It started with the lack of touch while sleeping and then it ended with sleeping in different bedrooms. After eight years of marriage and two children, Rory and Logan Huntzberger had given up.

Rory Gilmore at 22 said 'yes' reluctantly to Logan's proposal at her graduation, and on the way to San Francisco, decided to stop in Las Vegas and elope. Standing beside her on the altar was the boy of who was suddenly a man, admitting his undying love while slipping on the ring. The first three years of marriage were blissful and without a doubt full of love. Rory discovered she was pregnant on the eve of her 25th birthday and had a feeling that the rest of her life was bound to be somewhat happy as long as she had Logan.

When giving birth to their first baby, Logan held Rory's hand with the assurance that she would be alright and with all the love he had in his heart for her. She screamed and cried in pain, mouthing off to her mother behind Logan about how she failed to mention never to get pregnant. The baby's head was crowning and the doctor needed one more strong push from Rory. Logan tried coaching her, but obscenities shot out of her mouth like rapid fire.

"Ace, you have to push. One more time," shouted Logan over Rory's screams.

"That's easy for you to say, bastard. Why couldn't you have worn a condom?" The pain increased, for Rory and Logan.

"You'll be glad that I didn't once you see how gorgeous our kid is going to be. Now, Ace just try." Rory groaned in pain.

"You jump, I jump, Jack." Rory gripped Logan's hand harder and his face turned bright red from the excruciating but surprising pain coming from Rory's grip. Their first son was born. Jack Elias Huntzberger. Like clockwork, Rory gave birth to another son the following year, Charles Richard. Although rough times where inevitably before them after the birth of Charlie, they seemed to be able to deal with it. Even with constant fighting, at the end of the night Logan would always find his way to Rory's side of the bed and put his arm around her in which she would snuggle into his body, not as a way to apologize, but to let each other know they could get through anything. A downfall was suddenly before them during their sixth year of marriage. Logan would rarely move to the other side of the bed at night. It stopped altogether when Rory no longer contoured herself when Logan made the effort. The time before night fell had gotten worse between them and their relationship suffered.

The next year Logan and Rory fought only once a week, but their actions towards each other all together took a dive. Love was no longer apart of their vocabulary, and not to mention the phrase "terms of endearment" as well. Ace was never used again after that year and Rory took random trips out to Connecticut with the boys being with her family of which always seemed to bring her happiness.

Now into their eighth year with Jack being five years old and Charlie being four, Logan slept in the guest bedroom on the main floor. Now into their eighth year the damage had already been done. Now into their eighth year they were ready for a divorce.

"I don't want the boys seeing us like this...sleeping in different rooms, barely talking to each other."

"I know it's been hard, but it'll get better."

"Rory, you just don't get it. We're lying to each other. We don't love each other anymore."

Rory looked down at her feet defeated, "I know."

"Alright then," whispered Logan, "We'll get the same lawyer. It should be quick and satisfactory."

"Good to know."

Their biggest problem was miscommunication. For example, Logan only said, "we don't love each other anymore" just to see Rory's reaction and if it was true on her part. He could not fathom that she confirmed that they didn't love each other any longer, making it seem as though she did not love him. On the other side of it, Rory only said 'I know' because she thought it would not have mattered to say if she still loved him since it seemed that he didn't love her anymore by his words.

At the very end of the conversation, Logan went on a whim and stepped closer to Rory. He grabbed her and was surprised that she squeezed him back with enough intensity as he had to her. Thinking that she was just being polite, Logan brushed off the thought that she still had feeling towards him.

"I don't know, Rory. I don't know." said Logan, slightly muffled by his face in her neck.

At the attorney's office everything was decided. The most important was that they would have joint custody of the boys. Rory refused to take spousal support from Logan, and a part of her wanted to say 'no' to when he said for her and the boys to stay in their old house.

"I want Rory to keep the house."

"I don't think that will be necessary, Logan," said Rory, taking another sip of her water.


"I don't want to stay there."

The attorney decided to chime in.

"Why don't you want to stay there, Mrs. Huntzberger?" Rory cringed inside when the attorney addressed her as that.

"There are too many memories…" Logan looked at Rory and she stared back, looking into his lifeless eyes. Rory took a deep breath, "Actually, it'll be okay. I'd like to keep it."

Six months until their divorce was final. Six months until all their old memories were to become simply meaningless. Six months until a decade spent together was to stop abruptly.

Six months for Rory and Logan to fall in love with each other once again.