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Other Notes: Last day of school, and that means all eighth graders go to school for seeing the ninth grade, and their schedule. So this chapter just shows Katara getting off the bus, homeroom, locker set-up, and schedule. Kind of short chapter.

Chapter Fourteen: High School Brings New Things

I got off the bus with my brother, Sokka. Both kind of nervous.

We got directions off were to go, and went down the hallway, upstairs, and went into homeroom.

Our teacher was a lady called Ms. McGill, a waterbender. We later learned that she was from the Northern Water Tribe, and she taught English.

I had a locker downstairs, right in the middle of school, which would be convient for getting books between classes. Sooka was a few lockers down, and, sadly, Ty lee was next to my, and Toph wasn't.

I later discovered that Toph had a locker on the other side of school. Things didn't start off to well.

To count it off, my new schedule now looked like this:

(Please go here to see the pic of it: talking to Toph after the first day of high school, and last day of middle school, we had no classes together only lunch.

I groaned. Things only got better and better.

If only I knew the start I would have at High School.

Author's Note: My last chapter in middle school!

I think I have a new title. Hope you look for it, it will be called 'Moments Up High'.

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