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"Flash backs,"


"Kyuubi huge form."


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"Oi why did we have to all gather here again?" Naruto asked as he leaned against a pole on the bridge.

"Something about Kakashi wanting to talk to us," Sakura said as she tapped her foot faster.

"Well it better be good since we've been waiting here for over 2 hours," Sasuke said as he started to get angrier.

'He better be here or else I'll seriously do something that will traumatize him,' Kyuubi thought to Naruto

"I'm out of here if he doesn't show up in one minute," Naruto said as he stood passively.

'Well too bad… he's here,' Kyuubi thought to Naruto as a poof of smoke appeared on the top of the bridge.

"Sorry I'm late I…" Kakashi began.

"LIAR!!" Sakura said before Kakashi could finish.

"Well anyway I have one thing to say you guys here are the forms of the Chunnin exam. You guys don't need to pressure each other for the exam but this will determine whether you make it to chunnin or not," Kakashi said as he gave three forms to each of his students. "Well the Chunnin exam is later today so see ya," Kakashi said as he first stared at Naruto before disappearing.

"For him later means like 4 hours… so that means 4 hours to make a weapon or train," Naruto said as he put himself in a thinking position. "4 hours to make a new weapon!!!!" Naruto shouted as he jumped into the air and disappeared with Kyuubi on his shoulder.

"Gah I'll never understand him," Sakura said as she turned to Sasuke. "Sasuke will you…" Sakura began to ask only to see Sasuke frantically jumping away creating some distance. "Unfair…" Sakura said as she walked back to her house.


"I jumped and disappeared… now I don't know where I am," Naruto said as he looked around to find himself in a crowded part of Konoha.

'This is why you shouldn't jump without thinking,' Kyuubi thought to Naruto as she bit his ear.

"That hurt," Naruto said silently as he put his hand on Kyuubi's head, 'No biting next time,' Naruto thought to her as Kyuubi nuzzled into his hand some more.

'Watch out for the 3 mini nin's,' Kyuubi thought all of a sudden as her ears picked up a bit. Sure enough once Naruto had left the crowd of people there was a square box with 2 holes poked in front of it following him.

'Can't they think of something more creative?' Naruto thought to Kyuubi as he picked up the pace causing the box to pick up pace also. '…' Both Kyuubi and Naruto thought as they saw the box stop as soon as Naruto stopped.

'Should I just scare them like last time?' Kyuubi thought to Naruto as she started to get irritated by the box following them.

'They probably won't fall for it… although I've been thinking of a prank my self,' Naruto thought as he pulled out a quarterstaff from his pocket. 'Thank god for sealing,' Naruto said as he started to twirl the staff above his head.

'What do you plan on doing?' Kyuubi thought to Naruto as she watched Naruto turn towards the box with the staff spinning in his hands.

"You know… this quarter staff can break rocks," Naruto said as he stared at the square box in front of him. "I wonder if I should do this town a favor and break this abnormal rock," Naruto said as the staff came dangerously close to the rock.

"Ahhh quick release the gun powder," a kids voice said resulting in a huge boom with colorful smoke coming out from the box.

"You shouldn't do that Konohamaru someone might come by and break a rock like I could've," Naruto said as he put the quarterstaff back into his pocket. "So what are you doing here Konohamaru, Moegi, Udon?" Naruto asked as the three kids came out from the smoke.

"Well when you came back you said you would help us train in weapons," Konohamaru said as he took out a pair of trench knives.

"Yeah we even bought the weapons you told us to get," Moegi said as she took out a metal quarterstaff of her own.

"Why did I get nun chucks?" Udon asked as he pulled out two black nun chucks.

"Well… I have the chunnin exam today so I don't know about teaching you…" Naruto began to say only to here 3 whining kids.

"But… but… you promised," Konohamaru said as he looked up to Naruto.

"Yeah," Moegi said as she looked to Naruto.

"Right," Udon said as all three looked up and gave him puppy eyes.

"Gah must resist… Puppy eyes to strong… must direct it to another source," Naruto said as his hand slowly moved towards Kyuubi.

'What are you doing?' Kyuubi thought as she felt Naruto move his hand.

"This," Naruto said as he pulled Kyuubi off his shoulder and put Kyuubi in front of him letting her take full blast from puppy eyes.

'Gah… too powerful…' Kyuubi thought as she tried to look away. 'If only I could,' Kyuubi thought about Naruto before someone called out his name breaking the concentration from the puppy eyes.

"Sakura?" Naruto asked as he looked at his savior.

"Yeah Naruto what are you doing here?" Sakura asked as she saw the three chibi nin's in front of her, "Playing around with little kids like Inari?" Sakura asked.

"Nah… I'm jus trying to find my way home," Naruto said getting sweat drops from everyone there.

"Neh Naruto is this girl your fan?" Konohamaru asked not realizing the growing killer intent that caused Sakura's hair to rise up.

"Run," Naruto said calmly as he pushed Konohamaru causing him to run also.

'great a banshee is chasing us,' Kyuubi said sarcastically as she saw Sakura chasing both of them.

"Konohamaru this is all your fault you know," Naruto said as he ran next to Konohamaru.

"No it isn't, if you only had agreed to train us then we wouldn't have gone through all this," Konohamaru said as he put on a burst of speed.

"Watch out," Naruto said as Konohamaru looked forward to see somebody who had on a batman like hood. "Gah too late," Naruto said as he stopped and covered his eyes as he saw Konohamaru crash into the man.

"I'm sorry sir," Konohamaru began to say as he rubbed his butt.

"That hurt you brat," the man said as he picked Konohamaru up by his scarf chocking him a bit.

"Kankuro just stop," the girl next to him said as he saw what was happening.

"Why should I? I'm just going to teach this bat what happens to people who hurt me," the guy named Kankuro said as eh lifted his hand back in a position to punch Konohamaru. "Take this brat," the guy said as his fist went forward to hit Konohamaru only for a staff to block his fist.

"I think you should stop," Naruto said as he held his staff with ease which was blocking Kankuro's punch.

"You brat," Kankuro said as he dropped Konohamaru and reached for his back which had a white mummy wrapped object on it.

"You're going to use Kasuru(Forgot the name of the puppet)?" the blond haired girl asked as she looked at him surprised.

"Yeah I'm going to show what happens to people who mess with me," Kankuro said as he got his thing ready.

"You should just stop," Naruto said again as he moved forward and hit both of Kankuro's hands causing him to drop the white thing.

"Kankuro stop you'll make a fool out of yourself if you try to fight against this man," a man with a sand gourd said as he stood on a tree.

"Why are you picking on a foreign genin Naruto?" Sasuke said as he stood on the tree. 'When did he get here?' Sasuke thought as he saw the man with the gourd look at the scene.

"Gaara why are you here?" Kankuro asked as he looked at Gaara with a scared face.

"Making sure you don't get in trouble yourself… just get back to the hotel so we can prepare for the exam.

"Hai," Kankuro said in a shaky voice as he put his thing back n his back.

"What's your name?" Gaara asked as he looked at Naruto.

"Me? I'm just Naruto," Naruto said as he stared at Gaara's gourd. "Did Shukaku tell you where he's from? Because I've never heard of you in the world I've been in," Naruto said getting all three sand gennin to stop in their tracks.

"…I'll definitely fight you in the chunnin exam… mother demands it," Gaara said getting the confused looks from his and Naruto's teammates.

"Sure look forward to it… but isn't Shukaku a guy?" Naruto asked as he turned to leave.

"Mother never specified," Gaara said as he too turned around and walked away.

"Mother? Shukaku? Guy?" Sakura asked putting on a confused face.

"Let's just get going… we already wasted our time by standing here," Naruto said as he walked in another direction.

"Naruto… the schools the other way," Sakura said causing Naruto and Kyuubi to face fault.

"I guess we should get going," Naruto said as he headed the other way.

"Let's get going," Sasuke said as he followed Naruto. "Sakura you're coming right?" Sasuke asked.

"Yeah I am," Sakura said as she went after her two teammates.

"Konohamaru and gang I'll practice with you after the exam if I have time," Naruto said as they went away

"That's a promise Nii-san,"


"Ehh so this is the testing area?" Naruto asked. "It sure is crowded," Naruto said as he looked at the 2nd floor which was guarded by some people.

"You should not take the chunnin exam and just go home," a person in front of the door said.

"At your current skills you won't even make it past the first round," the 2nd one said as they pushed back a familiar green ninja.

"That's unfair," Lee said as he tried to stand up.

"Life's unfair," the guy said as he looked a the people in front of him. "If you guys think you'll ever become chunnin then you should just give up," the man said as he got ready to defend himself.

"Just let us pass and go up the stairs," Sasuke said only for Naruto to cover his mouth.

"Ahh don't mind him just continue what you're doing," Naruto said as he pulled Sasuke up the stairs.

"…" was the reaction of most of the crowd as they saw Sasuke get pulled up by Naruto.

"Lee… Neji lets go now," Tenten said in a whisper as they agreed and went off. "Naruto I see you're here," Tenten said as she walked up to Naruto who was at the door.

"Ah Tenten, Neji and Lee… glad to see you guys will be in the exam," Naruto said as he walked up to them.

"Of course we'll be in this exam my eternal rival," Lee said as he grabbed onto Naruto's hand creating a sunset.

'No not this!!!' Naruto thought as he got hit with a full blast of youthfulness.

"Lee stop it you're killing him and kyu," Tenten yelled as she saw Naruto start to turn white. "Neji do something!" Tenten yelled only to see Neji with his spirit standing above him.

"Help me…" Naruto said as he started to let loose his soul which was coming out of his mouth.

"Hurry pull him out," Tenten said as she pulled on Naruto to get him out.

"I'm saved," Naruto said as his soul flew back into his mouth and he regained his color.

"No my youthful friend what has happened to you?" Lee asked as he stood over Naruto with a sunset scene above him.

"I spoke to soon!" Naruto said as his soul started to go out of his mouth.

'Must get away,' Kyuubi thought as she slowly walked away.

"You're not getting away," Naruto said as he grabbed onto one of her tails pulling her closer to him.

'…must get to exam,' Sasuke thought as he picked up Naruto and Sakura and dragged them into the exam room.


"I'm saved," Naruto said as he looked inside the room.

"Baka… you should just stop…" Sasuke said as he looked around to see other people looking at him.

"Sasuke-kun when did you guys get here?" Ino asked as she latched onto him.

"Ahh Ino-pig get off of him," Sakura screamed as she tried to get Ino off of Sasuke.

"No," Ino said as she stuck her tongue out at Sakura.

Meanwhile, "Hey Shino," Naruto said as he looked over at Shino who was standing still over by a corner.

"Naruto… long time no see," Shino said in his usual quiet voice.

"Heh sorry about that I've bust with missions and everything," Naruto said as he scratched his head with his hand.

"So when will the three of us go out again?" Shino asked as Tenten came up to them.

"Probably after this test if Naruto doesn't plan on disappearing again," Tenten said as she grabbed onto both boys shoulders.

"Seems like Sasuke is doing something," Naruto said as he looked over at Sasuke to see he was staring at some cards.

"He asked information about you, and Gaara, he just went over the info for Gaara and is starting on yours," Kyuubi said.

"This should be interesting," Naruto said as he went over to see his information.

"Fencer Uzumaki Naruto… He has completed over 20 D rank missions. 1 C-rank mission which turned into an A rank one. His Genjutsu is unknown while his Ninjutsu is most likely B-rank. As for his Taijutsu he specializes in weapons and is currently the only one in this city who can use almost any weapon that is known. He also has a partner which is a kitsune," Kabuto said as he picked up his ninja card.

"So you specialize in collecting information? Interesting," Naruto said as he stepped there.

"Yes and if you'd like to know go after the sound nin's they are a newly formed country so they should be weak," Kabuto said not noticing the 3 sound nin's getting ready to attack.

"Lets go," one of the sound nin's said as he jumped up with the others and attacked Kabuto.

"Nani?" Kabuto said as he stepped back to dodge a hit from one of the nin's.

'Sound,' Kyuubi and Naruto thought as they saw Kabuto fall down and barf.

"What happened?" was murmured throughout the class room before some nin's came in shutting everybody up.

"All right we're having the first part of the Chunnin exam so everyone pick a number and go to that seat," Ibuki said as he motioned for the people to do so.


Everyone knows the test part so I'll be skipping parts of it.

'Kyuubi you know this stuff right?' Naruto asked as he looked at Kyuubi.

'Yes I do… I guess I can give you the answers,' Kyuubi said as he began to fill in the answers.


"Heh it seems as if Naruto's got the answers… probably from Kyu," Tenten said as she operated some mirrors which were at the ceiling on the room.


'Got the answers from him?' Shino asked silently. "Good tell me," Shino said as a fly buzzed over his paper.


'tired… time to sleep,' Naruto thought as he put his head down on the paper covering it completely.

'Baka… next time don't spend all day without sleeping,' Kyuubi thought to Naruto as she put her head down around Naruto's neck. 'Come to think of if I didn't get any rest either,' Kyuubi thought as she fell asleep.


"All right everyone this is the final question pencils down," Ibuki said. "Now for the final question (Which I forgot how It went) it will determine whether you can ever take the chunnin exam again or not," Ibuki said in a serious voice. put in how the exam question goes with Naruto interfering

"All right everybody… everyone in this room passes," Ibuki said shocking everyone.

"Thought so," Naruto said under his breath

"Well now everyone…" Ibuki said only for something to crashed into the window.

"That was a long wait everyone but now I'm here," a girl's voice said as she put up a sign that said follow me for the 2nd exam. "Now everyone follow me to get to the 2nd exam," the women said as she jumped out the window again letting the people follow her.

"We have a crazy women now…" Naruto said as he held his head.

'It might get better Naruto,' Kyuubi thought as they went to the 2nd exam area.


"All right punks this is the 2nd exam area," the women said as she pointed to a forest behind her. "Forest of death," (I think).

"Doesn't seem that scary," Naruto said out loud without thinking letting him receive a kunai which slashed him across the face. 'fast,' Naruto thought as he felt the presence of the women behind him.

"Oh really… kids such as yourself get killed first," the women said as she licked Naruto's blood which was falling from his cut.

'The only person who gets to touch Naruto that way is me and only me!' Kyuubi thought as she growled at Anko.

"You know you shouldn't sneak up on me," Anko said as she pulled out a kunai to get ready to stab the person behind her.

'He's that one person,' Kyuubi thought as she relayed that thought onto Naruto.

"Sorry… but I get upset when someone cuts my hair," the man said as he used his long tongue to pass the kunai back to Anko.

"Alright but next time you do that I'll kill you myself," Anko and went in front of everybody. "Now everybody sign these forms which say that we won't be responsible for your deaths," Anko said as she gave the forms to everybody.

"You know… I can smell the scent of summoned creatures on you," Naruto said as he passed by the long haired ninja.

"You can now? How interesting," the man said as he went away with sweat drops forming on his head for some reason.

'Naruto are you sure that was a wise thing to say to him?' Kyuubi thought to Naruto.

"Well… you're around so I'm not that worried. Besides… all I smelt on him was some gunpowder probably from those little tank guys," Naruto said as he tried to remember what type of monster he was talking about.

'You should just prepare yourself for the exam,' Kyuubi said as she led Naruto away by pulling on him.

'Your right… he couldn't have gotten that far in summoning,' Naruto thought as he went to get the form signed and go into the exam.


"Let's just go out for now and think of a plan," Naruto said as his team jumped through the trees.

"Sadly I have to agree with you," Sasuke said as he followed Naruto.

"If Sasuke agrees then I'll also," Sakura said as she followed Sasuke closely.

'Naruto coming in from the right it's that snake man,' Kyuubi thought to Naruto who quickly jumped up.

"Dodge quickly!" Naruto shouted as he took off Soul Harmony off from it's usual place, his back.

"Sakura get down," Sasuke said as he grabbed Sakura and jumped down to the forest floor with her.

"Kyuubi Weapon Defense," Naruto shouted getting Kyuubi who was on his shoulder to glow red before making Naruto's weapon glow red. "Crap," Naruto shouted as he felt a huge blast of wind blow him off the branch he was standing and separate him from his team.

"Naruto!" Sasuke shouted as he saw Naruto get blasted back and away from sight.

"Now's not the time to worry about him Sasuke-kun," Sasuke heard a man say before he saw the leaf nin which Naruto had talked to earlier.

"You, what do you want here?" Sasuke asked as he saw the serpentine like man in front of them.

"Want… I want you," the man said in a serious voice.

"KAHHH HENTAI!!!" Sakura screamed as she started to throw kunai's rapidly at the man.

"Ah just stop it," the man said as more of the kunai's came his way. "Stop it…" the man said again as he kept on dodging. "STOOOPP!!!" he screamed as a kunai hit him on his arm. "You'll pay for that," the man said as he reached to his neck to pull on a green crystal. "I summon you summon creature Iron Horse," the man shouted creating a vortex which let out a green mechanical like dog.

"What the hell is that?" Sasuke asked as he looked at the monster in front of him.

"This is my summoned creature Iron horse… the strongest one I can summon which doesn't attack me," the man said the last part silently.

"Who are you?" Sasuke finally asked.

"Orochimaru… now show me how tough you are Sasuke-kun," Orochimaru asked as he moved and the iron horse along with him.


"Damn it I got separated," Naruto said as he lifted his sword up and got up from the rubble he was in.

'Well you should watch out since here comes another pain in the butt,' Kyuubi thought to Naruto as she got on all fours letting her tails fan out behind her.

"Ooh a giant snake… Kyuubi Fire enchant," Naruto said getting a hai from Kyuubi who charged Naruto's weapon up with a fire element this time.

'Do you need anything else?' Kyuubi asked as she looked at the giant snake closing in.

"This ought to be nothing… I've fought stronger," Naruto said as he rushed forward to meet the snake. "Volcanic Spiral Strike," Naruto shouted as he jumped forward and started to spin creating some flames that surrounded him as he spun while rushing towards the snake.

'Isn't that overkill?' Kyuubi asked as she saw Naruto go through the snake with ease leaving a burnt mark where Naruto jumped through the snake.

"That doesn't matter… what really matters is getting back to my team and fast," Naruto said as he let Kyuubi climb back onto his shoulder. "Can you give me an Agility boost?" Naruto asked.

'Why do you even ask when you know I'll do it,' Kyuubi said as she glowed a sliver color before the same silver color surrounded Naruto's shoes.

"Hang on tight Kyu-chan," Naruto said as he disappeared creating his own sonic boom.


'Damn this guy's tough,' Sasuke thought as he went through the same seals as last time. "Katon Goukakyuu no Jutsu," Sasuke shouted as he shot out a fireball toward the iron horse.

"Stupid such tactics won't work on my summon," Orochimaru said as the iron horse opened up a compartment in front of it before letting out a missile to the fire ball causing a huge explosion which sent Sasuke back.

"Shit," Sasuke said as he flipped backwards to lower the damage from the blast.

"Too slow," Orochimaru said as he appeared in front of Sasuke only to see Sasuke forming some seals.

"Shit… Iron Horse attack," Orochimaru shouted as he jumped away to let his Iron Horse attack.

"Shit," Sasuke said as he tried to form seals quickly.

"Perform your jutsu Sasuke I got this," Sasuke heard Naruto before he saw Naruto in front of him knock the Iron horse away. "Kyu Chain lighting," Naruto shouted causing Kyuubi who was on Naruto's shoulder to release a bolt of lighting at the iron horse.

'Small fry should not even be here,' Kyuubi thought as the iron horse fell towards the forest floor.

"We should finish this," Naruto said as he jumped down and stabbed the iron horse as it was falling. "Wait… don't these usually explode?" Naruto asked as a huge explosion happened knocking Naruto hard into a nearby tree.

'Baka…' Kyuubi said weakly as she fainted also next to Naruto.

"Naruto," Sakura said as she saw him falling.

"Crap… Sakura do something," Sasuke said as he went after Orochimaru. 'How did something like this happen?' Sasuke thought as he did his best to defend his teammates.

"Although my summon creature my have been destroyed I definitely won't lose to you," Orochimaru said as he chased after Sasuke in his snake pattern.

'Gotcha,' Sasuke thought as he threw three throwing stars at Orochimaru which started to wrap around Orochimaru.

"Sharingan controlled wires?" (forgot what the name was) Orochimaru asked as he saw the wires wrap around him.

"This is the end," Sasuke said as he finished the seals he was doing, "Katon: Ryuka no Jutsu," Sasuke said as a huge torrent of flames rushed towards Orochimaru before he was completely covered. "It's over," Sasuke said as he turned around.

"You're perfect," Naruto heard Orochimaru say before he extended his neck and bit Sasuke on the neck. "That is my gift to you," Orochimaru said before he cut the wire and disappeared.

"Sasuke? Naruto?" Sakura asked as she looked at both of them. "Not good…" Sakura said as she went over to both bodies and carried them somewhere else.


"Who is that boy and why does he know so much about these summons?" Orochimaru asked as he positioned himself inside a tree. "I must find out," Orochimaru said as he contacted Kabuto.

Jounin Lounge

"So who do you think will win?" Kurenai asked as she looked around the lounge with the other jounin.

"I'll put my money on Sasuke," Kakashi said, "Although I have high hopes for Naruto also," Kakashi said.

"Oh favoring someone other then Sasuke? That's was unpredictable," Asuma said as he started to smoke.

"Why is it that you would favor Naruto also Kakashi? I do know that he is strong and all and I have no doubts he will become a chunnin but why choose him?" Gai asked with a regular tone which surprised everyone.

"Well I just found out Naruto's heritage… which I can't believe myself," Kakashi said a bit shocked from both Gai and Naruto.

"So who is he?" Everybody asked in their own tone.

"He's the one who was used for the Kyuubi's container… that's all I will say," Kakashi said getting shocked expressions from everybody.

"Kyuubi!?!?! Then shouldn't that kid be restrained!" Kurenai said as she prepared herself to go out.

"I won't let him harm my student," Asuma said as he pulled out his trench knives and took his cigarette.

"I don't really care for one since he's a strong boy who's full of youthfulness," Gai said confusing everyone.

"Well anyway I think you shouldn't do that Asuma… after all one of your relatives follows him around. As for you Kurenai one of your students Shino has improved greatly especially finding a way to defend himself without his bugs," Sarutobi said as he poofed into the room.

"Hokage-Sama," Everybody shouted before bowing.

"No need everyone… but as I was saying before if you harm one hair on him I will personally harm each and everyone of you," Sarutobi said releasing some killer intent before disappearing.

"Well that was unexpected… my dad defending a demon boy," Asuma said.

"If he goes against my student I'll personally go after him later," Kurenai said.

"That is if you can," Kakashi said as he went back to reading his book.


"What should I do now?" Sakura asked as she looked after her two teammates under the tree. One of which had a huge fever because of a mark on his shoulder and one who had serious burns.

In the mind.

"Neh Kyuubi I'm getting bored here," Naruto said as he looked at Kyuubi who sat across from him.

"Well sorry… at least I take better care of my body," Kyuubi said as she berated Naruto.

"Fine… so how much longer?" Naruto asked.

"About 1 more hour," Kyuubi said before Naruto fell asleep. "Good night," Kyuubi said as she grabbed onto Naruto and slept with him.

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