Title: Home Again

Author: Minishini

Ratings: Eh. PG-13. Cursing, vague sexual references.

Summary: The battle with Megatron is finally over, and Will Lennox is free to return home. But how will his wife take the addition of Ironhide to their family? Based off the 2007 Transformers movie.

Pairings: Sam x Mikaela, Will x Sarah, hinted Bee x Sam x Mikaela teehee

A/N: Ehhehehe. 4 in the morning and I typed this thing up. I'm tired. And I needed a break from writing Chapter 5 to Here We Go Now (expect it early tomorr...later this morning?). This was just going to be a one shot, but I got caught up in it. I'll probably add chapters as I see fit. I think that's all I have to say. Need sleep. twitch

"May I take you home, Captain Lennox?"

Ironhide's deep and rumbling voice snapped Will out of his thoughts. He had been busy watching Sam and Mikaela snuggle on the hood of Bumblebee's Camaro form and thinking how wonderful young love was. His mind, accordingly, had strayed to thoughts of Sarah. "What?"

The Autobot arms specialist sniffed. "Home. Would you like a ride or not?"

"Ah, well I live kinda far from Tranquility—"

Ironhide sniffed again. "The distance from here to your home can not be as far as it is to my home."

Will winced before turning his full attention on the giant robot. "I'd love a ride, big guy. If you don't mind."

"It is our job to look after humans now," Optimus chimed in as he rejoined their group. He tossed a quick glance towards the threesome sitting some distance away, before looking down at Lennox. "We owe you a lot. The least we can do is offer to transport you back to your family unit."

"Besides," Ironhide broke in, "It would be interesting to see what female tamed you."

Will didn't know whether he should take offense by the amused tone the Autobot had taken or not. In either case, when Ironhide began to shift into his Topkick form, Will stepped back to give the bot plenty of room. When the passenger side door swung open, Will turned back towards Optimus and Ratchet. "I'll see you guys around, right?"

Optimus gave him a bemused smile and nodded. "You will see much of us, Captain Lennox."

"Okay…good," the Army Ranger smiled back before hauling himself up into Ironhide's cab. The door slammed shut without him even touching it, and Ironhide's engine roared as the Autobot turned away from the overlook.


By the time Ironhide had reached his human passenger's place of residence, the sun had long slipped bellow the horizon and the night had taken over. The drive had been relatively easy and peaceful, something Ironhide was surprised to admit. With the threat of Megatron long gone, and the information that Starscream had left Earth, he had relaxed almost to the point of being a civilian again. His sensors were still scanning the environ periodically, though. Old habits died hard.

"Captain Lennox," he rumbled into the cab. Lennox stirred where he was reclined in the passenger seat. The man had passed out into oblivion not long after Ironhide had slipped onto the highway heading east, towards Nellis Air Force Base. "Captain Lennox!"

Ironhide's engine rumbled in approval as the man woke with a sudden jump. His small human hands had darted to the handles of twin guns snuggled in a holster crossing his chest. "Shit," the man swore as he looked around, clearly confused as to where he was.

Blaring his horn, Ironhide snapped the passenger side door open. It was only a few short minutes before lights bloomed to life inside the small ranch house whose driveway he was taking over. A female human's form, illuminated from behind by a soft yellow light, showed briefly in the window. As soon as she had disappeared, the front door open and she came rocketing onto the lawn.

Will took it all in just as Ironhide had. When he saw Sarah, wearing only a night gown, run barefoot onto the lawn he practically fell out of Ironhide's cab. "Sarah," he breathed, utterly amazed at what was happening. This couldn't be real. This couldn't be happening.

"Will!" the woman sobbed as she flung herself at Will. Their arms wrapped around each other just as their lips crushed the other's. Will didn't care that Ironhide's engine had fallen suddenly quiet, or that he knew the Autobot was watching the reunion with curiosity. All that Will cared about at the moment was the soft woman in his arms, and how her supple body moved against his.

"God, Sarah," he gasped between their desperate kisses. It had been long, oh so long, since he had seen her, let alone touched her. Six months serving in Qatar had been torture on his soul and his man hood. Six months he had been resigned to only catching sight of his wife over a satellite borne image. Six months he had gone without taking comfort in her body in the way only lovers could. Six long, agonizing, lonely months.

When the Qatar base had been attacked, he thought he would never see her again. Repeatedly the idea had struck him as the days passed. Hours spent trekking through a hostile desert with what remained of the Qatar base survivors had nearly sapped him of his hope, of his spirit. Then when that Decepticon—Optimus had called him Scorponok—attacked them… Will couldn't suppress the shudder that tore through his body.

"Will, oh god Will, I thought—I thought they were," Sarah pulled away from him to run terrified eyes over his body. He could tell she was taking inventory of him, checking that he had all his fingers and limbs still. "They said no one survived the attack, they said… Oh Will, I knew you made it. They never brought me a telegram. They never told me they found your body… Oh, Will," she sobbed and buried her face against his chest.

"Shh, Sarah, I know," he murmured and smoothed back her hair. His wife felt smaller in her arms than he had remembered. She felt like she had lost an unhealthy amount of weight. "I'm okay, baby girl, I'm okay."

"Why didn't you call?" she sobbed and fisted her hand in his uniform.

"I…I wanted to, Sarah, I really did," Will felt a guilty pang in his chest. The truth was, the moment his team had landed in the US he had his heart set on calling his wife as soon as he got to the terminal. But then the Sector Seven goons had intercepted him and dragged him off to their Hoover base. "So shit happened. I got hauled away on…on a top secret mission. Baby, I would have called if I could, but it all happened so fast—"

"It's been a week," his wife hiccupped and looked back up at him with tear stained eyes. "Seven days since Qatar. And not one word from you. Do you know how scared I was?"

Will could only swallow back the tightness in his throat and hold his wife closer. He knew how scared she was. He had been just as afraid the entire time. Even when he was battling the Decepticons alongside the Autobots in Mission City, a small part of his mind had been terrified that he wouldn't make it back to Sarah and Annabelle. Speaking of… "Baby. Where's the baby?"

That seemed to be enough for Sarah to recollect herself. She pulled out of Will's arms, hesitantly, before straightening out her hair and night gown. "She's sleeping. Do you want to see her?"

Will watched as his wife's hand slipped into his and squeezed. "Yes," his voice was strong and insistent as he gazed into Sarah's gorgeous hazel eyes. "God, yes. Can I hold her?"

Sarah gave him that brilliant, white-toothed smile he had fallen in love with so long ago. "Of course."

All this, Ironhide took in with complete bewilderment. That was the woman that mated William Lennox? She…she was a bawling sack of emotions. Not possible…


When Will woke up the next day, it took him a moment to realize where he was. It wasn't until he looked to his side and gazed upon the soft features of his wife that he remembered. Ironhide had brought him home the night before. Will was home again, with his wife, and the new baby snoring softly in the crib near their bed.

He was reluctant to drag himself out of bed. He just wanted to lay there, completely spent from a night of loving his wife, and enjoy the silence. The peace.

But habit had him doing otherwise. He needed to be active. He couldn't sleep in; he just wasn't used to it. So, cursing himself the whole time, Will detached himself from his wife and took a moment to pull on a pair of boxers. His hands unconsciously found the dog tags that dangled from his neck, and he had the sudden urge to rip the damn things off and throw them away for good.

But…he couldn't. That would be like saying he was no longer a soldier. And no matter what happened, Will knew, he would always be a soldier.

He shuffled through his house—his almost alien house—and out the front door. He had every intention of simply going to fetch the news paper from the front lawn. But when he spotted the huge black truck crowding his wife's car in the driveway he completely blanked. "Ironhide? What are you doing here?"

The engine rumbled before the Autobot's voice answered. "Observing the operations of your family unit. So far I've come to the conclusion that female humans are soft and emotional, and prone to scream out prayers to their gods while procreating with their mate."

Will's cheeks turned pink as he squared off to face the Autobot. "That's spying."

"It was reconnaissance."

"And what," Will huffed, "exactly are you doing recon for?"

"If this is to be my new place of residence, I should know all I can about you and your family unit," the robot clipped out impatiently. "I never would've thought a man like you would fall for…such a soft female."

Will's eyebrows shot to his hairline. Anyone that knew Sarah would have laughed at Ironhide's ignorance. Hell Will was having a hard time fighting back the urge to wake Sarah up and introduce the two. Which brought another idea to his head. "Shit. Shit. Sarah. How are we going to introduce you two?"

"Simple," and Ironhide blared his horn. Not once, not twice, but five times.

"God, no! You stupid robot!" Will cursed as the baby woke up with a wail to rival Ironhide's horn.

"What the Pit is that?" the robot seemed utterly floored at the baby's cries.

"Will!" Sarah's voice called out from inside the house. She appeared only moments later, crying Annabelle in her arms. "Will, what the hell is going on?" She fell silent as she spotted the truck. "No."


"No!" the woman glared and marched straight up to Ironhide's bumped. She was directing a very fierce look in the general direction of the driver's seat. "You are not taking him. He just got home, I would at least like a few months with my husband before he's deployed again!"

"Sarah, no that's not what—"

"Relax, female. I am not here to take your husband," Ironhide drawled.

For the thousandth time Will thanked God that him and Sarah had been able to afford a small ranch house on the outskirts of town. He didn't know how his neighbors would have reacted if they peeked out their windows to see the giant robot now standing in his driveway.

"I am simply here to guard him and your family unit."

Sarah's jaw dropped. Will had to rush forward and take Annabelle—who had oddly fallen quiet—from his wife's arms before she dropped the precious bundle. "Sarah," Will started tenderly, "this is uh…this is Ironhide."

"Ironhide, Autobots weapons specialist, reporting for duty," the robot growled as his hands shifted into the giant cannon guns he was so proud of.

Sarah looked slowly away from Ironhide to her husband. Will almost felt the urge to go hide behind Ironhide's legs. "You," her voice was hard and calm as she addressed him. "Inside. Now."

Will hurried to obey. He knew when his wife was in a foul mood. And now was one of those times.

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