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"These robes are so … medieval." Lilly complained, tugging at her grey cardigan and looking down at her knee high socks.

"How the heck do you tie one of these things?" Miley gave up trying to fasten up her robe.

They were both on the Hogwarts Express and crammed in to the tiny bathroom as there was no way they were getting changed in front of Oliver back in their compartment.

"We look ridiculous!" Miley cried observing her grey skirt and trying to straighten out her tie that had mysteriously got wrapped around her neck lopsided.

"You're telling me! We look like where heading to an English boarding school" Lilly said, clumsily twirling around, bumping into Miley who dropped her brush in the toilet.

"Oops my bad." She apologized, backing against the wall to try and make more room in the small, cramped space.

"Lilly!" Miley started, looking with disdain at the floating brush, "Number one there ain't enough room in here for you to be twirling around, number two, that was the only brush I have and number three we are going to an English boarding school. "

'I know but it's like a place of magic and I thought we would be wearing whatever we wanted.' She shrugged, tucking her long blonde hair behind her ears. 'Just because we do have a boring old uniform doesn't mean we can't accessorize though.' She said with a big smile appearing on her face.

"I like the way you think." Miley grinned.

"I was due for a good idea." Lilly just shrugged and got out her own brush to do Miley's hair.


"What took you two so long? I was done in like …. 2 seconds!" Oliver asked as they walked back in their compartment.

"Where girls do the math." Miley told him and sat next to him while Lilly sat opposite

Oliver rolled his eyes,"Yeah but still …"

"We decided that the uniform wasn't to our fashion standards and made it groovy." Lilly admired the open collar look through the window.

"Groovy? No one says that anymore Lilly!" Miley shook her head.

Suddenly three people appeared at the door and one boy asked with untidy black hair and glasses,"Hey, do you mind if we sit in here, everywhere else is full?"

"Sure." Miley smiled and shuffled up a little bit. Lilly whipped her head around in interest.

"Thanks." The boy said relieved and sat down next to her. Two of his friends, a tall red-head and a bushy brown haired girl followed and sat on the opposite seats next to Lilly so the compartment was basically full.

"I'm Harry Potter." The boy next to Miley introduced himself as soon as the three newcomers had finished storing there trunks," this is Hermione Granger." He pointed to the girl who had a book open on her lap," and this is Ron Weasley." He pointed to the red-head who was slouched in his seat and gave a friendly wave.

"Please to meet you." Miley said politely," I'm-"

"She's Miley Stewart, I'm Lilly Truscott and he's Oliver Oken." Lilly interrupted eagerly, "Now we have the boring part over tell us all about Hogwarts!"


"Judging by your not constant staring at my scar or whispering and pointing I assume you three are muggles?" Harry asked, halfway through the train journey.

"Yeah we are." Oliver said thickly through a mouthful of cauldron cake.

"Harry is famous in the wizarding world." Hermione explained. She had not once looked up from her book.

"Mega, mega famous." Ron exaggerated, watching Lilly blow a bubble with the gum she was chewing.

So in the next few hours Harry, Hermione and Ron told everything they knew about Hogwarts and each other to the three new students who listened in bewilderment and awe to a place so different from Malibu, California.

"You're not from around here are you"' Ron asked them all, stuffing a chocolate frog in his mouth and wiping his hands on his robes. Hermione gave him a sideward glance.

"Ronald, they're obviously from America.' She sighed "It's hard not to realize from there accents."

"Well I was just going to make sure!' he snapped, his ears reddening.

Harry looked at Miley, Lilly and Oliver apologetically, him being far to use to his best friends bickering to take it entirely seriously but to other people, especially ones they had just met, might make them uncomfortable.

"Me and Smokin Oken are from Malibu." Lilly laughed, not phased at all.

"I'm actually from Tennessee but I moved to Malibu when I became Han-"but Miley stopped suddenly just realizing what she was about to say and clapped a hand over her mouth. Harry looked at her questioningly.' I meant when I became horrible at the rodeo.' She managed to spit out.

Lilly looked at her with her mouth open and mouthed 'The Rodeo?'

"Yeah Tennessee is all about the rodeo." Miley said awkwardly, fidgeting a little in her seat. The others looked at her a little strangely but didn't pursue the subject.

"Where in our 5th year." Harry decided to explain "At Hogwarts, this year all the teachers are mixing up the classes so 4th and 5th years are having some classes together and 6th and 7th etc."

"Dumbledore thinks it a great study technique.' Hermione nodded earnestly, her eyes lighting up at the sound of academic achievement

"Sounds like another one of his crazy ideas.' Ron shook his head in disbelief.

"It does sound a little weird." Lilly agreed wanting to join the conversation.

"When in England do as the English do." Oliver shrugged and crammed in another chocolate frog. He was sat in a pile of wrappers and packaging and Miley was beginning to get covered in candy boxes and bits of paper.

"Actually it's when in Rome.' Miley corrected him and pushed all of his litter back towards him as Harry turned to her and grinned.

They all sat there in silence for a while watching the countryside go by outside the window.

'Lilly can I have some gum?' Miley asked turning to her friend who was scrunched up in the corner, looking out of place in grey uniform. They all looked so weird in these clothes. Lilly pulled a strand of gum from her mouth and held it towards her.

"Err… I was hoping for a new piece."

"I dare you to eat it!' Olivier grinned.

"You two are both gross!" she shuddered.

"You guys are best friends; I thought you were supposed to share everything.' Oliver teased.

Hermione looked up from her book as Ron stifled a laugh. Harry sat there looking politely puzzled.

"Everything but spit." Miley pointed out.

"Take it or leave it." Lily said with a gleam in her eye. 'Just remember when you, me and Oliver started the dare game and whenever someone forfeit they would have to do the routine.'

Oliver and Lily did a high 5 as Miley groaned, "that was the worst game we ever came up with!"

"You weren't saying that when you made me chicken dance in the middle of the mall.' Oliver reasoned with a playful smile. Knowing she was going to have to suffer the humiliation of doing the crazy dance routine they had made up for a forfeit dare she grabbed the gum from Lilly's hand and put It in her mouth and for good measure blew a bubble in both there faces,

"I did it." She said triumphantly. 'You can't dare me again until both of you have done one!"

"America must be a strange country." Ron whispered to Harry.


"I hope I'm in Gryffindor." Lilly whispered in Miley's ear as they stood waiting to be sorted.

"Me too, I'd hate to be stuck in Slytherin." Miley looked over at the table that was covered in green and lots of sullen faces leered back.

"They scare me." Oliver whimpered and clung to the back of Lilly's robe as though expecting them to lunge at him with fangs.

"Suck it up Oliver." Lilly trod on his foot." You'll end up in Hufflepuff and I thought people in Gryffindor were supposed to be brave!"

"There's no chance he'll end up in Ravenclaw." Miley grinned," That's for smart people."

"Oken, Oliver." Professor McGonagall called out from her list and Oliver squeaked.

Since he wasn't going anywhere Lilly gave him a shove and he almost fell flat on his face in front of the entire Great Hall.

He delicately put on the sorting hat and he was sat there for a good two minutes before it declared," GRYFFINDOR!"

"What were the odds?" Lilly was clapping along with everyone else and gave a wolf whistle.

"Stewart, Miley."

"Go on Miles, good luck." Lilly whispered as her best friend went hesitantly to the stool where the sorting hat was placed.

Harry gave her a reassuring nod from the table covered in red and Oliver almost looked on the verge of a breakdown so if he could do it, she definitely could.

Well … let me see, what do we have here? You definitely have brains and friendship is your best quality … bravery really and if the occasion calls for it outstanding courage. Hmmm willing to sacrifice. Yes there is only one house that is right for you Miss. Stewart! " GRYFFINDOR!"

Miley almost fainted with relief and went to join Oliver who had already knocked over some pumpkin juice. As Lilly's name was called out she kept her fingers crossed. She wouldn't even want to stay at Hogwarts if her best friend wasn't in the same house, in fact she'd demand to leave and go back to High School in Malibu.


Miley stood up and cheered, ignoring the stares she received and Lilly sat down beside her," I thought my heart was going to fall out my butt!"

"Hogwarts is going to be so cool!" Miley squealed.

"We get to do actual magic!" Lilly squealed too," Not like that lousy magician Oliver had for his 6th birthday."

"It's going to be so weird starting in 4th year. We don't even know any magic spells or whatever."

"We'll get through it fine. At least we don't have to do History and Math's." Lilly pulled a face.

Dumbledore declared they could finally eat and food appeared at once on the table and at the same time Oliver and Ron exclaimed ,"At last!" and Miley, Lilly and Hermione rolled there eyes.

"I still think I should have been put in Ravenclaw." Oliver was saying as they walked through the common room after the feast.

"Yeah right!" Lilly snorted 'You're barely smart enough to get into 9th grade."

"Hey I'm just glad I'm not in Slytherin.' Miley pointed out.

They all stopped at the entrance to the girls and boys dormitories

'Seeya in the morning Oliver.' Both girls said climbing there own staircase and stopping outside the 4th years room. They entered and Lilly gave a girlish shriek," this place is cute!"

With a running dive she collapsed onto one of the four poster beds and Miley followed suit earning them a few glances from the other girls in the dorm. Soon after they both climbed into bed as Miss McGonagall told them grimly to stop acting like infants and settle down. Unknown to Miley as she fell asleep there was someone close by who was thinking of her.


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