Kikyo: I'm guessing you're guilty...?

KSDG: -sighs- Yeah, I am; I mean, it's been almost a whole month since I last updated.


KSDG: -bows down repeatedly- I'm sorry Naraku-kun, but I was busy with my other stories then the finals for school were bringing me down along with mountains of homework. Can you believe they also gave us homework over the break? There goes my chance to update stories...

Naraku: Hmph, you better be sorry. You left me alone with these bastards for almost a month.

KSDG: I'm sorry; tell you what, I'll take you wherever you want today, and you don't have to pay for anything.

Inuyasha: What about us?

KSDG: Well, I do owe Naraku more, considering the fact that I also killed him in my story.

Naraku: -sits down in beanbag chair and sniffs- I'm still hurt that you did that to me…

KSDG: -climbs into his lap and snuggles him- You know that the story had to be done that way. But I promise to hold my end of the bargain and do that story with you and Kikyo, no matter how long it might take me.

Naraku: You're the best Katana! –hugs me-

Sesshomaru: -glares- What's this…?

Miroku: Don't tell me you're jealous.

Sesshomaru: My lover is putting the moves on my mate! Who wouldn't be pissed off?!

Sango: …and who's your mate…?

Sesshomaru: Katana you fools, I fucked her so she's mine.

KSDG: -hits Sesshomaru in the head with a plastic mallet- And you're lucky I didn't cut off your balls, especially since I wasn't willing.

Sesshomaru: Oh! That's such a lie!

KSDG: No it isn't and you know it. Come Naraku, let us elope.

Naraku: More than happy to my dear. –takes my arm as we start skipping down the yellow brick road-

Sesshomaru: HOLD IT!!

Bankotsu: We gotta stop them! Sessh, you get Katana, I just want Naraku.

Sesshomaru: I get both you dumbass! –knocks Bankotsu to the ground- You two come back here!

KSDG and Naraku: Never!

Kagura: Is he forgetting that he's mine?

Inuyasha: Ah ha! So you didn't mind getting married to your parent!

Kagura: Not when he's that hot.

Kikyo: Well… -looks at the people running around- We might as well read the dare. This is from Bankotsus-girl07: I dare Sesshomaru to make the biggest idiot out of himself. Miroku to grope Naraku (and the other guys) Kagome to jump off a cliff and for me to marry Bankotsu (Just call me Kirra)

Inuyasha: There's no need for Sesshomaru to try, he's already acting like the biggest jackass we'll ever see!

Sesshomaru: -grabs Inuyasha's cheeks and pulls- I hate you…

Kirra: Bankotsu-kun! –glomps-

Bankotsu: Hi future bride!

Jakotsu: Women always take my men… -thinks- Maybe I should try growing breasts or something.

Kikyo: Good luck with that.

Jakotsu: -flinches-

Miroku: I might as well become bi or something since people have me grope nothing but men.

Misty: Think of our child Miroku-kun!

Miroku: You're right dear, the sake of our child and future children depend on my masculinity. Otherwise, our children will end as fucked up as Sesshomaru and Naraku's children.

Naraku and Sesshomaru: -hits monk over the head- We heard that!

Inuyasha: These guys will never learn.

Kagome: AHHHHHH! –falls down a cliff-

Inuyasha: -turns around- Kagome? –looks down the cliff- Where'd the hell this come from?

Sango: No clue.

Inuyasha: -glances at Sango- So, you're no longer upset about Miroku being married.

Sango: Nah, I got my revenge.

Kikyo: Besides, you can always come by our place Sango-chan.

Inuyasha: -blushes- What…?

Sango and Kikyo: Is that a problem?

Inuyasha: No, not at all… But, two women at the same time…?

Sango: We did it before!

Kikyo: And besides, you didn't have a problem seeing two girls at once.

Inuyasha: -hangs head and thinks- So Kikyo was pissed about it…

Sango: Aww! Look at him; he looks like a sad puppy!

Kikyo: Inu you're so kawaii!

Inuyasha: I'm not a puppy! –feels something touch his ass- Miroku!

Miroku: You think I like this? It's in the dare.

Sango and Kikyo: It said 'Naraku'! –takes Inuyasha away- Not 'Inuyasha-kun!'

Miroku: It's kinda hard to grope someone who won't stay still. –points a finger in another direction-

Sesshomaru: I don't care if I DO look like an idiot! I'll die before you run off together!

Me and Naraku: Catch us then!

Kirra: -snuggles closer to Bankotsu- I'm happy!

Bankotsu: I am too, believe me on that.

KSDG: -schreeches to a halt- Stop you two.

Naraku and Sesshomaru: Why?

KSDG: We gotta make sure this loverly couple gets married. Come everyone to the alter. Do you take Kirra to be your wife?

Bankotsu: Yup.

KSDG: And we all know you want Bankotsu.

Kirra: Yup!

KSDG: Kiss the bride then, and there's a bedroom upstairs.

-the two are already near the door-

Sesshomaru: That was fast… -picks me up- And she's mine dammit!

Naraku: WHAT?! NUH-UH! –suddenly flinches- Miroku!

Misty: He kind of had to.

Miroku: -takes his daughter into arms- Yeah, and besides I just have to grope Jakotsu for the remainder of the time. Oh, Sesshomaru and Katana are over there. You're so cute! –kisses daughter on the forehead-

Naraku: Sesshomaru, come back here with her! I wanted her first and you know it!

KSDG: He's right.

Sesshomaru: You'd pick that devilish looking jackass over me?

KSDG: Oh come on. –hugs Naraku and points to his face- Who does not think this is smexy? Sides, you were married to him weren't you Fluffy?

Sesshomaru: We still are!

Naraku: And you took my interest. –picks me up- We're gonna elope so go away!

Hakudoshi: I'm getting a new mommy! And she's evil so it works wonderfully!

Naraku: See? Our children prefer her more than you.

Sesshomaru: -takes me back- She's mine though. I screwed her before you did, chapter 20 said so.

Naraku: So? You saw her only as a human and I've been hitting on her longer than you so you're 'claim' on her matters not.

Hakudoshi and Kanna: Katana-chan, can we go get snow cones?

KSDG: Sure kids. Let's leave the adults to converse. –takes the two by the hand-

Kikyo: I never expected Naraku and Sesshomaru to fight over Katana-chan.

Sango: Neither did I, but we also have to remember: they like the evil type.

Inuyasha: Well, this chapter is now coming to a close and we're terribly sorry for the slow update.

Jakotsu: This made up for it thought right?

Kikyo: And Katana-chan says that she has now put her 2nd profile for stories that are not Inuyasha related. Her name's Amaya Matsushita, and if you wish to see it, she'll put up a link for you on her 1st account.

Misty: Till next time!