Let's Make the Inuyasha Characters Do Stuff

KSDG: EVERY LIVING THING MUST DIE. –clears throat- Now that I have your attention, this is something I started basically for me. You readers out there are important of course because you guys get to ask the Inu-tachi what you want; whether those things are dares, questions, or anything you're little creative minds can think of. Whatever it is, we can do it, since I have the power to do so. Now let's meet our stars, we have: Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, Sesshomaru, Kikyo and last, but not least Naraku.

Inuyasha: Why the hell are we here?! And who the hell are you?!

KSDG: Have a little patience my cute little hanyou. You guys are here because I say so. Anyway to explain, our readers (if there are any) are going to ask you guys anything they wish and you guys are going to do it.

Sesshomaru: And what if we refuse to participate?

KSDG: Then they come up with a punishment if you don't do what they ask. Sounds simple ne?

Sango: Why does this seem so weird?

KSDG: Cause you're with me.

Everyone: -stares at KSDG-

Kikyo: -looks around- Where's Kagome?

KSDG: She's not going to be in here unless a reviewer wants her to be in here.

Kikyo: But she's the second main character.

KSDG: I know Kikyo-sama but I hate her. That's why you're here.

Kikyo: I have a fan?

KSDG: Damn straight. –hugs Kikyo-

Sango: Why do you hate Kagome?

KSDG: Cause I do. Nothing is going to change that so don't even bother trying to convert me. Now, just to get things started this is something that I want really badly. My dare is for all of you, I dare: Inuyasha to start making out with Sesshomaru, Sango has to make out with Naraku and all Miroku has to do is grope the guys.

Kikyo: So what do I do?

KSDG: You just sit with me and we watch the show. Oh and while I'm at it. –restores Kikyo to her human flesh-

Everyone: -stares-

Naraku: You made her human?!

KSDG: It's my story. I do what I want. –offers Kikyo some ramen-

Kikyo: Thank you.

Inuyasha: Ramen!

KSDG: Nope. You'll get your ramen when you finish making out with your brother.

Inuyasha: -stares at Sesshomaru in disgust-

Sesshomaru: -glares at younger sibling- -turns to me- I despise you…

KSDG: Aww, I love you too. Now get kissing.

Inuyasha: -grabs Sesshomaru and begins to make out with him-

Sango: -glares at me before turning to Naraku-

Naraku: -grabs Sango and starts making out with-

Miroku: -stares in shock and begins to cry-

-Okay… Now the two pairings seem to be enjoying themselves… A lot…-

Miroku: -tries to stroke Sango's ass-

Kikyo: -slaps Miroku's hand- She didn't say that you get to grope the girls.

Miroku: -keeps weeping as he moves over to touch Naraku- -watches in shock and bewilderment when he sees Sango stick out her tongue into Naraku's mouth- WTH?!

-Inuyasha and Sesshomaru are really enjoying it…-

KSDG: -pulls out camera and starts taking photos- These are going right on eBay.

Kikyo: -watches the display between the two- They seem to be having fun.

KSDG: Yeah, that's why I'm taking pictures to keep this memory forever.

Kikyo: -turns to me- Um… Can I have one…?

KSDG: Uh-huh. I was going to give one to you anyway. Yaoi… -chuckles- It's so amusing at times. Send us your stuff okay? –looks at the making out people- You guys can stop now ya know?

-the pairs keep making out…-