begged. God Caleb, can't you just shut up and listen for once?

I was really glad to find Sarah was home in Boston. Mel had stayed at home as well. I don't think they should be around when we do this. I mean, we don't know what's going to happen. Hopefully everything goes according to planned. But if something goes wrong, I don't think Mel or Sarah should be there to see it. They might freak out or something.

"Listen Pogue, tell me what's going on now, or I'm not getting in that car," Caleb threatened, his keys gripped in his hand as he leaned against the hood of his car. Damn it, why does he have to be in control all the fucking time?!

I ran my hands through my hair and sighed. "Okay, okay. We found this... spell in the basement. We've been looking for memory revival spells for like... I don't know. A while."

Caleb closed his eyes and sighed. He opened the door of his Mustang and climbed in. I got into the passenger's seat, leaving my bike at Caleb's. "I knew it was going to be something like this. Let me guess, this was Reid's idea?"

Usually, when Caleb jumps at Reid like that, he has good reason to. But seriously, it's not like this is something stupid. "It wasn't just Reid. It's all of us," I defended. Caleb glanced at me as he drove down the road towards the colony house.

"You can't just mess around with stuff like this. It's dangerous."

"Don't you think we've considered that? We have to try though. How would you feel if Sarah didn't remember anything?" Caleb bit his lip and that was that. We drove with only the sound of the radio until we got to the colony house.

When we got there, Reid was still gone, but Tyler and Dee had set everything up. Caleb browsed the spell and the rest of the book it was in, looking kind of unsure the whole time. Not that it's surprising.

"I'm just a little worried. I don't want this to blow up in our faces. It all seems too easy," he said.

"Yeah, we thought the same that's why... that's why we think Reid should sit out," Tyler told him. I sighed at the look on Caleb's face. He frowned in confusion. But then his expression softened.

"You're right. He has a baby now." I was surprised at how easy that was. No explanation or anything. "Besides, he uses too much anyway. We can all get away with it. He... well, I don't think it would be good for him."

-Lux's POV-

"Don't worry baby, okay?" Reid spoke to me. I didn't like leaving Connor in the middle of the night. And Reid wouldn't tell me where we were going. But we stopped in front of an old looking house.

He led me through the front door, through a living room where an old man was sleeping on the couch with a shotgun over his lap, and down a flight of candle lit stone steps. I looked around the basement and found the others with powers there.

"Sit down babe," Reid instructed me and I took a seat on a stone. "We found a spell. It'll give you your memory back."

"Provided it works," Caleb added. I noticed the others glare at him and I suddenly felt guilty. I could feel a lot of tension in the room.

"I'm sorry," I muttered, folding my hands in my lap.

"Sorry for what?" Reid asked, bending to his knees to be eye level with me. I swallowed the lump in my throat.

"I just cause so much trouble." I confessed my feelings to the others.

"No you don't Lux. We love you," Dee told me. I sighed and nodded.

"I need some of your hair," Pogue broke the sudden silence, offering a pair of scissors to me. I cut a thin lock of my fading black hair and Caleb took it, bringing it to the middle of the circle. They all took spots, Dee and Reid both going for the same seat.

"Reid," Caleb said in a warning tone and Reid stepped back, giving Dee the seat and walking over beside me instead. He sat down and held my hand. "I love you no matter what happens, okay?" he assured me and I nodded.

A sudden breeze picked up in the room. From where I sat, I could clearly see Caleb and Tyler's eyes turn black. The four began chanting.

'Powers and emotions tied,
a witch's heart is where it hides,
help her through her agony
bless her with her memory'

My body started to feel strange and my breathing picked up as they repeated the chant over and over again. I could feel the power pulsing through my body as my breathing became ragged. My head began to throb and I gripped Reid's hand tightly. My body began convulsing and I couldn't comprehend what went on after that.

-Reid's POV-

I started to panic. She was cutting the circulation off in my hand. Her eyes were just as black everyone else's and she began to shake. Shit!

"Guys. Guys! Lux! What's happening?" No one was responding. They continued the spell and Lux started to pant and whimper.

"Dead... dead... love. Why?" Tears streamed down her face as her stuttered words came out. "He killed- killed him!" I felt the color drain form my face when those words left her mouth. Was she talking about me? I didn't... I didn't want to kill anyone. I had to. She's supposed to know that! "Cried and cried and wish I'd died." The creepy rhyme reminded me of some fucked up horror movie. "Not crazy." Her body shook even more violently and I shot up from where I sat. "Took me away."

Her hands shot up and she clutched her head on both hands, a loud scream emitting from her voice as a flash of white light burst from her, almost blinding me. "Connor!"

When I looked back, she was dropped to her hands and knees, her long dark hair covering her face.

Caleb, Ty, Pogue and Dee all rushed over to us and we waited, staring down at Lux, looking for some type of reaction. She slowly sat up, looking around and shakily getting to her feet. Her swollen lips quivered and her face was wet from sweat and tears. "We... we need to go. Now!" she yelled.

I flinched at her raised voice and grabbed her shoulders as she tried to pass me. "Lux, wait. Do you remember?"

"Not now. Connor is in trouble. We. Need. To. Go." She snapped harshly. I was a little taken aback at her attitude but my panic was way more overpowering. Connor? My Connor?

My son?