What do we live for? What is our reason of existence? If you think about it, it could be many things. The warmth of a friend, the love of a family, even just the sun upon your face. There are so many reasons to live and yet…when you lose it, it's almost impossible to find it again. You know you had it once, you just need to remember what it was. We are all born with a purpose in this life. Whether it to love, avenge, or even kill. "As long as you can live that's all that matters right? As long as I have a reason to go on that is all that matters to me." That is how many people in the world think. In fact, I used to be one of them. So many people are blind to everything that truly is important. It's like a blind man leading the blind. We can't see past our illusions of happiness and so we are lost. If that happens then only hatred and remorse will exist but even a blind man can stop such a thing….he just has to open his eyes. I used to think that I was the only important thing in the world and I would hate others with such a ferocity it seems like a miracle I'm not alone anymore. The reason I'm not alone you ask? It's because I learned to see. I learned to see everyone around me and I realized something. "I realized that if I can't live for myself than why not live for others? I could even make a friend!" and I did. I made a lot of friends whom I cherish deeply with all of my heart. My eyes have been exposed to many of the worlds secrets and yet I still have more to learn. Even though I know only but a small fraction about the world and everything living in it, I can still help those who used to be like me. "I have decided to help others and be respected and realized!" what a dream that was. Such a huge goal for a boy of the age of only eight but here I am now fifteen and that dream couldn't be more real…..

I have always thought of people as just useless things. But now, someone helped me see what people truly can be. For the first time in my life I have friends….I have a family. In all of my wildest dreams I NEVER thought something as magical as this would happen.

I was alone from the start and grew up not knowing the touch or love of another but now that I have, the world doesn't seem so blind any more. In fact, the world seems crystal clear. As if it is opening all of its secret hidden treasures just for me. Who could have guessed that a small thing like a bond with someone else could do so much.

While the boy of eight dreamt of being loved the boy of fifteen dreams of loving others. Such a difference love can make. Maybe love was the only reason I needed to live all along…..maybe…..my reason for living was in front of me the whole time…………………………you never know….you just have to look!