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Summary: An orphaned halfling is forced to be raised by Clopin and, as she grows, falls in love with him. One year, she joins the Feast of Fools and is spotted by Frollo. They once knew each other when her father was the captain of his army. He pulls her away from the feastival and claims he had been searching for her for quite some time. Why? Because her parents promised her to him in marriage. Now she must choose; Clopin or Frollo? Movie-Based

It's better than the summary makes it, I just suck at writing summaries lol.

My name is Lavender Black, daughter of Lilac Hellrose and Arthur Black. The reason why I took my father's name, although I look the spitting image of my mother, was because he made me swear I would. He told me, before his untimely demise that if I were in need of help one day to go to Judge Claude Frollo. I was only ten at the time but I was wise enough to realize that my father was a powerful man in Frollo's army.

I had always had some sort of crush on the priest. Something about him made me stare and wonder. Looking back on it now, I think it was his voice, that dark voice that dripped with dominance. And his eyes…oh those cold eyes always softened when he saw me. Sometimes I used to think he liked me too, but what man in his twenties would go after a ten year old? Such a silly phase we go through when we're children, daydreaming "what if." It wasn't until later in my teen years did I realize why he stared at me in such ways.

But enough of that for now, I think I should tell my story from the beginning. Somehow through the pain, the torture, the tears, the laughs, the smiles and the seasons, I have survived through it all and live to tell the tale of an Outsider to both kinds.

"Father, why are we going down here? Better yet, where is 'here'?" My voice rang out and bounced off the skeleton covered walls. The man before me stumbled off the bottom step, giving me more reason to believe he was drunk. At first I thought it was nothing more than a worthless task to search for, but when I saw the stairs in the coffin, questions flooded my mind.

Arthur Black was once a great noble captain in Frollo's army. At one time or another, he had dark green eyes the color of spring grass that shined with love and the desire to protect people. His hair was the color of a new pecan tree which rested on his shoulders. Although Mother always hated it, he had a dark brown, almost black, beard covering his fair white skin. When I was younger I thought my father was not only the most powerful man besides Judge Frollo, but one of the most handsome men in town.

But every since the death of Mother, his hair was slick with dirt and mud that refused to stay still, his beard was untrimmed and shabby looking. His skin was pale as milk while his warm green eyes turned cold with grief.

His gruff voice answered as I stepped in the knee deep water, "This is the Courts of Miracles…in a way. Your mother told us to…" He stopped talking abruptly, the fire he held danced shadows on his face showing hidden emotions.

The minutes ticked by as we walked what seemed like miles and miles. My father was hiding something from me and I knew that this trip was more than a drunken search for "hidden treasure". When it came to secrets, he never could keep them. During Christmas he'd try so hard not to reveal the presents he'd gotten for me and Mother, so he waited until the night before to buy them.

I shivered at the feeling of cold tainted water wrap around my legs. In my mind, I sighed heavily with the knowledge that my favorite black dress with multiple shades of purple was caked with mud.

With clumsy hands, I brushed my black hair back and placed a silk lavender ribbon around it to keep it from blocking my vision. The ribbon was one of the many small things my mother left me when she died; it smelt like roses and lilacs just like her.

"I miss mom…" A whisper escaped my abnormal colored lips, making my father turn on his heels. My eyes were shut tight, expecting him to hit me like he did every time I mentioned her. Instead of his hand striking me, he nodded absentmindedly and glanced around with his back turned to me. "Yeah…me too, Daughter…" Through the dark, although I could not see him, I could tell he was fighting back tears once more.

It still bothered me as we walked through the tunnel, why was he taking me to some place even he didn't know of? Mother must have said something about it on her Deathbed to make him this determined.

"This isn't right." For a moment, thanks to the darkness, my father sounded like the old captain he was. "There should be a guard, a trap, anything!" Suddenly the light was blown out by a cold rush of air.

With sarcasm tap-dancing in my voice, I muttered, "Or…possibly, an ambush!" Several men with torches appeared around us, half of them jumping down to capture my father and me.

He yelled as he was punched two to the ground, "Run you idiot girl! Don't just stand there!" Fear pulsed through my veins as I slipped away from a pair of hands, finding solid dry land, and sprinted off. I managed to get a few yards away before slamming into a tall lean body. Looking up with a grimace of pain, I gasped to see a skeleton. But this wasn't a real Skelton, just a man in a costume! No, scratch that, a man in a costume who had captured me.

When I was dragged back to my only living blood relative, the man took off his mask and questioned, "Well what do we have here?! Two intruders! Tell me, girl, what's your name?" He was quite handsome, I had to admit quietly. The man had black hair covered by a torn purple hat, a black goatee, with a golden earring. His nose was big but in some funny way, cute.

My hope of getting his hands off my arms, just like my struggle, was in vain so I did what I currently could do at the moment; stomped on his foot and spat in his face. For a moment I believed he would grow angry and harm me, but instead he laughed at my feisty attitude.

"Spies!" The Gypsy man holding my father exclaimed. My eyes widened in shock and rage. How dare they accuse us of…oh wait, my father was a captain of Frollo's. I struggled once more in the iron grip and glared with hatred at them all.

"We are not spies! We…" My voice died down when I saw my Father laugh. It wasn't the comforting laugh he used to share with us when telling a funny joke; this laugh sent shivers down my spine.

In a commanding strong voice, he spoke to the leader, "Well I guess I'm found. You know who I am as well as I know who you are. I came down here to discover the Court, bringing my daughter with me as leverage, but apparently I'm caught. I ask you, however, to not punish my girl for my mistake." My skin felt as if I was dosed with bucket after bucket of cold water. I couldn't breathe when realization hit me; he was purposely saying he was a spy to get himself killed while at the same time ensuring my safety.

"As you can see, my daughter is the offspring of Lilac Hellrose. She's half Gypsy whether you people like it or not…meaning you must take the child in." My father smirked, allowing me to see the black eye he got from the fight.

With more lighting from the fires, I could see my captor smiling, whether in a sadistic matter or not, I did not know. As we were pulled into the real Court of Miracles, my mind went numb with rage and fear. Why was my father doing this? Why was he leaving me with these people? Did my mother request I be raised by her own people? Or did he just grow tired of me and life without his wife?

The man dressed entirely in a Fool's purple and blue outfit pulled me towards the shadows, away from the scene. Looking behind my back, I could see a noose wrap around my father's neck. Suddenly I screamed in horror and, surprisingly strong for a ten year old, I yanked away from the once-believed-to-be-iron grip. My feet traveled through the crowds while my mind furiously thought of a way to stop it all.

Just as I reached the stage, my Father gave me a soft gentle smile as if all this was a nightmare and he was next to me, comforting me. "Dad!" My throat closed with tears after that word. It was almost in slow motion; the skull headed leverage was pulled, the floor underneath my father's feet disappeared and finally the body itself falling with a snap of the neck.

The crowd behind me cheered at the display of the dead "spy" while I wept without sound. My legs felt wobbly as jelly but somehow managed to pull me just a few feet from my dad's hung body. His eyes held the old warm protection in them but it slowly melted into coldness.

I felt arms wrap around my waist, pulling me away from the body. I was yanked into a tent as I fought weakly, screaming "bastards" over and over again. The tent was huge and full of colorful furniture. There stood the same man from earlier, a frown resting on his lips.

My voice was silenced and replaced by sobs, my legs giving away and making me fall to my knees. I rested my forehead an inch above my mud covered dress, tears washing it away. I was an orphan, a Halfling orphan.

Managing to collect myself long enough to look up, I saw the man watching me with pity and curiosity. I refused to allow him to see me cry anymore; I needed to remain strong if I was to live with these odd murderers. For once in my life I was happy that my jet black hair fell across my face, hiding my eyes.

"Wh-who are you?" My throat was sore from screaming and crying so much. I wiped away what tears remained with the back of my hand, brushing my soft hair away for a split second. Apparently it was long enough for him to see a glimmer of my true appearance.

The tall man got on his knees while answering, "My name is Clopin. What's your name, little one?"

I felt tired beyond human standards, exhaustion wrapping around me like a warm comfy blanket. I was too tired to jump back when he pushed my black hair away from my face, his gloved hand resting under my chin to make me look up. Expecting a horrified gasp, I was surprised to see a soft smile. With that, I gave into the blissful darkness called sleep, wishing this was all a nightmare.

[Clopin's POV

Carefully placing the girl on a pallet of blankets, I studied her. I could tell she was strong from the moment her father and her invaded our home. "Lilac Hellrose…It's been a while since I heard her name." This child no older than twelve looked exactly like her with some differences. She had her mother's tan skin that was covered with numerous scars, but from what? Her spirit, her strength, her voice, her hair and even her eyes were like her mothers.

But the one thing that completely separated Lilac and her child was the girls color. Her eyes were as purple as a grape, her lips lavender as the ribbon that once held her midnight black hair back. I looked in my hands to see the ribbon and immediately realized it was Lilac's. Where was she anyway? Surely she wouldn't have let that man take her daughter here without her.

Shrugging at the questions that plagued my mind, I got up and left the tent, glancing at the sleeping child behind me. Now…what to do with the body?

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