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"Kyuubi huge form."


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"Arashi are you sure about this?" Gambunta asked as he carried Arashi closer to the giant 9 tailed fox which was making its way toward Konoha.

"I know I'm going to regret this in the afterlife but I don't want Konoha to be destroyed by the Kyuubi… I just hope my son doesn't regret me for this," Arashi said as he looked at the bundle in his arms.

"All right Arashi here we go," Gambunta said as he charged at the Kyuubi. Minutes later after long fighting Arashi was in the process of sealing Kyuubi in Naruto.

"What do you wish to gain from sealing me inside this little mortal? He will be hated by everyone in his village and they will most likely call him my incarnation or something like that," Kyuubi said.

"Although I know of this I can't use any other except for him… I do know that his life will be a living hell compared to others, but I have to do this to save the village I love," Arashi said as he continued to pull out Kyuubi's soul.

"Such bravery… very well I shall look over your son and make sure nobody will come to harm him… once you are done with the sealing I'll use most of my powers to send him to another world where he shall stay unless he wants to return… this is my parting gift to you Arashi," Kyuubi said as her soul was pulled out of her body and into Naruto.

"Arashi you did it," Sarutobi said as he caught Arashi from falling.

"Yes I did… and I can pass on in peace knowing that my son will not grow being hated," Arashi said as his voice became weaker.

"I will make sure so too," Sarutobi said as reached for Naruto.

"Sorry old man… but Naruto won't be here much longer… Just before kyuubi was sealed she claimed that she would send little Naruto over here to another world for his safety… whether or not he wants to return is up to him. Now good bye old man… oh and you can have my hidden stash of Icha Icha Paradise under my table in the secrete compartment," Arashi said in a dying laughing voice before he died.

"Damn you Arashi… leaving me sad but happy is no way to go," Sarutobi thought as he looked at where Naruto was only to see he was missing also. "Wait… that means that I have to do more paper work… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Sarutobi shouted outloud which most ninja thought to be from the death of the fourth Hokage.


"Graham what are you doing here?" Blaire asked as he came up to the blond haired man in front of the seal of Goura.

"I just felt the seals power weaken for a bit just a few seconds ago," Graham said as he stared at the big crystal like formation in front of him.

"Really? Looks like nothing is happening though so we should be ok," Blaire said as he looked around.

"Shh… do you here that?" Graham asked as a crying could be heard in the cavern.

"Why yes I do… but isn't that the sound of an infant?" Blaire asked.

"I think I found the source," Graham said as he picked up a little blond haired boy with 6 whisker marks.

"What do you suppose he's doing here?" Blaire asked as Graham handled the baby with care.

"I don't know but I'll take care of him," Graham said

"What?!?!? Why would you want to do that?" Blaire asked.

"Well Edgar just lost his mother so I figured he would want to be an older brother to have some more company," Graham said as he started to pacify the baby.

"What do you think his name is?" Blaire asked as the two walked out.

"…Naruto," a faint voice said before it disappeared.

"Well I guess his name is Naruto," Graham said not being freaked out by the voice.

"We better get him some clothes or something… he'll freeze to death wearing nothing like that," Blaire said as he noticed Graham too busy to notice.

"Edgar will like this," Graham said as they exited the cave.


11 years later.

"Neh Edgar Nii-chan you sure are strong to beat Goura," Naruto said as he talked to his older brother who was at the workshop.

"It wasn't only me everyone helped out even you Naruto," Edgar said as he turned to look at his younger adopted brother. "So… are you going to take up Kyuubi's request and go back to your home world?" Edgar asked a bit sad.

"I'm not sure… I mean I have a great family here with you, master Blaire, Orin Nii-chan, Tatiana, and everyone else… I am a master Craftknight because of you and Kyuubi-Chan also," Naruto said receiving a hit on the head.

"You insist on calling me Kyuubi-Chan don't you," a girl with red hair around Naruto's age said.

"Well you are my Guardian beast (1) and we have to get to know each other better, so I thought that calling you Chan would improve our relationship Kyuubi-Chan," Naruto said receiving another hit on the head.

"Gah you never learn do you?" Kyuubi asked as she was secretly enjoying the attention she was receiving from Naruto.

"Man you two have such a close relationship… kind of puts the bond I have with my guardian creature to shame," Edgar said as he put his head down in shame.

"What are you talking about we have a perfectly fine bond," a girl with black wings said as she came into the room.

"Dinah (2) I know that but still you gotta admit they have a strong bond both of them,"

"Well anyway back on tract what's your decision on leaving for your home world?" Kyuubi asked.

"…Give me some more time to think," Naruto said as he stepped outside of the house.

"This must be a hard choice for him," Edgar said as he thought of his adopted little brother.

"Yo Edgar what's wrong with Naruto?" Orin asked as he came inside the room.

"Yeah Naruto had a weird look on his face… it was almost as if he was actually thinking," Tatiana said as she came in after Orin.

"He was thinking about if he should go home or not right?" Blaire replied in more of a statement then a question.

"Huh what do you mean by go home?" Orin asked.

"Yeah isn't his home here with us?" Tatiana asked clearly confused.

"Well you see… you know how Naruto is my adopted little brother right?" Edgar asked getting a nod from both Orin and Tatiana. "Well this isn't actually his world just like the summon creatures have their own world. That's why Kyuubi is giving him the chance of going home and he's torn because of the decision," Edgar said getting shocked faces from both of them.

"It must be tough for him," Orin said as he thought about it some more.

"Wow I never knew he had a story like that," Tatiana said.

"I'm going to go look for Naruto," Kyuubi said as she got up and out of the house.


"I know you're here Naruto," Kyuubi said as she appeared in Goura's sealed cavern.

"How'd you know?" Naruto asked as he turned around to see Kyuubi.

"I was inside of you for over 8 years before I accepted to be your guardian beast so I should know where you favorite place to hang out is," Kyuubi said as she walked up to Naruto.

"You know me the best," Naruto said in a weak laugh. "Neh Kyuubi? I can still come back if I don't like this other world right?" Naruto asked as he looked up to the ceiling.

"Of course Naru-Kun… besides I would never let anyone hurt you as it is my duty to protect you," Kyuubi said as she hugged Naruto from behind.

"Thanks Kyuubi," Naruto said as he cheered up a bit. "Do you remember how we met?" Naruto asked Kyuubi as she smilied.

"Of course… that's the day I found out that most of the guys in your family were perverts," Kyuubi said.

"Well… you were naked and you are more developed then normal people," Naruto said as he got a minor nose bleed remembering what happened 3 years ago.

Flash back.

"So Naruto who's this girl you are confident will be your Guardian beast?" Orin asked the 8 year old Naruto.

"She's a pretty girl who lives inside of me," Naruto replied.

"Eh… just an imaginary girlfriend then," Edgar said as if he understood everything.

"I'm telling you she's real… and she says she'll be coming out today as long as I follow her instructions.

"Are you sure you can trust her?" Blaire all of a sudden asked Naruto.

"EHHH you actually believe him?" Orin asked in a shocked tone.

"Why should I not believe him… after all he seems to have the most honesty out of all of you three," Blaire said getting angry responses from the guys and Tatiana. "So what does she want you to do?" Blaire asked.

"She wants me to get one of those summoning runes… like the one you and Orin Nii-chan have," Naruto said.

"Well I actually have an extra one on me so here," Blaire said as he handed him the rune.

"Lets see… channel my chakra into the rune, now use her chakra then…" Naruto followed the steps only for a huge explosion to happen.

"Cough Naruto are you all… Gahh," Blaire said as a huge fountain of blood started to leek from his nose.

"Whats going Gahh…" were the responses the three other guys gave as they saw a naked well developed girl with 9 tails and fox ears.

"Wow… your whole family are perverts Tatiana," Kyuubi said before Tatiana fainted. That day the male part of the family almost all died from blood loss.

End Flash back.

"I can't believe you were a pervert at such a young age," Kyuubi said giggling.

"Aw shut up…" Naruto said as he looked down still blushing. "Well I've decided to go… and Kyuubi can you make it so that we go right now… I don't want to say goodbye since it won't really be goodbye," Naruto said as Kyuubi understood what he meant.

"I understand… I'll open the portal right now… but do you have…" Kyuubi began to say.

"Yes I always carry my equipment around with me so there's no need to worry…" Naruto said as Kyuubi proceeded to make a portal.

"Well let's go," Naruto said as he was about to step through the portal.

"STOP!!!!!" Naruto heard Edgar yell as he ran inside the cavern.

"Phew we made it," Orin said as he entered the cavern followed by everyone else.

"You thought you could just go off like that didn't you?" Tatiana asked.

"Really… Naruto you should've told us you would be going today so we could set some kind of grand get away goodbye thing," Blaire said cheerfully.

"They are right you know…" Dinah said.

"I just didn't want to say goodbye… after all I feel that I'm going to come back here," Naruto said a tear coming out of his eye.

"Silly… if you didn't say goodbye we would've been more worried… besides I have to give you some of my new cooking," Tatiana said which made everyone nearby her flinch.

"Hahaha… I think I'll be fine without food," Naruto said as he absent mindedly rubbed his stomach.

"Naruto be sure to keep to the morals of a Craftknight," Blaire said in his serious voice.

"Yeah… we'll be waiting for you bro," Edgar said as he looked at Naruto in front of him.

"Well… goodbye everyone," Naruto said as he stepped through the portal with everyone waving goodbye at him.

"Things are going to get lonely here now," Edgar said sadly.

"That's for sure," Dinah said.


It was another normal day in Konoha with everyone minding their own business, well normal if you weren't in Gai's squad. "Gai-Sensei are we done with training for today," Tenten asked.


"BUT GAI-SENSEI I WANT TO TRAIN SOME MORE," Lee said immediately grabbing Gai's attention.






The two went on as a sunset appeared behind them.

"No make it stop," Neji said covering his eyes.

"Take this," Tenten," said as she threw some kunai's at the two only for them to bounce off because of some weird force field.

"Nothing works… my eyes are going to become useless," Neji said as some sizzling noises could be heard from Neji's eyes.

"Why do we have such a weird sensei and teammate?" Tenten asked as her eye vision started to fade. "Please make it stop," Tenten asked. As if Kami-sama was listening a portal appeared over the duo and out came a blond boy with a red haired teen.

"Look out below," Naruto said as he landed on Lee while Kyuubi landed on Gai.

"GAH… GAI-SENSEI…" Lee said weakly.

"LEE," Gai said as he extended his hand out to reach for Lee.

"Man that sure was a bumpy ride, right Kyu-chan," Naruto asked Kyuubi who just nodded.

"My eyes… I'm saved," Neji said as some steam could be seen trailing out of Neji's eyes.

"Seriously… but I wonder what caused those two to appear here?" Tenten asked as she saw the blond help the red haired girl up.

"Ano… is this Konoha?" Naruto asked the girl as he got off Lee.

"…Yes it is… and thank you," Tenten said.

"Eh? What for?" Naruto asked as he looked around.

"You just saved our sanity for the day," Neji said as his eyes returned to normal.

"Really now… oh well now to find the guy called Hokage," Naruto said as he started to look around.

"Hmm… if I remember correctly he was in the largest tower there is in this town," Kyuubi said as she walked next to Naruto.

"Ano… who are you two?" Tenten asked.

"Me I'm Naruto a Master Craftknight and this is my guardian beast Kyu-chan," Naruto said receiving a hit on the head by Kyuubi.

"What did I say," Kyuubi said in a scary tone.

"Fine…" Naruto said in a defeated manner.

Tenten then broke the silence by asking, "What's a Craftknight,"

"A Craftknight is one who forges weapons and learns how to fight with the ones he makes," Naruto said.

"Really? Then does that mean you focus your fighting style mainly on weapons also?" Tenten asked.

"Yup, of course I have Kyu-chan here to help me also," Naruto said as he dodged another punch from Kyuubi.

"Really then let's spar," Tenten said with an energetic voice.

"Sure why not," Naruto said as he pulled out a sword. "One of my favorite swords forged Kyu and my chakra and forged with one of the strongest materials in our world, we call it Soul Harmony," Naruto said. The sword itself was a long black sword with red markings on it. It also seemed to have a line going through the middle of the sword with the red letters of Kitsune on one side and blue letters of Human on the other.

"Naruto don't hurt her," Kyuubi said from the sidelines.

"Don't worry Kyu-chan I won't," Naruto said as he hefted the sword over his shoulder with ease.

"That sword must be light for you to be able to do that," Tenten said as she pulled out a sword to match Naruto.

"Here I come," Naruto said as he sped forward at a fast speed and slashed downward.

"Fast," was all Tenten said before she blocked Naruto's strike only to be pushed back by the force of it. "He's as strong as Lee also," Tenten said as she jumped back.

"Aw come on… I'm only getting started," Naruto said as he jumped up in the air and spun around to deliver more of his momentum to strengthen his attack.

"Crap I can't block this one," Tenten said as she dodged out of the way to see a huge crater formed from Naruto's attack.

"Now that's just insane… even Lee's strikes can't do that," (Remember this is still 1 year before this team took the chunnin exam and Lee is super powerful then)

"LEE LOOK AT THAT KID'S ATTACK IT'S SO FULL OF YOUTH," Gai said as he suddenly was on his feet.




"I AM SO PROUD OF YOU MY STUDENT," Gai said as he hugged Lee.

"GAI-SENSEI," Lee began.

"LEE…" Gai began but couldn't as the battle began to come their way.

"Gah this seems to be more dangerous then the Dynamic Duo's show," Neji said as he jumped away.

"Oi Naruto… stop showing off," Kyuubi shouted to Naruto.

"Why… you know you feel prideful too when you see me use this sword," Naruto said as he created another crater from a failed attack.

"Then use it properly," Kyuubi shouted.

"Fine then… activate Kitsune soul," Naruto shouted making the red writings on the sword overlap the blue ones and cover the whole sword. The sword soon started to glow a dark red color which soon enveloped Naruto.

'This chakra… I remember feeling it 11 years ago… it's impossible,' Gai thought as he saw Naruto charge up.

"Time for some real skills," Naruto said as he started to circle around Tenten creating multiple afterimages. "First Level Kitsune Fire," Naruto shouted as his afterimages started to blaze up before they turned into blue fire spites and charged at Tenten.

"Geeze I better take this out," Tenten said as she unrolled a scroll and started to unseal weapons and toss them at a fast rate.

"Oh sealed weapons… now that's convenient," Naruto said as he watched most of the weapons destroy the fire spites while the remaining weapons melted on touch.

"How am I going to defeat this guy?" Tenten asked as she unsealed more weapons to launch at Naruto.

"Sorry but I'm ending this now," Naruto said as he disappeared from sight. "Level one Soul Slash," Naruto said as he made quick rapid slashes going through Tenten.

"Huh what… Gah," Tenten yelped as she felt something break within her before she collapsed. Neji who was watching the whole thing was shocked.

"You just hit her chakra system… similar to the Hyuuga's(spelling) fighting style but it just hit her chakra system affecting her body as well," Neji said as he went over to Tenten.

"Ahh don't worry she'll be ok I used a level one technique so it should only affect her for an hour… although Edgar nii-san didn't get better for at least 1 day when I used it on him," Naruto said the last part silently.

"Oh well looks like we don't need to go look for the hokage," Kyuubi said as she stood up.

"Hmm… the Hokage is that old man?" Naruto asked as an old man came into the clearing with some people in masks.

"Who are you?" Sarutobi asked as he looked at the blond trying to remember something.

"The name's Naruto… if I'm right my dad used to live here so I thought I would visit this world once and decide if I should really live in it," Naruto said as he looked at shocked face of the Hokage.

"Are you really Naruto?" Sarutobi asked with a shaky voice.

"The one and only here in the flesh," Naruto said as he stretched around.

"11 years… that's how long it's been," Sarutobi said before tears of happiness came down from his eyes.

"Hokage-sama who is this little kid," one of the ANBU members asked clearly confused at what was going on.

"Nothing you need to worry about now… I want you to transport Naruto here and his companion to my office now," Sarutobi said getting a Hai out of them.


"So boy where and what have you been doing all these years?" Sarutobi asked.

"I've been in another world living happily there with my family. As for what I was doing I became a craftknight just like my father and brother," Naruto said.

"I see…" Sarutobi said with a bit of guilt in his voice.

"So do the people know about her?" Naruto asked as he pointed to Kyuubi.

"Her? Even I don't know who she is," Sarutobi said.

"Are you sure about that," Naruto said as Kyuubi all of a sudden had 9 tails and fox ears.

"KYUUBI!!!" Sarutobi shouted before he regained control of himself. "You unsealed that monster?" Sarutobi asked.

"Hey I'm not a monster!" Kyuubi said trying to defend herself.

"Yeah she's my guardian beast and nobody calls my partner a monster," Naruto said going on the defensive.

"I'm sorry it's just that she attacked our village 11 years ago if she told you," Sarutobi said trying to make up for what he said.

"Yeah that's true if you guys hadn't disturbed my beauty sleep," Kyuubi said getting cranky from remembering what happened in the past. "But what's in the past is in the past,"

"I thank you for that," Sarutobi said. "As for Naruto here… I think you should attend the academy to at least get to know the students at your age," Sarutobi said.

"Fine… as long as I get a home with a forge then I'm happy," Naruto said.

"Geeze… Blaire has pounded Craftknight morals too much into that thick head of yours," Kyuubi said getting Naruto just to stare at her.

"What won't you feel better if we can continue on making weapons and maybe make a better weapon then Soul Harmony?" Naruto asked.

"True… all right it's decided Old man get us a house with a forge.

"… How did it turn out like this?" Sarutobi asked, "All right I'll get you a house with a forge in it… although it might take some time," Sarutobi said as he looked though some documents.

"Don't worry me and Kyu-chan will explore town until you find us a home," Naruto said as he dodged another fist from Kyuubi. "My Kyu-chan you're becoming really obvious now with your attacks," Naruto said as he dodged another fist from Kyuubi.

"Damn you take this then," Kyuubi said as her red chakra surrounded her arm extending her range.

"Hey no fair," Naruto said as he had trouble dodging most of the hits sent by Kyuubi.

"This town is going to be loud the next few days now isn't Arashi," Sarutobi said as he looked up towards Arashi's picture.


"Time to eat," Naruto said started to look at the food vendors around Konoha.

"Please don't let there be a stand of it," Kyuubi said under her breath.

"RAMEN!!!!" Naruto shouted as he smelled some and rushed off to it.

"I should've prayed harder," Kyuubi said as she followed after Naruto.

"Oi Naruto remember we don't have any…" Kyuubi began to say only to stop when she saw 3 empty bowls by Naruto.

"Hey Kyu-chan," Naruto said in a mouth full of noodles.

"Oh well I guess this was inevitable," Kyuubi said as she sat down also. A few minutes later a familiar girl walked in with two hair buns.

"Hello sword girl," Naruto said as the girl walked in.

"Oh hello Naruto," Tenten said.

"Hello miss…"

"Tenten I guess I forgot to introduce myself when we last met," Tenten said as she sat next to the two.

"That was really impressive back there," Tenten said trying to start a conversation.

"Yeah thanks… its all thanks to the training I've been receiving, also I understand everything about my weapons because me and Kyu-chan personally make them," Naruto said as he brought out a shield from somewhere to block Kyuubi's attack.

"We also put our everything into making the weapons so they are the best of quality," Naruto said as he put the shield away.

"I see… then can you make me a weapon like that sword you had?" Tenten asked.

"I'm not sure really… because the weapons me and Kyu-chan make are for my use mainly so I don't know how to make another weapon for someone else," Naruto said as he ducked to dodge a hit from Kyuubi.

"Gah… have I really dulled in skill that much?" Kyuubi asked as she sent out a flurry of punches only for Naruto to dodge them while eating the ramen he had.

"Naruto-san the Hokage requests your presence at this location," an ANBU member said as he handed Naruto a slip of paper.

"I see thank you… Hey old man charge all this on the old man Hokage all right?" Naruto said as he left the stand with Kyuubi.

"I'll be making a profit tonight the ramen vender said as he started to total the amount eaten.

"I hope he can make me a weapon," Tenten said before leaving the stand.


"Here you go Naruto this is your new home," Sarutobi said as he showed Naruto the huge mansion like house in front of him. "It used to belong to Arashi your father so you should receive this," Sarutobi said as he let Naruto through.

"Thanks old man we appreciate it," Naruto said as he and Kyuubi went inside.

"Oh Naruto go to the academy at 7:00 AM tomorrow for classes alright?" Sarutobi asked only receiving a grunt for an answer.

"This house is great I mean it is big and has almost everything we could possibly want," Naruto said as he explored the house some more.

"It has a nice backyard for me to relax in," Kyuubi said as she turned into a fox.

"Have fun," Naruto said as he went upstairs found a room and went to sleep.

1 hour later.

"Good night Naruto-kun," Kyuubi said as she went up to Naruto gave him a soft kiss on the lips. "Hehheh too bad he doesn't realize I've been doing this for a while… oh well he does have the right stuff to be a great mate," Kyuubi said before she climbed into the bed to sleep with Naruto.


Next day.

"Ok class we have a newcomer and he's supposed to come today…. Let's see his name is Uzumaki Naruto age 11… that's all that I have for you guys," Iruka said to the class.

"So Iruka sensei where is he?" one student asked.

"I don't know about that," Iruka answered only to here stamping of feet.

"Sorry I'm late," Naruto said as he entered the room. "My name is Naruto pleased to meet ya," Naruto said.


"Naruto you're hurt do you need me to heal you?" Kyuubi asked as she walked up to Naruto.

"Nah… I just got this from training with Edgar… he just accidentally stabbed me with his spear in the chest," Naruto said showing the wound in his chest.

"Gah… let me heal you right now," Kyuubi said as she got ready for a heal spell.

"No need to worry Kyuubi after all I have a band aid and band aid's heal everything!" Naruto said giving a thumbs up.

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