Disclaimer: Do I NEED A DISCLAIMER FOR THIS? It's a Author's note, dammit!

Hey to all my faithful readers, thanks for reviewing:) I just want to say, I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT SEASON 3'S COMING OUT ON 21ST SEPTEMBER!! Sorry for putting on capslock, I'm so excited!! D I saw the season 3 trailer at Avatar spirit . net, without the spaces. The trailer is so cool! It doesn't imply Kataang that much, (aww) but it shows… (are you reading for this?) Mai and Zuko K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Whoo! So, safely to say, there won't be any Zutara shipping in Season 3!! –Kataangers scream in happiness, and Zutarians weep- LOL! D If you want more info on Season 3, go to Avatar spirit . net or dong bu feng or Distant Horizons. I was so happy when I saw the trailer, I nearly cried. Go see the trailer for yourself:P

Anyway, I'll shortly put up the next chapter of my story, Avatar High School. The next chapter is a bit weird (sorry!) but hopefully I can write better. Thanks again to all my reviewers!! You don't know how happy you guys make me. I'm hoping to reach a 100 reviews when this story ends. Maybe I'm making it 20+ chapters, hopefully by end of October. :) Anyway, that's it. Sorry if the authors note is too long, but thanks for reading what I'm writing. :)