Title: Living for Giving the Devil his Due. Chapter 13/13

Author: Strangevisitor7

Fandom: Supernatural, BtVS & Quantum Leap

Characters : Dawn, Willow, Faith, Sam Winchester, Dean, Bobby Singer, Admiral Al Calavicci, Sam Beckett.

Pairings : Dean/Faith and Sam/Dawn

Rated: PG

Disclaimer: All things SPN belong to Eric Kripke, et al. All things Buffy belong to Joss Whedon, All thing Quantum Leap belong to Donald P. Bellisario, et al..

Chapter Summary: The end in 4 parts. There is a character Death. Sorry but it couldn't all be unicorns and rainbows.

A/N: I just wanted to thank you all for coming along on this ride with me. This story has been so well recieved and I am most grateful for all the feedback.

Chapter 13: I am a Traveler of Both Time and Space


Dean opened his eyes to the bright sunlight. It took him a moment to realize that he was sitting on Bobby's front porch.

Next to him Dawn was speaking, "Don't worry Doc, the scoobies always win."

Dean smiled, grabbed Dawn around the shoulder, squeezed her tight and replied, "Damn straight they do!"

"Dean!" She screeched in his ear and clung to him even tighter. Then in a sing-song giggle she kept repeating his name. "Dean, Dean, Dean. Oh my God, Sam!" And with that she jumped up and ran into the house now shouting Sam's name.

Sam burst out of the house and stopped. "Is it really you?" When Dean nodded. Sam literally lifted him off his feet and into a crushing hug.

"Easy there big fella. I'd like to keep breathing." Dean pushed himself away from Sam only to find himself grabbed by Bobby.

"Dean, you are one lucky bastard." Bobby released him and clapped him on the shoulder.

"Well," Dean sighed and dragged a hand across the back of his neck. "I guess I really dodged a bullet that time."

"You sure did." Sam was smiling so big, Dean was sure his face was going to split apart. "It worked? You really banished the demon and the deal is broken?"

"Well, Willow did the actual banishing but yeah, she's gone. And for longer than a year. Willow was pretty certain about that." The enormity of what they'd accomplished suddenly hit him and he sat back down on the porch step.

"You okay, Dean?" Sam sat down beside him.

"Sure, no sweat. Just another day in paradise, right, Sammy?" He slapped Sam on the knee and smirked. "All we have to do now is keep your geek ass from falling off that roof in 6 weeks."

Dawn and Bobby exchanged knowing glances as they listened to the familiar banter unfold. Things were back to normal. Well, normal for them.

"Bite me, Dean"

"Nope, that's Dawn's job."

"You're a riot." Sam rolled his eyes.

"Hey, she's your girlfriend. I'm just saying."

"You're a pig. You know that?"



"Always got to have the last word don't ya , Sammy"



As the marines worked on getting the door to the waiting room open. Al examined the wreckage inside the room through the one-way wall. The demon was gone. Al could see that Sam's body was still there, breathing but unconscious.

Finally, Al was able to enter the room. He rushed over along with the medical team to examine what he hoped was a new arrival and not Dean. As the doctor turned over the patient, his eyes opened and he began coughing.

The new arrival gained his composure and sat up to stare at Al. "Al? Is that really you or hologram you."

"Sam! Your back. You're here in the mountain!"

Al gave Sam a hand up and the two men allowed themselves to embrace for the first time in three years.

"Al, did Dean make it back? What about Sam, is he still alive?" The questions flowed out of Dr. Beckett until Al had to put up a hand to stop him.

"I don't know what happened to the Winchesters" Al admitted.

"Well, what does Ziggy say?" Before Al could stop him, Sam was heading out of the waiting room. He stopped at the broken door and turned to face the admiral. "Al?" Sam just cocked his head and waited for an answer.

Al hemmed and hawed before admitting, "The leap caused a massive feedback surge and we lost Ziggy. But now that you're here you can get her back online."

Sam's face fell and he ran to the control room. He stopped when he saw the damage. "Ziggy!" Sam screamed and nearly collapsed but Al came up behind him to steady him on his feet. He lowered Sam onto an undamaged chair and circled around to kneel in front. "What happened to Ziggy, Al?"

Al explained that the minute the demon was gone the feedback had started. Sparks had been flying out of every piece of equipment between the waiting room and the control room. Willow, Faith and Dawn had disappeared as soon as the havoc began. He assumed that meant that everyone made it back just as the time line was altered.

"But Ziggy," Al just shook his head, "she just stopped responding."

Sam got up and began checking some of the instrumentation. He called for Ziggy every few moments. "This is bad, Al," he confessed after completing an inventory.

"Well, then its good you leaped back, you can fix her." Al tried to sound optimistic.

"Al, she's dead. It took years of research and millions of dollars to create her in the first place."

"We can rebuild her. The project has value and I'm sure the funding will be renewed. So, you won't be leaping for awhile. Maybe you'll have the ability to figure out how to control the leaps this time."

"You don't understand," Sam stressed, "Ziggy was sentient. She was so much more than what she was designed to be. Ziggy and the random leaping were a confluence of events that were a unique combination. It was like capturing lightning in a bottle."

"Sam, what are you saying?"

Suddenly, realization hit. "Al, this is what that demons wanted all along. They didn't want my soul. They wanted the project destroyed. The crossroads demon said Dean and I were linked. That has to be it. The demons did something that caused these malfunctions."

"That's ridiculous. This is a scientific project how could a demon have hot-wired our equipment."

"They didn't have to because they must have hot-wired our souls. The thing is, I don't know how. But I do know that they killed Ziggy. If I ever was a champion for the divine, I am not one anymore. Al, my leaping days are over."

Al and Sam stood among the ruins of a life's work. Sam was sure he could hear the demon laughing.

Lathos met up with his brother. "Have you found her?" He asked.

"Yes," replied Lothos. "You are right she'll be the perfect candidate."

"Have I ever let the clan down, brother?" Lathos quipped back.

"I've brought her up from where they banished her and it wasn't easy. She's waiting for us. Oh, and she's pissed at you." Lothos smirked.

Lathos rolled his eyes and walked into the room where Pacisca waited. She flew toward him in a rage, "You set me up. You knew they would be waiting. If it wasn't for Lothos, I would be in unimaginable pain. He rescued me from where that red-headed witch sent me. That banishing spell hurt like a son of bitch, too."

Lathos pushed her away. "Calm down, my dear. This was bigger than one lost soul. While I would have loved for you to have recruited Dean Winchester for the home team, he was a fortuitous conduit for our little project. The clan had a more important agenda and we have a proposition for you."

Pacisca looked at the two demons. "Okay, I'm listening."

"How would you like to participate in a little time travel project?" Lothos offered.

"What are you suggesting?" Though she was willing to do almost anything to avoid returning to the circle of hell where Lothos found her, she still didn't trust the brothers.

"Dr. Beckett's time meddling created some problems for us that we would like to correct. We need a volunteer to leap through time and set things back in our favor."

Finally, it was beginning to make sense, Pacisca smiled and accepted their offer.


A marine entered the control room careful to avoid the broken equipment strewn across the floor. "Admiral, sir. I am sorry to interrupt but there is a group of people waiting in the lobby. They insist on seeing you."

"Not now. Tell them to make an appointment for next week." Al returned to the console that he and Sam were working on.

"I suggested that sir but they insisted that they didn't have that much time. They claim they are old friends and seemed to know all about the project."

"Al, now I'm curious." Sam admitted. "Did they give you a name?"

The marine cleared his throat. "They said their name was Winchester and they were here to stop an apocalypse."

Al and Sam looked at each other and then around the control room. Smiling at each other they reveled in the first glimmer of hope in they'd had in weeks.

"What are you waiting for corporal, send them up."

The end

Chapter Title: "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin

A/N: FYI for those of you not familiar with QL, the name of the Evil Leaper's Ziggy Equivalent was Lothos. Ironically enough, I did not know that when I named my demon Lathos and when 'emmacmf' pointed it out, well the ending just fell into place.