Chapter 1: Dimensional Accident

A year and half after Zira's birth...

"Chance, would you get Zira up and dressed? I'm running behind this morning." Ulysses shouted from the bathroom.

"Alright, love!" He shouted back as he pulled on his last shoe and tied it. He walked down the stairs and into their daughter's room. Zira was already awake and bouncing up and down in her crib.

"Da,da!" She burbled happily, reaching her arms up for her dad.

"Hello, sweetpea, how's daddy's little kitten, hmmm...?" Chance cooed at her as he lifted her up and placed her on the changing table. He made quick work of changing her diaper and dressing her. "How about something to eat?" He asked.

"Yeth..." Zira lisped hugging her dad's neck.

They walked through the living room and into the wing for the kitchen. Chance set his daughter into her high chair, put on her bib and quickly got her juice and cereal.

A moment later her mother swept in. The tabby tom had already set the coffee on and was fixing a cream cheese bagel and some sliced apples for his rushed mate. Feral swooped down and kissed Zira, who giggled and splurted cereal as she said 'ma, ma!' then he turned and kissed his mate.

"Good morning, Chance. Thanks for the coffee and breakfast. I don't know why I overslept this morning. It's not something I'm used to having happen." Uly said irritably.

"Ah, love. It happens when you're pregnant. Your body needs more rest. You're going to have to take some kat naps at work. This is your third pregnancy you know and your body is just taking more of your energy this time around." Chance said as he made his own breakfast. His mate just grunted in annoyance, ate quickly, and rose to leave.

"Don't forget your snack, love. It's in the fridge!" Chance told him. Sighing, Feral moved to the fridge and grabbed the sack Chance had packed the night before.

He dragged his coat on and buttoned it then kissed his mate and daughter once more before heading out the back door for the hidden landing pad where his chopper waited for him. Chance soon heard his mate winging his way to work.

"Well little one, daddy has to get to work." Chance told his daughter as he cleaned her face and took her from her high chair. He hugged her tightly then called for the nanny bot, "Clara! I'm leaving."

A pleasant looking kat-like robot quickly rolled into the room. "Have a good day Master." It told him pleasantly as it waited to take control of the little toddler.

"Thanks, Clara." He told it. "Now you behave for Clara, Zira. Daddy and Mommy will see you later, okay?" Chance said hugging his daughter one more time.

"'kay! Da...da!" Zira said hugging her dad.

He handed her to the nanny and left out the door for the garage and his cyclotron.

Feral was tired as he walked into his office and sighed at the pile of reports that waited for him on his desk and at least four meetings all before lunch. As for Chance his morning was getting off to a bad start as well.

At the Motorcycle Research Testing Center, what should have been a simple test of a new model with more speed and maneuverability turned into a disappointment when the engine went into meltdown barely minutes into the test. Chance found himself struggling to keep the bike from totally disintegrating before he could get it halted. It didn't cooperate and he'd only managed to jump off the thing in time before it blew apart. Bruised, dirty and furious he brushed off the emergency crew's attempts to check him out as he stormed to the observation station to have a word with the designer.

By eleven o'clock, Feral was ready to shoot Steele during a scheduling meeting and Chance had to be forcibly prevented from doing bodily harm to the designer. Minutes later an emergency brought them to alert status and rushing to the scene of a potential omega sighting.

"Commander Feral, Dark Kat and Hard Drive have been seen at the Megakat Nuclear Power Plant. A squadron of combat troops have already been dispatched and your niece is waiting to pilot you." The Sergeant said when he burst into the meeting room. Feral jumped from his seat, relieved to get away from Steele and paperwork, took his jacket the Sergeant thoughtfully retrieved from his office for him and buttoned it as he waited for the elevator to take him to the flight line.

He rushed across the flight line and climbed into his chopper. Putting on his helmet and seat belt he gave the go-ahead signal for Felina to take off. They were soon winging away with a fleet of choppers headed for the power plant.

As Chance turned away from the idiot designer, trying to cool his temper, his signaler went off. Looking quickly around he saw no one was near him then flicked his SWAT Kat comm on. "Chance get ready for pickup! Dark Kat and Hard Drive have been sighted at the power plant! Be there in ten!" Razor said briskly.

"Roger!" Chance barked back and ran for his cyclotron. Jumping aboard, he was off down the road away from the research center. Within minutes, the Turbokat was flying overhead. Chance altered the cyclotron to aerial mode and launched himself up to the jet's loading ramp. Once onboard he quickly changed clothes and climbed up into the pilot's seat. Taking the controls from Razor he changed their direction and shot them to the power plant rapidly.

The enforcers and the SWAT Kats nearly arrived at the same time. The scene was chaotic. An enforcer combat squadron with tanks were having a shooting match with Dark Kats landed fear ship but DK's force field kept his ship from suffering any harm from the tanks.

Assessing the scene, Razor decided to try a newly revamped scrambler missile hoping to take down the force field. T-Bone took the jet into a strafing run but just as he had gotten into position, a beam of green energy stabbed out at them. T-Bone took quick evasive action ruining Razor's aim. Fortunately, he had not gained target acquisition yet so a missile wasn't wasted.

They made another attempt, while Feral took his choppers in to try and divert Dark Kat's attention. They succeeded as the Turbokat managed to get into position again and Razor fired his missile.

"Bingo!" Razor crowed as the scrambler brought down the force field. The tanks began to make swiss cheese of the fear ship.

"Way to go, Razor. Looks like Feral has a handle on the fear ship." T-Bone said in satisfaction.

"Yeah, but it seems too easy. Do we know if those two are even in the fear ship or are they already inside?" Razor said worriedly.

"Crud! Guess we'll have to go in to find out." T-Bone growled taking the Turbokat down to land away from the battlefield.

Feral saw them prepare to land, "Felina take us down!" He ordered. "This is Feral, choppers continue to keep watch above the entrance to the power plant and the fear ship." He ordered his fleet. "Tank crew! Whose in charge?" Feral said as he changed frequency for the ground forces.

"Major Wenrow here sir!" Came the quick response.

"Major. I'm coming down! The SWAT Kats are already heading in. Any sign of Dark Kat and Hard Drive?" He asked as Felina brought his chopper down for a landing not far from the Turbokat.

"We saw someone leave the ship and head inside but couldn't confirm their identity, sir. We did see creeplings go in as well though." Major Wenrow answered.

"Alright have four of your tanks remain at the entrance to prevent the two omegas from getting past us. Have the rest of your troops join me as I go inside to look for them." Feral said briskly.

"Yes sir!" the Major acknowledged passing the order on. He would stay with the rest of the tank crew on the outside. As Feral climbed out of his chopper with Felina shadowing him a group of troopers joined him and they all made for the plant entrance.

Dark Kat and Hard Drive were indeed inside the plant preparing to use some kind of device that was supposed to shut down all the power in the city and create chaos.

"Have you got that connected yet?" Dark Kat barked as he worked on having his creeplings install a nuclear fuel rod into the device.

"Nearly got it..." Hard Drive grunted as he made some electrical connections from the power plant controls to the device. "There that's got it!" He said triumphantly.

"Good! Sounds like the enforcers have disabled my ship. There isn't much time! Start it up!" Dark Kat ordered as he snapped closed the power supply compartment.

The SWAT Kats had already gained entry and were sneaking up onto the pair as they concentrated on the strange device hooked up to the power plant's control board. They were just about to jump the omegas when a hidden group of creeplings rushed them. Their angry chittering alerted Dark Kat and Hard Drive.

"The SWAT Kats! Hurry turn it on!" The powerful kat snarled at the techno thief. Hard Drive flipped the switches and a loud hum filled the room. The device began to glow. At that moment the enforcers rushed in with Feral in the lead.

"Hard Drive...Dark Kat...! Give up...you are surrounded!" Feral barked firing a warning shot at the pair as they ducked and fired back at the enforcers. Dark Kat using a laser rifle and Hard Drive firing energy bolts from his surge suit.

In the ensuing chaos the device began to whine and glow even brighter as the SWAT Kats dispatched the creeplings and joined the enforcers in charging the omegas.

"Dark Kat! The device...something's wrong!" Hard Drive shouted over all the noise. Dark Kat's eyes widened in angry surprise.

"Noooo...!" He shouted furiously.

"Look out! Everyone out the thing's going to blow!" Feral shouted trying to get his enforcers out in time. Kats ran out the door as fast as they could including Dark Kat, Hard Drive and the SWAT Kats. They'd nearly made it when the device with a final scream of sound blew up with a brilliant white light.

Feral had just made it through the door when the energy from the device caught him. For a second he felt like he'd been turned inside out but nothing seemed to be wrong so he shook it off. He looked around to make sure everyone was okay.

The SWAT Kats had been able to incapacitate the omega pair with their glovetrix and the enforcers were taking them into custody. Feral was relieved.

He walked up to the SWAT Kats as they were about to leave. Before he could say anything, T-Bone looked at him with no warmth in his face or manner.

"Looks like we were just in time, Commander. I think you can clean up the mess from here." T-Bone sneered and turned his back on Feral walking to the Turbokat followed by Razor. They were in the air and gone in minutes

Feral stood there in shocked dismay at T-Bone's cold behavior. He had to get to his mate and find out what was going on but when he looked around for Felina there was no sign of her instead his Sergeant stood waiting by his chopper in his flight suit. Now he felt truly afraid. Something was very wrong.

Swallowing hard, he put his fears aside and began ordering a clean up of the area and sending his troops back to headquarters. As soon as things had been set in motion, he climbed back into his chopper and signaled the Sergeant to take him back to headquarters.

Once he arrived, he quickly hurried back to his office. Flicking his computer on, he searched frantically for his niece's name in the enforcer personal records. His heart plummeted when he found no listing for her. Nearly in a panic, he cancelled the rest of his schedule and hurried out to his vehicle which was parked in front of the building even though he hadn't taken it to work this morning. The evidence was mounting up and he felt as if he was losing his mind.

The final piece of evidence that showed he wasn't where he should be was the apartment he had given up over a year ago. It was just as if he'd never left it except for being a little colder, bleaker than he remembered. He sank down onto his couch and put his face in his paws.

Moaning in anguish, he realized he was no longer home. The device had somehow displaced him into another reality where Felina didn't exist and T-Bone wasn't his mate. He shuddered as the enormity of his problem struck him. He screamed in horror then sobbed as he realized he might never see his daughter and mate again.