Authors note!

(In my story) Kiba's Dad died about a year ago, Kiba's mom decided to move to Suna with Hana, Kiba is the only (living) Inuzuka still in Kohona, Kiba and Akamaru have lived together (as in not in the same house as Mrs.Inuzuka & Hana) since a year before Kiba's Dad died, Inuzuka clan has a special dog treat recipe, and the rookie 9 are all 23 years old, this story is set in more modern times. I don't own Naruto it

owns me!

Kiba sprayed the white foam all over the stove. Kiba had attempted (COUGH-failed-COUGH) at making the famous Inuzuka clan dog treats. "Sorry Akamaru, I guess I can't make those treats Mom made for you after all…."

Akamaru whimpered slightly before barking loudly "BARK BARK BARK BARK"(Translation- "Then find someone who can…..FAST!")

"Fine, fine. Just don't be so loud…..Maybe Hinata can" Kiba said nervously. Akamaru can get pretty mad without his dog treats.


"Yes Kiba-kun"

"Umm…well, you know how my Mom moved"


"Well she made Akamaru and the other dogs some special dog treats and I tried to cook but it ended up with me needing a new fire extinguisher, and Akamaru refuses to come out of the house until he get's some dog treats and he doesn't like store bought"

"What do you want me to do about it?"
"Well….I have the recipe and since you can cook and all…I was wondering if you could try and cook some of the dog treats"
"Of course I'll try Kiba-kun!" Hinata laughed at the fact that Kiba appeared nervous to ask her to cook dog treats.

"Okay, I think this is right" Hinata said smiling brightly. Akamaru cautionly took the treat. He wasn't very happy with some of Kiba's attempts and one of them almost resulted in an emergency visit from Sakura, but he was willing to try Hinata's treats since she made really good steak (it was his Christmas present last year). Akamaru took one of the treats off the tray before swallowing it and jumping on the tray and devouring the rest. Hinata and Kiba watched nervously as Akamaru tried the firstone, but as he devoured the rest Kiba just laughed, while Hinata giggled delicately.

Hinata had just left and Akamaru was sitting on the couch devouring the treats she made for him. When he was done he noticed that Kiba had fallen asleep on the armchair so Akamaru stated thinking.

Those treats were really good! How do I make sure I get more of them?? I know! Kiba has a crush on Hinata so I'll just get them together .hmmm…but how to do that. Hinata has a crush on the loud boy who always smells like ramen. I'll just have to get him with that girl who always smells like cherries….or is it blossoms…..oh well. That might be a little too much work. I'll just get Kiba to kiss Hinata. Hmmm…….all I have to do is set up a trap. I could probably get Pakkun to help. No he's on a mission with that guy who smells like that smoke and appears everywhere in guess what…SMOKE!

………………………………………………………………………………………… I've got an idea! All I have to do is trip Hinata during training tomorrow, then Kiba will catch her then I'll jump on Kiba's head causing his head to jerk downwards. Then guess what! Hinata will come over more and make those treats for me! I'm SO brilliant! But I can't let Kiba in on my plans cause then he won't let me do it. It'll call for some speed on my part cause if it doesn't end up as planned I might have to run for my life cause Kiba can be pretty fast when he's mad.