Chapter 8: A Warm Welcome

Dimension One...

T-Bone pulled into their garage and shut down the cyclotron. Feral climbed off and swayed on his feet. After securing the bike, the tabby wrapped a supportive arm around his mate's waist.

"Oh it feels so good to be held by you again." He sighed leaning into his mate's comforting body and concentrated on staying on his feet. He was soo tired he could barely see where he was going. Dawn was peeking through the trees giving the pathway to the house a soft glow.

"I'm very glad you are back and safe with me, Uly. I was soo afraid for you." T-Bone said softly as he guided his very tired mate back to their home.

Passing through the kitchen and living room, they paused at their daughter's room. Ulysses leaned against the crib and stared down lovingly at Zira. She slept on her stomach with the blanket half pulled off and only covering one leg and part of her side. Tenderly reaching down, Uly caressed his daughter's cheek gently then pulled the blanket back up and covered her tiny body.

Relieved, he turned and Chance aided him back out of the room and up the stairs to their loft bedroom. He helped Uly strip his clothes off and was getting ready to lay him in bed when Uly protested.

"No! I'm soo dirty, I've got to wash off, please love." He said heavily.

"But you're soo tired love, couldn't it wait till later today when you get up?" Chance said anxiously.

"No, now, please, Chance!" Feral repeated softly.

"Okay. Relax." Chance sighed in defeat. He helped his mate to the bathroom and ran the water. He stripped his own clothes off and stepped into the shower with Uly supporting him so he wouldn't fall down. He grabbed a washcloth and began to soap it up. His mate leaned his head and arms against the wall tirededly.

"So what was it like in that other dimension?" Chance asked as he began to wash Uly's back.

"It was a terrible shock seeing that cold and hate filled look your double gave me at the power plant. I was scared. I took care of the scene and discovered my Sergeant standing near my chopper instead of Felina. When I got into my office I searched frantically and found no trace of her. I was so shakened, I cancelled the rest of the day and went downstairs. My heart fell when I saw my hummer parked out front. I knew what I would find when I drove to my old apartment and found it still occupied by me. For a little while I fell completely apart. I was terrified and it took me a while to think of Professor Hackle. Once I did, I rushed to his place. You pretty much know what went on after that. He convinced your doubles to help me. Once that T-Bone realized I wasn't his world's Feral he thawed toward me enough to take care of me while we waited for Razor and the Professor to get me home." He finished and sighed with relief as Chance worked on his sore and tired body.

"I'm just grateful it worked out okay. I was soo terrified when I realized that the Feral standing in front of me wasn't you. He was stiff at first until he learned how much you meant to me then he was helpful and cooperative. Couldn't have succeeded without his help." Chance said softly as he made his mate turn around while he worked on his front.

He moaned softly as Chance worked on him. The soothing hot water eased his tired muscles but surprisingly he began to get aroused from his mate's touch. He needed Chance now...he needed to reaffirm their bond...it didn't matter how tired he was...he pulled his mate close and kissed him hard.

Chance was surprised. Uly shouldn't have enough strength to want to make love but he didn't resist as Uly pulled him close for a kiss. It felt soo good to have his mate home again. He dropped the wash cloth and caressed his mate's back, gently digging his claws into that sensitive spot at the base of Uly's tail. He was rewarded by a moan of pleasure.

Ulysses groaned at Chance's wonderful touch. He took his own claws and drew them down the tabby tom's back eliciting a growl. Chance thrust his tongue into Uly's mouth dueling with his mate's. The big tom's body began a rolling motion with his hips pressing their cocks together and rubbing them hard between them.

Chance moaned at the exquisite sensation of fur against his now swollen cock and the occasionally brush of his mate's cock against his own. His mate's excitement mounted as Chance took his fingers and caressed Uly's clitoris then inserting a finger and thrusting gently.

"Oh love...please...I need you...hmmm..." Uly panted hotly his legs spread and hips thrusting needily.

"Yeah babe, I want you too. Come on let's get out the shower." Chance said panting as he helped his mate leave the shower stall and get under the dryers. They continued to kiss and stroke each other's erection.

"Okay, dry enough." Chance growled heatedly and pulled Uly toward their huge sleigh bed and laid him down quickly.

"Oh yessss...now love...please..." Uly shamelessly begged.

Hot and hard, Chance climbed over his mate and settled himself between his legs. Uly wasted no time in raising his legs and wrapping them around the tabby's waist in a blatant demand for the tom to slide home.

Taking the invitation, Chance raised his mate's male genitals and slide his hard cock home in his mate's hot channel. Twin groans of pleasure filled the room.

"Kat's alive! Chance...faster love...deeper..." Ulysses growled demandingly as he met every one of his mate's hard thrusts.

Chance leaned down and fastened his lips on Uly's kissing him savagely. His mate writhed under him drawing claws down the tabby's powerful thighs.

"Come for me babe...come for me..." Chance urged hotly as he felt his mate start to tighten around his shaft.

"Chaaaannce..." Uly cried his name as he spasmed around his mate's hard cock.

"Oh god...Uly..." Chance exploded roaring his love's name. He collapsed on the big tom's chest and heaved for breath.

He could feel their hearts hammer. Chance gently slide free from his mate. Uly gave a regretful moan then cried anew when Chance took hold of his still hard cock and began to suck on it. Uly's hips bucked off the bed in shocked delight. It didn't take long before he was exploding again.

Chance grinned in pleased delight as he licked his mate clean. He left the bed and returned with a wash cloth to clean them both up. Finished he tossed it toward the hamper then rolled his mate to his side and spooned him from the back.

Kissing his neck, he murmured, "Welcome home my love."

"I love you, Chance." Ulysses murmured sleepily.

"I love you, too. Get some sleep love." Chance said warmly.

The shadows on the wall indicated evening was falling when Ulysses finally awoke. Chance was draped over him and Uly sighed at that comforting warmth.

Suddenly he heard a patter of small feet rushing up the stairs, eyes widening he quickly grabbed the sheet and pulled it over their nude bodies just as a small form dashed across the floor and leaped onto the bed.

A voice of concern came floating up the stairs soon followed by Clara. "I'm truly sorry Master Feral. Zira just couldn't wait any longer for you to rise." Clara apologized beginning to reach for the little kitten.

"No, that's alright Clara. She can stay. Would you please start dinner, I'm starved." Feral requested.

"Of course, Master Feral. It will be done in half an hour." Clara responded and returned downstairs heading for the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Zira was bouncing happily on her father's groaning form.

"Mommy...mommy..." Zira cried happily reaching out her arms for her mother.

Chance opened his bleary eyes and stared at his excited daughter.

Ulysses reached out and swept his daughter into his arms. "How is mommy's little kitten. You miss me?" He said warmly kissing her forehead and hugging her tightly.

"Yeth, mommy. You gone long time...where you go?" She asked cocking her head and pressing her face into her mother's facial fur.

"I'm sorry mommy had to work very late and I couldn't get away." Uly soothed nuzzling the kitten, so very glad to be back.

"Hey! Don't I get a kiss!" Chance said pretending to be grumpy.

Giggling, Zira pulled away from her mother to throw herself into her father's arms as he lay on the bed.

"Woof...ohh you are getting heavy little one." Chance said hugging his daughter and giving her a kiss on the cheek. Just then his stomach grumbled.

"Ohhh...daddy's hungry..." Zira giggled again.

"Yes, I am aren't you?" He smiled.

"Yeth...Clara making food." She told him.

"Yes, I heard. Why don't you see if you can help Clara while mommy and I get dressed, okay pumpkin?" Chance said warmly placing his daughter onto the floor.

She pouted a minute but then her face lighted up, "Okay...daddy...I go help..." then she was gone flying down the stairs and calling Clara's name.

"How did we get so lucky. She's such a wonder!" Chance sighed happily as he reached for his mate and pulled him close for a quick kiss. "How are you feeling, love." He asked nuzzling Uly's face.

"Much better and very hungry. Let's get dressed before our daughter runs back up here." He said pulling reluctantly away and getting up.

"Yeah, sounds like a good idea." Chance sighed casting a lustful glance at his mate's rear as he made his way to the closet.

He pulled a loose comfortable shirt from the closet and a pair of sweats from the dresser as Chance disappeared into the bathroom. They passed each other as Chance looked for something to wear and Uly went to the bathroom.

Dressed they went hand and hand down to the kitchen where they could hear their daughter chattering on and another female voice that wasn't Clara. Chance paused suddenly and went back upstairs to get his mask. Returning to Uly's side they walked into the kitchen they were surprised to see Felina sitting there playing a game with Zira.

She looked up and smiled at the two of them. "Hi! I hope you don't mind me dropping by. I wanted to make sure you were recovered alright, Uncle and of course to see this little one again." She grinned down at the smiling face staring up at her.

Smiling warmly, Ulysses sat down at the table and immediately found his lap full of his daughter. "Of course not, Felina pleased to have you. Join us for dinner?" He asked looking down at Zira.

"Sure, if you don't mind?" Felina said warmed by the sight of her uncle and her little cousin.

"Hey! The more the merrier!" T-Bone said grinning and sitting down next to Uly.

"I hear you are pregnant again, Uncle. When's it due." Felina asked.

"Yes, I'm supposed to deliver around late November." Uly said rocking Zira in his arms.

"I'm so glad you got home safely. We were all so very worried." Felina said softly.

"So am I, Felina, so am I!" T-Bone said fervently taking Uly's nearest paw and kissing it.

Felina smiled at the love she saw between them. They chatted about other things as dinner was prepared. Soon they were eating a delicious meal and laughing at Zira's antics. Not too long afterward, Felina took her leave.

"I'll see you two tomorrow at Professor Hackle's for the debriefing." She said warmly as she went out the door and headed up the path for her vehicle.

"Well let's get this one to bed and how about a little TV before bed, eh love." Chance said removing his mask and moving into the living room.

They walked into Zira's room and Uly changed his daughter's clothing for bed. Then sweeping her into his arms he sat down on the rocking chair and accepted the book Chance handed him. He read a story about three little bears to his attentive daughter. She dropped off to sleep before the story was over and Feral gently laid her in her crib and covered with a blanket.

Chance wrapped an arm around Uly's waist and led him to the living room. He dropped down onto the couch and patted the space near him. Smiling down at his mate he joined him on the couch and sighed. 'It was soo good to be home again." He thought as Chance leaned close and kissed him on the cheek.