Short Summary: Future Fic. Six years after graduation, both Brooke and Lucas are very successful in their businesses, now their personal lives are a whole other issue. Will the biggest mistake they think they've ever made help put everything in order? BL focus.

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I wanted to write something more fun… so I think this has some potential… This is the prologue, everything about what has happened the last years will be explained in the next chapters. Whatever has happened at the show has happened here too, but I might not follow the same path as far as their college choices were concerned. So tell me what you think!

I also need to thank Denise for her encouragement that convinced me to go ahead with this! Thank you! huggy


God, will someone turn that damn light off? Was the first thought that came through her mind as she buried her head into her pillow. What kind of light is this bright, anyway? And what idiot turned the lamp straight at her eyes? She continued thinking as she still felt the light burning at her closed eyelids forcing them to open. Shit, this is no light, it's already morning. Well, a couple more minutes of sleep wouldn't hurt, she concluded snuggling to her pillow that was raising and falling rhythmically. Wait a sec, pillows aren't supposed to move…oh no, no, no!

Gulping Brooke raised the sheet that was covering her body and peaking under it she saw what she already had known. She was completely naked. Fuck! She had done it again! She had promised herself she would stop it, she had stopped it! It had been more than six months since she had last done something like this. Fuck again! Sylvia would be livid! She would have some major kiss ass to do if she found out. How many times had she told her that she should stop picking up strangers? She had threatened her so many times that she was going to quit if she did it again…and here she was. She just hoped she hadn't been caught again. Sure she loved her life, but being in the public eye had its downs; her every sleeping escapade making first page news being the worst of them. Anyway, she would have to worry about her publicist later, now the more pressing matter was to take a look at whomever loser that was laying there beside her. She really dreaded the moment. Well, she had a good reason to. She had no recollection of last night as usually when she did this kind of things and she could have taken it up with anyone at that time. She still remembered that time she had woken up next to that biker with his body full of creepy tattoos.

Taking a deep breath she decided there was no use in postponing the inevitable. She focused first on his chest on which she had her head on. Ok, so this was weird, she usually just pulled at her side of the bed as soon as they were done, but this time she had actually snuggled up to him and the unknown loser had even wrapped his arms around her, keeping her as close to him as possible. Ok so about his chest, no tattoos, thank God, and it was broad and well toned…mmm…she could have done a lot worse. His arms also seemed strong, this guy obviously worked out. So yeah…maybe she hadn't done that bad after all. Also, he smelled really nice. Really intoxicating, that mixture of soap and man smell that always drove her crazy and she still missed so much...hey...hey…wait a sec! Oh no, no, no! It couldn't! No please God, no! Please…please let it not be him, anyone but him! Even the creepy biker guy, please! Raising her head slowly she ventured a look at his face, the perfect lines of his jaw…the rosy lips that used to feel so soft…the thick eyelashes covering his eyes...and the golden locks…yeap…Lucas Scott!

Well done, Davis! You've done it again! Fuck! Shit! Fuck! How the hell had this happened? How did they let it happen again? Everything was going so well…for so long they had managed, she had managed! But now, here she was, in bed with him, again, after six whole years! Six whole years shot right to hell! Fuck! What were they gonna do now?! Well…first thing, first, she couldn't afford him waking up and finding her naked in his arms, now that would be really awkward and things were already too awkward as it was. So taking his arms as gently as possible, she pulled them of her waist and slowly got up from the bed. Lucas stirred but didn't wake up and Brooke let out a sigh of relief.

Now, about her clothes… The first thing she spotted was his boxers on the floor next to the bed. She picked them up to check underneath them for her own underwear but nothing was there. Looking frantically around feeling utterly humiliated standing there butt naked, she spotted her panties on the floor also a couple of feet away from the bed. Hm…so he obviously threw them away on the heat of the moment she thought letting out a giggle. Damn it, why couldn't she remember? She continued her quest and soon located her bra on the floor as well but closer to the door. So she lost her clothes on her way to the bed…ok, this was usual for her and Lucas. No, this had been usual a long long time ago. Anyway, here were his pants, black formal, hm… anyway… and here was… what the hell? A white dress? White is so not her color. But whatever, let's just put it on now. Gee…why did she wear a dress like this, all lace and flowers and…Hold it!!!

This was a nightmare, right? She was going to wake up any minute now and realize that all this was just a bad dream, right? Right? Flashes of her and Lucas in a bar…her and Lucas leaving the bar and walking into a hotel's boutique…and then its jewelry store…and then standing in front of some weird looking guy dressed in black…

Brooke froze. Holding her breath and closing her eyes she raised her left hand slowly to her face. She opened her eyes only to see the shining gold band on her wedding finger.