Hey guys! This is a modern story about the Avatar cast in High school. They still have their elements but there'll be very little bending in this story.

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Ages: Katara, Aang, Yue, Ty Lee, Azula, Jin and others are 16. Ages: Zuko, Sokka, Mai, Jet, Haru, Hahn are 17.

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Chapter 1: Newcomer Hottie

"Excuse me, students, but I have something to inform you," Mr. Pakku said, stepping into the room. Katara looked up from her drawing to her English teacher and rolled her eyes.

"What does he want now?" 16-year-old Yue sighed, nudging Katara. Yue and Katara had been best friends since childhood, as their fathers were best friends.

"I have no idea," Katara groaned, tuning the teacher out. Looking around the homeroom, Katara saw the usual stuff going on. Infront of them, sat Mai alone, polishing her daggers, the blade of each sharp and glinting in the light. Next to Mai, Ty Lee was listening excitedly to Azula's boastful stories. Behind them sat Haru, Hahn and Jet and some of their dumb-jock buddies, blowing spitballs at one another.Immature, Katara thought, rolling her eyes. Next to Katara sat Meng and Suki, chatting about mystical fortune-telling. And as usual, Jin and Zuko were engaging in their usual activity at the back of the class—making out.

Sighing, Katara caught the end of Mr. Pakku's announcement. "… so he'll enrole here at WEFA High School. Let me introduce… Aang."

Just then, Aang walked in the door. Katara's jaw dropped to the floor and next to her, Yue sighed dreamily. He's so cute… wait, scratch that. He's damning hot!Katara thought, staring at Aang. His flirty grey eyes, his gorgeous dark brown hair, his lips…

With difficulty, Katara tore her eyes away from Aang and glanced around the room. Meng and Suki were both staring at Aang, and Meng actually had drool dripping down her chin! Azula and Ty Lee were both wearing sexy smiles as they tried to catch Aang's attention. Only Mai was still polishing her daggers, glancing at Aang with her usual bored look.

"I swear, Katara…" Yue said, staring at Aang, "If I wasn't dating your brother…" She let her sentence trail off as her gaze fixed on Aang.

"Hey guys, my name's Aang, from up North." Aang said, flashing a smile that made Katara's heart melt. "So which lucky girl's gonna show me around this school?"

Even his voice is gorgeous, Katara thought, twirling her long, brown braid with her hand. She resisted the urge to wave her hand over her head like a five-year-old.

"I could show you around!" Ty Lee purred, smiling at Aang. A frown flashed on Azula's face, but it was gone as fast as it came. Azula smiled at Aang, letting him know that she was definitely interested.

"That's a generous offer, Ms. Shoulin," Mr. Pakku said, "but Ms. Shuri will show Aang around school." His eyes glanced at Mai. "Will you, Ms. Shuri?"

"Do I have a choice?" Mai muttered under her breath, then frowned slightly. "I will, Mr. Pakku." Neither Azula nor Ty Lee looked thrilled at the arrangement, but both knew that it was final.

Aang smiled and sat down in the empty seat next to Mai, in front of Katara. Just then, a ringing tone sounded. Mr. Pakku glanced at his phone, then stepped out of the classroom. "Excuse me for a minute, students."

As soon as he was gone, Aang turned around and grinned at Katara. Katara felt her heartbeat racing, and suddenly her hands were sweating. Chill, girl,Katara commanded herself. Yue smiled knowingly, and shot a you're-damned-lucky look at Katara, and stood up. "Bye, Katara, I'll see ya later!" In a flash, she was at the other side of the room, chatting with Suki.

"So what's your name, waterbender?" Aang said, smiling. Katara returned his smile, then said, "I'm Katara. How did you know I'm a waterbender?"

"It's easy to tell, actually," Aang said. "This," Aang touched Katara's necklace slightly with a finger. "has the Water Tribe symbol on it. Anyway You're wearing all blue."

"The chicks over there," Aang jerked his head to where Azula and Ty Lee were sitting, "Are Fire Nation, from looks of it." Katara smiled, but inside she was screaming. "Chicks"

"Actually, they-" Katara began, only to be cut off rudely by another voice.

"Hey, Aang. I'm sure we haven't met before." She said, her lips curling up in a smile. She flipped her hair over one shoulder and leaned closer to Aang, her eyes flashing. "Princess Azula, from the Fire Nation."

Finished the first chapter! Oh, yeah, there isn't a war. Aang doesn't have tattoos in this story but he's still a master Airbender. Instead of a tattoo, a master Airbender will have a Air Nomads symbol at his wrist. XDAnd just to tell you, Zuko and Azula are not siblings, only cousins.

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