Title: After Every Hour
kawaii-kirei "KK"
PG-13 or T for implied yaoi

Disclaimer: Naruto and all of its characters do not and never will belong to me.

Author's Notes: This and my other SasuNaru drabble 'Clocks' are actually the same, only written differently and in another perspective, in case you're wondering about the resemblance. :D I've actually had this idea with me for two years now. xD;; But it was originally RoyEd from FMA, but then I decided to make it SasuNaru, so I'll just write the RoyEd one on another day. xD


After Every Hour

As the Hokage, Naruto was duty-bound to attend to tons and tons of paperwork. It's not as bad as you may think, especially when your personal bodyguard is the prodigy ANBU squad member Sasuke Uchiha. Of course, so that the Hokage can concentrate on doing his job efficiently, the bodyguard is forced to stand outside the room with orders to protect the leader of the village from hostile forces.

The only times that the bodyguard is allowed to come in is if when he is to escort an appointed guest inside the room. Other than that, he is only allowed to come in after every hour.

Life isn't all that bad for the Rokudaime, even if there are moments when all he wanted to do was just burn all the papers and hide the ashes in the crevices of the walls.

Why is it not bad then, you ask?

Because when Sasuke barges inside the room, locks the door and walks up to his desk before grabbing his collar and smashing their lips together unceremoniously but oh-so deliciously, Naruto can't find it in himself to complain.

- owari -